6 Mayıs 2023

The Gift – Part 3


Ally continuedI took another look at myself in the mirror, and I took a deep breath. I walked out to the living room, stopping in front of Ted. I was so turned on that I was sure I had already wet my thong. My heart was beating out of my chest.”Oh My God, Ally, what are you doing?”I was shaking so badly. My voice cracked, “Ted if you want me, I am giving myself to you for tonight only!””Just then, my phone buzzed, I knew it was you, Case, but I ignored it. A few seconds later, it rang, and I didn’t answer. You were not there for me when I needed you. Now was not the right time, and I was busy with Ted!””I modeled the thong and bra, watching him squirm on the sofa. He was adjusting his cock and breathing faster. He was as horny as I was, and I saw his cock was hard for me. I spun around and showed him my firm, bare ass.””Oh God, Ally, you are incredible!””I turned and walked to him. I looked down, taking his hands in mine. I pulled him to his feet. I kissed him, teasingly slipping my tongue in his mouth as our passion rose. I quickly melted into him, and I was completely lost!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ally stopped, drank water, wiped her eyes with a tissue, and took a deep breath. “Case this is where things heat up. Are you sure you want all the graphic details?”I looked at Ally. My hand was on my hard cock, slowly stroking it under the sheet. I wasn’t sure if Ally saw me, but I was so horny listening to her that I didn’t stop.”Yes, I told you I wanted to hear every detail, don’t leave anything out!” I swallowed hard as I continued to stroke my hard 8″ cock!””OK then…”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”I led Ted down the hall to the guest room. I pulled back the duvet to the floor. I had Ted stand beside the bed as I slowly took off his clothes, kissing him as each piece of clothing was removed.””First to come off was his shirt. His chest was hairy, like yours, Case! I played with his hair twisting it in my fingers. Case you know how I like to do that to you! I licked his small tight nipples, bit them lightly, and sucked on them. Do you remember how that feels when I do that to you, Case? You love it. Well, Ted loved it too. He sucked air in through his teeth, making a hissing sound as I played, then I kissed him hard.””I slowly went down on my knees and undid his jeans. His cock was bulging inside. I thought it was time to let him out, and I wanted to see the cock that craved me. I lowered his jeans, helping him step out of them, pushing them away. His boxers were bulging, and I could tell he had a nice-sized cock inside. I rubbed and squeezed it through his boxers, making him moan, “God girl, you’re fucking killing me! Please take it out and suck it!””Knowing that I was cheating on you, Case. I wanted Ted to suffer a little, making him pay for the cheating pussy he was going to enjoy. I was taking control, and that set my whole body on fire! My pussy was pulsing and leaking cream into my thong, soaking it. I felt my wetness spreading to my thighs as they rubbed together. I reached down and rubbed my pussy, wetting my fingers. I reached up, offering them to Ted. He licked them clean and moaned, “Mumm baby, you taste sweet!””I hooked two fingers in the front of his boxers, pulling them away from his body, letting his cock spring free. Oh my, his cock was so beautiful. He was a nice size, but not as long as your big cock Case. He was a little thicker, hard, and pulsing. His cockhead was like a big mushroom, spongy and smooth like velvet. There was a bubble of pre-cum already forming on his head.””I pulled his boxers down and off. I smiled up at Ted. He had pleading eyes, begging me to suck him. I planned to, but not just yet. If this were the only time, we were together, knowing I was sacrificing my marriage to you, I would make this last. He was mine to control! I wanted him to remember every second, and as you can see, I did!””I gripped his cock at the base above his balls and squeezed him tight. He groaned, and his hips jerked forward in need. He gasped, “Oh Fuck!””I looked up at him as I licked around his soft cockhead. Then I released the pressure around his cock and slowly slid my hand up his shaft forcing out a large bubble of pre-cum. I used my thumb and spread it over his cockhead.””I smiled, ‘Ted, are you horny for me? Do I look good in the gift you gave me? Do you want to strip me and take my hot little pussy?’ I teased him with my tongue being very nasty.””I’m not sure I had ever felt this slutty before. Case, it was fun. I promise if we survive this mess, I will be this slut wife for you.””Ted moaned, looking down at me. We locked eyes as his legs started to shake. I licked off another big bubble of pre-cum, and it was sweet but a little salty. He must eat different fruit than you, Case, and you’re cum is much sweeter. I love your flavor best!””I stroked his cock, squeezing up to the top. Another pre-cum drop flowed out, then another and another one. I smeared the third bubble all over his cockhead, making his knees buckle again. His spongy head was slick, so I rimmed his crown with my tongue, teasing the sensitive spot under his head. You know the place that drives you crazy? Well, it drives Ted crazy too!””Case, I know you love it when I do that to you, don’t you?”