18 Mart 2023

The Instructions


She saw him from across the room; his genuine smile rugged good looks. She didn’t know who he was, just knew from the instant she had walked in the club she hadn’t been able to take her eyes off of him.

He wore a dark blue collared shirt and tan slacks; he looked natural standing there behind that bar. She hadn’t realized she was staring till he looked up at her and smiled. A little embarrassed she averted her eyes to her friends that had drug her to this place. She hadn’t been to a club like this before; it made her a little uncomfortable. But she didn’t want to let her friends know so she just smiled and tried not to look around her too much.

The small group headed to the bar, as they did she kept her eyes down. When they reached the bar, she heard his voice clear and deep; the sound of it seemed to send this little shocks through her. She just hung back and waited on everyone else in her group to order before she did. When it was her turn, she heard him say, “what can I get for ya?” and she quickly looked up and said a “doc” please. Again she quickly averted her eyes and spoke to one of the people in her group. When he came back with the drink and handed it to her, he said, “will that be cash or tab,” she said cash and reached in her purse and pulled out a twenty.

He sat the drink down and reached for the money, when he did, his fingers gently brushed her hand, immediately her eyes went to his, and a small blush came across her face. He just smiled at her and turned to ring the drink up. When he turned his back to her to work the register she noticed how damn cute his ass was. She blushed again when her friend Laina leaned and whispered to her, “you go for it girl” she hadn’t realized she was so obvious till Laina began to laugh. About that time he turned to hand her back her change, and she quickly took the money and followed her friends to a near by table with a small grin on her face.

They all sat down at the table and began to talk and laugh, but she found herself drawn back to looking at the sexy figure behind the bar. She thought to herself, how she wouldn’t mind being behind that bar with him, it was after all a very small area, knowing that each time they passed each other, the possibility of their bodies rubbing would be great. She hadn’t realized the waitress was now standing there talking to her, she had been off in her own little world thinking of the handsome figure that stood there looking back at her from behind the bar. She told the waitress she didn’t need anything yet, and she turned to retrieve the order for the rest of the group.

They sat and talked and laughed for a while, and she finished her drink. She didn’t want to call the waitress back over, she wasn’t sure she could keep from blushing if she did, topless bars were not something she was in a habit to frequent. So she got up and walked back to the bar. This time when he walked over he asked if she wanted “another.” She said yes. As he turned to get the bottle and open it, she pulled out the money, and as he sat down the drink she put the money on the bar. She wasn’t taking the chance of brushing his hand again the earlier encounter made her blush bright red. It seemed to stir warmth just below her bellybutton. She wasn’t sure if it was him or this place she was reacting to, but it sure was starting to feel very warm in there to her. Of course she was a little embarrassed to see all those women walking around in hardly a thing.

She always thought that the guys that worked there would be distracted all the time, but this handsome devil behind the bar didn’t seem at all interested in those beautiful women that surrounded him. That puzzled her just a little. And made a mental note to herself to get more information on that. She wasn’t sure how she would do that, but she would worry about that later.

She walked back to her chair and sat down and again joined the conversation that was in progress and just in time to see one of the dancers came over to dance for Tony, who’s birthday they were actually out there to celebrate. Rhonda and Julie were smiling at him, and laughing as he took dollars and placed them in the front of the dancer’s panties. Rhonda reached over and smacked the girl on her bare ass. The dancer didn’t seem to mind she just turned and blew her a kiss, which just made the group laugh and scream all the more. She sat back and just watched the “show” as it unfolded.

Every little while she would look back at the bar to catch a glimse of him. Some times he would be looking her way and he would smile and nod his head just a little. She almost didn’t hear Todd when he asked her if she wanted to go shoot a game of pool with him. But she managed to collect her thoughts and get up to follow him to the tables. As Todd sat up the table, she chose a stick, she wasn’t very good at this game, and he knew that, but the seemed just a bit bored with the present company they were with, and he could tell, that she was too.

