26 Mart 2022

the internet

Big Tits

the internetWith the invention of the net. Life as been a lot easier to find anything you may wish. From buyingsomething on line. To meeting someone of the opposite sex, or the same sex.All sorts of web sites have sprung up to cover any kind of sex and meeting sites.When I first signed up it was not long before I found my way into such sites.My ISP at that time had a list of chat rooms covering all from straight to gay.Even now I found those chat rooms were the best to get meets. Quite often on the same day ofchatting to someone.Over many years I had taken up dressing in fem undies and clothes, and enjoyed the feeling ofthem on me. I am fair skinned and had very little body hair.over the course of 2 years I had at least 12 meets. One dikmen escort day I had 2 meets in a afternoon. Butmore on that at a later time.My first meet since joining the net, was with a man who was of quite a large frame. But cock sizewas less than 2 inches fully erect. I stripped off, but he only opened his fly. I took his cock inmy mouth, and within seconds he shot his cum into my mouth. At that time I did not swallow, nowI take all that is offered.My next meet was with a man who was a medical consultant. He was to meet me at my place, with medressed fem. I was fully dressed when he arrived. We wasted no time on chit chat, within a shorttime he was in my bedroom stripping off. This time I was eryaman escort looking at a good 7 inches of erect cock.He got on the bed and I wasted no time on grasping his cock and taking him into my mouth. He got meto move my position so he could finger and rim my anus.With the pleasure he was sending through mewith his tongue I was more than ready for him to mount me. But he kept me on the boil for a goodwhile longer. Then he removed my panties and I knew the time had come were he was going to fuck me.He got off the bed, moved my bottom to the edge with my legs pointing upwards. He then used somelube on my anus, coated his cock with it as well. I then felt the tip of his cock pressing intomy anus etimesgut escort and he slowly slipped his cock deeper into me.By now I was more than ready for him, and pushed towards his cock to get more of him inside me. Soon I felt his balls slapping against myanus, so knew I had all of him inside me. against the wall opposite the end of the bed was a mirrored wardrobe. By looking past him I could see his body movements as he fucked me. This wasalso a added turn on for me. All to soon I was aware he was ready to cum.I said to him he couldstay in me if he wanted. With that he pushed into me again and came inside me.After that session we met up a few times more. He was the first person to fuck me since I joinedthe net. At that point I was in my early 50s. I had quite a few meets with men from the same chatroom after that. I found it a good source of getting same day meets. Some of the meets were by nomeans as good as what I have just written about. Some were just as good. Will tell more in another.story at a later date.

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