1 Ağustos 2021

The Dugout: Who’s on deck?

Ass Eating

The Dugout: Who’s on deck?I was working as a receptionist job at a small real estate office in a relatively small down. I had not been there long when one of the agents told me that one of her friends had a guy friend who had seen me around and been asking questions about me. Before long Mike came in with a few of his friends who were friends with the agent from the office and we were introduced. I knew it was no coincidence and that the whole thing was probably pre-planned, but none the less I was somewhat flattered at his persistence and effort.Mike and I talked regularly. He worked for a school nearby so he would stop in on occasion to hang out and just say hi. I was typically there alone since the other couple of employees basically worked from their homes and vehicles. The office was more of a place to store files and for me to answer phones, set schedules, etc. After a few months of just talking and getting to know each other, Mike called me out of the blue and asked if I would like to go out. I had plans with some friends already, but oddly enough they had all just cancelled out and I had nothing else going on so I agreed to meet him. I met him at his house not far from the office and he took me to dinner and a movie. We had a good time but I wasn’t into him and was just going along with it out of boredom I guess.Well over the next few months we dated every weekend or so, just having dinner and such and he continued to visit me during the day at work.One day he stopped by and asked me if I would come to his house and let him cook for me. Not thinking much of it I agreed and told him I would come. I got to his house and he was cooking steaks with all the sides. He also had a pretty good bar set up with plenty of drinks so we had several drinks as he prepared our meals. We ate a great meal, had a good time and continued hanging out and drinking. I was getting pretty buzzed at this point and I think he could tell I was hinting around at getting ready to leave. He quickly said that he needed to run by the school and make sure the sprinklers were cutting on at the baseball field and asked me if I would ride with him over there before I left. I needed to let my drinks settle before I drove anyway so I agreed. We climbed in his truck and headed toward the ball field. As we pulled into the parking lot he cut the truck off and looked over at me. The sun had gone down and the lights had not fully came on yet so it was still pretty dark outside. I could see him looking at me and I leaned toward him. He touched my face and pulled me closer and began to kiss me. As he kissed me my hand found its way to his leg and began to rub. I could tell by his kiss and the way he way breathing that he was getting a little more worked up. My hand found his cock bulging beneath the fabric of his jeans and I began to gently rub it through the cloth. As his cock grew hard I also became more heated in my intent. I found his zipper and unzipped his jeans, reached in and pulled his hard cock out into the open. He sat back in his seat, leaned his head back and softly moaned as I stroked his hard cock.Mike was a big guy, 6’4 and probably 240 lbs., so his cock was proportionate to his large frame. I stroked his cock and could feel the wetness bilecik escort from his precum. I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth. He moaned louder as my mouth slid down his shaft. I swallowed his cock all the way to his balls as soon as I started and I could hear him say “oh my God” under his breath. As I sucked his cock I reached in and freed his balls, caressing them with my hand as I sucked and licked his cock. Almost instantly after touching his balls his legs tensed and he moaned that he was cumming. I picked up the pace and sucked harder. His semen sprayed into my mouth, the warm, smooth texture of his cum woke up my taste buds as I swallowed while continuing to suck. When I had sucked every scrumptious drop of his seed from his swollen member I sat up, licked my lips and said, “how was that?” He was basically speechless as he sat and tried to regain his composure.Mike pulled himself together and exited the truck to go check on the field. He told me I was welcome to come with him so I did. We passed through the gate and I decided to sit on the bench in the dugout as he took care of his duties. Once he finished whatever he had to do he came back and sat beside me. We just sat for a few minutes looking at the field and the night sky. Mike suddenly leaned into me again and started to kiss me. He then stood up, taking me by the hand so I would stand with him. Once standing he immediately spun me around backwards, put his hands on my hips and began grinding into my ass. He could tell by my action that I was into it so he reached around me and unsnapped by pants, pulling them down just below my ass. With one hand, he gently pushed into my back as if guiding me to bend over the bench. With one leg standing on the ground, the other hiked up on the bench and my hands on the back of the bench, Mike drove his hard cock into my pussy. He started off slowly, but quickly began to pick up the pace. He reached under me pulling my shirt up and pulling my tits from my bra. He groped my swinging tits for a bit before returning his hands to my hips and began to really drive his cock into me hard. His hands gripped my ass, pulling me back into him to meet his thrust and occasionally smacking me on my butt with his open hand. He reached up, grabbed my hair, pulling back gently and after a few more hard strokes he whipped his cock out of my pussy and shot a pool of cum right on the small of my back. I stood up and turned around as he gripped his cock squeezing the final drops of cum out. I knelt down before him and took his cock into my mouth, cleaning it of his tasty cum as his load ran down my back, the crack of my ass and into my pants.I pulled my clothes back up, gave him a kiss as he fixed himself, and he took me back to my car where we called it a night.In the weeks to pass, Mike became a more frequent visitor at the office as expected. He would stop by, bring me lunch and little goodies almost daily. He had told me after our night at the ball field that I was the only woman who ever made him cum after he had been drinking. I not only made him cum once, but twice in the same night so he said he was impressed with my skills.One day Mike stopped by the office just before bolu escort I was about to leave to run errands. Like I said, I was usually there alone most of the time and this was