19 Mart 2023

The Game Pt. 01


The Game


Sitting here staring at the screen, I’m waiting for a colleague to finish typing into an online chat. My god what are they writing an essay?! I don’t know why i’m waiting, I could be doing so many other things. Still, its after 3pm on a Friday I’m not starting something new now, might as well wait and see what they want.

I’ve been struggling to concentrate much on anything recently. A few months ago my partner came home and out of the blue told me he had fallen out of love with me and it was over. I know what your thinking but its not that kind of story. After a very difficult couple of weeks and a slightly manic episode he was diagnosed with depression and was doing much better. We have been talking about our relationship again and things that came to light during those two weeks the things we had not said for fear of hurting the other person.

It had all started me thinking maybe now we can finally change the sexual side of our relationship. As I sat here i hoped so, I thought of the things we would do if I could get him into bed again. As scary an idea that was, it had been years…Yes literally perhaps 4 or 5 at this point? I digress.

…Oh he’s finished typing, what? No, oh god why are people like this? I mark the message as unread and go back to moving my mouse around trying, to waste time until I can finish working without feeling guilty. I go back to my thinking about him. I could spend hours in my fantasies if the world would only let me.


Lying here in our bed and i feel his arm gently stroke around my waist. So soft it tickles gently and i breathe quickly in surprise. Just a touch like this and I’m already his. He keeps his gentle teasing strokes as i sigh i wonder if he can tell the affect his has from my breathing. A torturous few minutes of this, he is occasionally close enough to stroke the underside of my breast but he doesn’t.

As quickly as he started, he stops. Within a minute i can hear him softly snoring. Another tease but enough to keep me up for a while thinking about how much i want him. Sometimes I play and think about him fucking me, wanting me. Over the years its less and less about soft kisses and love making. Now I want him in the dirtiest possible ways. The last thing i think about before falling asleep is one of my favourite fantasies. He is fucking me from behind against a table, whilst he growls into my ear telling me he’s going to cum all over my ass. I enjoy my fantasies and snuggle back rubbing my bum against his crotch. If only he knew what went through my mind, what he is missing out on.


Its Saturday afternoon and we have the house to ourselves. This morning I got the courage to send him an email telling what i wanted from our sex life. I don’t know if he read it, he hasn’t said anything and I’m not sure what is winning my nerves or excitement for his reaction. I had to do something, I don’t have the opportunity to satisfy myself for any length of time. I need the real thing, I need him.

He’s been upstairs a little while and I pull out my phone to read again exactly what i said…

‘G…I can’t do this anymore I need to confess what’s really going on in my mind. Im not sure what your reaction will be, but I’m hoping it’s good one, so here goes… I want you. Sometimes it’s all i can’t think about. I’ve been too scared to initiate things because its been such a long time. When it comes to sex, the truth is we don’t know each other anymore. So i’ve been thinking, we should play a game. Heres how to play.

Next Friday drive to the Travelodge just off the motorway. You will get a text from an unknown number around 7pm with a room number. Go to the room and knock twice. When the door opens you will say nothing. Walk into the room, you do not know who is waiting for you. You don’t know her because she is not me.

Inside the room you will stand behind her and whisper into her ear…

‘I’m going to bend you over that desk. Pull down your knickers and fuck you. When your close, i’m going to stop. You will not come until I let you. I am going to make you beg me to let you suck me.’

Afterwards let yourself out and wait in the car, i’ll meet you there.



I start reading the email & I leave the room. I need to read this again. Did I just read that? I’m a little surprised but fuck my cock twitched at the thought.

I’m not sure though, when she says it won’t be her… Surely that’s not what she wants? Is this a test?! I sit in the bathroom for a while thinking before going downstairs. I try to act the same, and I think I pull it off. There’s no way of her knowing I’ve read it unless I respond, at least I don’t so.


