16 Mayıs 2023

The Dream Life Ch. 01



This is a work of fiction, born from fantasies in my head. This was a distraction from the other serious stories I write, as such I took great pains to make sure that almost nothing that happens in the story is believable.

As it’s just random fantasies, the story isn’t exactly going anywhere, beside the typical harem building plotlines.

All characters depicted having sex are 18 or above.

I haven’t written erotica in a long time, and I was never that good to begin with. I also haven’t edited it yet beside a light spelling-check. Also haven’t figured out how to format on this website, so I apologize until I can fix that. But I had fun, and I hope that on you as well!

Chapter 1

It all began 10 years ago, shortly after I turned 18. As usual, I went to the house of my friend Bradley to play some games. That was only half the reason for my visit. The other half was Brad’s mother, Liz.is probably the hottest woman on Earth. She’s a blonde beauty with a slim body, shoulder-length golden hair and seductive blue eyes. She was 38 but you’d hardly be able to tell.

I was at Brad’s house almost every day, and besides playing games, I spent whatever time I could to sneak glances at Liz. And as I was growing up, I was treated to a lot of visual delights. She’d always be around us and she always wore clothes that were easy on the eyes. Sometimes she’d be wearing summer dresses, other times she’d be wearing tops with jeans or shorts. Her clothes were always fitting, complementing the curves of her body. Every now and then, she’d be doing yoga in tight clothes or sunbathing in a bikini.

Sometimes I wondered if I subconsciously befriended him because of his hot mom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure we’re friends because he’s a great guy and we get along, but who knows what the subconscious mind is up to.

As soon I knocked on the door and it was opened by Liz. She wore a red summer dress that stopped short of her thighs and left her shoulders bare. Though it was usual for Brad to open the door, Liz doing it wasn’t out of the ordinary. No, I was just nervous at being face to face with the woman of my dreams.

She smiled at me, opening the door wider. Her vanilla scent wafting to my nostrils, inviting me inside, as if inviting me for more… no, that was my imagination.

“Come on in,” she said in her deep, sexy voice.

As if woken from a trance, I said, “Right.”

She laughed. “There’s no need to get nervous around me, you know.”

I get nervous because it’s you.

Then suddenly, she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. I was surprised. Liz was friendly and would occasionally touch me – to my delight and discomfort – but it was always chaste and motherly.

Once inside, she had me sit on the couch where I usually sit with Brad, but she took his spot instead.

“By the way, Brad had to step out for a bit. It’s just the two of us.”

Just the two of us…

“Oh,” I stammered. “I can just come back later.”

Just as I was able to rise, she held my arm with both hands, saying, “Oh no! You must stay! I want you to.”

As I sat back down, one of her hands remained on my arm.

“This is the first time the two of us have been alone.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Do you like it?”

I noticed the change in her voice and the look in her eyes. Her hand on my arm was also hard to ignore. Although they were nice – very nice – I was nervous that I was misinterpreting her good nature.

But then she said, “I like it a lot, and I want to spend a lot more time like this. Just the two of us…”

Suddenly her free hand was on my thigh. Her eyes were looking into mine. Even I couldn’t mistake this.

“Mrs. Webber?” I asked nervously.

“Call me Liz,” she said with a squeeze of her hand. “Say it, I want to hear it.”


“That’s a good boy.” Her hand slowly massaged my thigh. “From now on, you and I are going to spend a lot of alone time, getting to know each other really well.”

“What about… Brad…Mr. Webber?”

She chuckled. Voice dripping with sensuality, she said, “They’re not here, are they? It’s just the two of us, with no one to stop us from doing whatever we want to do.”

I exhaled in disbelief. The woman of my fantasies was seducing me, and I was, for some reason, trying to talk her out of it. What was wrong with me? It’s not like I’ve ever shown much of a moral code before.

I was brought back from my daydreaming when I felt her hand touch my face.

“Have you ever been with a woman?”

I shook my head. She smiled.

“I’m glad to be your first. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know, and more. Any girl you sleep with will beg for more.”

She touched my face with both her hands. Her face moved closer, the scent of vanilla intensified.

“Tell me, do you fantasize about me?”

I felt my face redden, even though I knew there was nothing to be ashamed of.


She smiled again. “Tell me what you do to me in those fantasies.”

