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The English teacher Ch. 9


When Mrs. Jennings lowered her ass to my face, I gripped her black ass cheeks and spread them apart, and raised my head to meet her pussy. Mrs. Jennings let out a muffled moan when I ran my tongue over her pussy slit; from her asshole to her clit. I licked Mrs. Jennings’s pussy a few more times, spread her pussy lips apart, and then assaulted it with my tongue and mouth and fingers. I licked, sucked, and fingered her pussy frantically and chaotically. While Mrs. Jennings made muffled moans of pleasure as she sucked my cock, I was not focused on giving her sexual gratification. I was focused on tasting her fat, black, pussy.After tasting her pussy for a while, I lay my head on the pillow as she continued to suck my cock and started to finger both her pussy and asshole. I used three fingers from both hands in both her holes. I finger fucked her holes hard and would smack her ass occasionally. I smacked her butt so hard that the slapping sounds reverberated throughout the room and I left handprints on her black ass. I could even feel it sting the palm of my hand.I called her a black whore, told her that I could do anything I want to her since I paid for her black ass, and told her that her asshole and pussy were so loose because of all the men she whored herself out to, and other degrading things.Mrs. Jennings could no longer concentrate on sucking my cock because of how hard I finger fucked her and the spanks on her butt checks. She removed her mouth from my cock and placed her face between my legs and her hands gripped my thighs tight. Mrs. Jennings’s moans and grunts of pleasure and her cries of pain when I smacked her ass were so loud that I knew if there were other guests in the rooms next to hers or if anyone walked past the room they could hear her, but I didn’t care. I thought it was sexy if people would have known an older married black woman was such a whore and enjoyed getting played with, spanked, and fucked by a young white boy. I thought it would be amusing if people in the hotel thought Mrs. Jennings was really a prostitute who was turning tricks in the hotel like the game she wanted to play.“Uhhh, God! Don’t stop! Ughh, please don’t stop! I’m going to, uhhh God, I’m cumming! Please, baby, don’t stop!” Mrs. Jennings cried out.Her voice had a piercing, shrill sound to it and it was so loud I definitely knew that people in other rooms would have heard her. When the older woman orgasmed, her voice was such a high-pitched, shrieking, drawn-out scream that I was sure if anyone was asleep she would have woken them. As she orgasmed her thick thighs quivered, her pussy and asshole constricted and released around my fingers, and her fingers nails dug into the flesh of my thighs. I kept finger fucking both her holes hard as she orgasmed.After Mrs. Jennings’s orgasm ended, she dropped her head between my legs and panted for air. Her thighs were still quivering and I saw her pussy twitch and her asshole pulse open and close repeatedly. I let her enjoy her post-orgasm euphoria as I placed sensual kisses on her pussy, butthole, Ataşehir Escort and butt cheeks. I wanted to cum badly, but I resisted the urge to just take Mrs. Jennings and fuck her. I wanted to see how her game progressed. I was not disappointed and glad I resisted my desires.Mrs. Jennings got off the bed after her short respite. She stood next to the bed and leaned down and kissed my lips. I reached up to pull her back into the bed but Mrs. Jennings pushed my arms away and giggled. She looked down at me and smiled mischievously.“No, no, baby. Now it’s my turn to make you cum. You paid for the full experience, so you get the full experience,” she told me.I watched Mrs. Jennings’s amble ass as she walked to the bathroom. She walked out of the bathroom a few seconds later holding a small bottle in her hand.“I bought strawberry flavored,” she told me as she held up the bottle of lubricant for me to see. “I was tired of tasting that bland taste of the kind you use,” she giggled.Mrs. Jennings straddled me and sat with her butt on my upper thighs so my cock was pressing into her stomach. She placed the lubricant on the bed next to her and then removed her corset to free her large, black breasts. She tossed the corset on the floor and picked up the lubricant. Mrs. Jennings poured some lubricant on my hard cock and started to stroke it slowly. When she was done, she put some on her finger, raised her butt, and reached behind herself.“Turn around first,” I told her before she could lube her asshole.“No, baby, please. I don’t want you to spank me again. My butt is still tender and hurts from before,” the woman whined out.I chuckled at her. “I am not going to spank you. I want to see my cock go up your black asshole,” I told her.Mrs. Jennings gave me a mischievous grin, “What makes you think I am going to do that?”I reach between her legs and grabbed her pussy and gripped it hard. She squealed out. “Because this fat pussy is soaked and does not need to be lubed up,” I told her and tightened my grip causing her to whimper. “Now, turn around or I will spank that fat ass but this time use my belt.”She whimpered again but turned around. I guess she forgot I was not wearing a belt that night. I watched as she stuck her lubricated finger in her ass and she grunted as it penetrated her. Once her asshole was lubricated, Mrs. Jennings’s raised her butt, reached behind her, and took my cock in her hand. I watched as she lined it up to the entrance of her ass.The woman held my cock in her hand and let out a gasp when the head of my cock entered her. She then slowly lowered her body to impale herself with my dick. She went slow and was making the familiar grunting, whimpering sounds she made when she got her ass fucked. They always sounded like she was in pain and distress, but I knew by then they were sounds of pleasure. I watched her asshole as it stretched to accommodate my cock. Mrs. Jennings was grunting and panting and when my cock was just about three or four inches into her asshole she stopped.“Uhh, God. Ataşehir Escort Bayan It’s so big. Uhh, God, this is so much easier when you do it,” Mrs. Jennings grunted out between her panting.