12 Mayıs 2023

The Interview Part 2 – Tricia’s Story


I called Tricia at noon as she had requested. She wanted to meet me at a restaurant for lunch and then we would return to her apartment for the interview. I packed up my recorder and tablet. Tricia was very easy to spot in the restaurant. Her beautiful strawberry blond hair stood out like a flag. Tricia saw me and stood up, her long legs bringing her height up to 5′ 10″. I hurried over to her table and shook her hand. Tricia gave me a peck on my cheek. She moved to sit down and I pushed her chair in. I sat down across the table from her. We ordered light lunches and ate in silence. When we finished eating we ordered a drink. Tricia wanted a Mimosa; I ordered that for her and a Bloody Mary for me. We talked small talk for awhile and ordered another drink. Tricia switched her drink to a Brandy Old Fashioned, I stayed with my original Bloody Mary. “I’m curious, why do you want to interview me about my life and how far back do you want me to go?” “I asked Tracy to marry me and she wants me to find out all I can about her family before she gives me an answer. You can go back as far as you want, but I would like you to start when you found out that Ann had adopted you.” Tricia was ready for another drink, but this time she ordered a Diet Pepsi. I did not order another. We talked for awhile about her job, and how she was not happy there and was contemplating a job change. Tricia asked for my advice and I said, “I had better wait until after the interview, I should have a better understanding of what you may want.” Drinks gone and check paid, we headed out to her apartment in my car. Tricia showed me her apartment, it was tastefully decorated. Nice furniture through out. Kind of retro 50’s. She was especially proud of her bedroom. Her bed was a mission-style bed. She informed me that it was custom made for her. It was king size width, but unusually long. Her mattress and bed linen were also custom made. I asked her why and she said, “Wait and you will find out.” Tricia liked her booze, and soon she was feeling a nice buzz. “I’m going to change into something more comfortable. These jeans are cutting off the blood to my legs.” Tricia went into her bedroom and left the door open. I could see her in her bedroom mirror. She didn’t look into her mirror, but I had a feeling she was going to do a show for me. She would act innocent when she returned to the living room, fully knowing I watched her change. Tricia did a perfect strip for me. After she had her blouse and skirt off, she made a big production of removing her bra. When she reached back to unhook her bra, she leaned back and pushed her tits forward. Then after her bra was loose, she made a big production of slipping it off her tits. I would venture a guess that she was a big “C” cup, maybe a “D”. Her breasts were formed perfect. Large nipples, slightly tipped upwards, and sitting in the center of areolas that had a two inch diameter. Tricia cupped her breasts and flicked her nipples with her thumbs. Her nipples swelled outward. Now I could see them standing more than a half inch out. Then she wet her finger and rubbed the outer edge of her areolas. Her areolas tightened, making her nipples stand out more yet. I was surprised to see her lift her breasts to her mouth and suck on them leaving them wet with her saliva. She blew cold air, and I watched as they became very hard and stood out almost an inch. I was very impressed. Next she hooked her thumbs in her panty top, and slowly slid them down, bending down at the waist, with her legs held straight. Arnavutköy escort bayan With her ass aimed directly at me, I was treated to a very pretty pussy. No hair, but a distinct wet glistening of her slit. This cunt was teasing me now. I was sure of it. Tricia lifted one leg, and her foot was out of her panties. I could see her full pussy when she did that. She finished removing her panties, and tossed them on her clothes hamper. Tricia walked away and out of my sight. I had to adjust my cock in my jeans. I had half a hardon. Tricia now appeared in front of me. She was dressed in a very sheer thong and a very sheer top, that hid nothing from my eyes. Tricia smiled at my reaction to her clothes and her body. Tricia had that fabulous hour glass figure. Seeing her like this made my cock go into full hardon mode. My cock made a big bulge along the inside of my thigh. Tricia looked at my bulge, then she looked me in my eyes and smiled. “I see I have the desired effect on you that I wanted. You see, Mom and I talk, and we have no secrets from each other. She told me what happened after the interview. She also told me how thick your cock is and how well you fucked her. I want that same experience today. Let’s do the