19 Mart 2023

The Hostages


My name is Richard Schwartz and I am married to Ellen Schwartz. We have been married for three years. Currently I am being held prisoner by Farc rebels deep in the Colombian jungle. I am being held with the wife of my best friend Amy Wallace. My wife and Ellen’s husband Jeff are being held out of our view on the other side of this rebel camp This journal is being written with the permission of my captors in that they don’t seem to care that I am writing it.

My story started with a vacation. I’ve known Jeff Wallace since college we did everything together at school. We pledged the same fraternity and started on the college baseball team. We even met our wives at the same time. Ellen and Amy were both dateless at a school dance because their beaus were last minute no shows. I was taken with Ellen, although to be honest I’ve always been attracted to Amy as well but there seemed to be the most fireworks between Ellen and myself and Amy and Jeff.

I really don’t have to tell you that we served as each others best man and that the girls were maid of honor and matron of honor to each other. We even ended up buying houses in the same subdivision. Jeff and I do not work together. He is a high level international lawyer. I lucked into a golden opportunity and now own a luxury golf course. Each of us are wealthy men. Our wives have done well also. Amy litigates next to Jeff while Ellen owns a flower shop near the college campus. I am amazed at the money she brings in on Valentine’s day and formal dance season. The rest of her year is not too bad either.

We were in Columbia as guests of the Wallace’s. Amy and Jeff are both fluent enough in Spanish to pass for native speakers. They spend lots of time in South and Central America as representatives for major corporations and have a knowledge of the area most Americans will never possess. Neither Ellen nor myself speak Spanish. I took German in high school and college and Amy is quite adept at French. She was a lifesaver when we on vacation in Paris. Anyway Amy and Jeff wanted to give us the tour of South America that they loved. Beyond the tourist traps to the small villages and remote attractions. Ellen and I just let The Wallace’s interact with the natives and interpret the menus for us at all of the quaint restaurants we stopped in. It was wonderful until Jeff decided that we just HAD to see a remote waterfall so off into the jungle we went. I had no clue as to where I was then and I sure as shit have no clue as to where I am now.

Our small touring party strayed into Farc territory. Farc members are not nice folks they want to bring down the Columbian government by any means possible. They have tons of illegal drug money to fund their operation. Our party was stopped. Once they had our passports it was all over for us. Jeff and Amy had worked for interests that were mortal enemies of Farc. In these days when the internet pierces even into the jungle it did not take long for our captors to realize that Jeff and Amy made very enticing hostages. If the U.S. Would not bargain with them, one of the corporations or entities that Jeff and Amy had represented would certainly play ball. Ellen and I, as fellow Americans were considered useful as well. The rest of our party was permitted to return to civilization. The four of us were led deeper into the jungle to the rebel base

It took about three minuets for the rebels to assess everyone’s language ability. Before I could even protest, I was chained hand and foot to Amy and led off to one side of the camp and Ellen and Richard were led out of sight.

“What’s happening?” I asked Amy

“Jeff and I have worked for enemies of these rebels. We are now hostages or leverage for concessions. They split me and Richard up so that they don’t have to explain everything twice and so that they don’t have to go through interpreters. Get comfortable we are going to be here a while.”

We were led to a large tent. We were unchained but could make no move as several AK 47’s were aimed at our stomachs. Were were ordered to empty our pockets then I heard something shouted in Spanish.

“Take off your clothes,” said Amy “We’ve been ordered to strip.”

I had always wanted to see Amy naked. She is a knockout. Five six, long brown hair, long shapely legs, Ample bust and a cute face. Her jaw is a bit large but it does not distract from her beauty. To be honest I chose Ellen over Amy the night of that dance because I liked her legs better. Amy is an inch Escort Beylikdüzü shorter but is just as beautiful. Her auburn hair cascades around an angelic face. Her shapely legs lead to a flat tummy and smaller but perky breasts. To be honest both are stunners.

I shed my clothes. I write here that I was a gentleman and averted my eyes from the nakedness of my best friend’s wife. Let’s let that little fiction stand. I learned about the birthmark on her right buttocks and the style of her bush from a friend. Yeah we’ll go with that. If its any consolation I caught Amy gazing at my junk more than once.

Amy translated as the Farc bigwig spoke.

“You are prisoners of war. The undeclared war between the United States and Farc. You will be treated as such and be held until your government accedes to our demands or pays your ransom.”

The man then focused on Amy

“You and your husband are the worse kind of imperialist scum.” Then he spat at her.

While we were still naked Amy and I were chained together. Handcuffs and leg fetter. The rebels produced some clothing. Each of us received a simple pair of pajama pants and a shirt. There were velcro fasteners down one side so that they could be put on and removed over our chains. We were also given moccasins for our feet. A short rebel with bad breath dressed Amy and myself. We were then frog marched to a small tent and chained to a ring in a large concrete block. It was easily half a ton.

