19 Mart 2023

The Hunger

Big Tits

Tonight the hunger is stronger than it’s ever been before. I am ravenous. My whole body aches for you. I don’t think my fingers or a vibrator will satisfy me – not completely. God, I need it so badly! I wish that you were here, for only you can fully satisfy the cravings that I’m experiencing tonight.

I need you to take me into your arms where I feel completely safe – knowing that you would never hurt me; accepted – knowing that you accept me as I am and wouldn’t try to change me or bend me to your will; and, most of all, so FREE. With you I feel free in every sense of the word – physically, emotionally and sexually. I want to live out my innermost fantasies with you – fantasies that I’ve never shared with anyone else. I want to share your fantasies and help you fulfill them.

Let me look into your eyes. I want to see my desire, my hunger, mirrored there. Tell me you want me. Tell me you have to have me. Tell me you need this as badly as I do.

Kiss me. I long to taste your lips. I want to feel them gently pressing against mine. I need to feel your warm, moist tongue dancing seductively with mine. Let me feel your passion, your desire, your need, in your kiss.

Touch me. Stroke my face. Run your fingers through my long silky hair. Caress my full soft breasts. Pinch my erect nipples gently. Run your hand slowly down my belly, between my legs. Stroke my soft wetness with your Avcılar Escort fingers. Find my hard little love button and rub it gently. Enter me with your fingers. Bring me to the brink of ecstasy and watch me cum for you. I want you to see that so badly.

Taste my body. I want to feel your tongue on my neck, my earlobes, my nipples. Run your hot tongue down my belly, pausing to trace circles around my navel. Place gentle, feathery kisses on the inside of my soft, creamy thighs, my smoothly shaved mound and then. . .yes, then make love to me with your mouth. Lick the tender pink petals of the beautiful love flower in the secret place between my thighs. Taste the sweet nectar that glistens on the soft petals. Flick your tongue across the hard little bud. Pull it gently into your mouth and suck it lightly. Enter my secret cavern with your tongue. Love me with your mouth until I begin to tremble and whimper and my sweet nectar flows freely onto your tongue.

Let me taste your body. I want to explore every inch of you. Let me run my hot wet tongue along your collarbone and up the side of your neck, pausing to draw your earlobe into my mouth and suck it gently. I want to tease your nipples with my fingertips, gently tracing circles around them, scratching lightly. I want to draw them into my mouth, sucking softly, running circles around them with my tongue. Beylikdüzü Escort I want to run my tongue across your chest and down your belly, dipping it in and out of your navel slowly.

Let me make love to you with my mouth. I want to feel your rigid tool on my tongue. I want to kiss it, lick it, stroke it – softly at first, then more and more firmly – with my warm, moist mouth. The taste of it is heavenly. Let me feel it sliding between my lips – faster and faster – until you give me the ultimate reward for my oral talents: your love juice filling my mouth, coating my throat as you moan deeply with pleasure.

I long to feel the weight of your body pressing down on mine, our palms pressed together, fingers intertwined, as you pin me to the mattress and push my thighs apart with your knees, preparing to ravage me as never before.

I need to feel your manhood inside me. The soft silky walls of my cavern give way to accept you, embrace you. Our bodies become one. Slide in and out – slow or fast, it doesn’t matter. Just take me. Have your way with me. Take my body and use it for your pleasure. For, in doing so, you bring me the greatest pleasure imaginable. Stroke me until my body begins to quiver, then shudder uncontrollably as I am wracked with wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. I want to feel you begin to tremble, lose control, as Esenyurt Escort you thrust deeper, faster. My walls close in on you, squeeze you firmly and push you over the edge. Your body tenses as you fill me with the hot sticky fluid of your sexual fulfillment. I crave it so desperately.

In reality, I am alone in the darkness. There is no sound in this room except my own labored breathing. I touch myself, while the beautiful images of our lovemaking, and all of the sensations they invoke, float through my mind and take control of my body. They carry me away. I spiral down, deeper and deeper into the abyss of overwhelming sexual desire and the intense need for release. My fingers caress the hard little bud, the swollen petals. I hear myself whimpering softly; it sounds far away. As I reach climax, my head is thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open a little as a deep moan escapes me and my back arches involuntarily. I stop the caresses and hold very still, letting the orgasm wash over me. I ride those waves for a long time. They seem to carry me out to sea.

Moments later, I am asleep, but my sleep is not peaceful. My dreams are filled with visions of making love to you. But I cannot find complete release alone. Tonight, I need you to take me to that heavenly place where there is no worry, no stress, no fear; where time stands still and it seems that there is no one else in the world but you and me – our bodies intertwined in passion, united in desire and need; where we feel no hunger, no thirst, no cold, no pain. . .only the all-consuming sexual pleasure we can give to each other.

How I long to be with you, right now, sharing the feelings and sensations of the most intimate of human acts – making love.

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