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ally referenced Ataşehir Escort me several times in her story; each time I reflected on what she said, she was 100% right. I was very horny listening to her account of her time with Ted. My hand stroked my cock, but surprisingly I was no longer angry at her. I felt partially responsible for the situation getting further out of hand. I believe that if I had been more attentive and had called her back or texted her that none of this may ever have happened.It was like Ally was making love to me using Ted’s body as a surrogate.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”I slowly took his spongy cockhead in my mouth, sealing my lips around his shaft just behind the head. I sucked his head hard, teasing it with my tongue. I could taste more of his salty pre-cum dripping in my mouth, and I loved the taste and creaminess.””My pussy was on fire. I needed Ted’s hard cock inside me, fucking me.””I slowly took all of Ted’s cock in my mouth. He groaned, and his legs started shaking as his cockhead hit the back of my throat. I swallowed, clamping down on him. He groaned again, “Jesus, Ally, I have never felt that before. You’re fucking amazing!””I was proud of myself. Case, you taught me how to suck cock very well. Ted was reaping the benefit of all your training! He loved it!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Her detailed account amazed me; it was like she was cuckolding me through her story. My cock was hard, feeling like a steel rod in my hand as I stroked it.I realized then that this whole sexual miss-step may have been payback for my many two-week trips and my unresponsive attitude. I was taking Ally for granted and not realizing it. Ally made me suffer regardless of the outcome as the truth came out!Just then, a big smile showed across Ally’s face. She looked down at the movement under the sheets, “Oh my God, Case, are you jerking off under the sheet?” She slowly dragged the silk sheet off, exposing my hard cock in my hand. I didn’t stop, so I was slowly stroking it!”Fuck Case, I can’t believe you are jerking off to my story. I thought you were fucking mad at me! Take your hand off your cock. You need to listen to every fucking word, so you understand every detail as you asked. You can’t do that if you’re playing with yourself! Do you understand me?”Suddenly there was this new side of Ally appeared. A controlling slut whore, surfaced from nowhere. I had never seen this side of her. Just that quick, she took control. She was reveling in it!Ally got up off the bed and went to her dresser. She lit three candles, placing one on each side table and leaving one on her dresser. She lit a jasmine incense stick that quickly filled the air with its sweet smell. She went to my dresser, opened a drawer, rummaged around, and took out a pair of tight bikini briefs I had bought a few years ago but never wore.Ally stripped off her robe and baby doll nightie crawling back on the bed naked. “Put these on, so you can keep your hands off your cock, then listen to every fucking word I say!”She settled back against the headboard, spreading her legs, showing me her sweet bare pink pussy. I realized I had lost control, so I did as Ally told me and pulled on the briefs. My cock made a big bulge in front, but they did help take the edge off!”OK, since this turns you on, Case, I will tell you the rest, all of it. It will take a while and might be hard to hear. I hope you will be able to take it!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”As I started to suck Ted’s cock, it pulsed in my mouth, so I took him deep in my throat. I squeezed his balls. He groaned. I slipped my finger between his ass cheeks and scratched his asshole, teasing it, making him groan loudly, and his legs shook. Case, I know you like my finger up your ass, so I thought Ted might like it too.””Ted Gasped, “Oh Fuck, Ally, you are a nasty girl!” His balls tightened in my palm. He was edging, ready to cum, so I pushed my finger into his ass and stroked his cock faster, deciding if I wanted to drink his cum or let him fuck me. It was a hard decision, and I took him deep in my mouth and sucked him.””The slut in me surfaced, Case. I wanted him to pay for what we were doing to our marriage and for conspiring with Sandi to fuck up our relationship.””Sandi knew how weak I was when you were away, so she had intentionally set me up that first night, and the night I went to her house, she gave me the gift. Then she tricked me into trying on the thong and bra, knowing she would call Ted to come over. Her plan was all designed to hook us up and wreck our marriage. All the while, naive little me had no fucking clue!””Case, Sandi was jealous of my joy of being married to you and the great love we share. She has never had that, and as we know, ‘misery loves company,’ so she wished that I no longer have your love, and unfortunately, she may have succeeded.””So, there I was, with Ted’s hard cock in my mouth, he was ready to cum, but I needed to be fucked. I pulled my finger out of his ass and reached up, pushing him backward on the bed, letting his cock pop out of my mouth. I stood up, crawled onto the bed, and laid back, spreading my legs, as I looked at Ted with a sexy smile.””Ted, I hear this sweet pussy is delicious. You need to eat Ataşehir Escort Bayan me and make me cum. If you are good, I will let