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The Free City of Carnalie


Michael Oxlong could finally gain a permit to move to the Free City of Carnalie after his daughter turned nineteen six months ago.Michael and his wife Anita were young, eighteen and twenty-three respectively, when Jasmine was born, with fatherhood forced upon Mike by Anita’s manipulations. He did not want to become a father at such a young age, but unfortunately, he fell madly in love with a clever and commanding woman who had the baby crazies, so he got trapped in that situation very much so against his will.After a few years of marriage, Michael and Anita did not get along well anymore. Mike grew resentful and grew distant. Anita wanted nothing to do with her husband anymore and spent most of her time away at work. All changed, however, when Anita unexpectedly died in a fire accident in the water park she worked at. After that, Michael was alone raising his daughter.He spent year after year being by himself and taking care of a quiet and shy daughter, dating no one, and having the occasional disappointing one-night stand. But after Jasmine turned nineteen, all those years of repressed sexual urges and needs finally emerged stronger than ever, and more refined. Michael was never perverted, so he thought, but sexually very vanilla and ‘normal’, but what emerged was something more sophisticated.Jasmine was shy and quiet, especially around other people and outside of the home. At home, she loved to spend almost all of her free time with either her father or on her laptop doing God knows what. She never went out with her girlfriends or have any boyfriends.Jasmine was small, maybe 5’ 2’’, with a thin build and long brown hair. She had to wear thick-rimmed glasses so she could see things far away, but actually rarely wore them at home. On most days, Jasmine had on a simple black hoodie and some sweatpants, or a loose t-shirt, but pretty much everything she had was boring and plain. Something which was not eye-catching.Mike thought for the longest time that losing Anita had damaged Jasmine and turned her into this repressed and shy girl, who was afraid of talking to people and scared away from the real world. She did not speak to strangers, and barely had any friends whose names Mike could remember, not to mention boyfriends. All Jasmine did was follow Mike around and talk to him about everything and anything, or help him with housework, cooking, etc., or spend time on her laptop doing god knows what.Michael didn’t mind that his daughter loved spending time with him. It was more flattering than anything else, but he thought her behavior was strange and sad.However, Michael was hugely mistaken in his assumptions.A month after Jasmine turned nineteen, she fell asleep on the couch and left her laptop open. She was spending so much of her free time on that thing that Michael simply had to look. He was beyond curious, but what he found there changed his world 180 degrees.What he found there, in shockingly massive quantities, was porn: smut, hundreds of bookmarks of porn, perverted stories, hentai, a desktop filled with folders and shortcuts to all kinds of degeneracy.Mike dared to snoop after Jasmine for only the briefest time, but all his views came crumbling down, and his more deviant appetites came to the surface. How could that be? His shy and quiet daughter was secretly spending her days watching hardcore smut!He literally could find nothing else on her laptop than porn, not even an email account, or YouTube, only pornography!There was another thing which clued Michael in to Jasmine’s rising lewd obsessions. Michael started suspecting that all Jasmine was doing in her room was masturbating, because of the rather strong smell the room had developed. It was the unmistakable smell of female arousal, which had seeped into her bed covers, pillows and old discarded clothes.After that fateful day of snooping Jasmine’s laptop, Michael’s head was filled with several crazy ideas about how to move forward until he happened upon information about the Free City of Carnalie. It was one of the few Free Cities of Earth, still independent and closed off from the rest of the world. Built on a large island, located off the coast of South America, somewhere near the equator.After finding out what that place was like, Michael immediately set in motion plans to move there. It wasn’t easy, Ankara escort not in the least, but after bribes, manipulations, and other less-than-legal means, he got two relocation permits and citizenship to move to Carnalie.When Mike told Jasmine that they would move there because of an amazing job opportunity, she asked a few questions out of politeness but was entirely uninterested. She then dove back into her world of smut, Michael assumed, without a second thought.Things moved fast from there, and soon both Michael and Jasmine found themselves moving their whole life over to the Free City of Carnalie.They arrived at their new home at night, exactly as had Mike planned.When they stepped into the hallway of their new house, all of their belongings were already stacked up high in the living room. Jasmine was so sleepy that she looked like she could fall over, barely being able to hold her eyes open and leaning against her father for support.“Dad, I need to sleep,” she whined and rubbed her tired eyes.