Now I actually hesitated. Escort Avrupa yakası A lot of my fantasies were based on MILF porn, and most of my fantasies were of fucking her hard hard and getting a little rough with her. I didn’t know if I should be telling her that.

Laughing, she said, “Come on, tell me! You have nothing to feel shy about.” Leaning close to my ears, she whispered, “I know I’ve fantasized about you doing some pretty fun things to me.”

When I still hesitated, she said, “Fine, you can tell me later. For now… now I’m going to kiss you.”

And then, she kissed me. I couldn’t believe it, suddenly I was kissing the soft, warm lips I had fantasized about my entire teenage years and here she was. Sensory overload was a good word for what I was experiencing. I was drowning in her scent while her lips consumed me.

She pulled away, but only a little. Our noses were almost touching. I exhaled a breath that I didn’t know I was holding.

“Was that your first kiss?”

I nodded.

Smiling seductively, she said, “The first of many.”

Instead of inching closer, she moved just a little further. I tried not to show my disappointment, but it must have shown.

“Before our next kiss, you must do something for me.”

“Oh… what do you want me to do?”

Her eyes glinted with mischief as she said, “I want you to touch me.”

I gasped. There was so much of her that I wanted to touch that I couldn’t even imagine where to begin.

She instructed, “First, put your arm around my waist.”

I hesitated.

“Come on, don’t be shy.”

There was no reason to be shy. I looked at her slender waist, then gingerly touched the small of her back.

Gently, she chided me, “Not like that.”

She grabbed my hand, then placed it on her hip, the length of my arm touching her back. “Yes,” she smiled. “Hold me like I’m your woman.”

With my arm around her, her body pressed against mine and I could feel her arousing warmth. She leaned closer, then our lips met again, relishing in the warmth of one another. I had imagined what kissing was like, but never in my fantasies could I have imagined how amazing it was. The soft feeling of her lips were only intensified by the smell of vanilla, the warmth pressing against my side and the feeling of her body that I was holding. So soft, and so warm, and so damn fun.

This kiss lasted a little longer than the first one. When we parted, she dove in for another kiss. As I welcomed the feeling of her lips again, I felt her hand in my hair gently running through. Something about that felt amazing, as if she was encouraging me to kiss her more passionately, more intensely. Something about that made me pull her waist closer to me.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” she whispered. “Keep touching me.”

Leading by example, her other hand touched my belly over my shirt. I gasped against her lips. There were so many sensations already, but to have her hand on my stomach… Just when I thought that was a lot, I felt another sensation. I felt her tongue pressing against my lips. I almost held my breath again. I was about to have her tongue inside my mouth! There was something incredibly hot about an older woman — who had just seduced me — wanting to put her tongue in my mouth.

As I opened my mouth, her tongue pushed forward slowly. At first it lingered at the entrance. Slowly, her tongue traced my upper lips first, then my bottom lips. I shivered.

She said, “There’s so much I want to do to you. So much I want you to do to me. I’m going to fulfill my fantasies.”

I didn’t get a chance to reply, she dove in like a hungry mountain lion. Her tongue was inside my mouth! It was a strange sensation, a warm, soft, wet tongue sliding against my own, sliding on top, sliding around, as if dancing, as if dueling. I just couldn’t get enough.

Her hand slid under my shirt and her nails raked the naked skin of my chest. I remembered what she had told me a while ago, so I too decided to touch her while our tongues were tangled. I placed her free hand on her bare shoulder, feeling her skin. So smooth, so sexy. I wanted to lick it, to taste her skin with my mouth, but my mouth was occupied elsewhere. Considering how things were going, I would have plenty of opportunities.

The moment I touched her, she leaned even closer. Our kisses were growing longer just a little every time. Growing longer, growing in passion and intensity, and in sloppiness. The fervor with which her tongue explored my mouth increased more and more.

Growing more curious and adventurous, I moved the hand on her back downwards. My hand followed the ridge of her spine as it rounded. As soon as I was touching the small of her back, Liz repositioned herself without stopping her kiss. With her tongue in my mouth, she tucked her legs under her and lifted her body just a little. With her ass no longer touching her sofa, I was free to touch it. Following the rounding, my hand settled on the first ass I would touch.

Our Ataköy escort makeout session continued in its increasing intensity, tongues still jousting, lips wet with each other’s saliva. I focused my attention on her butt. At her I just touched it. That just made her moan. I knew now that she was encouraging me, so I gingerly squeezed the flesh.

