19 Mart 2023

The Hike


We met a few weeks ago at a neighbors party our apartment complex was throwing. I had not seen you around before; but I noticed right away your smile…and beautiful blue eyes. Of course, I was standing across the courtyard glancing at you. I could hear you laugh and walked closer.

Overhearing you talking I noticed an accent; Britain? Australia? I’m terrible at the telling the difference but was mesmerized anyway. You were talking with some other ladies and I kept stealing glances at you; I loved how the sun highlighted your long, blonde hair, noticing the curves of your body and trying hopelessly to not look at your breasts. As I was sipping my drink, I stole another glance…noticed you looked my way and I turned my head quickly. But not before I noticed…was that a slight smile?

I turned to talk with some other guys at the complex for a few minutes. After we parted, I looked back over to the group you had been with and noticed you were gone. I quickly looked around and saw you over by the bar that had been set up. Walking over I came up behind you and mentioned something about always looking to meeting new people. You turned and unleashed that smile..your eyes more beautiful up close, your breasts straining against your shirt…the curves of your hips encased in your jeans.

I introduced myself as Alan; you said your name was Shae. We made some small talk and I asked if you were British or Australian. You laughed and said how terrible I was about telling the difference; but said you were from Australia and now lived in the U.S. Since we lived in a mountainous area, I asked how long you had been here. You said you moved here about three months ago. I asked if you had an opportunity to get out and see much of the mountains but you said work kept you busy and you didn’t have a lot of time to hike any of the trails yet.

My interest piqued immediately and I mentioned that I loved to hike. You smiled again…and I said maybe we could make a date to go for a hike. Your friends came by at that point and swept you away before we could say anymore…but you waved as you left and said, “See you around…bye!”

I gave a wave as you walked away. A couple of days later as I was leaving for work I saw you coming down the stairs above. You said, “Hi,” as you went by and we headed to our cars. I asked if you had thought about our hiking date? You smiled coyly and said not really…but wanted to know more about the trails. Over the next couple of weeks we’d bump into each other around the complex and talk hiking…what trails, how important shoes are and equipment, and that you had been able to hike some of the trails. Unfortunately I just never thought that hiking date would materialize.

A few days went by and leaving for work one morning, a note had been placed under the wiper blade of my car. A phone number was written with a note “text me”…puzzled about this I got in the car and sent a text to the number…”you asked me to text you”…I waited a few seconds and my phone dinged…”yes”…I had no idea who this was or what yes meant, so I texted back…”yes what?”… my phone dinged with a reply…”yes I’d love to go hiking with you”.

I look quickly around and see you standing on the balcony above mine, laughing and smiling. You waved and I got out of my car and walked up to you. We agreed to go that coming Saturday morning and you asked me to pick you up at your apartment, which was just above mine.

It was very hard to wait until Saturday but 8 am was here and I was knocking on your door. You opened and stepped out on the balcony; smiling at me, your backpack over your shoulder. You were dressed in khaki hiking shorts, your tan legs looking very nice. You had on short hiking boots and socks but what caught my attention was your shirt. Long sleeved, and the neck area was open showing string that could tie the area closed. However, the string was missing and the shirt was wide open…your cleavage almost spilling out, the shirt straining to contain your breasts. I felt a stirring in my groin and thought how am I going to concentrate on hiking? We turned to go and as you walked ahead of me, I could see the shorts covering your shapely ass and my cock started to stiffen.

We walked to the parking lot and I helped you put your gear in my car. We settled in as you asked where we were going. I mentioned a trail that was about 5 miles long, crossing a creek several times with beautiful mountain views and would circle back to where Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir we started. I said it would take about 45 minutes to get there. As we drove, we talked nonstop.

You mentioned that you visited the US several years ago with a friend and loved it so much you moved here. The company you worked for had an office in the area and were gracious enough to transfer you here. Far more exciting than my story of being born and raised here, never living anywhere else.

We reached the parking lot of the trail head and there were no other cars. After filling out the tag and placing it on the windshield, we loaded up and headed to the trail. As we started I suggested you walk in front of me; I had hiked the trail before and wanted you to see the views without having to look around me. Actually, I wanted you to walk ahead so I could continue to watch your wonderful ass as you walked. We took off at a good clip and you surprised me a bit as you had no problem adjusting to the altitude; you weren’t even breathing hard. It was a nice, sunny day and the temps were in the high 60s.

We reached the first difficult part of the trail – a steep 100 foot climb over some large boulders. I mentioned to just move slowly and take your time. As you pulled yourself up the first boulder, your shorts were straining against the curve of your ass…with your tan legs, I couldn’t help but gawk and my cock started to stiffen again. You calling my name snapped me out of my stupor.

“Are you coming up?,” you said to me, grinning with that smile again. I climbed up behind you as we slowly made our way over the boulders. We were almost to the top when I noticed dew on the boulders ahead; before I could warn you, your foot slipped on the slippery rock. Giving a yelp, you tumbled backward but I ran up and caught you…falling square on my lap, my hand grazing your breast and feeling your nipple harden.