you fuck me hard and make me cum a lot!””Case, he was like a starved animal, going after my pussy. He was nowhere as sweet and loving as you are when you eat me, but Ted sure made up for his lack of ability with his enthusiasm. I was so horny that he had me cumming very quickly. My first orgasm was hard and long, releasing all the built-up sexual tension I had since you had left. I was shaking, moaning, and spewing my cream in his mouth. I came so hard I almost fainted; it was incredible!””Ted kept eating me through two more orgasm’s leaving me laying there with my whole-body quivering. He kissed my body, working on my breasts, sucking my nipples, and waking up my pussy again. As Ted moved between my legs and pushed his stiff cock into me with one long stroke. He started fucking me hard and fast. He had terrific stamina fucking me for over an hour. I lost count of how many times I came, and I’m sure it had to be six or seven. It was an amazing fucking, the best I have ever received!””Sorry, Case, but I am being honest! I know that it is hard for you to hear and even harder for me to say because I know it hurts you. Ted was nowhere near as good a lover as you are with me, but he was a great fuck! Ted stayed hard for a long time and kept fucking me. It was raw animal sex, rutting and cumming together. My body was releasing all the sexual energy that had built inside me. Ted was getting what he had wanted since the minute he saw me, my hot married pussy!””When Ted finally started to cum, he filled me with a big hot load. My God, Case, it felt so good. My pussy exploded as Ted pushed me into a strong orgasm that shook me to the core. It was fucking incredible. I shook for a few minutes as Ted lay on me, giving me his full body weight, as you do. You know I love you lying flat on me; your weight feels amazing!””His cock was still hard buried inside me. He held me tight as we slowly calmed down together. He kissed all over my face, down to my breasts, licking, kissing, and sucking my nipples, giving me another little orgasm just from playing and biting them.””We lay there until his cock softened and slipped out of me. I felt our mixed cum, running out of me onto the bed, making a huge wet spot. I didn’t care! I was still so fucking horny I just wanted Ted to fuck me again.””I rolled Ted onto his back and sucked his cock till he was hard. I climbed on him, straddling his hips, and sliding his cock back inside me. I rode Ted like a jockey, fucking him for a long time. I came again, then again. Ted pulled me down and sucked my nipples. I asked him to play with my clit as I focused on riding him, so his cock was hitting my G-spot.””Case, we have done that many times and I always cum hard when I am on top. So, I closed my eyes. In my mind, I saw you fucking me like it should have been, but it wasn’t you. It was Ted! We were fucking like wild people. I bounced up and down on him, and he fucked up into me too. It was simply incredible. I finally came extremely hard, collapsing on him. At that moment, Ted came inside me again, filling me once more. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight against him as his body shook, making me cum again.””I was overwhelmed by Ted’s performance. We lay there until his cock softened and slipped out of me. I jumped out of bed, grabbing the pink lace thong I had been wearing and pulling it on. I knew it wouldn’t keep all his cum inside me, but I wanted to stay in me as much as possible. As we drifted to sleep, I crawled back onto the bed, snuggling with Ted.””I woke up about 7:00 am. I got up and quickly washed up, keeping the thong on. I could still feel Ted’s creamy cum inside me like I wanted. I slipped on a robe and went to make coffee.””I checked my phone. Case you had finally called twice and texted me several times as well. I went onto the deck and called you. I got your voice mail again; God Damnit, that pissed me off, so I yelled at you through the phone before I left you a message. I knew you were sleeping, but damnit, you hadn’t called me back when I needed you, and now no answer either! I wondered if you gave a shit about what was happening to me, or you had a little side thing going yourself! All kinds of thoughts ran through my head!””Case, you may remember you got a nasty text.””My text: ‘Where the hell have you been? You have not bothered to call or text me for over twenty hours. What have you been doing! I needed you to talk with you, which was important, but I was not important enough!'””Well, guess what, Case, no response from you again. I gave up and turned off my phone. If you called now, I would not know it, and at that point, I didn’t fucking care!””I took a coffee up to Ted and crawled back in bed with him, only wearing the pink thong. He never drank his coffee, and I sucked his morning wood. Then we fucked till about noon when we finally got up and showered. He took me from behind, and his cock pounded my pussy, making me cum twice as the hot water rained down. He came inside me again. God, it felt good being so full of his cum.””Earlier, I had called out from Escort Ataşehir work sick, so Ted and I could be together in the morning. I never heard your phone calls and texts throughout the morning, and I was busy like you were when I called you. Only you were not doing the same thing I was, fucking Ted, but you were still too