19 Mart 2023

The Greatest Day Of My Life


As soon as I saw her, I wanted to eat her. Why is that, why you ask? I can’t explain it. I think it was her sly knowing half grin. Well, it was more than that-it was her skin, like tawny silk, her half lidded dark eyes and her deep cleavage. Her low slung hip huggers suggested careful grooming which I imagined to be closely trimmed bush or altogether shaven. A Brazilian maybe, but I’m fantasizing here.

The problem was, she’s also the boss’s wife. Well she was anyway. Until their nasty divorce that ended nine months ago. We suffered with him daily during the almost four years that it took. She wanted all she could get and didn’t mind dragging it out. In the end, she didn’t get as much as she expected and she got massive legal bills, but it’s over and she has three quarters of a mil.

She has their one daughter living with her in a small place she just bought ten miles north of here. I mention that because I never have a reason to be there, in that town, yet I wanted to see her, to accidently run into her somewhere, at the supermarket or the gas station. How would I explain my sudden appearance in that town? For the life of me, I didn’t know- but I wanted to do it, I wanted to figure a way to do just that.

I heard that she had a boyfriend, a lawyer-I wasn’t surprised; she’s an exotic beauty with the hips and breasts of a centerfold not to mention pouty lips and that sultry steamy smile.

Yesterday, my day off, it happened. I had an appointment at the podiatrist, one I never used before in the town of Northport. It wasn’t my idea to be there in that town, I was referred by my chiropractor.

After my visit I wandered next door to Panera, the bread and soup restaurant. I was on line, reading the menu, deciding on minestrone or chicken noodle when she stepped up behind me.


I turned around and saw her. “NIla, wow, how are you?” My heart gave a thump as I leaned in to give a cheek kiss. Her hair and face smelled delicious.

“I’m fine, what brings you up here? She said.

“Oh, uhhh I had a visit with Dr. Miller next door. I need an orthotic.” My eyes searched her face, her smile. I tried not to stare at her body.

” Ahh…come, sit with me when you get your order.”

“Ok.” I said, then, “I’ll have the minestrone.” to the waiting girl.

In a few minutes I had my soup and bread and searched her out in the dining area. She chose a table away from the crowd near the back. As I approached she leaned down to her handbag to put away her wallet. Her breasts swayed forward, her deep cleavage evidence of her heavy breasts.

“So, you live up here now?”

“Yeah, I bought an apartment near here. How are things at work?” She asked as she broke off a piece of bread and dipped in the soup.

“Oh, you know the same. Are you working?”

“Just my drawings I’m trying to get some commissioned work.” I remembered then that she was a hopeful artist.

We talked some more about small things as we ate. Her scent was making my brain swimmy with dirty thoughts. I suggested that she should have a show of her work at the upcoming artists fair.

I stayed away from talk of her ex as It wouldn’t serve a purpose.

“You should come look at what I have.” She said. I stared, not understanding…and thinking about seeing her cunt.

“My finished work, you should see it.” She continued with a little smile. I wondered if she heard Avcılar Escort my thoughts.

“Oh yes, I’d like to but I’m sure you have things to do.”

“No, I was going to stop at the dry cleaner two doors down, then I was going home. Why don’t you follow me?”

“Great.” I said as I swept my garbage into the bin. “I’ll wait in my car; it’s the red one there.” I pointed as we stepped out onto the street.

Nila went to the right as I went left. She stepped into the cleaner’s as I got into my car and backed it out. I’d read about opportunities like this on a writers website but I decided not to make any moves. It had to come from her I thought, if at all. Otherwise I’ll look at the artwork, then say goodbye. The one thing I won’t do is to approach her.

In a few seconds she came out and walked to her car. She was wearing heels and tight jeans. Her breasts bounced with each step. I wondered f she knew what she was doing to me. She got into the car and waved as she backed out. I followed her for a mile to the east then we turned North and then east again. In less than five minutes we pulled up to the apartment building and I parked next to her.