“Well Richard it looks like we are going to get very cozy. It will be several days at least before the fact of our captivity reaches Washington. D.C. Neither the government nor Jeff and my firn negotiates with terrorists which is what they consider Farc. Jeff and I are too important to just let rot however. But it may be a month or more before the Navy Seals can locate, sneak in and rescue us. Not quite the vacation we promised you is it?”

“What’s happening to Jeff and Ellen” I asked Amy.

“Obviously they are chained up elsewhere in the camp. Its a simple tactical move to keep us separated . That way IF there IS a raid, the rebels will probably be awakened before both sets of hostages are freed and they would be able to retain one set of prisoners.”

“I’m not sure that I like the idea of Ellen and Jeff chained up together.”

“Neither do I said Amy. I NEVER liked the way my husband looked at your wife. There is nothing we can do about it however I expect that we are going to come to know every pore of each others flesh in a short time as well. I don’t think they will take off these chains if we have to go to the bathroom for example.

A guard entered out tent and Amy asked to use the bathroom in Spanish. The guard laughed and undid the padlock on the chain keeping us bound to the concrete. Hobbled together we were led at gun point to a latrine. Without ceremony our pants were opened along the velcro and removed. There were were in the open air exposed before the whole camp. This time I noticed what a beautiful pussy Amy had. In the latrine itself there was just enough give in the chains that Amy could sit down and do her business. Once she was finished We changed places. I had to take a monster dump and poor Amy had to stand there ignoring the smells and sounds. Once we were finished and out of the latrine, our pants were put back on and we were led to our tent.

While we were out of the tent some supplies had been left for us. Soap, a deck of cards, a towel, some Spanish novels, some crackers and an empty journal and some pens. Since Amy showed no interest, I began keeping a journal immediately.

Our day passed slowly. I rested my back on the concrete block and Amy snuggled next to me and fell asleep on my shoulder. I realized how lovely she is. Even without makeup she is stunning. Through a gap in the velcro snaps of her pajama top I could see her right breast. Let me tell you, Amy has some great tits. They are larger and nicer than my Ellen’s.

Late in the afternoon the rebels gave us our only meal of the day. It was a fiery concoction of rice and meat. Amy ate it with no problem. I on the other hand had to keep asking for the agua. That made our captors laugh. I understood the word “gringo” and that they were mocking me. I didn’t care. Around nightfall the rebels led us to the latrine again. There was also a small camp sink where we could brush our teeth. Still later the rebels replaced the shorter chain binding us to the cement Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan block with a longer one so that Amy and I could lie down They provided some pillows and blankets and we turned in for the night.

I awoke in the middle of the night to find Amy wrapped about me. It felt good and looked good. Her hair was splayed out across my chest like a chestnut carpet. Gently I stroked her hair with my free hand. It felt divine. Gently I let my free hand take a tour of her sleeping form. She did not stir. Her tits were firm and perfect Her legs long and shapely. I liked what was under the pajamas as well. I felt ashamed of myself. Would I want my wife to be explored like this by Jeff?

I thought long and hard. Jeff was my best friend If there was any woman I could tolerate Ellen being with it was Jeff. He was a decent guy but I worried. Jeff had confided in me once how lucky he thought I was to be married to Ellen. I told him that he had a fine looking woman himself. Jeff replied that he KNEW that but there was something so undeniably sexy about my wife. Something that Amy didn’t have. I told him he was nuts and got his solemn oath that he would never act upon his attraction to Amy. I wondered how long that promise would withstand being chained to her, seeing her naked, and sharing bathroom trips. I got an involuntary raging hard on.

Amy took that moment to stir.

“Oh your awake. Having trouble sleeping?”

“No I’m lost in thought.”

“About what?” Amy asked

“About Ellen and Jeff for one thing.”

“I hope, sort of, that that is the reason your stiffy there.” She nodded in the direction of my penis.

“Sorry about that. Part of it is the thought of them together the other part is caused by our involuntary closeness. You are very beautiful Amy.”

“Thank you Richard. I’ve always considered you handsome … HOWEVER I am not attracted to you. You should know this. During our girls night out Ellen got really drunk one night and told me that she wanted to fuck my husband. She apologized once she sobered up but I have been very leery about leaving the two of them alone for any length of time. I shudder to think what is going on in their tent.”

Amy reached over and grabbed my penis.


“Richard while I am not attracted to you I know that a man has needs. I’ll jerk you off and blow you once a day to keep your impulses under control. You won’t be the first man I have blown that I didn’t love. All I ask in exchange is that you behave as a gentleman at all times and that you do not try to make me do anymore than that. And once our captivity is over what happened during it stops and is never mentioned again. I expect that I am going to have a devil of a time getting the taint of Amy off my husband’s cock once this is over. He will mope for a while and threaten to leave me but in the end he’ll come back and beg forgiveness. He’s an overgrown boy. You are more of a man Richard. To be honest part of me wishes that I could get hot for you but you are simply not my type. No, when this is over the odd man out is Ellen, unless you want to take her back. If I were you I wouldn’t.” Then Amy freed my penis from my pajamas and without any fuss at all began jerking me off. I watched in fascination as her wedding ring slid along my cock until her hand wrapped around it and she began pumping away. Amy is supremely talented. I had just enough time to warn her before I came in torrents.