I had seen her butt many times. Usually it was just the outline from her tight jeans or shorts, sometimes the outline was very visible as she displayed her assets in the downward dog pose wearing yoga pants. Sometimes, though, when she was sunbathing, I would see it without obstruction. It was a nice, round butt, not too big but with enough to grab, or so I had thought.

And then, as I squeezed her ass and felt the flesh yield, all my suspicions were confirmed. Indeed, her butt was soft and just as much fun to squeeze as I had imagined. No, my imagination could not compare to how amazing the real thing felt — kissing the MILF of my dream while fondling her butt.

The passion grew and I couldn’t stop running my hands on her ass and squeezing the supple flesh every other moment. Finally, I had to stop when I felt her pulling my shirt above my head. In another moment, my shirt was taken off and dropped somewhere.

There was a wicked smile on her face as she said, “Do you want me to take off my dress?”

I gulped again and nodded. This time I managed to say, “Yes, please.”

“Mmm, that’s good to hear. I also want to take my dress off for you. I want that so bad…” She glanced at my crotch, adding, “Among other things.”

First, she stood up and faced me. Slowly, she turned around, showing me the back of the dress and the outline her beautiful butt was making as it pressed against the fabric. I wanted to reach out and grab it, when I realized that nothing was stopping me. She was in reach, so I extended my hands and grabbed the perfect globes of her round butt. As they fit into my hands, I squeezed, relishing it.

Laughing, she slowly stepped backwards to make it easier for me. For a little while, I obsessively fondled her butt, before I remembered that the entire playground of her body was open to me. The dress she had worn only went up to the middle of thighs, revealing her slender form in all their glory.

I traced the shape of her butt downwards, feeling the curve of her body until I was touching the smooth skin of her thighs. I heard her moan in approval. My exploration of her form continued as my hand ran along her soft thighs, squeezing gently, feeling them. I explored like this, from the middle of her thighs, downwards to the top of her knees. After that, while I did want to touch the rest of her slender legs, I had a different idea that I thought was more exciting.

This time, I made my way up in the same way before, feeling and fondling her luscious skin and flesh. Slowly, up the lower thighs, then to the middle, where the hem of the dress began. I touched the hem, then slid my hands underneath. I don’t know if this was in my head, but the flesh below felt hotter.

“Naughty boy,” she said in a sinful tone.

Smiling, I continued. From the middle of her thighs, my hands crept up. My hands were touching the top of her highs, gently massaging that flesh.

I took a moment there, perhaps a little too long, because I heard Liz say, “Come on, don’t make me wait. Grab my ass!”

Immediately I reached up and found the flesh of her ass. Never in my dreams could I have imagined that this would happen in real life. Yet, here I was, holding the globes of her ass in my hands. I slowly exhaled before I ran my hands. Hers was a round, fleshy butt with the smoothest possible skin. A good amount of time was spent just relishing in the feel of that as my hands moved around.

Then I squeezed, and oh my! The things I felt earlier were just a teaser. Under her dress, the feeling of squeezing her naked butt was so much better that I don’t think it’s even comparable. I felt the warmth of the flesh and I felt the softness of her butt as the flesh yielded to my fingers. I squeezed again, a little harder.

“That’s it, baby, just like that.”

That was the first time she had called me ‘baby’, and I decided that I liked it quite a lot. Encouraged, I fondled her butt enthusiastically. I grabbed handfuls with each hand and then moved them around, feeling the flesh move with my hand. Delightful! So delightful.

I could have gone on the entire day like that, but my fondling was cut short. Liz said, “It’s time for you to unzip my dress.”

The zipper was at the top, I would have to stand up. Just as I was about to, she surprised me by sitting down. Her ass pressed against my cock, and it was a miracle that I did not cum right there.

Giggling, she said “I really like this position.”

She wiggled her butt a little to emphasize, then asked, “What do you think?”

Struggling to breathe, I replied, “I love it.”

“Good. We’ll spend a lot of time like this. Now, unzip me!” The last bit was a command.

I Şirinevler escort bayan chuckled, then pulled the zipper down slowly. Liz was very slowly rocking back and forth, and as risky as that was, I wanted to prolong it, so I took my time. Inch after inch of creamy skin was revealed to be feasted by my eyes. Finally, I had her completely unzipped.