Over Escort Bayan Esenyurt the course of the week I re read the email again and again. Each time in private, I can’t help getting semi hard each time. I’ve decided to go. I don’t think it’s a test… I really hope not.

No, my mind’s made up I need to go, I need to know what’s it that room.

I loose myself in thoughts of playing this character she’s described of dominating and screwing this faceless woman until she’s whimpering and crying out for release.

Each time my fantasising ends with her knelt before me taking my cock deep into her hot soaking mouth, fucking her and thrusting fast and shallow into her tight lips suctioned around my length. I defile her until I shoot my load down the back of her throat, making her gag at the combination of fullness from my thick hard cock and the new sensation of a mouth full of cum.

I still can’t picture her face but I do picture my load all round her dirty little lips. I leave for the bathroom to sort the pre cum I know is oozing from my cock. I console myself knowing tomorrow is Saturday.


The week is pretty uneventful. I mention casually one evening whilst cooking, I’m thinking of going out Saturday. “Oh” is all he says, but theres an inflection in his tone that sounds like surprise. He quickly agrees I should and i let out a sigh of relief. He tells me he is thinking about it too but hasn’t made up his mind. He will ask his parents to babysit.

The only problem? I still have no idea if he read my email. But worst case scenario, I have a hotel room to myself for several hours. I decide to take headphones and some toys incase he doesn’t show. Lesbian porn the order of the day if I’m left alone, I guess, it’s not a bad worst case scenario.

I try not to dwell on him only ‘thinking about it’ and what that might mean. Perhaps it’s confirmation he hasn’t seen the email. Or maybe I wasn’t clear it will be me opening the door to the room I will just be playing a different role. Shit. Shit perhaps he is expecting someone else, will he be disappointed?

It’s not as if I haven’t given him permission to fuck someone else before. Although I don’t know if he realised that was a last ditch attempt for me to wake up his none existent libido not something I really wanted.

I can’t lie to myself. The idea did turn me on too, but as long as it was just sex. No romance. I couldn’t handle that. Him screwing some horny slut? I think i actually might like to watch and play along, perhaps join in myself? Another thing I don’t think he knows about me, I’d love to have sex with a woman. Just once. I don’t imagine cheating, a threesome possibly? Some fantasies will probably always be just that… But aren’t they fun, and I squeeze my legs tightly as I feel my clit getting hotter and my pussy getting wet at the thought.

Fuck it, it’s done now, no point worrying.

Saturday and I’m nervous. I tried to do everything as I normally would if I was going out with work friends. I left for the bus, but I called a taxi from town and I took a slightly bigger handbag, but I don’t think he even noticed. There was a smile and a strange look in his eye as we kissed goodbye. He knows, I’m sure, I hope. But will he come?


I’m here, parked up and feeling nervous. I’m sat in my car waiting for the text. Sure enough it comes. ‘Room 403’ is all it says. I don’t recognise the number, she said I wouldn’t. So this is really happening? A part of me is tempted to text back and just check ‘This is you though isn’t it?’. I realise though this fantasy of hers involves me not breaking character. She even told me to leave and sit in the car afterward. Perhaps I can’t break character until then.

These thoughts shoot round my head as I make way into the hotel and up to the room. I have to ask for directions from the girl on reception. Her smile is so mischievous, I wonder if she knows. Hmmmm I suppose she sees this all the time. They didn’t check in but they have someone waiting in a room. Yes I can’t imagine she’s shocked. I’m surprised however to find rather than embarrassed the idea excited me. Im in the lift to the floor and I can feel myself getting harder. Im running her script through my head again as I walk down the corridor and stand outside the door.


The room is at the front of the hotel and I have a clear view of the car park. I showered and freshened up quickly when I arrived. I’d only left a 45 minute window before he was due. I didn’t want to be hanging around getting nervous. It was just enough Escort Bayan Avcılar time to get myself ready.

