18 Mart 2023

The First Time in a While

Public Sex

So, I came back from dropping our preschooler at daycare on Friday morning, and on the way home all I could think about was fucking. I was praying to all of the sex gods that the baby would be asleep so that I could properly ravage my wife.

I walked in and she was just putting him down for a morning nap. We chatted for a second, and I said I was going to run upstairs to take a shower. She said she wanted to do the same, so I invited her to join me when she was done. Cock half hard already, I went up, stripped nude, and washed everything, hoping a naked woman was about to join me in our standing shower. (We have large tub that would fit three easily on the other side of our master bathroom, but that’s for another time.)

After lathering and scrubbing my six-foot frame with hot water steaming off of my back and broad shoulders, I was clean and shaved, but there was no naked tits, ass, or neatly manicured pussy anywhere to be found. Dismayed yet resilient, I slipped out of the shower, dried off with a soft, blue towel, and pulled on pajama pants and a t-shirt to go looking for her, my cock starving for a wet cunt.

I went back downstairs, and my wife, let’s call her Alana, was sitting on the couch near our sleeping infant playing with her phone. Somewhat annoyed, I eyed her the way a ravenous lion eyes a tasty gazelle escort bayan on the fucking savannah.

After moving the baby to a safe distance, I purposefully grabbed her hands, set her phone aside, and helped her to her feet. She wore a longish gray nightgown, that covered her healthy ass, and tight-fitting black pants.

I pulled her In close, kissed her passionately, and said, “I want you right now. But, I understand that sometimes you don’t realize how much you want my cock until it is inside of you. So I am going to be very aggressive. If you don’t want this, you need to tell me to stop right now,” to which she said nothing.

So, I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my pants to the floor to reveal my swollen dick. She took it in her hand and stroked it with her soft, white hands. I then grabbed her waist, and freeing her from her pants and underwear, grabbed a handful of smooth, shapely ass as I kissed her lips and neck.

The feeling of her hands on my cock and balls fueled my desire, and I reached down to lightly stroke her pussy. The soft skin felt familiar and sexy to my touch but drier than it would normally be at this point.

We decided to move upstairs to the bed for more space to play, and I put my pants back on and carried the baby up to set him outside of our bedroom escort door. Alana climbed onto the bed and stopped for a second on all fours as I rubbed her naked ass. I disrobed again, and she asked, “Now, where were we?” I squirted lube into my hand and reached down to rub it onto her waiting lips and clit. She yelled at me for not warming first but sighed as I rubbed gentle circles around her hood.

She moved onto her back and pulled me on top of her, my cock hovering inches away from her pussy. I kissed her lips, cheek, ears, and mouth, and let the tip of my cock slowly slide into her. She gasped and made a face of pleasure and pain. I pulled out, not wanting to hurt her, and she asked for a vibrator to “help her relax more.” Ten seconds later a purple silicone sex toy buzzed between her smooth thighs.

I kissed her again and listened to her soft moans mix with the constant hum on her clit. And then without thinking, my cock slid into her juicy cunt. I thrust a little more than halfway in, pulled out, and thrust again rhythmically, not yet giving her my full length. I french-kissed her firmly, savoring the sensation of my tongue in her mouth and my cock in her warm slit. Feeling her push her hips up to meet me, I thrust into her as far as I could go. Damn did I miss the feel of vibrating pussy.

Moments bayan escort later the stimulation on her clit and inside of her cunt became overwhelming, and she came violently with me inside of her, the walls of her sex squeezing my dick as her hips rose and fell in time. She then fell back to the bed, sighed deeply, and licked her moist lips.

My cock still hard, I pulled out and pushed her knees together and towards one side of the bed to create a new angle. I slipped back inside of her and relished the feeling of tight, wet pussy. But the friction was too much for her, and she asked to move.

Realizing that for the first time in months I didn’t have to be careful with her, I flipped her over violently onto her knees and pulled her naked hips in tight. She gasped at my forceful movements but obeyed willingly. I guided my cock into her and pushed it in again and again as her opening rubbed against the underside of my dick.

I FUCKING LOVE DOGGYSTYLE. I love looking at Alana’s hips and ass. I love pulling her hair and listening to the smack of skin as I fuck her, and I love the primal energy that comes from this position.

But she couldn’t take much more, and we switched again to her lying on her back playing with my balls as I stroked my cock in front of her. The dual sensation was too much to handle, and my cock suddenly exploded in ecstasy, warm cum flying onto her stomach and pubic area. Pleasure coursing through my brain and my cock finally sated, I grabbed some tissue to clean her off and then collapsed onto the bed to embrace her warm, naked body.

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