18 Mart 2023

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 15


Gloria was almost done with her grocery shopping when she saw him. She had just turned the corner into frozen foods, and she stopped, her mouth open. She felt her pussy moisten within a heartbeat.

Greg. Last summer, she had agreed to be a sex slave for her yard boy and his friend. They had in turn invited their friends over on occasion. And one of them had been Greg.

Oh, she remembered him all right. He was a decent guy who actually knew something about making women feel good. And he had a massive cock. And here he was, almost a year later, standing in her grocery store. She gave a big smile, but then frowned when she saw a woman come up and talk to him. Clearly his mom — the resemblance was strong. So much for just walking up to him and telling him to come by the house later when she had changed into something way skimpier than the sun dress she was wearing.

She kept the smile on her face as she approached him. She couldn’t let this opportunity slip by.

“Greg?” she said, acting surprised as she marched up to him.

He turned and — so cute — blushed as recognition hit.

“Uh, hi, Gloria. How have you been?”

“Good.” Not as good as she’d be with him pounding into her naked body, though. She noticed Greg’s mother looking at them expectedly. “Hi, I’m Gloria,” she said, holding out her hand.

“Anne,” his mother said. “How do you know Greg?”

“Oh his friend Danny was my yard boy last summer. Greg came over with him a couple times.” She thought quickly. “He was so kind; he’d help out as well.”

Ooh, and then she had a fun thought. “Hey, actually. My new yard boy is leaving for college. Any chance you want to pick up some extra cash helping out around my house?” She beamed at him, and he gulped. Too bad his mom was there. If he were on his own, she could just say. “Want me to be your sex slave for the summer?” She’d do it. Why not?

“Uh, I’ve already got a job lined up.”

“Oh.” Well, it’s not like that was the main thing she wanted from him. “How’s college going?”

“Uh, good. You know. I think I figured out a major.”

“Oh?” She was making small talk while she figured out a plan. But then Anne solved the problem for her.

“Greg, I’m going to run and grab some milk. I’ll be right back.” Greg nodded absently as he talked about his school.

As soon as his mom was out of earshot, she stopped him. “Quick. Give me your phone number. I’d like to arrange a more, hm, intimate time to catch up.” She leaned close. “And fuck you.” He blinked, and she smiled. “If you want to, of course.” He nodded and looked at her breasts. “Tsk. Number now, naked later.” He gulped and gave her his number.

Just then his mom came back. “We need to get going, Greg. Sorry to interrupt.”

“Oh, no problem at all. Hopefully I’ll run into you all again here. Good luck in school, Greg. It was so nice catching up.” He waved as he walked away, but she watched him turn to look back at her. She winked.

Her heart was beating as she finished shopping and made it to the car. God, she should masturbate right there. She didn’t, but she did pull out her phone.

“Hi. This is Gloria. I was serious.”

A pause, and then. “Holy shit. I can’t believe I ran into you.”

“I’ve thought about your cock often. I want it. NOW.”

“Ha ha. Can’t do now. Doing errands with mom.”

“I know. That sucks.” A pause. “Speaking of sucking, when can you come over so I can suck your dick?”

“Damn. No beating around the bush, eh?”

“Speaking of bush, I still shave mine off. Want to see?”


“So when can you come over, again?”

“I think I can get away tonight.”

She looked around the parking lot, and then lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down. She took a photo of her pussy and sent it to him.

“Just a taste for you, lover.”

“Damn! Why don’t you send me one of your tits as well?” Oh, god. She was going to cum right now imagining her night with him. She looked around again, slid her bra strap down her arm, and then pulled her dress and bra forward. It was an awkward selfie, but she made it work before anyone noticed. She quickly brought her dress up and hit Send.

“Oh, I can’t wait to feel those,” he said. “Gotta go.”

“Okay. Text me later with a time and any requests on what you want me to wear.” Then she remembered the last time she had fucked him.

“I believe you still have a blackmail video of me. So I guess I’ll have to do what you want. And maybe another night you could bring the same friends.” Her yard boy had given Greg the key to her house, and he and two friends had snuck in at night and then pretended to blackmail her into fucking them all. Greg had made another video of that.

“But tonight I want to be just me and you.”

It was five hours before he could come over, and Gloria was so keyed up she was pacing back and forth. She was dressed in skimpy pink panties and a longish t-shirt. That was what he had requested. She had come home and masturbated kozyatağı escort right away. And then again two hours later when he finally responded. And again half an hour ago to calm herself down. But it hadn’t helped.