When I checked in the girl on reception looked pointedly at my lack of luggage and tilted her head with a smile. “Expecting anyone else?” She asked. “Yes actually but let’s be honest you knew that didn’t you…Becky?” I quickly read from her name tag. If she meant to throw me off balance and embarrass me, well I can play that game too i think to myself.

“I’ll have the second key ready” she replies with no discernible reaction to the soft challenge in my voice. As I turn to leave she speaks again, “Should you need anything Miss, just ring down… My shift finishes in a couple of hours.”. I wondered why she tells me the last part and I turn as she reaches out and places the hotel card in my hand. Oh, of course I realise the instructions for calling reception. Budget hotels don’t have night receptionists I guess. “Thanks” I say softly as I take the card and walk away to find the room.

Yes she knew exactly what I was here for, I ponder as I stand by the window watching out to see his car arrive. I glance down at the card I’m playing with to keep my hands occupied. I notice something’s is hand written on the other side. ‘2 hours’ it says and a mobile number.

Shit that reminds me I haven’t actually text him the room number yet. Dam nerves and a busty receptionist were enough to distract me. I really hope this works.

I text and return my gaze to the carpark. He’s here, I see his car in the far left corner. Although I’m not sure when he arrived, it’s getting dark it could of been a moment ago or a while I’ve been staring but not really seeing with everything going through my head. Its too dark to tell if he’s in the car but I think I can see a small light inside, perhaps a phone? If it is him he must be reading the text from the pay as you go I picked up especially for this little game.

The door to the car opens and I see him step out and look up. He can’t see me through the voile curtain but my breath still hitches in surprise, and I step back slightly from the window. I take a few deep breaths to settle my nerves before he arrives.

Sure enough a few minutes later and there’s a knock at the door. I walk over slowly even though he can’t see me yet I’m doing my best sexy stroll in the vibrant red stilettos I bought especially for tonight…


The door opens slowly and I happen to be looking down. I catch sight of her shoes first. Fuck she knows exactly what I like. As my gaze crawls upwards I notice she’s wearing stockings with a line up the back and a black silk dressing gown. Her head is titled down so i can’t look into her eyes. She’s not looking directly at me on purpose, she opens the door wide enough for me to enter. Her red hair is styled into soft waves and she’s wearing a fragrance I don’t recognise, but yes it’s her.

I feel a sense of relief and release a breath i didn’t realise i’d been holding. As much as this fantasy had gripped me and I really didn’t want to fuck whoever opened that door I am glad it is her.

I noticed the door has closed as she slips by me to stand directly in front but facing away. Of course the script. The dressing table is to the right and I decide to tease her by not sticking to the script completely, well at least not straight away. I can’t believe she’s pulled off this tease. She can’t have all the fun.

I start to empty my pockets onto the dressing table. Each item placed slowly and carefully to prolong her anticipation. But she remains standing there and as I can’t see her face Im not sure if it’s having the desired affect.

I place my hands gently on her upper arms before squeezing them firmly. I don’t want to hurt her, just apply enough force to assert my dominance. At this point I have definitely forgotten her script, but fuck it, I understood what she wanted. She wants me to rule her and I am more than happy to do just that.

“Are you wet for me?” I whisper into her ear. She nods once in reply. “I am in charge and I am here to fuck you. When I tell you to do something do it. Don’t hesitate and don’t protest” I growl this next to her head and I watch for her reaction from the side view in the mirror. I see her cheeks blush and I feel her stiffen beneath my touch.

I slide my hands down her arms and body, removing her dressing gown as I go. I stay close to her my head still next to her ear. Sliding my hands over her hips and down over her big round ass. Yes they are stockings I confirm to myself as I feel her hot skin at the top of her thighs. I realise I didn’t feel any fabric on her bum and I pull back and look down, she’s not wearing knickers. Just suspenders, Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü stocking and heels and some sort of see through lace bra i can’t yet see clearly from behind her.