God Damn busy to talk to me!””Sandi called me wanting to know all the details, and I told Sandi nothing. Ted swore not to tell her anything either.””Just before Ted left, he fucked me doggy over the back of the sofa one last time. Then he left at about 1:00 pm. I realized we had been fucking for fifteen hours. We had both cum many times, and I must have cum close to twenty times. It was all unbelievable.””Once Ted left. I showered and douched my pussy twice. Then I called you and acted like nothing was wrong, but damnit, Case. I was fucking pissed off that you had been unavailable for the past two days like I didn’t fucking matter at all! You had never done that before, EVER! So, what the fuck was going on?””If you remember, you had promised me always to answer the phone when I called, even if it were inconvenient, and you had to tell me we would talk later. The problem was that when you finally did take the time to call your wife, it was too late. The die was cast! I had already cheated on you and was doing it again on Wednesday night!””Even after all the sex with Ted, I was so horny I almost called him to come over that night, but I thought I had best not. I needed two days for my pussy to recover before I let Ted fuck me all night again.””Later, after my sexual brain cleared, I was destroyed by what I had done. I hated myself for cheating and was concerned about what would happen to us. But I also knew I wanted to fuck Ted again, and that would be it! I truly agonized about what I had done, and finally, late Tuesday night, I texted Ted.””My text: ‘Ted, I enjoyed the other night, but I can’t do it again! My guilt level can only go so high. I am already off the scale. Thank you for the gift. I will have to figure out how I can explain them to Case. This call is goodbye, Ted!'””I felt sad when I sent that text. I am not sure why, but I guess because the sex was so incredible, and Ted was such a nice man.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As I listened to Ally explain how she had cheated on me, I realized that my love for her was so strong that I could never let her go. She had opened herself up to Ted in ways she had never done with me. Her sexual slut surfaced for the first time. Now I wanted that slut, for me!I also knew Ally was 100% right that I had not paid attention to her calls and texts. I get so absorbed in my job and clients that I ignore her. I was wrong and had helped make this happen. I will never let that happen again.I had decided to keep her, but conditions would be different as we move forward. She would pay for her cheating, and I would enjoy every minute of it. We would have new rules, and I might even consider her seeing Ted occasionally as a reward for being a good slut wife to me!I looked at Ally as she started up again. God, I loved her. My cock was pulsing in the tight briefs, and I wanted to fuck her so badly right now.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”You and I talked several times, Case, and you told me about the big accounts you hoped to close this week. You explained that that was the only reason you were traveling this much. These accounts were critical and would form the basis for our financial future. I understood all that, but I felt like you forgot about me for two full days, which hurt me badly. You were not there for me when I needed you, and this whole pile of shit happened partly due to your inattentiveness and my moral weakness.””Wednesday was a difficult day. Sandi took me to lunch and told me about how Ted liked me and wanted to go out tonight just to have dinner and dance. I knew that was not all he had in mind or what I wanted to do. I knew if we went dancing and I felt his hands on me again, I would not be able to resist him. I had decided not to go and told Sandi so.””I called you. We talked on our way back to my office. We had only two more days, and you would be home. I hoped I would be back in your arms, but there was dread in my heart. I was so afraid that you would leave me when I told you what I had done, and we would be over. I would lose you forever!””Case I told you that I loved you before we hung up. I walked into my office and on my desk was a vase of beautiful red roses, my favorite. I knew you had sent them, and I smelled them. And they were divine. My heart was beating fast, thinking of what I would do for you when you got home on Friday. I couldn’t wait!””Then I opened the card. My heart leaped in a different direction. The beautiful roses were not from you; they were from Ted instead. I took a deep breath and read the note!””Ally,”I can’t get you out of my mind. I need to see you one last time. Please have dinner with me tonight, the two of us. Dinner only, nothing else. I know I have jeopardized your marriage, which is the last thing I want, so I want to end this. Please have dinner with me this last time, and I will be out of your life forever!”Ted””Oh God, what was I to do. I knew I needed to say no and end this, but he sent my favorite flower! I went to the lady’s room to freshen up and think. My confused mind flared up again as I sat in the stall.”I thought, ‘Ted is a nice guy. He sent me flowers, could having dinner be so bad, then that would be it.” I made up my mind and went to my office, and I called Ted on my office line.

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