When the knock finally came, she jumped at the sound. But she hurried to the door and flung it open.

“Hey, Gloria. Remember this?” He held out his phone to her. Of course she remembered that video. She had thought of it during her most recent bout of self-pleasure. Oh. He wanted to play a game.

“Oh my god. I thought you were going to leave me alone!”

“Oh, no, Gloria. I’ve still got this video. And I will send it to everyone you know if you don’t do what I say. Is that understood?”

“Please don’t. Please. It would ruin me.”

He stepped in the door. She let him pass. Her pussy was tingling at the role-play scenario.

“You know, when I took this, I was pretty generous with you. I let you mess up a bunch of times. Remember?”

She nodded meekly.

“But I saw what you would do when properly motivated. And so I’m going to be much less forgiving now. You do what I say, without question, and I don’t upload the video.”

“You’ll delete it?”

“Oh, no. You’ll have to do this for a lot of nights before I delete it. You have to score well for the entire summer.” Oh, god. This was going to be great. How many times would she get Greg’s long cock in her? “Do you understand?” She opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but then she closed it, sighed, and nodded.

“The correct answer is yes, sir.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You will address me as sir or master in private. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Very well done. I knew I wasn’t going to have to punish you. Now why don’t you lead me to your bedroom. And be sure and give that ass a lot of wiggle as you walk.” She smiled and turned, swinging her hips dramatically as she walked ahead of him.

Once in her room, he sat down on her bed and kicked off his shoes.

“Now why don’t you take off that shirt the way I want.” She knew what that meant. She remembered.

“Ooh, master. I can’t believe you kept that video. Now I have to do whatever you want.” She slid her hands down her chest to her hips and began to lift the shirt. “I was so naughty in that video. Are you going to make me do naughty things again?” He nodded. The shirt came up a bit more.

“I’m so embarrassed by that, sir. But I want you to delete that video. I’ll do what you’re asking.”

“Say it.”

“Anything you want me to do, sir. And I won’t complain. Even when I’m gagging on that big cock of yours as I suck it. Or when it’s pushing deep into my ass. I’ll be a good girl, master. I promise.” Her shirt was lifting up her body. His cock was growing. She was going to cum just from the thought of it.

She paused her shirt’s slow lifting. “Do you want to see my tits, sir? Do you want me to keep undressing? So you can see my whole body?” He nodded, his eyes fixed on her breasts. “Ooh, I’ll do it sir. I’ll be a good girl for you. Look.” She lifted her shirt over the mounds of her 36C breasts. “See what a good girl I’m being, master?” His cock was definitely getting nice and stiff.

“And I’ll let you do whatever you want to my tits. If you want to knead them or suck them or fuck them. I’ll do it for you, master.” She put her hands against her now naked breasts, leaned forward, and squished them together.

“You really want that video back, don’t you?”

“Oh I do. And I know I have to work hard to get it deleted.”

“I like your initiative so far.”

“Yeah? You like seeing me strip? Seeing me wearing less and less? I’m going to be naked soon, sir. That’s what you want? You want my body?” She put her hands back to the edge of her shirt, and, as he nodded, lifted it up over her head. She tossed it to the side. She slid her hands up her naked stomach and up to her chest. “These tits are yours, master. Do you want to suck them? Do you want to slide your big dick between them?” He spread his legs and crooked his finger at her. She walked forward until she was between his knees.

“Hold on a second,” he said. His hard cock was bursting against his pants. He rummaged his phone out of his pocket, tapped the screen, and then pointed the camera at her. “Play with your tits.”

She began to knead her breasts and tug at her nipples. “Oh, master. Another video! How will I get all these videos back?”

“You’ll be real good. You’re going to be good, right, Gloria?”

“Oh, so good, sir. I’m going to be such a good girl.”

“That’s what I want to hear. I only had that one video to jack off to before. I want more. I think you should take off those panties now.” Yes!

“Oh, thank you, sir. I want to be naked for you.” She slid one hand down to her waistband and tugged it down. Then she slid it across and pulled the other side down. The phone was taking it all in. Another küçükyalı escort tug. Her pussy was now in view, the panties stretched between her upper thighs. She bent over so that her tits dangled in front of the camera and looked straight at it. “Are you ready, sir? Are you ready for me to please you?” He nodded, and she stood a bit and pushed the panties down a bit more before moving her legs together and letting them fall to the ground.

