12 Mayıs 2023

The Interview – Chapter Two


Alice took a fresh towel from the pile, and walked sinuously over to the massage table. It seemed to be more complex than those normally in beauty salons or spas. Inhaling, she realised the black, padded surface was real leather, and there were extra hinged sections for her arms and legs, enabling them to be positioned freely. As she examined it more closely, she noticed there were also what appeared to be cushioned straps with buckles on each of the limb supports – to ensure the safety of the user, she presumed.There was a small, silver bell on the right-hand arm support. Alice slid herself onto her front on the massage table. The leather was cool against her bare skin, but not uncomfortable. She placed her face into the cushioned support, and arranged herself so that her arms and legs were correctly placed. She had to reposition to flick the towel over her lower half, but then found her balance again. Taking a few calming breaths, before ringing the bell as she’d been directed, she waited…She heard the quiet click of the door, and sensed movement towards her. There was an almost inaudible chink of glass, and the sensation of warm oil drizzling down her spine. Now the intoxicating scent of leather mingled with a herbal fragrance.The oil caressed her skin, sliding down towards the small of her back, teasing and tickling her as it made its way down her vertebrae. The anticipation of hands on her bare torso was almost unbearable, and Alice sighed in pleasure as hands made contact with her skin.Firm and sure, they smoothed Esenyurt escort down from her shoulder blades, thumbs tracing the ridges of her spine, fingers splayed and stroking down her ribcage. Moving out, they slid back up, stroking back to her shoulders, almost brushing the sides of her breasts.Alice closed her eyes and sank into the pressure, as the movements were repeated hypnotically, urging her further and further into relaxation. Now down her arms, to her wrists, kneading and adjusting. She vaguely registered some pressure around her wrists, but the hands eased their way back up her arms and smoothed their way down her spine again, working in circles, massaging and soothing. They smoothed over the towel over her buttocks, and all the way down to her feet.Thumbs on the soles of her feet exerted just enough pressure to relax instead of tickle, and the magic hands warmed and caressed her arches and heels, pulling gently on each toe, then moving up to encircle her ankles. They remained there a while, before working their way up her calves, working the muscles and easing her into a state of total bliss as they slowly travelled up her thighs. Almost unconsciously, she parted her legs to allow access to her inner thighs, rubbing and stroking, pressing into every inch of her skin.Now she felt pressure on her buttocks, through the towel. Kneading and parting her cheeks, moving in circles, creating a delicious warmth between her thighs, and a craving to be touched more. She shifted her Etiler escort bayan hips in silent invitation, and was rewarded with a breath of air as the towel was slid away.Now the hands were on her bare backside, still lifting and parting, moving downwards and inwards, tantalisingly close to where she ached to be touched. Lifting her pelvis in mute plea, she drew in a quick breath as her wet slit was fleetingly, teasingly brushed. A moaning sigh escaped her and the response was a soft chuckle.“Mmm…good girl. You like that.”Alice froze momentarily. That wasn’t the voice of the Asian lady from earlier. This was a deep, warm, masculine tone, that flowed over her like the smoothest of whisky liqueurs. Lifting her head, she tried to bring her arms forward to support herself, but they wouldn’t move from the leather surface.Her exclamation was cut short by his voice and hands, working together to take her back down into that trance-like state.“Sssshhhh…good girl. Just relax and let me take you where you need to go. You’re doing so well.”The feel of helplessness as his hands smoothed her skin; the intoxicating scents of the oil and candles; the sound of trickling water and humming from the jacuzzi…all these combined to lull Alice into returning to her soporific haze.As his hands worked more intimately between her thighs, she gave herself completely over to the sensations, and pushed back into his touch. His fingers slid forward, separating her labia, easing over her slick folds until they Escort Eyüp parted, and she felt a delicate brush over her sensitive clitoris. She couldn’t prevent herself from starting slightly at the electric touch she craved, and he responded by skimming it again, over and over the tip until she was panting with desire.The restriction in her movement was strangely freeing, heightening the sensations building and sweeping over her tingling vulva, making her achingly aware of her empty cunt as she bucked her hips into his teasing, flickering fingers.“Tell me what you want,” he demanded, his voice quiet, but implacable.“Please…” she breathed, through barely parted lips.“Please what?” he coached her, slowing his fingers.She shook her head slightly within the confines of the padded rest.“I can’t…” she whispered despairingly.“Then this stops.”His hands began to withdraw, and she moaned in desperation. “No, please… I need this so much…”“Tell me.”“I need…I just need to feel this. To feel everything. To have your fingers inside me. Please…”“Good girl,” he murmured approvingly, and she rippled on waves of pleasure as his movements resumed, his forefinger curling around the bud of her clit, as his thumb eased inside her tight passage.She moaned in ecstasy as she felt the walls of her cunt spread and caressed by his invading digit, circling and spiralling within her.“I think you need more, don’t you?” he asked teasingly.“Please…” she begged fervently, and was rewarded with the sensation of two fingers sliding in, and unerringly pressuring that most sensitive spot, even as her clit continued to receive attention… stroked…circled…gently pinched. The combination of movements had her hips bucking frenziedly; her entire being focused on that point and the counterpoint of her G-spot being rhythmically massaged in tandem with it.

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