no exception. Mike came in as I was gathering some files to take to a client and asked if I could go for lunch. I told him that I didn’t have time because I needed to close the office and get going. I locked the front door and told him he could walk out the back with me. He followed me to the back, into the storage area which lead to the rear door. He was standing beside me as I reached the door and I asked him to hold the files for me while I found the key to the door. In the process of handing him the files I accidentally dropped one. I squatted down to pick it up and couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his jeans as he stood in front of me. I giggled and ask, “what’s up with that?” I poked his semi erect cock with my finger and looked up at him smiling. He reached down and begin to up-zip his pant and told me if I stayed where I was that I would see what it was. I remained in my position squatting down as he freed his cock from his jeans. He told me he couldn’t help but to keep thinking back to the way I sucked his cock in his truck that night and that he had never had such an amazing blowjob. I reached up grabbing his cock with one hand, looked at him and said, “well I guess you are saying you might be spoiled now.” He smiled at the same time my tongue licked a small droplet of his sweet pre-cum from the tip of his cock. After tasting the cum I couldn’t just stop. I had to have more. I began to stroke his cock and suck the swollen head as his hands helped guide my head in a rhythmic motion up and down his cock. The small room was quickly filled with the wet slurping sounds of my mouth sucking and smacking on his cock. I reached up and grabbed his ass with both hands, helping him pump his cock into my wet mouth as he fucked my face. His balls touching my chin with each deep thrust, my lips never losing sucking and my tongue dancing wildly inside my mouth all over his cock head. He let out a short groan, followed my an “oh my God” and I could feel his hot seed stream into my mouth. I continued sucking until I swallowed every drop. I make it a point to never waste a single drop of sweet cock nectar. I few more licks and sucks to ensure he was free and clean of all his ejaculate and I stood up, looked him in his face and opened my mouth wide to show him a completed job. I told him I had to be going now, but that I hoped that would hold him over. He said it would, but not for long and asked when he could see me again. I told him that if he didn’t mind company that I would just start staying at his place since it was so close to work. Of course, he had no objections to that and I actually think his cock came back alive almost immediately. I told him I would go home after work and gather some things and be back in time for bed.Over the next few months I stayed with Mike in his small apartment near my office. We fucked like rabbits almost daily.On weekend he asked me to go upstate to visit a friend of his who owned a ranch with horses. He said we could take the horses out for a ride and just have a little aydın escort weekend getaway. We arrived in the evening and had dinner with his friends and got to bed early. We had plans to ride horses early that next day before the heat sat in.We awoke early and he prepared our horses for our ride. We rode for a few hours them headed back to the ranch. Once back in the stables and everything was put away Mike told me he wanted to fuck. I was surprised because he usually wasn’t so blunt so I laughed and said, “oh, ok…I guess.” I guess I thought he was just talking shit because I turned to walk away and he grabbed me. He spun me around into him and began kissing me. He took my hand and put it on his cock which felt to be fully erect already. I rubbed his cock through his pants for a minute as we kissed. He began to walk backwards, pulling me along with him until he lay down on some bales of hay stacked at the edge of the barn. I climbed up with him and removed his cock from his pant and began to start sucking. He was close to cumming and I stopped. I stood and removed my pants and top. While I was doing that, he tore open a condom and covered his hard cock. He had a few “accidents” in the past and even though I didn’t mind he was not fond of going in the pussy bareback. I climbed atop him, straddling him on the hay. I grabbed his cock, rubbing it against my wet pussy until finding the sweet spot and sliding down his pole. I began to ride his cock hard, my big tits swung freely and bounced with each thrusting motion I made. He reached up, grabbing me by the hair and pulled me into him. He kissed me deeply before his mouth began to feed on my breasts. As I ground my cock into him, clinching my pussy don on his hard cock, he sucked my nipples like he was trying to suck them off my body. I began to cum, my fingernails clawed into his hairy chest, he grabbed my hips and pulled me own on him tight as he thrust upward and yelled that he was cumming. I slid off of his cock which was soaking wet with my juices. I leaned over and kissed him, then began to kiss down his body. Kissing and licking his nipples, down his chest toward his crotch. His cock remained semi erect within the condom which I am sure was exceeding the limits of the amount of cum it was designed for. I grabbed his cock by the base, squeezing as I removed the condom and attempting to not waste any of its contents. I held the condom full of juices up so he could see, my tongue flicked the reservoir tip and I turned it upside down and drained the condom full of cum onto his cock and balls. I squeezed out every single drop and tossed the condom up on his chest. Starting with his balls I began to lick and suck his spent load into my mouth. His balls, his shaft, the head of his cock all received a thorough tongue bath. Again, I crawled atop him and displayed my open mouth. With an exhausted smile he acknowledged my work. I leaned down and gave him a deep kiss, letting him taste my tongue and lips fully.Unfortunately following our day at the ranch Mike and I started to split ways. His drinking habit became more of a full-time hobby and I wasn’t going to deal with any of his antics while drinking. He was upset when I left and I blame that somewhat on myself. As I normally would I should have made it clear to him that he has “A dick”, not “THE dick.” Married men are so much easier to deal with I guess. They can fall in love with the pussy but they can’t cause you too much grief outside of the realm of sex. Oh well, anther one bites the dust…..

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