Your ass was planted firmly against an erection I could no longer hide. You sat on my lap a second longer than expected…did you grind your ass against me? I’m not the largest guy but my hiking shorts fit snugly and there was no hiding my hard cock now. You said nothing as we got up and you looked away. Thinking to myself, fuck…I blew it…realizing you would only think I was just a horny bastard and not interested in the hike at all.

We continued along and started to labor a bit as the altitude increased. The sun was providing warmth even though the air was crisp and cool. I asked if you were cold, as I had a blanket and jacket and in pack. You said you were fine and had brought a jacket if needed. I continued to hear your oohs and aahs from the scenery as we continued up.

We stopped several times as you wanted to take photos with a small camera you had brought along. You also mentioned the fact that we had not seen any other hikers; I said this trail was a bit remote and was a nice secret…plus the difficulty made it less popular with the weekend warriors…and you laughed that wonderful laugh again. We began the final ascent to Potters Lake, a stairway carved out of the mountainside. Very narrow, with only a handrail on the cliff side to to prevent people from falling over the side. I mentioned the ravine below was about an 800 foot drop; I saw you shiver and keep your eyes focused on the trail ahead.

We reached the final step, walked around some rocks and were presented with a spectacular view.

You squealed in delight and said how beautiful the view was; and that you should have decided to hike with me much sooner. I said the coolest part was to walk out on a log that reached the middle of the pool; you looked at me with concern and I said don’t worry, the water isn’t that deep. It only comes up to my knee. But the water is crystal clear and almost green in color so you said you’d try going out there.

I held your hand as we started out on the log; we were almost to the middle when I saw your foot slip off the side of the log. Before I could react, you tumbled off the log, pulling me with you as I tried to keep you from falling and lost my balance. We both tumbled in the water, crying out as we hit it…the water was ice cold and with the temperatures still cool, very, very shocking to our bodies. I hurried to you to make sure you were ok;

You said you were fine and other than wet, we had no injuries or scrapes. The water was about waist deep on you and I said we need to get out İstanbul Escort of here and dry off. We headed back to the shore and reached a large log. As you sat down, I removed my shirt and laid it on a boulder. You asked what I was doing and I said we needed to get our clothes dried before hypothermia set in, as I didn’t have another set with me. I asked if you had other clothes and you said no…and for the first time, I noticed you weren’t wearing a bra as your shirt was plastered to your skin, outlining your breasts and your nipples were fully erect, poking through your shirt. I couldn’t tear my eyes away and looked into your face.

You had a look of doubt; “Do I have to remove my clothes too”?

I said, “yes…you’re wet and you could get really, really cold..”…my cock hardening again at the thought of you naked. With a sigh, you removed your shirt and I tried not to gasp; wonderful large breasts, topped by erect nipples, with large aerolas. I couldn’t help but stare – my eyes moved down your tummy, loving the view of your curves and seeing your belly button just above the waist of your shorts.

My cock was now as hard as I ever felt it get…and no hiding it as my shorts were wet and you could easily see the bulge. You laid your shirt next to mine and I said. “we have to remove our shorts as well…we can’t have the wet clothing against our skin”.

I turned from you and removed my shorts, clad only in my briefs. My cock at it’s full length, the head peeking out of my waistband. You protested immensely about removing your shorts…I didn’t understand why and explained if you didn’t you could really develop hypothermia. When a sigh, you pulled your shorts down and I knew why…you weren’t wearing panties…my breath caught at the sight of your pussy, shaved, except for a slight strip, your lips protruding. I didn’t think my cock could get any harder, but I could feel it straining more.

As you laid your shorts out to dry, I moved over to you with the blanket.

“Here, cover yourself with this…it’ll help keep you warm,” I said. As I wrapped the blanket around you, you looked up at me, a gleam in your eye…”You planned this didn’t you? Taking advantage of an innocent girl?”…as I felt your hand slide down and grasp my cock, your lips reaching up to kiss me…

Our lips crushed together in heated passion as my hands grip your ass and pull you closer.

We quickly remove the remainder of my clothing and our bodies, glistening still with water in the sun, exposed to each others view. You move to your knees and I feel the heat of your mouth as you envelope my cock. I gasp at the pleasure, your hand softly caressing my balls as you focus on the tip. Your tongue slowly licking around the head, hearing soft sucking sounds from you. My eyes are closed as I feel the heat of the sun, coupled with the heat of your mouth.

Your tongue slides down my shaft, slowly…teasingly…as I look down, straight into your eyes. You smile as you open your mouth, still looking at me, and slowly swallow my cock…moving down, slowly, until you bump against my pubic bone. Your mouth slowly slides back to the tip…as you kiss the tip, look at me again and start the process all over. I’m already excited, precum leaking from my cock and I feel you hungrily lapping it up. Your mouth starts moving faster, as you are focused on my pleasure. Your hand strokes my cock as you move your lips up and down the upper part of my shaft.