interview now, I’m looking forward to what happens after.” “Okay, but I need your permission to record this interview. Will you grant me this permission?” I turned on my recorder. “Yes, you may record the interview that I am about to give you. I grant you permission to use it as you desire.” Tricia sat down next to me on the couch. I had an excellent view of her body beneath her sheer clothing. I was very excited that I would have the privilege of undressing her and making love to that fabulous body. I was excited that she was excited about the prospect that we would be fucking shortly. “Is it okay if I begin my interview at age seven, that is when I started remembering what was taking place in my life?” “That is fine with me,” I replied. “Ok, here goes. When I was seven, Tracy was six. I was interested in how we both had birthdays in the same month. I asked Mom, then she told me the story of my biological Mom and Dad. I didn’t know anything about them. She told me how my mother died in a car accident and how she came to know us girls. She told us about how she and my dad were married, and how she adopted us. She told me how much she loved Tracy and me, and how she always will. “Now let’s jump a couple years, I am now nine. I asked Mom why she was always gone almost every night right after supper. She told me she had a second job as a model. She was working to save money for our schooling when Tracy and I were older. I was satisfied with her answer, and I loved her all the more for thinking of us girls first. “Mom had the customary ‘Bird’s and Bee’s’ conversation along with how we would someday start having ‘Periods’. Mom was only working her modeling job now. She had quit her day job, and was at home when Tracy and I returned from school. Sometimes, on cold days, Mom would walk us to school, and then come and walk home with us. We loved it when she would do this. “Tracy would ask me questions, and I would tell her what I knew. If I didn’t know then, we would ask Mom, and she would tell us both. For example: Is Santa Clause real. Mom told us that Santa resided in the hearts of everyone who believed in him. That satisfied us. Now Christmas morning all our gifts have the name of the person giving them to us. Did I tell you that Escort Avcılar we really really love our Mom?” “Yes, you did tell me that and I can see why.” “When I turned sixteen I asked Mom why she was still modeling. I could see with my own eyes how beautiful and sexy she was, but I wanted to know. Mom told me that she still needed to work so we would have a home with all the good stuff that comes with it. She also said, ‘She was still saving money for our college education’. She also told me that someday she would not be as pretty and sexy as she is now and she would retire. It made sense and I quit asking anymore. “I graduated high school and was admitted to a local college. I was happy about this because I could stay at home and commute. Mom bought me a used four wheel drive Jeep to drive back and forth. The four wheel drive was for the snowy winter days. I inherited Mom’s smartness, even though she couldn’t have passed any genes to me. She said, ‘I passed them to you through our kisses’. Did I tell you that I love my Mom? “I was very interested in modeling also. I know I am good looking, tall and have a knock-out sexy figure. I asked Mom how I could break into modeling like she did. Mom blushed. What did I say, I asked her? It was then that Mom verified what I thought she was doing. My Mom was an escort and was getting big bucks for being a man’s girlfriend for an evening. I googled ‘escort’ and read all I could about it. When I read that most escorts have sex with their ‘Date’, I wanted to know all she did. Mom told me, leaving out the intimate details. I knew then that she was doing all this just for Tracy and me. Mom really loves us girls. “I now sat down with Mom, and we talked late into the night about her life’s work. It is a very interesting story as I’m sure you know after interviewing her. She told me if I became a model,, to stay away from the temptation of easy money. “I didn’t become a model, but being a bored young woman, I started escorting on my own. I was young and inexperienced and college girls were usually paid fifty bucks for an hour of work that included sex. I was fucked for fifty bucks many times. The Internet was my tool in escort education. Soon I was the best escort that delivered the best girlfriend experience. Working four hours for two hundred dollars was getting old, and the men were demanding more of me. My rates jumped to one hundred dollars an hour. My male friends never blinked an eye. “I remember how I fucked my first older man while escorting. He wanted to fuck me and when I told him one thousand for sex he almost shit himself. Look I said, ‘You are a forty year old married man, I’m nineteen, you do the math. If you want a good piece of young ass you will pay.’ He paid and I damn near fucked him to death. He was my ticket to many more men. My rate was now one thousand minimum. “I graduated from college with a Bachelors of Science, Information Systems. I have a job, but only work part time. I’m escorting the rest of the time. When my savings account reaches a decent amount, I invest the cash and start building it all over again. If the markets keep going the way they are, I will be a rich lady by the time I’m thirty years old.” “So would you recommend that all hot sexy girls escort?” “Oh god no, I don’t want more competition. Seriously, it may not be every girls cup of tea. Being a loving girlfriend, to someone you don’t know, can be very trying. If you give a man any suspicion that you aren’t one hundred percent Bağcılar escort into him, the word will spread and you will not be in the business long.” “So are you still escorting today?” “More than ever. I usually have a date or two everyday. I bank about seven to ten grand a week. A very experienced twenty-two year old woman can make a bundle by escorting older men. I like older men because they can fuck you the best. They also have the money. Most younger men just want to bang you until they bust their nut, giving no pleasure to a woman. The oldest man I escorted was seventy and believe or not he was a very good lay. He gave me many orgasms.” “Is there anything else you can tell me about your life?” “Yes, I don’t have a boyfriend. I do escort women and that is interesting. I’m not a lesbian, but I will give a lesbian experience to any woman who pays for it. I also do threesomes with couples. I have to be careful there. The first thing I have to figure out is if it is her experience or his. I have to devote my attention to who is have that experience. Usually it is a wife giving her husband his fantasy. That involves me more with him than her, unless his fantasy is his wife having a lesbian experience. “If the couple is not married, it is usually a boyfriend giving his girlfriend a lesbian experience. I know what he is up to, it’s his fantasy to see her getting it on with another woman. You won’t believe how many times I have been later called by the girlfriend to just escort her. Many women find out that they are gay after having a lesbian experience with me. I’m glad when I do that for a girl, to help her make a decision so important in her life. “Married women just want a bi experience. They want their pussy eaten and to eat my pussy, then they rush home and fuck their man and tell him how her fuck session with me was.” “What is the youngest girl and the oldest woman you have given a lesbian experience to?” “The youngest girl was sixteen, her mother paid me to do it. The mother and I had a lesbian experience, and she wanted her daughter to have one also. The girl was still concerned that she might be a lesbian and I gave her a couple more sessions for free. In the end, she determined she was lesbian. I usually do not give out free sex, but she was only a teen. Lucky for me, she told her mother and her mother wanted another session. We ate each other out good. I strapped on a dildo and fucked her to more orgasms than her husband could. She paid me for her daughters sessions and hers. “Later the teen and her older girlfriend paid for a lesbian threesome. It was great; I spent the whole night with them. I ate each girl out once, and they spent the rest of the time eating me out. The best was when each one of them had their tongue in and on my pussy. I could spread my legs wide enough, and they dove right in. Two tongues in my vagina made me come over and over. “We had a daisy chain experience also. That was fun. I made sure I ate out the sixteen year old. I was called that afternoon by her mother. She booked me for another full night. I slept most of the day and was ready for her. We met at a hotel and we sucked and fucked each other all night. We spent a lot of time looking into each other’s eyes as we masturbated and finger fucked each other. I gave her a new experience by fisting her cunt. She screamed when she had her orgasm. She was pleased with me and handed me a bundle of hundred dollar bills, one hundred to be exact. That was my biggest payday up until then. “And the oldest?” “Well I didn’t know the woman’s age until I met her at the hotel room. I gave her the same experience that I gave the sixteen year old. I fisted her also, and she really enjoyed that. She wanted me to spend more time with her and paid for two more hours. I asked how old she really was. ‘Seventy two,’ she replied.

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