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Subject: The Jogger (13) (Incident 3 (7) This is a fictional story about a possible incident that may have, or may not have happened while I was near the park recently. I was in the park and saw a super hot jogger as he passed by me. I glanced at him. He glanced back at me. But that was it. I should have gotten more. Lol Enjoy.. The Jogger (Incident 3 (7) ….. I felt it at my hole. I felt Darren’s very big dick back there. He pushed the fat cock head at my needy asshole. I felt it, the pressure of his dick as he tried to shove it into my ass. The fat thing had trouble pushing into me at first. I mean his dick was very big after all. And trying to push his big thing into my hole. Even a hole that has been fucked before was gonna be a struggle. “Fuck man.” He said “It’s pretty tight” “But I’m gonna get in there” He raised his hand up as he continued to push that club at my hole. And then down came his hand. A hard spank to my butt cheek. A hard sway that stung. But I knew why he did it. The distraction loosens the butt hole. I have had that before. Darren did it several times too. And my hole sure did loosen. For that’s when he shoved his huge dick into me. Hard. Pain hit me then. A fiery searing pain. I first chirped a cry. Then it was cut off as he pushed through my sphincter. That dudes very big dick pushed through my ass hole and into my bowels. It was like a hot poker being punched into my ass. I was on the bed, wincing as I couldn’t get the cry of pain out. I grabbed at the pillow and pulled bursa escort it to my face. Then I got down on it. “Shot man. Good freaking hole” he chimed “Feels really tight on my dick” “Awwe man” Of course it was tight for his dick. I wanted to call out to him. Of course my hole was small to his huge lead pipe that he was trying to cram up into my colon. But as I could not speak, I just made a whimpered squeak. And that’s all I could get out. A squeak. So I just continued to bite into the pillow. “Yeah man. Take it.” He said “Take that dick man” “Soo fucking great” “Hmm. Fuckk” And Darren continued to slide his huge dick into me. At least he was moving through my sphincter slowly. He wasn’t trying to wreck me. Smooth and easy strikes. Even if I was feeling each and every inch of him. Each and every huge inch of Darren’s big thick cock. “Hmm. Fuckk. Soo big” I was finally able to spill out of my mouth. And my words seemed to spur him on to move a bit quicker. Digging down even deeper now. “Shit man. This hole feels soo freaking great” he chimed. “I love how it holds my cock” “So damned tight too” With that Darren did start to pick up the pace. Giving more of his cock. Harder now he went into my body. Plowing now most of his schlong into my bowels. I groaned and cried out from sharp jabs he gave me. Fucking up my ass hole and bowels. His dick was just so fucking big is all. “”Fuck. Awee fuck man” I cried “Gotta slow.. Ughn fuckk” “Please. Awe fuck. Shiit!” But the assault continued as darren bursa escort bayan felt my ass trying to fight him. This only excited him more. Darren feeling my ass gripping and pushing at him. Trying to push his huge dick out. It made him drive into me harder. “Yeah fucker. Awe fuck yeah” he grumbled “Your ass is soo. Hmmf fuckk” “Fucking awesome” “Shiit. Fuck. Awe fuckk!” “Your fucking ass man” Darren continued to pound down on my hole. The pain that he was inflicting was staring to subside in my hole. Replaced with a dull heat. And a feeling of such fullness. Like I needed to go. But I knew I didn’t. I just lay under Darren. Just taking all that dick he was slamming into me. Groaning as his cock tore into my body over and over again. Even though the pain was dissipating I felt he may punch through my guts at any moment. And I could hear him behind me. Grunting madly as he gave me his cock. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Awe fuckk!” He cried as he continued to bang away at me. Darren thrust harder and faster as he closed in on his oncoming orgasm. And I knew it was close. His breathing was getting a buy ragged and his thrusts beyond fast were erratic too. And not to mention the heavy grunting behind me. It was like there was a pig grunting behind me. “Fuck man. Awee fuck man” he chirped “Gonna fucking blow dude” “Your ass. Awe fuck I love your ass” His body started to get rigid too. So it was any moment now. I moaned again and again as his cock hammered my guts up. Then I felt my own body squirming escort bursa under him. His dick was pulling me to an orgasm too. I rubbed my dick to the mattress as he plowed my guts harder still. Darren soon was growling and calling out to whatever powers was driving him to orgasm. Grumbling and seemingly speaking in tongues. For a moment I thought he was possessed. “Shit man. Awee shiit” he then cried out “I am cumming. I am cumming. Hmmf fuckk!” His body then hammered mine as he blew. His dick crushing down into me like a pile driver machine. Drilling for oil. But this was only reverse as the hard pipe drilling was exploding. Darren’s dick powered into me as he dumped his cum into my body. “Yeah, yeah, yeah….!” He then drifted off. And then he collapsed in my back. Huffing and puffing as he finished his dump. He was on me just grinding his schlong inside me now. Raking the huge thing all up in my guts. Making sure his com filled up all the crevices inside me. And then after a few momenta of just laying on me, he pulled out and turned over in the bed. He was still panting as he lay there. I turned over too. That’s when I saw I had cum under him, under his ass battering assault. The bed and my belly covered in it. “Shit Darren. You fucked the fun outta me” I stated He looked over and smiled. Liking that his fucking caused my eruption. Then he grabbed my dick and scooped up some cum. Then He brought it to his lips and sucked. “Hmm. Good shit” he said. He then lay back and sighed. And the hard great fucking had ended just like that. I went home and to my every day routine. But every now and then I walked the park. That way I could run into the hot hung jogger for a hot time after his run…… The End. Thanks for reading

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