When the table sex hikayeleri had been properly set up, he told her, “okay, now I racked’em you have to break”; well this nearly done her in, she almost went and sat back down. But looking back at the table she could see the rest of the group had managed to corral another dancer, and seemed to be helping her to earn a few bucks. She turned back to Todd and sighed and said, “well you know I don’t do well at this, but here goes” and she made her shot, and as she predicted, it left some to be desired. Todd just laughed and walked around the table, and gave her a hug and a quick smack on the butt for good measure. She swatted at him as he began to walk off, and they both laughed. The began to play the game, she knew that he was just playing with her, she knew he was a better player that he was letting on, but he was giving her some instructions and trying to help her and encourage her. Basically they were just having a good time. But the instructions he was giving didn’t seem to be helping her game at all. She was leaning over the table with her back to the bar, when she looked up to say something to Todd, and he was looking behind her.

That’s when she felt him, he had walked up behind her and said “would you mind if I gave you a pointer or two?” She nearly dropped the stick she was holding, as she turned her head to see him not 2 foot from her. She let out a little groan, and turned to him and said, “by the looks of the way this game is going,” she laughed, “I think I could use all the help I can get.” He laughed, and said “well I have shot a few games in my time, maybe I can be of some help.”

“Now” he said, “the first thing we have to do, is get you a queue that fits you a little better.” I think a little heavier stick would be better for you.” He walked over to the wrack that held the que’s and picked one out, weighed it in his hands, and then turned back to say, “I think this one will give you a little more power behind your shots.” He walked over and handed her the queue stick, and said “now lets see how you hold it in your hands.” Well that was enough he just couldn’t hold it anymore, Todd burst into laughter at the other end of the table, and she just looked at him as if she were burning a whole right through him. The handsome bartender didn’t seem fazed by her friends teasing in the least, he just grinned, and waited for her to show him how she held the queue in her hands.

Again she leaned over the table, preparing her shot, but he quickly stopped her, by saying, “wait.” She just froze, right where she stood, and looked up at him as he began to walk closer to her. He told her that she needed to loosen up on the front end of the que, and back her hand up just a bit. When she turned to look at him, with a look of total confusion on her face, he walked over to her, and said “here let me show you.” He placed his right foot between both of hers and leaned over and placed his right hand over hers and slid it back just a bit on the back end of the queue stick. Then he reached up and took her left hand in his and adjusted her hand to be a bit farther back on the front of the stick. Then he said “now when you shoot take it a little slower, watch where your stick is going to hit, and pull back, and then let it go.”

Again she looked over her shoulder at him, as if to say “hu.” So he walked back over and this time placed himself directly behind her, positioned his body against her, and his hands on top of hers. When he leaned into her, she felt as if someone had turned a fire on under her. There was intense heat that seemed to radiate from his body. She felt her stomach do flip flops, and her pulse to begin to race. Her palms began to sweat, she could feel his breath next to her neck, and a shiver went through her. He felt it, and looked over at her, and just gave this amazing, knowing smile.

He said, “now just let me lead you.” She wanted to melt into the floor just from the erotic sound of that. He pulled her right arm back, and with a swift jab of the queue stick sent the queue ball flying into the nine ball which, to her amazement went strait into the corner pocket. She actually squealed with delight. He looked down at her, smiled and said, “now see how easy that is.” Just as he was going to help position her for the next shot, the woman from behind the bar, called his name and he excused himself saying, “looks like its back to work for me.” She was more than a little disappointed one from the fact that, it had been her first good shot so far that night, and two, she kind of like the way he felt standing behind her. Which that act itself seemed to bring visions to her mind that made her blush just thinking about.

Not wanting him to be disappointed in the pupil, she took her time on the next shot, did what he had previously instructed her to do, the shot was good, but she didn’t quite get it where it was supposed to go. Todd was pleased however, and he congratulated sikiş hikayeleri her on her newly learned skills, as he laughed he said “looks like you might be learning how to handle that stick little’in.” She just glared at him, and then began to laugh. They finished that game and began another, when the rest of the group decided to come over and watch. Rhonda and Laina decided it would be fun to get into a pair’s game against her and Todd.