She led me to the elevator saying “I took a place on the top facing south, that way I have lots of sun and I can paint or draw.” The elevator stopped and we went right. She jangled her keys and in a minute we stepped into her apartment. The first thing I smelled was acrylic paints and chalk with an undertone of her spicy perfume. Canvases were on two easels and several others were leaned against the wall. The sunlight filled the room and I could see why she chose the apartment. One work was partially finished, a nude with her face turned away, kneeling. Her breasts were pushed forward as her hair swept over her face. A canvas on the floor was also a nude, that one lying on her side, her breasts spilling onto the bed.

“Wow Nila, I never knew you had such talent.” She smiled and brought over two more canvasses; again a nude and a still life. I was starting to get it. The nude, the breasts and hips were her. They were in part self portraits.

“Just wonderful.” I continued “So amazing.”

She smiled, so happy with her accomplishments. “I like the nudes and still life’s. I don’t do portraits per se, but some nature scenes sometimes. Next I might do a male.”

“Male?” I said.

“Nude, male nude. There’s a private studio nearby. For a small membership I can join, then pay the nightly fee and they have models. It’s the best way otherwise I’d have to go to the city.”

“Uh huh.” I said noticing that there were no males. “Are they saleable? Males? Would people display them in their homes?”

“Maybe not ordinary people, but sophisticated people might; and gays. Gay men display both male and female nudes often.”

“But I’m sure you can draw from pictures, photos.”

“Well, somewhat but not the shadows, the subtleties. Here, she stepped closer and put her hand on my chest. “See how this pectoral muscle is round here then the space between your pecs would be in shadow if the light were coming from your right. Then this side of you, and your face would be partially hidden. Her nail traced the line of my chest to the center, then up my neck to my cheek.

“See, that’s why a photo won’t be the same.” Her perfume had my brain all mushy. Her eyes looked Beylikdüzü Escort at my face and she grinned. “You used to look at me didn’t you?”

I took a moment before I answered “Yes, sure I did.”

“What did you think when you looked at me?”

“Uhh Nila look, I…”

“Tell me.”

” I thought you were beautiful.”

“Thank you, but that’s not what I asked. What did you think of?”

“I…ummm…I wanted to eat you.”

She smiled “Eat me, you mean like a Lion?”

“No…like a lover. I wanted to eat you to lick you and taste you.” I could hardly hear with my heart pounding in my ears.

“You didn’t want to fuck me?”

“Yes, later. First just eat you.” I stepped closer to her.

“They’re me, you know-the nudes. They’re my body, my breasts, my nipples, my ass, my vagina”

“I assumed so.”

“Open your shirt. I want to see if you would make a good subject.”

I unbuttoned my shirt, glad that I had been going back to the gym. I didn’t have a six pak yet but I was getting close. I pulled the shirt from my jeans and let it fall to the floor. Nila stepped back and picked up a sketch pad.

“Is this what we’re going to do?” I said.

“For now, unless you don’t think you can. Was there something else you had in mind?”

“Whatever, I’ll be whatever you want me to be.”

“For now.”

“For now.” I smiled.

“Open your pants, push your underwear down but leave the pants on with the zipper open.”

I did, the effect was as if I didn’t have underwear on. I pushed my cock to the side hoping it wouldn’t poke out to say hi. Nila sketched me for about 20 minutes. I stayed silent watching her sketch. She glanced up at me from time to time. My erection subsided after a while and I decided to play along.

She flipped one page over and began another. Thirty minutes later. She looked up and said. “Fine. OK do you want to see?”

“Sure.” I said taking a step forward. She handed me the pad. The second drawing was of me lying on my back with an erect cock. She was straddling my face, her open vagina covering my mouth. A second drawing was her on all fours with her ass up high. I was behind her in the picture with my face buried between her ass cheeks.

“Is that what you had in mind?” She said as she closed the bathroom door with a grin. I heard the shower turn on as I stood there bare-chested with my pants open, underwear tucked down and my cock poking out my waistband. Another drawing had her breasts covering my face and my cock buried to the hilt in her cunt. A note at the bottom of the page said ‘Jay, wait for me in my bedroom.’