“I’m totally naked, now, master. My body is yours to enjoy. I feel so vulnerable. You could do anything to me. I want to get that video deleted, sir.” He was rock hard, and her pussy was practically singing in anticipation of getting that long, wonderful dick between her legs.

Still holding his phone, he said. “Why don’t you kneel down and suck my dick.” She bent over again and put her hands on his thighs. She began swaying her ass back and forth.

“Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you for letting me fill my mouth with your beautiful cock.” She began to kneel down, slowly. “Will you cum in my mouth, master? Please? I want to taste your pleasure.” Her knees hit the ground and she slid her hands to his zipper.

“I’m thinking you suck me for a bit and then give me a hand job until I cum on your face.”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful, sir.”

She looked up at the camera and undid his pants. She slid them down, along with his boxer briefs. His nine-inch dick, released from the tight underwear, sprang into the air.

“Oh, your cock is so big, master. Is it longer than my face?” She put her chin against his scrotum and lay the dick along her head. He was staring at her, rapt. She opened her mouth and caressed the skin with her tongue. He moaned.

“Oh, sir, your cock tastes so nice.” She slid her tongue up the shaft, looking at him and the camera all the while. When she got to the head, she circled her tongue around the head.

“Oh, master. Your cock is so big. Do you think it will even fit in my mouth?” She parted her lips, turned so her cheek was pressed against his firm flesh, and slid it along down so he’d get a sense of just how far into her mouth it would go before it hit her throat. “Oh, it’s too big. I’ll gag on it, sir.”

“Well, then you’ll be doing a lot of gagging tonight,” he said, panting hard. “Suck it. Get that cock as far down your throat as you can.” She slid back up and pushed her warm mouth onto his head. Right away, she went down as far as she could. It wasn’t nearly enough. But saliva rushed into her mouth as the hard dick triggered her gag reflex.

“That’s the sound I like,” he said. And when she pushed herself down his hard cock, he shot out a hand to the back of her head and pressed down firmly. She squirmed as the big cock filled her mouth and pressed against the back of her throat. He let her go, and she came up briefly before diving back down and feeling his hand again.

This went on for a few minutes, and by the end his dick was sopping wet from her mouth and tears were running out of her eyes. Then he paused her blow job and stood up so that his dick pointed directly at her face. “More,” he said. She opened her mouth and as soon as his dick was in he put his hand behind her head and thrusted. Then he pulled back and thrusted again. Again. Again. Again. Soon he was fucking her face, holding her mouth on him. She kept gagging as it went deeper and deeper. Past her tongue. Down her throat.

Then he pulled out. “Now that hand job. Jerk me off straight onto that pretty face.” She wrapped her hand around his dick, which was coated in her spit. She began to stroke it up and down as she positioned her face under the head. She could tell he was close.

He let out a yell, and warm semen shot onto her face. And again. And again. Some went on her forehead. Some on her eyes. Some on her cheek. She opened her mouth to catch some, and a shot of warm, salty, musky liquid slid down her tongue. She milked the very last drop out of him and onto her lips.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he said. “I’ve been jerking off to that idea for a long time.”

“Poor master,” she said. “Only one video to masturbate to.” At that he remembered the camera he had dropped and took a picture of her on her knees with a face covered in cum.

She stuck out her tongue to clean up her face. He batted it away. “No. Leave it like that. I want it to dry on your face.” She sat back on her heels, hands in her lap.

He sat back down on the bed and took off his shirt. He patted the mattress next to him, and she climbed up, her face itching as his semen dripped off and began to congeal. “You look amazing,” he said. “Here, let me take another picture.” She dutifully sat there as he took a picture of her full frontal nudity.

He had her lie down on her side facing him. Then he turned himself around so that they were in a 69 position. “Now I want you to suck me hard while I get your pussy nice and wet.” Oh, yes!

“Oh, thank you, sir. mutlukent escort You’re so kind to me, sir.”

“Spread your legs”

“Oh, yes, sir!” She dutifully opened her thighs, and he plunged his face against her pussy. She moaned as his tongue worked over her expertly. It’s not like she was far from cumming, either. Then he reached his hand behind her ass and pulled her toward him, his cock looming in front of her face. She opened her mouth and bent forward to slurp his dick into her mouth. Even soft, he was too big for her.