“Just don’t move, and I can push it in,” I suggested.“Uhh, no, no, no. Uhh, God, I want to do it,” she told me. She lowered herself about another inch and stopped. “Uhh, my God, it’s so big but feels good.”Before Mrs. Jennings, I had fucked two girls in the ass and after Mrs. Jennings even more girls. Some enjoyed it, some tolerated it, a couple said they liked it but would not do it with me because I was too big, and a few told me they did not like it but felt they had to do it or I would no longer want to fuck them. The latter I never had anal sex with again because I was not going fuck a woman in her ass if she did not enjoy it. Of all the women I have had anal sex with who enjoyed it, including my now wife, none have ever gotten as much pleasure out of it as Mrs. Jennings did.Once, after I had fucked her ass, Mrs. Jennings told me that it felt strange but gave her this incredibly pleasant feeling. She said that she enjoyed it not just for the physical pleasure it gave her, which was amazing, but an odd emotional feeling as well. I had to coax her into elaborating what she meant and Mrs. Jennings finally admitted that every time we had anal sex it made her feel much more submissive to me and it made her feel as if I truly claimed her as mine. She said to her it felt like it was the ultimate surrendering of her body and will to my dominance. I liked that.“Uhh, God, it’s so deep inside me,” Mrs. Jennings grunted out as she lowered her body to take the last inch of my cock into her asshole. She did not move once I was fully inside her, but was still panting heavily. “I have been thinking about this for days; having your big white cock in my black ass,” she told me between her pants.I chuckled because lately, Mrs. Jennings had been talking dirty more but only when she was sexually aroused by foreplay or when I was fucking her. Having my cock in her butt seemed to make her aroused.Mrs. Jennings started to move her butt slowly. At first, she gently ground herself on top of me and then started to move her ass up and down on my cock at a slow pace. I kept my eyes focused on her asshole to watch my cock stretch it and placed my hands on her butt cheeks.“Ugh, fuck, you black asshole is always so tight,” I moaned out.“Uhh God, it feels so good. Uhhh, Patrick, it feels good, baby. Uhhh, darling, I have been wanting this for days,” she told me as she lifted her butt and slowly lowered it to impale herself on my cock.“Did you get yourself off when in North Carolina? Did you fuck yourself with your limp dicked husband in the other room?” I asked to taunt her.“Yes,” she admitted without hesitation. “Several times.” Mrs. Jennings increased the pace of her ass movement slightly.“Did you finger fuck you asshole when you got yourself off?”“Uhh, God, yes, yes. Uhh, God, this feels amazing” she said with a slight Escort Ataşehir hesitation and started moving her ass up and down a little faster.“Did you taste your pussy and ass after you came?” I taunted her again.“Yes, both. Uhhh, my God, this feels so good,” the older woman was moving even faster.“You’re such a disgusting, old whore. Fucking yourself and fingering your nasty black asshole with your husband in the other room while thinking of whoring you’re old, worn out, black pussy and asshole to one of your students.”“Uhh, my God, uhh, uhh, uhh God,” Mrs. Jennings grunted out louder as she increased her pace of riding my cock. “Uhh, yes, yes, I’m such a whore. Uhh, God, I’m your whore, baby.”“Make me cum, whore. Use your black asshole to make me cum,” I told her and gave her a hard smack on her ass.Mrs. Jennings started to fuck me harder and faster with her ass. As she fucked me I kept my eyes focused on her butthole and enjoyed seeing it stretched out by my cock. Mrs. Jennings was panting, moaning, and grunting loudly as her pace increased, and when she could form words, she would tell me how good my cock felt in her butt. She was riding my cock so fast and hard that a few times it slipped out of her ass and she would quickly reach behind herself and guide it back into her asshole.“Ohh, fuck. That’s it…ohhh fuck, your ass feels so good,” I moaned out as she fucked me.After a little over what I would have guessed was five minutes of her going up and down hard and fast on my cock, Mrs. Jennings stopped and was panting heavily as she sat on my cock.“I…I can’t. You…you have to do it, baby,” she said between pants. “It feels so good…but you have to finish.”I sat up on the bed, put my arms around her waist, and pulled gently to move her to lay on her back on the bed. She made a loud grunt as my cock slipped out of her ass. Once she was on her back, I spread her legs and moved my body to lay on top of her, and started kissing her neck.“Your ass or pussy?” I asked in a whisper in her ear.Mrs. Jennings put her arms around my back and hugged me tight. “In my butt. Please put it back in my butt, baby. Please fuck my black ass and fuck it hard. Please, darling, please make me your whore,” Mrs. Jennings begged.She was actually begging me to fuck her asshole and make her my whore. Although I sometimes missed her naivety about sex and how she would get embarrassed by the things I did to her or made her to me and herself, I was enjoying the new Mrs. Jennings. The Mrs. Jennings that was a slut for me and used words I never thought I would hear from the mouth of such a prim and proper lady as Mrs. Jennings. I could always find new ways to embarrass her and make her whine and whimper in humiliation.I moved to kneel between her spread legs, lifted them, placed them on my shoulder, and lifted her butt off the bed. I lined my cock up with her asshole and thrust my hips to penetrate her in one slow motion. Mrs. Jennings gave a loud, drawn-out grunt as my cock went into her asshole and placed her arms above her head. She gripped the edge of the mattress where it met the headboard. I then proceeded to give her what she begged for and fucked her ass hard.“Uhh! God! Uhh, Patrick! Uhhh! Harder, go harder! Uhh, God, baby, please fuck me harder! Uhh, uhh! Fuck my black ass harder!” Mrs. Jennings cried out after about three minutes of me fucking her.

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