They made Laina set up the table, and Todd broke. The game got a little more serious but not too much. There was a lot of laughing and teasing going on. They were really enjoying them selves when they heard the DJ, say last call. She looked down at her watch, damn where had the time gone. It was a quarter till 2. They had really had a great time. When they had finished up the last game, and walked back to the table where everyone was getting things together to leave, she felt him walk up behind her again. Her whole body went stiff. An electric shock seemed to start from her toes and work its way up her body. She heard his deep sexy voice right by her left ear. He whispered to her “I’d love for you to hang around, I’d like to show you another move or two on the table” Her knees were a little weak, she was positive he wasn’t just talking about learning how to work a queue stick. She turned her head to show him her amazing smile, and said, “I’d love nothing better.”

She walked her friends to the door, and as they were all walking out laughing still having a good time, she said “you guys go on I forgot my credit card, and have to pay my tab”

“I’ll catch up with you later on at the apartments.” She looked at Todd and gave him a wink, and he just smiled, and shook his head, and leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and said “you be careful, call me if you need me.” She told him she would be fine, she was a big girl but she would call if she had to.

She walked back over to the bar, where he said to her, it will take me a few minutes to get this all cleaned up, and then I’ll show you a few things, and smiled like a cat that had just eaten the canary. She sat down at the end of the bar, and watched him as he worked. They managed to get all the girls out of the club and to their car’s or their rides safe, and he was busy now getting the register situated for the next day. Every now and then she would catch him stealing a glance her way, when he did, he would always smile at her. Each time he did, she felt her heart beat race and her blood was starting to heat up. Once she closed her eyes and imagined him with his lips placing feather like kisses on the back of her neck. But she was quickly pulled from her daydream when she heard his deep voice behind her, “well looks like we’re all alone now.”

“Care for those instructions now?” he said with a smile. She blushed, she just knew he could read her mind.

She watched him walk over to the pool table, and motion for her to follow him. She did, with out hesitation. When he leaned down to put the quarters in the machine, he told her to grab a stick, and they would get this started.

He quickly set up the table. “Now he said, I am going to help you and you are going to break this table good.” She looked at him with doubt, and said as much. But she was willing to try if he was willing to teach. Again she placed the stick into her hands leaned slightly over the end of the table, took aim, and he stopped her. “Wait,” he said. She nearly jumped out of her skin, she wasn’t expecting him to speak, or she was just so busy trying to concentrate on the game, and not how beautiful his eyes were. He walked up once more behind her, and said as he placed his hands on her hips, “spread your legs out just a little, and relax some.

Little did he know, that just the fact of him touching her, was making her do anything but relax. If he only knew the way her heart was pounding. When he leaned his body over the back of her, she nearly died. The feel of his hot breath on the back of her neck was too much. She closed her eyes and slowly ran her tongue across her bottom lip, then pulled it in to bit on it just a little. That action must have caught his eye. She heard a little growl come from his throat, and heard him whisper, “that is so sexy.” Just those little words, she knew, knew that she had to have him. She had to feel him inside of her. She laid the stick down on the table, and slowly turned her head, he didn’t move he stayed leaning into her body, he slid his arms around her waist, circling it, pulling her back to him and standing them up strait. Then his lips found her neck. Gently he kissed it, bathing her neck with his tongue. Gently nipping at it with his teeth. His hands began to explore her, softly caressing her stomach, then moving northward to lift her breasts and weigh them I his hands. Sliding his hands once more down to her stomach, then under her shirt. The feel of his warm hands against her bare skin made her sex hikaye cry out in pleasure. He took that sign and ran with it, he didn’t let her catch her breath. He spun her around, pulled her to him and kissed her, letting his tongue probe deep into her mouth. His hands began caressing her back, as he let his mouth caress hers. Her arms instinctively went around his back to pull him closer to her. When he began to suck on her tongue she wanted to melt into the table behind her. He felt her body surrender, he slid his hand from her back to the back of her hair, where he slid his fingers in a slow motion through the back of it, then in an instant, he yanked it, and pulled her head backwards.