“Bend over the dressing table and spread your legs.” Im not sure what’s come over me but there’s no embarrassment at the things I’m saying. As someone who is normally quiet and shy it’s liberating. But I can analyse this later. For now I’m going to enjoy having her exactly how I want her. She may have started this game, but I’m in charge now.


I assume the position and grip the edges of the dressing table. Fuck, this is so hot, he is hot. So… sexy like this.

As I part my legs I can feel the heat coming from my pussy. After a moment or two of waiting his left hand glides up my back to my neck and he grips me there. His right hand stroking in circles over my ass. By now I’m quite literally soaking. I hear the noise before I feel the sting of him slapping my ass hard. Mmmmmm a little bit of pain like this only makes the pleasure more intense and I hope he’s going to be as rough with his cock when he fucks me.

My role is the slut, the whore who cannot get enough. Who wants it all. Anything goes cum on my tits, face, hell anal too if he wants it. Im not acting, I’m just throwing out caution with my insecurities and taking what I want. This is who I am he just doesn’t know it yet.


She cries out a little at the slap but pushes her hips back towards me. I think she enjoyed that as much as I did. I slide two fingers slowly into her to get her ready for me. I’m shocked to find she’s already very wet her pussy is almost dripping. The heat, fuck I can’t wait to be inside her.

I pump my fingers in and out of her and she starts to softly moan. I go faster but not hard just teasing. I’m not going hard unless she begs me. With my other hand I grip her neck and push down so she can’t look up and around. My cock is throbbing now and pushing against my trousers trying to restrain it.

I release her neck and suddenly stop my rhythmic fingering. Sliding my fingers up I circle them around her tight little ass hole, her juices leaving a glistening trail.

I start to take off my trousers. She hasn’t moved although her legs are shaking. I begin to appreciate the game at play. She has her role as I have mine and that means she won’t move until I tell her she can.

With that thought I step out of my trousers and take my time walking across the room to place them on a chair to the right of the bed. All the while enjoying the view of her submitted to me and bent over and waiting for what I might do next.

I finish taking off my clothes and sit on the side of the bed by the window. Relaxing back I spread my legs a little to give her room, I place a pillow on the floor before me. I don’t plan on rushing this next part so I want her to be comfortable.

“Come here” I instruct. “Put me in your mouth and pleasure me. Make it sloppy and take me as deep as you can.” I direct her. I love that she starts to kneel without hesitation, She still avoids looking directly at me but I see a smile playing on her lips.


Mmm oh yes I’ve been waiting for this. I start my slow licking up and around his hard shaft. One of his hands rests on my head, applying a gentle pressure asserting his control over me. I use my right hand to lightly stroke him as I continue to lick. I have no desires to rush this. Submitting to him is as exhilarating as I imagined.

I start to nibble and suck at intervals going up and down the hard length of him. His cock now jerking as an effect of what I’m doing.

The light pressure of his hand on the back of my head has increased. I know what the means he wants me to stop teasing now. I happily oblige after one last slow swirl of my tongue around his balls.

He lets out a groan as i take him deeper into my mouth and start to suck. His groans are my undoing. I can’t help but become more turned on with every sigh, every whimper to escape his lips. The sounds of his pleasure are so erotic, with each one it makes me go deeper, wetter, dirtier. Just stopping occasionally to spit on on the twitching head and watch it slip down the length of him. Im rhythmic in my sucking until i notice him tensing. No not yet i think it’s too quick. But i know he’s close as the hand on my head starts to grip and push me down making me gag as he hits the back of my throat. Its a slightly overwhelming sensation and I’m loving how he overpowers me. This is how he shows me he wants me. This is how i know he desires me. i let him pull me down as he thrust up and i moan and suck noisily until he grabs me my head with both hands forcing me down as his hot salty cum burst down the back of my throat.

Thats when i look up for the first time. I look up and look straight into his hooded eyes and smile. He smiles back at me, but he’s looking tired. He lies back and i curl up next to him my head upon his chest.

To be continued…

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