“Of course, Jas. Let’s get you to your room!” Mike replied and guided his daughter to her room on the first floor, and tucked her in bed. Jasmine fell asleep the second Mike stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.Planning all of this took a lot of effort, making sure all pieces fell into place precisely as they should. But the most critical part of his plan was making sure Jasmine did not know about the traditions in Carnalie. She would find out in due time, but that had to come by surprise.Of course, Jasmine could have researched it ahead of time, but Mike assumed that she did what she did every day – look at porn and masturbate in her room.Soon Michael would find out if he planned well.Arrangements were done, and he made deals with the Carnalie locals ahead of time.But, unlike Jasmine, Michael could not sleep one bit. His eyes were open and restlessly struggled to get some rest.However, he could not, so he walked around his new house and unpacked some things, being overly excited about the new life they would be having. So much so that it would soon make many years of unfulfilled sex life up many times over.*Michael managed to sleep for a few hours on the new couch before he bounced awake again right after sunrise.He moaned and groaned, feeling his sore neck and stiff back from the short sleep he had. His new house only had one floor and a few rooms. The two of them did not need an exceedingly fancy home to live in and had a decent amount of spending money left over from selling the old house.“Morning, daddy,” Jasmine muttered and slumped at the dining table, rubbing her eyes and yawning. She only had on a long and loose t-shirt, which reached halfway down her thighs.By that time, Mike had already worked on a few things around the house, unpacking a few smaller boxes of clothes and necessities. He already started cooking breakfast before Jasmine had woken up and lovingly placed the simple breakfast of toast and fried eggs down on the dining table in front of them.The new house had an open kitchen next to the living room. This meant that the main living area was a single spacious room with a long kitchen counter, an oaken dining table, a couch, and enough space on the wall for a large high definition TV.“Morning,” Mike replied contently, and took a bite out of the buttered toast he pan-fried to perfection.“How are you feeling, Jas? I know that moving here came very suddenly and with short notice, but I had a-““Dad, it’s fine. I don’t really care where we live, as long as it’s with you,” Jasmine replied while munching on her toast and stretching out her back.Even though Michael already knew that it was always good to have confirmation that he was correct.Then he heard a message notification on his phone and checked it.Perfect, everything was going according to plan.“Jasmine, can we talk a bit? There’s something important I need to discuss with you.”“Hmm?” Jasmine mumbled with a little surprise. “Anything bad?”“Well,” Mike continued, suddenly feeling knots in his stomach and an almost unbearable excitement. He started doubting himself and wondering if he make a mistake.Even if he did, it was too late to turn back now. They were officially citizens of Carnalie, and plans were already in motion.“It depends,” Michael continued. Ankara escort bayan “You see, a few months back, you fell asleep on the couch and left your laptop open.”Jasmine sat up and put down her toast. Her gaze was now fixated on her father and she started breathing more deeply, already suspecting what he was about to bring up. She had grown careless these last few months, but only thanks to those silly stories she read online. But getting caught like that was her own making, so it was time to face the consequences.“You were on that laptop all the time and I honestly couldn’t take it anymore. So I spied on you.”Mike stopped to let his words sink in, and observed his unmoving daughter sitting over there, eyes cast down and silent. She was shifting in her seat uncomfortably, waiting for his next words. But she denied nothing and seemed to understand exactly what Michael had seen there.“So, yeah. I saw what you were spending your time on. All the uhm, porn and. Just all of it.”Jasmine was still sitting straight as an arrow, not saying a word, and looking down in front of her.She did not finish eating the toast, nor even touched the fried eggs.“I was shocked, Jasmine. I never thought I would find anything like that.”“Dad, are, are you mad at me?” Jasmine spoke out shyly, scraping her thumbnail nervously.Her reaction startled Mike. Why should he be mad at her? He was the one spying on his daughter.“What? No, not at all, Jas. Of course I’m not mad. I kind of assumed that you were not even thinking about sex. You were stuck in your own isolated world all the time, and finding all that porn was the last thing I would have expected.”“Uhm, yeah. I know it’s probably not healthy looking at so much porn, but I can’t help it, dad,” Jasmine replied, again shifting her weight around on the chair, feeling an intimate warmth gather between her legs.“Yeah, well, I kind of suspected that you could not help it. This brings me to my next point.”“There’s a second point?” Jasmine slumped over and started feeling more and more nervous, along with being even more aroused. She pressed her legs together even tighter, hoping her damp boyshorts would stay out of sight.“Yes. So, cutting a long story short, because we don’t have that much time left, we moved to a very special city, Jasmine. With very special traditions. And that’s all thanks to you, that I finally had enough courage to make it happen.”“I don’t understand, dad.”“You see, Jas, all old rules and traditions back home were so becoming so oppressive for people like us. So fucking boring! At least for people with appetites like us,” Mike hinted.He then got up from his chair and sat down on top of the table right in front of Jasmine. He was not wearing any underwear under the loose, gray sweatpants, and he knew he only had a little time until his cock would start tenting because of what would soon follow. But seeing Jasmine looking so nervous over what was going on, Mike affectionately caressed her cheek to calm her down. She looked up at Michael hesitantly, not knowing what to expect, and with an ever-darkening blush on her cheeks, and even wetter shorts.