18 Mart 2023

The Ferris Wheel


“Come on, babe, let’s go on the Ferris wheel,” I smile at him as I grab his hand and pull him towards the huge circular object in the distance. “It’s my favorite ride.”

He laughed gently as he followed me through the park. It was crowded with numerous people, all loud and screaming in joy and happiness as they rode the rides, ate the junk food, won the prizes, as well as all the people yelling in frustration to the scheming carnies and in fear from the scary rides.

As we stood in the line for the Ferris wheel, he started rubbing my back. I was wearing a tank shirt with a cut that exposed a lot of my back, for it was a hot day, and his hands felt so good on it. I felt a slight tingle of pleasure arising from my toes to my head, and I suddenly felt high, like it was a rush, a rush to suddenly have a twinge of horniness at a family friendly place like the park.

Turning back towards him, I leaned my lips close to his ear and whispered, “I want you.”

A look of surprise fell upon his face, but then a small smile appeared on his lips. “As you wish, babe.”

We waited in nervous but excited anticipation as we waited for a cart to be ready for us eskort bakırköy to ride the Ferris wheel. Each cart were like a little cage, with a roof and all, so it was semi secluded, although there was the view from above the back of the seat until the roof.

When we settled on the ride, the ride attendant closed the door firmly, locking us in the small cage.

As the ride started, our cart started rising up higher and higher. But we paid no notice to our cart, the ride, or the park, or anything else… our mouths found each others and we kissed so passionately and so intensely that we had to catch our breathes after a few minutes.

As we kissed, his fingers felt his way up the skirt I had been wearing, feeling the moistness on my underwear with his thumb before drawing it inside and feeling my wetness. When the cart started to descend, we temporary separated our lips, but he kept his fingers on my clit, rubbing it gently, sending waves of pleasure shoot across my entire body.

As the cart started ascending again, we kissed again, lovingly, intensely, so hard and so full of fire and desire, our tongues dancing together. eskort ataköy I gasped in his mouth as he rubbed my clit with his fingers… it felt so good…

“I want you, I want you,” I whisper to him, my lips so close to his face, licking his check, his neck… he smells so good…

He moaned in pleasure as I quickly unzip his fly and take out the long shape, already stiff and hard and oozing precum. I lick it a little bit, spit on it, spreading it across it until it’s slick, and I spread my legs and position myself on top of him.

By now the ride had descended again, but we paid no attention to that, after all, both of our shirts were on and we just merely appeared to be just cuddling…. Really closely…

I gasp as I feel him inside me… pulling me apart, spreading my lips… “Mmm you’re so big…”

As soon as his entire length slid inside me, he pulled my head gently towards his and kissed me deeply, I moan as I feel him throbbing inside me. After a few more minutes of intense kissing, I pull back a little and start sliding myself on and off him, feeling him fill me up to the brim, and then slide out until I was nearly empty. With escort one hand, I gripped on his shoulder to hold on, while the other hand I reached under my skirt to play with my clit. I close my eyes in the intense pleasure and throw my head back, utterly a deep moan in my throat.

One of his hands was holding my waist, the other started sliding up my shirt and pushing my bra aside, pinched my left nipple, making me moan harder. I open my eyes to see his eyes staring into my face, my eyes, watching the pleasure that I was enjoying. And it was naughty. It was in an amusement park, with families and kids… and we were enjoying ourselves sexually in a place like this. That was a rush that was such a high; my clit throbbed so hard when I thought about that.

Before long, I felt the warm pleasurable haze coming towards my body just as I felt his warm load shoot inside deep me. As I felt my pleasure explode, I fall upon him, kissing him deeper and more intensely than ever before, feeling my clit throb and him still deep inside me. I lie on top of him, exhausted but happy.

“Come on, babe, it’s time for us to get off the Ferris wheel,” he gently helped me up and off him and zipped back up his fly. Then he helped me adjust my shirt and skirt so that it looked as if nothing happened.

“Have fun on the ride?” the ride attendant asked as she unlocked the door.

“More than you can imagine,” I whisper to myself, laughing.

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