But instead of crying out in pain, she moaned out her pleasure. He held her there for a minute, and she opened her eyes. He looked at her, and said, “you will do what I want.” This wasn’t a question, but a demand. She couldn’t deny him, she hadn’t felt this much passion, in so long. She wasn’t sure she had ever felt this much heat. He once again pulled at her hair pull her head back, she closed her eyes as he did, and he leaned over and began to kiss roughly on her throat. Nipping at it, then licking where he had bitten. Her body began to go weak; he felt it and pushed her back onto the table. Scattering the pool balls as he did. He stood up to look at her; she opened her eyes and looked at him. She could see the fire that was burning in him, she seen it in his eyes. But she knew, and could feel his power over it. There was no doubt in her mind, he would not let it control him, he would control it. As he looked upon her, she spoke only two words to him, “touch me.” He nearly lost control then; those two simple words had more passion in them than any erotic story he had ever read or any movie he had ever watched.

Slowly, he ran his hands once more under her shirt, this time lifting I as he did so. When he had exposed her beautiful skin on her stomach, he leaned down to place his warm mouth and tongue on her. While his tongue worked its magic on her stomach, he had managed to trace a path with his hands up to her bra, and freed one large nipple from it. Using his thumb and finger he pinched it, teased it and caressed it till it was standing at full attention in only a matter of seconds. He raised his body once again to look down at her.

He said, “we have to get rid of that shirt, and bra” Then he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her closer to him, and in on motion he slid the shirt from her body, tossing it onto the floor. Then his hands reached around her body to free her bra from her, and threw it on to the floor next to her shirt. He sucked in his breath at the sight of her proud erect nipples. He then gently pushed her shoulders back on to the table, as he did so his mouth covered one nipple her cry was one of pure pleasure. That cry seemed to ignite the fire in him, into a blazing inferno. He moved his mouth from nipple to nipple bathing each one with his warm wet tongue, while teasing the other with is fingers. Then she felt his warm tongue as it began to travel down her body, when he got to her belly button he circled it with his tongue, while his fingers worked her button and zipper on her pants loose.

His mouth made a hot trail of fire down her body. She wanted more, needed more of him. She needed more of this. She cried out to him “please” and he stopped and raised his body from her, and started to slowly unbutton his shit. She was mesmerized by the action. When he had removed his shirt and placed it on the floor next to her discarded clothing, he again leaned against her body. This time he could feel her hard nipples rubbing his chest. He kissed her neck, her lips her throat. And caressed her skin with his fingers. She felt that warm sensation building in her body. She needed to feel him sheathed inside her. “Now babe”

“please” she whispered to him. He took his body from hers and stood looking down once more upon her, he bent and pulled her boots from her. When he reached to the waistband of her jeans, to pull them down from her hips she raised up just a little to make it easier. When he had exposed her body to him fully, his breath caught and he groaned. He leaned down and began to kiss a trail from her belly downward. As his mouth made its way down her body his hands slid behind her knees to raise them and to spread her legs apart. When his warm mouth came to her woman’s mound he began to blow his breath on her. It caused an instant dampness between her lips.

Slowly, what seemed to take forever she felt his mouth cover her, felt the heat of his tongue begin to caress her. The way he darted his tongue across her swollen clit was driving her out of her mind. Her body began to thrash about. Her hips began to rock. Then in an instant he took his mouth from her, and barked, “don’t move” her eyes flew open to look at him. How could she not move? Then in a little softer tone, he said again, “don’t move” and he placed his tongue once again on her swollen clit, and slid two fingers into her wet body. When he curled his fingers inside her, that was all it took, her body shook and she nearly lost it, but he instantly pulled out and away from her. This time her cry was in pain, but he only said to her, “not yet.”

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