I groan in pleasure, notice you smile around my cock…as I tell you…”Shae, I’m not going to last”…you look up at me, your eyes telling me you want it, you want my cum…to flood your mouth…

I groan as the first spurt comes, hearing you grunt in pleasure…my hand moves to the back of your head as I push my cock deeper, another spurt releasing…flooding your mouth. You’re swallowing quickly, as another spurt comes, your mouth working rapidly on my cock. A couple more spurts of cum you quickly swallow…as you lick and gently kiss my cock. My breathing returning to normal, looking around hoping no one was on the trail. I pull you from your knees, our mouths meeting in a sensual kiss. I can taste my own cum as our tongues duel with each other…my pleasure heightened knowing you enjoyed it…as

I hug you close, I whisper in your ear…”your turn”… as I slowly start kissing down your body. My lips find and suckle a nipple, the nipple hardening in my mouth. My hands Escort İstanbul strays to your other nipple, pinching and squeezing as I hear you start to moan. As I play with your nipple, my mouth continues its journey down your body…a kiss, followed by my tongue. I reach your belly button, kissing and tonguing it as you giggle.

“I’m a tad ticklish” you tell me and I smile…as I continue my kisses lower, moving further down. I feel you spread your legs a bit as my tongue finds your slit. Your juices already flowing, I can taste the sweetness of your pussy. You stop me for a second – motioning me to lay on the blanket. I lay down as you straddle my chest…rubbing your pussy against me, spreading your juices across me.

You smile and say to me, “This is what I really enjoy”..and move up and raise above me. You slowly lower your pussy to my mouth, my tongue reaching out for a taste…I hear you moan loudly as my tongue contacts your pussy, licking your lips, tasting you. You reach down with your hand, spreading your pussy lips, exposing your clit to me. I flick it with my tongue, causing you to gasp and cry out.

My tongue dances on your clit, your juices flooding my face as you start grinding against me My hands find your ass and grip you as I help you ride. Your moans grow louder, your cries more frequent as my tongue moves faster and faster. My lips grab your clit and suck on it…I feel you tremble and cry out, your orgasm ripping through you, your juices flooding my mouth even more. You don’t stop, continue grinding on my face and I hear you…

“More Alan…more…please…”…my tongue drives inside your pussy and you cry out again…I slide a finger in and hear you scream as another orgasm racks your body…pushing down hard on my face, I hear you groan and cry out again. Your body trembles as your movements slow…I hear you whisper…”my god…that was incredible”…as you slide down to lay next to me.

Your lips find mine as we kiss the knowing kiss of lovers…our breathing calming…your hand caressing my chest, my belly…sliding lower, finding my cock erect, hard…wanting you…needing you …again. “Oh my” you say as you smile and rise above me…slowly lowering your steaming pussy on my thick, hard cock. I feel the tightness and your pussy and groan in pleasure.

Your body starts moving up and down, slowly riding me…”oh..oh…this is so good..” you say as your keep moving. My hands find your breasts, kneading and massaging them, pulling and pinching your nipples. “Yes, yes, yes,” you cry out as I pull you down to take a nipple in my mouth. Sucking and pulling with my teeth, I move from one nipple to the other…you start moving faster…faster…my hands reach and grab your ass, pulling you closer. I raise a hand and smack your cheek…hard…and you cry out…

I feel your pussy pulsing, grasping my cock, squeezing…and you raise up and tell me, “fuck me doggy…make me cum”. You move to your hands and knees, your wonderful ass in my full view. I rub my cock along your ass, juices from your pussy allowing me to slide easily. You reach back and grab my cock, lining me up…telling me, “please…fuck me…now”…

I plunge my cock inside you, grabbing your hips as I start moving in and out. I hear you cry out, groaning, making little cries of pleasure as I plunge into your pussy. I move faster, my hands have a firm grip on your hips and we feel my balls slapping against your ass. I feel your start to pulse, your pussy throbbing, gripping me harder…I drive harder into you and you cry out again, a powerful orgasm racking through you again.

I keep moving, getting closer to my own release. “I’m going to cum Shae…I can’t hold it any longer..” as I feel you move a bit. You ask me, “wait…let me turn over..” and you lay on your back as I move between your legs to re-enter you. “No,” you say..”cum on my belly Alan…cover me…mark me..” My cock about to explode as I start stroking, your pussy and belly lying open beneath me. You plunge two finger into your pussy and it pushes me over the edge. We both cry out as my first spurt lands across your pussy and lower belly; I cum again, the spurt reaching your tits…covering a nipple…your fingers moving rapidly in your pussy as your cry out in orgasm again. I fire again and again, ropes of cum now covering your pussy…your belly…your hand and arm…

Exhausted I collapse down next to you, drawing you against. Your hand grazing over your body, scooping and feeding my cum to yourself…to me…until you collapse against me.

“We probably need to get dressed, Shae. Our clothes might be dry by now,” I say after a few minutes. As we start moving around, gathering our now dry clothes, you turn and smile at me. “Alan…where are we going hiking next week?”…

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