Liz swiveled her body without lifting her butt. As her legs were raised to the couch and her body faced to the side, her butt ground against me harder and I shivered with the delightful sensation. From this position, she reached in and kissed me. It was a very passionate kiss. Without breaking the kiss, she continued moving until she was almost straddling me — she was on her knees with them placed on the outside of my legs.

She backed away and I looked up at her in awe. “Are you ready?” she asked.

“Yes,” I nodded vigorously.

With a smile, her right hand reached up and across to the strap on her left shoulder. Slowly, she pulled it along her skin, downwards, leaving it resting on her upper arms. She repeated the same motion with the other one. She looked at me and smiled wickedly, teasing me. I admired the view of a sexy MILF of my dreams as she towered over me. And I wanted her more than I had ever before.

Her hands cupped her breasts, as if trying to hide them. Then, she wiggled her shoulders, loosening the straps further. When she finally moved her hands to the side, the dress fell on its own. I stared with an open jaw. She was naked under the dress, and I was staring at her naked tits. Until now, the best look I had of them was when she’d be entering the house after sunbathing, but back then I tried not to look too obviously. Now, I was being asked to ogle.

Her tits were a moderate size, perhaps C cup, perfectly perky with small, pink nipples. Looking at them had me drooling.

“You like?”

“I love them.”

“Then touch them.”

She didn’t wait for me to take initiative. She grabbed my hands with hers and placed them an inch underneath her tits, before letting go. I gulped. I would have to move my hands just a little, and Liz’s tits would be in her hands. That’s what she wanted me to do.

I moved my hands up, cupping her tits from the underside. Of course they weren’t particularly heavy, but they were a delightful handful. I exhaled in disbelief. I was cupping her tits. My hands were holding Liz’s tits, and they fit perfectly in my palms. As if they were made to be played with by me. I wanted to fondle them right away, but something made me want to prolong this experience. I wanted to feel her tits in every possible way before I began fondling them.

From the underside, I dragged my hands up slowly. I felt her stiff nipples dig into my palms as my hands were now squarely on her tits. God, how I loved playing with tits. I moved my hands in a circular motion, palming her tits from all sides.

I whispered, “I’ve fantasized a lot about this.”

“Show me. Don’t hold back.”

It was time. I cupped her tits from the bottom again, and gently squeezed. Her moan that followed told me that I was doing the right thing. I moved my hand up, not touching her nipples, and squeezed again. Again I moved, this time her nipple digging against the center of my palm and squeezed.

“Oh yeah, that’s good. But you can squeeze harder, I’m not made of glass.”

I had been wanting to squeeze harder for a while, so I was delighted to get the permission. All my fantasies involved me mauling her tits, but I didn’t want to up the intensity to that level in case that would be too much. My fingers dug into her flesh as I squeezed harder, relishing the way her tits were molding with my touch.

To my surprise, she said, “Harder.”

Who am I to deny the desires of a woman who wanted to be fondled harder? Grabbing her tits again I squeezed harder.

“Harder!” she demanded.

This time she grabbed my hands and squeezed her tits with my hands and I was amazed. The way she wanted to be fondled matched the visions of my fantasy. At this point, I decided to let go and do whatever I wanted, and if she had any complaints she would just tell me. Without further ado, I palmed her tits and squeezed them hard and pulled them outwards.

“Fuck yeah!”

She was loving it, so I continued mauling her tits. I fondled her tits as I did in my dreams, and she was loving it. I was delighted to roughly treat them, and even more so at the prospect that I would be doing this on a regular basis.

Leaning forward, she said, “Now suck them.”

I didn’t need to be told, I was dying to do it anyway. She leaned closer, presenting her tits for my feasting, but I suddenly remembered there was something else I wanted to do first. Grabbing her titflesh hard, I pressed my face into the middle of her cleavage. Motorboating isn’t something I see often in porn, but the few times I saw them, I knew I wanted to try it out. With the warmth and softness of her pliable flesh pressed against my face, I understood the appeal. I heard her laugh as I rubbed my face left and right while continuing to squeeze her tits.

With that out of the way, I moved on. I only took a second to remove my face from the state of being buried in her tits. Going slow was out of the window now. With her tits still in my hands, I squeezed and took a nipple in my mouth.

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