26 Mart 2022

The first time….


The first time….Way back in High School my best friend,Kevin and I were in his pool one night. I sat on the steps while he swam laps.Kevin`s body was so sexy,hard and rippling with muscles. I watched him as he started to slow near me.Kevin stopped and removed his baggy swim trunks. He told me it is easier to swim nude and I bought it. Kevin stated to swim and I watched while removing my own trunks.When Kev was near the shallow end he noticed I was nude too.I could look through the water at Kevin super body and very thick penis.My cock was also hard as I looked at Kevin’s sexy body,hairy and ripped.I got off the first step and swam over to him. Kev was turned away from me and I reached out and touched his shoulder. He jumped and told me I scared him. Now he was facing me our penis`s almost touched.I looked down and Kevin was stroking his penis. I did the same with my very hard cock.We were very close to each other and Kevin reached out and touched my penis. I moaned as his hand began to stroke me.My hand went to his penis and I felt his helmet. He had a fat helmet and a long ,hard penis. He must have been eight inches or so. Kevin`s cock was throbbing in my hand and felt oh so nice.We walked to the steps and sat next to each other. Kevin was still touching my shaft and I loved it. Next thing ümraniye escort I know was Kevin leaned toward me and kissed me on the lip`s. I opened my mouth and felt his tongue circling my tongue.God Kevin was a great kisser as I became very turned on by his affections.I soon started to suck on his tongue and he moaned. His penis was in my hand and very hard.Kevin broke free of my kiss and stepped up so he was out of the pool and his manhood was eye level. I stopped stroking him and just was amazed at how sexy his cock was. I leaned forward and captured him in my mouth. I sucked the tip of his fat cock as Kevin got a hold of my head. He pushed his erection deep in my mouth,hitting the back of my throat.I tasted something sweet escaping his penis. I licked at his fat helmet and received more of his pre-cum.Kevin`s hands were on my head pushing his erection deeper in my hot,wet mouth. Kev moaned as I felt a thick,salty blast of his cum hit the back of my throat.I did not move as he slide his cock in and out of my mouth. Soon I was full of semen and I swallowed 3 or 4 times. Kevin let go of my head and I used my tongue to clean off his shinny cock.His cum tasted so sweet that I wanted more..Kevin dived into the pool only to resurface next to me. He told me to sit on the edge of the pool. kadıköy escort I sat there my own penis throbbing as Kevin took it in his warm mouth. I watched as he slide along my shaft, up and down he went. Circling his tongue around the tip of my penis. My eyes were closed as I just relaxed and enjoyed his service. I moaned and started to cum in his mouth. Kevin swallowed each drop of my ejaculation.My penis got smaller in his mouth and he let it go. Kevin walked up the steps taking me by the hand we went into his house. I let him dry me off with a towel then I did the same to him. God his body was so sexy. My penis started to rise and Kevin took it in his hand and led me to his room.He told me to get on my knees and Kevin got behind me. I felt a warm, slippery goo on my crack. Kevin`s finger went inside of me as I moaned. My hips pushed back towards his finger. I looked at Kevin and he was smiling. Then I felt him open my cheeks. My hole was exposed to him when I felt his finger slide out of my ass.I was kind of disappointed until I felt something much bigger take it`s place.Kevin`s fat helmet started to push inside of me. God he was big!! I took a deep breath and felt his cock enter me.Kevin’s hands were pulling my hip`s to him. I felt more of his penis enter me and it felt very tuzla escort nice.I closed my eyes again and felt Kevin`s erect penis slide into me. He went slowly deeper into my waiting hole. Then I felt his heavy balls slap against me. I knew his whole penis was in me and Kevin stopped. His manhood remained in side of me and I started to pull away from him. Kevin`s penis slide out of me and I pushed against him, sliding his cock deep into me again.God he felt good as I slide out of him and pushed his penis into me again. Over and over I rode his cock. Never letting him out of me. I rode him faster and faster as Kevin remained still.Kevin let his penis slide out then rammed it into me. I felt him tense up and his warm cum shoot deep into me.I tightened myself around him and relaxed feeling his balls pump load after load of his juice into me. God it was so good. I became super slick form his cum. I felt Kev start to fuck me and I loved it. He dove his penis into me,slick from his cum.With a plop he removed his penis from me. I instantly inserted two of my fingers into me and felt his cum as I wiggled them around.Kevin lay near me and I kissed him. His tongue, I captured in my mouth and sucked on it.My erection was in his firm grasp,stroking me.Kevin`s tongue broke free from my mouth and I felt him slide down to suck me again.It was a matter of seconds before I came again. Kevin swallowed each drop,came up to me and asked if I want tot taste my seed in his mouth. Our lip`s met and I tasted me as we went to sleep in each others arms.

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