“You can’t deny that you needed that.” Said Amy as she pulled the pajama back over my rapidly deflating mast.

“if you enjoyed that just wait for my blow jobs. To be honest those are what will bring Jeff back around. I’ve seen Amy give head … I am so much better. But you’ll find out .. later”

With that Amy turned away from me the best she could and was soon once again fast asleep. Shortly thereafter I joined her in slumber, grinning from ear to ear.

The next few days blended together. We were roused at dawn, led to the latrine and then spent hours chained up awaiting our meal before the night routine of latrine and face washing and tooth brushing During all that time we did not see our spouses but we knew what tent they were in. Amy heard some of the guards refer to the “La carpa Romantico” which she translated as “the love tent.” From what Amy could deduce they were apparently fucking ALL the time.

I really didn’t care at this point because Amy was true to her Beylikdüzü Escort word. Around noon each day she sucked me off. God is she talented! Deep thrusts and gentle tongue action. Now I know why Jeff so often had that goofy smile on his face. Best of all she swallowed. After dinner just after we were set down to bed she jerked me off. At all other times I treated her with utmost respect. I looked away when she was naked or on the pot.

Around the fifth or sixth day Amy and I were led to one side of the camp, next to a water tanker truck. A male guard stripped us and hooked a hose up to the truck. Amy and I were hosed off and washed everywhere, soap was provided then we were left to dry in the sun while our pajamas were washed and dried.

Amy seemed to have a blase attitude as the male guards eyed her up and down. She made no effort to cover herself. Despite myself and the chill of the water I got an erection. This brought out laughter and mockery from the guards. After this totally humiliating experience was over we were at last redressed and led beck to our tent.

I asked Amy “How can you just stand there and not let it bother you. They were staring at you and making comments about us. I’ve picked up enough Spanish to know that they were talking about your body.”

“It DOES bother me Richard but I am a litigator. I can’t let my opponents see any weakness in me. These men are looking for any chink in my armor. They want to humiliate me and objectify me. I won’t give them the satisfaction.”

As the days passed my respect for Amy grew and grew. To pass time in the tent she translated as she read from one of the novels. It was a rather spicy story and Amy conjectured that it had once belonged to a guard as some of the spiciest passages were underlined. We also played cards but that soon lost interest as Amy regularly stomped me in every game we played no matter the card game. She called me the worst poker player in the world.

I offered Amy oral sex but she turned me down.

“I’m sorry Jeff only men who get me hot get to kiss my pussy. As I said you’re handsome but NOT my type”

When I explained that I felt guilty getting all of the release she replied.

“It is far better that you be mellowed and in control rather than pent up and demanding something I have no desire to give. You could easily overpower me Richard but you won’t so long as you are sucked and jerked. I’m nothing if not a practical woman.”

Although I had intended to make an entry every day in my journal I had lost track of days almost immediately. Amy had a better sense of time we estimated that a month and a half had gone by. The night we figured was our 36th or 37th we we awakened by gunshots. Bleary eyed we awoke I spied a Navy seal in our tent. He motioned us to remain silent a moment later another seal appeared and began working on the chain holding us fast to the cement block and to each other. Amid gunfire, smoke bombs and search lights we were led to a Navy helicopter. Jeff and Ellen were already aboard, kissing deeply, Moments later we were choppering away to an American base in Columbia.

The next week was one of endless interviews with the state department. U.S. officials and Columbian officials. One long boring meeting after another. The military put Ellen and I in one hotel room and Jeff and Amy in another.

“So Ellen,” I asked one night, “What happened while you and Jeff were alone.”

“Oh nothing much.”

“What about that kiss in the helicopter?”

“we were just overcome with the emotion of the moment.”

She changed her tune when I found a pregnancy test kit in the trash. It was positive.

Ellen confessed everything, how she had always been attracted to Jeff and that when they were thrown together she discovered that he felt the same way about her and one thing led to another. She was crying into my chest begging forgiveness. I responded with stone cold silence.

As always Amy was right. She had gotten a confession out of Jeff the first night. He whined and insisted that he and Ellen were “destined” to be together Amy explained why that was not the case. She told Jeff that he was a lousy husband but that despite everything she still loved and needed him. A few days and more than a few blow jobs later Jeff was his old self again and my wife was just a pleasant memory to him.

I still see Ellen from time to time, Her son looks just like Jeff. Amy set up a very nice settlement for Ellen. Money and a new flower shop in another town Among the terms were she had to leave town and promise to not seek any money beyond that agreed upon. I helped her set up house and store and once in a while she will invite me to dinner. But I am seeing a very nice woman now. She has never met and never will meet Jeff.

The End

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