18 Mart 2023

The Erotic Adventures of Callie


I call for you at your home. I am breathless as you answer the door looking so radiantly beautiful. I have to really control myself not to take you in my arms and carry you back into your house and make love to you before we even start our adventure. My cock begins to grow to massive proportions. You, being you, just smile your lovely smile at me and gently rub the front of my pants.

We get into the car and find a nice restaurant to have a bite to eat. Then we head out toward Multnomah Falls along the Columbia River.

When we arrive, you are amazed at the beauty that you are shown. The Falls as it tumbles from one level to the next is fantastic. We follow the path to the foot bridge that crosses the foot of the upper falls. No one is watching us, so we hop over the rail and walk up to the edge of the upper falls. There you see what I have told you about, the entrance to the cave behind the falls. The water is crashing down at millions of gallons a minute. We sit and look out through the water at the people who are crossing the foot bridge. They cannot see us. I take you in my arms and gently kiss your cheek. You turn to face me and return my kiss full on my lips. Your tongue finds its way into atakent escort my mouth and we do a tongue dance that rivals no other. Your breath comes quickly for you know what we are going to do.

I begin to unbutton your blouse, you pull my shirt off me. I unbuckle your pants, you do the same to me. Finally you are in your bra and panties and I can see that your panties are very wet. I slowly remove your bra and your beautiful breasts greet my eyes. I gently kiss and suckle each nipple in turn. I can feel them becoming erect in my mouth. My cock is so hard right now. You reach out and take my cock into your hand and squeeze it gently.

I remove your panties and devour your nakedness with my eyes. You are so beautiful. I begin kissing you, your lips, eyes, chin ears and on down to your neck and your breasts. You lie back and I feel your body quiver in anticipation of what is to come.

I slowly kiss and lick my way down to your stomach and then suddenly, I tongue fuck your belly button, making you gasp out loud. I continue down past your hips and down first one leg then the other. Then I start on the inside of your thighs, slowly kissing akbatı escort and licking my way up until I am there, at the entrance to your pussy. I begin to kiss the lips of your pussy, I can taste the sweet juices that have come from you. After I have kissed and licked the outer lips of your pussy, I begin to tongue fuck you. You cry out that you are cumming. I hold you tight, my arms around your hips and ride out the orgasm with my tongue buried in your pussy. Then I begin to gently lick from your pussy to your tight little ass. I tongue fuck your tight ass and you moan in ecstacy. You begin begging me to put my cock in you until I can no longer ignore your pleas.

I poise my cock at the entrance to your pussy and ever so gently I begin to bury my cock deep inside of you. Finally, my cock is totally buried between your legs in your pussy. You go wild, thrusting and bucking with me hanging on for dear life. You cry out time and time again “I’m cumming, Oh God I’m cumming”. This continues as hundreds of people walk past us on the foot bridge. After keeping you in the throes of orgasmic ecstacy for almost and hour, I pull my cock from your aksaray escort pussy. You immediately grab it with both hands and guide it to your open waiting mouth. You swallow my cock almost to my balls. “Cum in my mouth” you say, which is kind of hard to say with my cock between your lips. You suck my cock with a strong pressure and I feel my balls begin to contract as I shoot time after time all of the cum that I had in my balls. You drain my balls very sensuously with your lips and tongue teasing my cock. While you don’t swallow my cum, you allow it to slowly dribble out of your mouth onto your very erect nipples.

Afterward, we lay together on the small sandy beach under the upper falls and just cuddle each other. You tell me how this was the best time you have ever had and how you don’t want it to end, but we must because you have to get back and be ready for work the next day.

On the way back to your house, we listen to the stereo and enjoy the music. We talk of our favorite movies and sports activities.

Once we arrive at your place we agree that we did have fun and that before I leave we need to sit on the couch in front of the fire and just relax at home.

I totally agree and that’s what we do, sit on the couch, relax and discuss where we will go on our next adventure.

Later as I prepare to leave, you kiss me passionately and tell me how much that you love the feel of my tongue and cock and hope that maybe I will fuck you in the ass the next time as you want to experience every feeling that my cock can give you.

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