18 Mart 2023

The Italian Stallion


It had been a long day at work. My regular lover had cancelled on me days before and I was sorely disappointed. Masturbation just wasn’t taking the edge off. I said to myself “Fuck it” and drove to a local bar where I like the staff and they have generous pours. I was wearing a tight little black sweater and black legs and my hair and makeup were perfect. I spent a few minutes chatting up the local patrons. Just chilling really.

I happen to look up and in walks this tall drink of water. GQ looking very handsome Italian man with great hair and a moustache and goatee. I love that look on men, it frames their lips and he had such a twinkle in his eye.

He sat next to me and ordered… wait for it… a “sody pop”…I’m thinking, “Are you fucking kidding me? You look like liquid sex and this is your order?” He catches me grinning into my wine and introduces himself as Mario. I exchange pleasantries with him but I can feel heat coming off him. I can always tell if a man is a good lover or not and I was definitely catching a vibe. He asked if he could buy me a glass of wine. I said, sure.

We began to talk about nothing in particular and somehow the conversation turned to sex. We were trying to be discreet but our bodies were being pulled towards each other as if by a gravitational force. He touched my hip and started to caress my thigh. That cologne was driving me nuts. I wanted to bite his neck. I could feel myself getting moist. I kept staring at those full perfect lips and by impulse I leaded over and kissed him. OMG, his lips were so soft and the feel of that beard..mmmmm. A real flavor saver. I started to think about what I would do to him.

He whispered to me…”I bet you have a beautiful pussy”…I instantly felt a small spasm in my twat. I boldly looked him in the eye and erotik hikaye said “I want to fuck you”. I could see the stirring in his pants. We left the bar and I said, “Follow me, I live 5 minutes from here.” With that rogue smile he acquiesced.

We came in and I offered him a glass of wine. I’m a huge fan of Sauvignon Blanc and I find it gets me (more) in the mood. He said, No, that all he wanted to do was please me and he didn’t want alcohol to slow him down. I smile and think about how freshly shaved and tasty clean my pussy is and how I am dying for him to lick it.

We started to kiss and he was softly lifting my flowing blond hair out of the way, kissing my neck, caressing my beautiful 42DD breasts. I am moaning softly because he is making love the way I like it to start…slow, sensual caresses that I can feel all the way to my toes. He started to kiss down my body and to blow warm breath into my crouch. I resisted the urge to smash his face into it LOL.

He asked, “Do you want to go into the bedroom now?”

I took a final toke and said, “Oh hell yeah”. I lit all the candles on my altar and put some Chill music on. I couldn’t tell where he started and I ended, our bodies were intertwined. He took all my clothes off, leaving my tiny little panties on. He pushed aside the fabric and began to lick me with long strokes of his busy little tongue. I am not sure if I pushed my ass into his face or he lifted me slightly and snaked that long, muscular tongue into my ass. Ohhhh baby, yes, that’s the spot. He was sucking on my clit and pulling at my lips then alternating between fucking my ass with his tongue fucking my vaginal opening and rubbing my tiny clit in circles. I said, “Oh my Fucking God, you are amazing…you are AMAZING! Don’t stop, don’t porno hikayeleri stop, don’t stop!”

He flipped me onto hands and knees. His tongue was buried deep in my ass and he was expertly playing with my clit. Oh, the intensity of that. Warm wet tongue giving me the chills. Slurping sounds and groans of ecstasy poured from his mouth. I had just watched this exact scenario on a porn video and had cum hard to it. More…more…more…

He put his finger inside me. I can’t usually take more than one because I do my Kegel exercises regularly and I’m pretty tight. But Mario knew exactly where my G spot was, he was putting slight pressure on it and causing me to cry out and hump his hand. I could feel the electricity in the air. Eros was definitely with us. I began to chant under the breath the Love words of the Ancient Ones…we were creating Sex Magick, to enable the flow of Kundalini.

He kept saying “You’re so beautiful… you taste so good…so sexy… your body is amazing”. I crawled to him on my hands and knees and I took his magnificent hard rock into my mouth I licked up and down the shaft and I played with his clean shaven balls. I tea bagged him and got underneath of him to play with his asshole.

I said, with a naughty little smile, “Get my phone, it’s picture time”.

He took pictures of me on my back with his dick in my mouth. I crawled underneath him and was licking his balls and asshole as I masturbated his cock with both hands. We got a GREAT shot of his curved Italian sausage in my mouth as I knelt before him. This was a huge fantasy for me because I like to look at the pictures afterwards and remember those erotic memories. He brought me to the edge of the bed and entered me. He had my legs up in the air and oooohhhh those beautiful sex hikaye pelvic thrusts. He was moving his hips in circles and I was loving every minute of it. I was fucking him with abandon.

The groans and sounds of him making love to me! So much passion. I pulled him on top of me so I could fuck him proper. He pinned my arms above my head and was sucking and licking my huge titties as he was thrusting in and out. I was yelling “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…I’m cumming” He pulled out and began to eat my pussy again. A drop of pre-cum had leaked out of him and he lapped it up like a good little boy…mmmmm

I started to get really bossy, as this Russian girl tends to do when she’s turned on. I told him to get on his stomach and I mounted him and rubbed my wet pussy all over his ass. I gave him a massage with my well-shaped gorgeous tits. He was clutching the sides of the bed and squirming. I could tell he was dying to get back into this pussy which was dripping with want. I put him on his back and pulled HIS legs up and out. I then started to deep throat his cock with his legs in the air and told him to fuck my face. I wet my finger and started playing around his anus again. Instantly his cock got harder. I know my men LOL.

I got on top and rode him like the Wild Stallion that he was…grabbing his head of hair, controlling the depth of him. I started to rock my hips and move them in circles. I breathed…” I want you to cum”

He said, “Are you sure?” I nodded. He thrust harder and exploded with a shout. We collapsed in sticky sweetness. Then, don’t you know, Mario had something up his sleeve. He started kissing my pussy and licking all that cum out of me. How did he know? Did he see inside my brain to know that I had been dreaming of that? He brought those full lips back to mine and thrust that eager tongue back in my mouth. Ohhhhhh…the combined tastes of our cum.so erotic…so delicious. I asked him, “Can I write about this?” and he was thrilled I fell asleep being cuddled in those strong masculine arms. This Stallion tamed this Wild Filly!

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