He knew his way around a pussy, that was for sure. She moaned more as his tongue lapped at her clit. His hands worked around her pussy lips, sliding easily into her slick cunt, his tongue sliding along her the whole time.

It was only a few minutes before her first orgasm hit. Her body shuddered and she whimpered, and she tried to push him away for a moment to give herself a break.

He lifted his face. “Don’t.” Then he grabbed her ass again and pulled her to him. “You let me lick you as long as I want. Got it?”

She whimpered again. “Yes, master.” His tongue dove into her again. Another half-minute, and she came again. She was panting as her body quaked and she sucked on his dick with abandon.

Another orgasm. And then another. She was covered in a fine sweat, and her soft raven curls felt heavy from the moisture. She had kept her mouth on his dick and had finally been rewarded with a gradual hardening. It got stiffer and stiffer as she came again against his active tongue. She was exhausted.

“Get up on all fours,” he commanded. She did.

“Yes, sir. Please. I’m so tired.”

He smacked her ass, hard. She yelped “Are you asking for a break?”

“Please, master.”

“No. You’ll fuck as long as I want you to fuck. You’re my fuck toy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” She panted.

“You’ll fuck me as long I feel like.” Another spank. “Understood?”

“Yes, master.”

“Good.” He rustled in the bed to find his phone. He set it up, propped against the foot of the bed so that she was looking right at it. He started a video. The camera had a good angle on her face and down past her tits to her thighs. Then he readjusted until he was behind her. She spread her legs, waiting for him.

She felt his hands on her hips and then felt the tip of his cock against her gushing pussy. She tensed. With no preamble, he thrust his hard dick deep into her slick body.

“Oh!” she moaned with a guttural rasp. Pull out and then — slam! — back in. Her body rocked forward with the motion, and she saw her tits swing forward on the camera. Out, then in.

“Oh, god, sir. Your cock is so big. Take me with it, master.” Thrust. And she came again.

“Yeah? You want to be tamed by this cock?”

“Please, sir!”

“You want to feel it deep inside you?” Thrust. And she moaned again.


“Deeper than this?”

“As deep as you can.” He grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him as he thrusted again. Her eyes watered as his dick hit her cervex. But he didn’t stop. He pulled out and pushed again. And again. Oh, it felt so good.

And then he slid out. “Oh, no, sir. Please fuck me more.”

“Oh I will. But I want to go even deeper. And he put his hands on her ass cheeks, pushing them apart.

“Oh, yes! Yes, sir! Take my ass, master!” He adjusted himself and put the tip of his cock against her anus. She relaxed her muscles. He was so slick from her mouth and her cunt that it only took a minor push before his head was sucked into her ass. He paused. And then began to push in slowly.

“Oh, yes, sir!” she shouted as his huge cock filled up her ass. It felt so good. He kept pushing. How big was he? She moaned. And then she felt his balls against her ass. He was all the way in. She felt so full. He leaned forward again and slid a hand between her legs.

“Who’s my good little girl?” he asked. And then he began to stroke her clit as his cock slid back and forth in her ass.

“Oh my god. Oh! Me, sir. I’m your good little girl! Oh, my god.” His finger sped up on her clit.

“You’re going to fuck me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Anything I want.”

“Oh, yes, sir. Yes!”

“Tell me.”

“Oh, sir, I’m your slave. I’ll be your devoted fuck toy. Anything you want. I’ll do it.” He kept thrusting as he fingered her. And then she came. It was like twenty orgasms in one. She screamed out as her body exploded. She saw stars and felt her ass and pussy clench like fists.

And then he came. He pushed himself deep into her ass and held himself there as his cock shot semen into her. She moaned loudly at the sensation. And then she looked down to see herself caught on his still-running video. He pulled out of her ass, and she felt the gaping absence of his cock. She collapsed on the bed, panting.

They lay together for a bit, recovering.

He broke the silence first.

“This should be a good summer.”

“I hope so, sir.”

“I wrote my friends. The other guys.” She remembered. “They’re free tomorrow night. So am I.”

“That sounds promising, master,” she purred.

“I remember the last time we all visited we saw a nice cheerleader costume in your closet. You will wear that for us.”

“Yes, sir.”

And with that he heaved himself up. “I’ve gotta go. See you tomorrow.”

“Oh, yes, sir! I can’t wait.”

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