“But our new home has different customs, especially concerning liberty and sexual freedom,” he said, gently tracing his daughter’s lower lip with his thumb.Jasmine could not believe what was going on. It was not unfolding like in the many stories she read, where the tension was slowly building until either side could not stand it. For her, this was happening in such a casual, but sudden fashion, which she was not prepared for at all. Even though this was exactly what she wished Michael would do.“Jasmine, you’re a virgin, right? I have never seen you with any boy or girl. So I kind of guess you have never had sex before.”“Dad,” Jasmine stumbled meekly, but underneath that shyness was an ever-growing craving she had desperately suppressed for years. “No, Dad, I’ve never had sex. No boy in my school has ever compared to…”Jasmine replied quietly, but Michael noticed how her face was flushed red and how her breathing became shallower while shifting in her seat, rhythmically rubbing her legs together. She looked up at him straight in his eyes now, as he was lovingly tracing her lips. Soon, Mike’s bulge in his pants became visible, poking Escort Ankara up from his sweatpants, only inches away from Jasmine’s face.“Baby, I think it’s time to change that. To celebrate that you’re finally a grown-up woman, and to prepare you for your new life here. I think I deserve to be your first!”Mike said with a commanding voice, which surprised even himself.He stood up and faced Jasmine, his erect cock pointing right at his daughter’s embarrassed face. She turned and looked up at her father, the one man she was obsessed with her whole life, whose cock was now pointing right at her, so close she could even smell it through his pants. A thousand thoughts rushed through her mind all at the same time, but none of them made any sense.“Dad, are you really?” she managed to speak out but became so overwhelmingly embarrassed that she had to hide her eyes behind her hands.“Come on, Jasmine. We don’t have much time,” Michael said and all of the sudden lifted Jasmine so that she was now sitting at the table, facing her father.He did not hesitate to follow up. Michael kissed his daughter on the lips!Hard and fast, so there would be no doubt in her mind what was going on, and what Michael needed, here and now. He kissed his daughter with heavy passion, sucking on Jasmine’s nervous tongue. She let out a quiet whine of pleasure and squirmed under the tall mass of her father. But she was not resisting, but almost unnoticeably reciprocating the kiss, moving her head in rhythm with her father’s.“Oh, ugh, daddy -” Jasmine whined.Even though she was enjoying the kiss and Mike’s wandering hands, the sudden change in her life still overwhelmed her. Her father, her hero, was now kissing her with such passion and hunger that she was barely managing to hold back her own insecurities.But, along with great shame and guilt, her pussy became a sloppy mess under her at record speed.However, Michael knew something Jasmine didn’t, and he did not want to waste even more time. He rushed and unceremoniously ripped Jasmine’s t-shirt off her, pulled down her damp panties, and tied them to his wrist.“I wonder what you taste like, Jasmine,” Mike said with deep bass in his voice.Without waiting, he kneeled in between her legs, and without a second thought or hesitation, hungrily sucked Jasmine’s sopping wet pussy. Michael placed desperate kisses and wet licks on the tiny trimmed V-shaped bush above her little clit.Jasmine tasted delicious, a little sour and tangy from not washing up before breakfast. But that made it even more stimulating to Mike, and he swallowed as much of the sour nectar of his daughter as he could. Michael felt how the added extra sweaty flavors he was greedily licking up tasted even better than he would have hoped.His mind was going crazy, racing at 100 miles per hour. He could not get enough of his daughter, even with his groping and sucking.But this was not the main course of the day either, and he checked the time – only barely enough time left before the next part would begin.Mike would get his reward, and Jasmine would get hers for being such a good girl.Michael impatiently threw his sweatpants off and grabbed Jasmine’s legs. She was now trembling all over, out of both excitement and embarrassment. It was clear as day to both Mike and Jasmine that they both wanted what all of this was leading up to. Even though this was happening so fast, Jasmine could not protest or even tell her father to slow down, because deep down she wanted it as much, if not more, as Michael.“I’m going to fuck you, Jasmine!” Mike said hungrily and teased her entrance with the tip of his throbbing cock, to which Jasmine only moaned and needily pushed herself onto her father’s dick.In one slow but deliberate motion, she impaled herself, moaning and whining, and buried her father’s dick inside her.She was now officially a woman in the only way it mattered to her.All those filthy stories she’s been reading finally could become real.“Oh, daddy, oh your. Your C-O-C-K!” she moaned loudly, as Michael fucked her with deep and slow thrusts for the first time.For her first time.“Oh, daddy, your cock is soooo good inside me,” she whined again and eagerly pushed herself against her father’s dick. She felt a rush of depraved thoughts overtaking her mind. She was close, so very close to cumming from actual sex for the first time.It would be glorious and so special.But it would be nothing like Jasmine was hoping it was going to be.Michael knew that she won’t be a precious little princess for too long and looked at the time again.Almost!“Princess, I’m close. Your pussy is so fucking tight and…

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