12 Mayıs 2023

The Fitment Centre


If you ever met a shit magnet where tyres were concerned, well that would be me! I spent my life at my local tyre shop, replacing or fixing tyres. Truthfully, I mostly had myself to blame because I was rather careless when it came to driving. I constantly hit potholes or strangely placed curbs. I practically had shares in my local tyre fitment centre and everyone began laughing when I entered the premises. The guy that invariably took care of me was Russ. He always dumped whoever he is busy with on another technician and attended to me.Russ was a really nice guy. You would never call him good looking, but he has indescribable charm. He stood five-feet-eleven tall, was lanky and somewhat dorky. He had puppy dog eyes and a goofy smile, which made it clear that he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.All the workers at the fitment centre wore two-piece company overalls, with short jackets that extend an inch or two over the top of their trousers. Tradesmen’s cracks and garden paths were therefore in abundance when visiting the centre, which was a total delight for me.Russ above all had four characteristics, actually let’s make those five features that always intrigue me. His huge hands and feet are disproportionate to his body size and should’ve belonged to a much larger man. Russ’ hands, given his work, were grubby with beautiful broad fingers. I always got an erection when we shook hands. The fifth feature was purely in my imagination, but if the mound in front of his trousers was anything to go by, it must have been be of epic proportions. I always had a really difficult time not blatantly staring at the bulge.When I acquired my vehicle I took a chance by placing a gay flag sticker on my rear bumper. I did so with trepidation initially, but in retrospect was very Avrupa yakası escort bayan pleased that I did. Happily, nobody tried to kill me subsequently and although I received a few dirty looks in traffic, I also had a few very successful encounters thereafter. Everyone knew I was gay. Russ, however, never appeared concerned by this. In fact, on every visit to the centre, I always got a man-hug from him.Having again fucked-up a tyre late one afternoon, I phoned Russ to inquire whether they had my tyre size in stock. Luckily they did. After informing him that I would be around first thing the following morning, he asked where I lived. Russ then offered to stop by my house later and collect the tyre, so that it would be fixed for me early the following morning when I passed by to work.At six Russ arrived at my home wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The offending tyre and rim were summarily placed on his pick-up. I offered him a beer, which he gladly accepted. Once comfortable, it soon became clear that he was in no hurry to leave. Two beers later he received a call which he took outside. It was clear that the conversation he was having was not amicable. After several minutes, somewhat flustered, he re-joined me in the lounge. It appeared that he was having problems with his girlfriend and that things weren’t going too well in their relationship.He didn’t elaborate too much, but it appeared that the troubles were emanating from their bedroom. I was starving at this point and I offered him supper, which he happily accepted.Russ surprised me during the evening and wasn’t nearly a dim as I had anticipated. He had a sharp mind and astutely took in everything I told him about my work. My work as an investment advisor seemed Escort Ataköy to fascinate him. By ten I offered him the bed in my spare bedroom for the night, because he had consumed far too many beers to drive home. After accepting my offer he sent his girlfriend an SMS and shortly we were in our respective bedrooms, sound asleep. Early the following morning I made breakfast for us, after which he left for work.At around five-thirty the following afternoon I was stunned when Russ again pulled up at my home. His girlfriend had thrown him out and he had nowhere to go. Fully prepared to sleep in his vehicle in my garage, he begged me to help him out. I assured him that sleeping in his vehicle was not necessary and helped him carry his two suitcases into the spare room. I also informed him that he was welcome to stay for the next few days, until he could sort himself out. He offered to pay me for his accommodation but I rejected the offer out of hand.That evening after dinner, he told me about the difficulties that had caused the bust-up with his girlfriend. In fact, there were two problems. Firstly, he was over-endowed, which was a source of discomfort for his girlfriend. The second problem was an even bigger issue with her and totally flabbergasted me. Apparently, some men have a condition that is virtually untreatable. It was more common with circumcised men like him, but could also occur with uncut guys. His cock-head had rough skin around the top of the glans ridge, which caused an uncomfortable scratching effect in woman’s vaginas. His girlfriend had always insisted that he wear a condom because of this, which he hated.Having seen two dermatologists, they informed him that these ridges could be frozen off, but that they would always Şirinevler escort reoccur. This wasn’t a social disease but just one of those peculiar realities of life. To make matters worse the ridges were referred to as cysts, which really freaked him out. The term seemed so negative and sent his girlfriend into a state of panic when he was stupid enough to mention this to her. Resultantly, their sex life had almost ground to a halt due to this. Russ was almost tearful as he concluded his story.Nonplussed, I did not know what to say. He then offered to show me the offending condition. I agreed to take a look somewhat flummoxed, but extremely intrigued. Whipping out his dick, I was presented with the most magnificent appendages I had ever seen. It was fucking splendid! It was one of those dicks that taper to either end, with a very broad mid-section. I had never seen such a majestic knob. The exposure of the bulge I had always ogled surpassed all my wildest dreams. To my way of thinking, any woman would be totally blessed to have this extra-large fillet of beef stuck up her pussy. I was then invited to run my finger along the offensive crest and did so shaking like a leaf. Truthfully, I couldn’t see what the fuss was all about and told him so. It really wasn’t all that rough.Having no knowledge of vaginas and their sensitivity, I would happily have had his cock stuck up my arse. I felt like mentioning this fact, however, thought it might be inappropriate. Regrettably, his rod of wonder was soon replaced in his jeans. I was tempted to ask if I could offer a second opinion, but refrained from doing so. After a few more beers we retired to our bedrooms for the night.I always visited local gay haunts on Friday and Saturday evenings, hoping to get lucky. As the following day was a Friday, I pondered how I could extricate myself from Russ the following evening. I didn’t mind helping the guy out, but wasn’t going to relinquish my weekly pleasures by being Mr Nice-guy. I figured that I would simply tell him that I had been invited out by a friend after making his meal that evening.

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