I did as I was told, stripping off my clothes along the way. There were two candles by the bedside. I lit them both. The shower stopped and a few minutes later she entered the room with a large towel wrapped around her, smiling. “You’ll thank me.” She said. “I like to be very clean for my lovers. And today, you are my lover.

She lowered the towel and I feasted my eyes. She had the most stunning body. Her breasts were magnificent with large areola and hardened nipples her slender waist flared to womanly hips. But most stunning was her trimmed almost bald vagina. Large pouty lips parted and wet.

I came to her, my cock swaying like a baton and took her in my arms. Her mouth was like silk her tongue assaulted me. I kissed her Esenyurt Escort and devoured her mouth- knowing her pussy was going to taste like honey. I know that I moaned, I swooned, I feasted on her mouth and neck- I licked to her breasts and mouthed her hard nipples, licking and sucking. I lay her on the bed as she moaned her approval. “Eat me now, eat me Jay.” I drew her knees up and opened her vagina to my mouth. I noticed as I went down that she was waxed all the way to her asshole. I licked her vagina lips up to her clitoral hood. I lifted the hood and sucked her clitoris in my mouth. Her hips came off the bed as she shrieked and reached above her to the headboard. I continued to lick and eat her like ripe melon. My breathing and sucking sounds filled the air between us. Pre cum dripped from my cock onto the bed. “Oh god” I moaned, “you taste so good I love your taste. I want to suck you, I want you to come on my face and let me suck you.” Her hips were vibrating as I spoke. I lifted her ass up and licked her asshole, licking and poking while I plunged her vagina with four fingers. She quivered and shook as her orgasm swept over her. But I continued to lick. I rolled her onto her stomach and she instinctively drew her knees up sticking her open cunt and ass into the air. I licked up from her cunt to her open ass and licked the asshole again. I stuck the tip of my tongue in her as she pushed back into my face. Now I couldn’t control myself. I liked and pressed my tongue until I was fucking her asshole with my tongue.

In a few more minutes I kneeled up to her and guided my throbbing cock into her cunt. She pushed back into me sucking my cock into her like a hot piston. Her vagina was like liquid velvet. She drew my cock into her as she pressed back. I was buried as deep as I could go. She began to rock back and forth with a guttural sound. She was deeply fucking me, and I began to fuck her with all of my heart. It didn’t take long. I began to squirt hot cum into the deepest part of her cunt. I fucked as I came, then kept fucking.

I turned her over and we began to kiss. This time after having loved her pussy and her ass. She licked and sucked my mouth. I was exhausted. She laughed, “My God. That was amazing. I want to fuck you all day.”She kissed me. “And I want to fuck you all night.” I smiled.

Just then, as we kissed she rolled me over so that she was above me, never breaking the kiss, my cock still embedded deeply into her cunt. We nibbled each other’s lips “Do you know what he liked to do?” she whispered as she nibbled “right after he fucked me?” She was referring to Rob my boss, her ex. “No, what did he like to do?”

“He liked me to slide up over his face and lower my fucked cunt to his mouth so he could suck me and eat his cum out of me. I loved it, and it always made me cum Jay. Would you like me to cum for you?”

“I just had my tongue in your ass Nila, I’ll do anything you ask, anything. I’ll suck my cum from you, I’ll eat my cum and lick your asshole a long as you say you love it.

She slid silently- catlike up until her open vagina was positioned over my face. I smelled her well fucked cunt and my cum. My cock lurched as she lowered her open cunt to my mouth. I raised my head up to meet her as she squatted over my face and settled her cunt over my mouth. I licked furiously and tasted my slick cum slide out of her into my mouth. She began to fuck my face and groan as her orgasm swept over her. I licked and sucked her hole until she quivered and collapsed off to the side exhausted.

I rolled towards her and nestled my face in her breasts as she regained her normal breathing. I was in Nila’s arms, my face coated with our co-mingled cum and I was in heaven.

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