18 Mart 2023

The Lame Testicle


Kneeling on the bed, her ass high in the air, Phyllis thrust her hand between Roger’s thighs. Juices ran freely from her gaping cunt. She took his cock in her fingers, aiming it at his wife’s cunt. He lay between her widespread thighs, his cock rampant even after having fucked Phyllis while his wife Sheila applauded them. As soon as he felt the softness of Sheila’s cunt lips with the helmet of his cockhead, he thrust gently. He could still feel Phyllis’ fingers on his stem massaging him lightly. “Give it to her!” she prodded him.

His pushed harder and his stem was swallowed by his wife’s eager, welcoming cunt. Phyllis slapped his rump gently, “Fuck the cunt!” He redoubled his efforts sinking all the way to her cervical entrance. Being a short woman her channel was not as long as Phyllis’ thus requiring much less travel.

“Aaaiiie!” screamed Sheila. “Aa-a-a-h!” She sounded like she was being borne on a wheelbarrow over a bumpy surface as Roger hammered into her. Having been eaten by Phyllis while she was being gerçek sex hikayesi rogered, Sheila’s cunt was already quite wet. She came in scant minutes, while Roger followed hot on her heels. They all collapsed into a wet, sweaty, smelly heap and slept soundly until morning.

He was the first to wake at the alarm, but soon enough both women followed suit.


The green Ford Taunus turned in at the gate and roared up the drive into the school where they all taught. The children in Roger’s class knew as soon as he drove in by the sound of his car, but so did Sheila’s. Phyllis was not a class teacher, as she taught music and some English lessons. Their arrival every morning was so regular that everyone, staff and subordinates could set their watches by that entry. They each had six minutes to cross from the parking to their classrooms, take the register (except Phyllis) and begin the lesson dead on time.

The one unusual feature was that the front seat of the Taunus had not porno erotik hikayeler two seats, but a bench one from the driver’s door to the passenger’s. So the three all sat in the front without squeezing, or hindering Roger in his driving. The other teachers speculated that they all lived in the same house, for they seemed to do everything together, except perhaps going to the toilet. One story went that in fact Miss Rogton (Phyllis) was a twin to Mrs Pinto (Sheila), for they were nearly identical. Roger himself was rumoured to have one false eye. They both loved to dress in mini skirts or dresses though they took care not to wear the same colours on the same day. The Pintos liked to give the children writing punishments by writing out, “I shall not (do whatever)” so many hundreds of times. Six was more of the usual but sometimes he would order seven hundred. The poor child had to bring them to the staffroom door when they were done before the end of the first period of the afternoon, no matter when the punishment porno hikayeleri had been given. Whoever of the three who happened to be on hand would receive them and hand them to the one who had ordered them.

The staff members were sometimes jealous that they shared marking duties amongst the three of them so they never fell behind. If one had not finished with a certain pile of children’s books when the bell for the next lesson went, they simply left them on the table for the next one who came along to continue. Since Phyllis did not teach as many lessons as the Pintos she took more of the burden of marking off the shoulders of the other two. At lunchtime they piled into their beloved Taunus for lunch at home. The official story was that Miss Rogton’s house was in the same estate as the Pintos’ which was indeed true. It was that only she spent more time with them than in hers. In the evening they rode off again in the same way.

Because they had been married for several years but had not been ‘blessed’ with a child, some unkind souls joked that Roger had a failure on one side of his body, the one with a false eye. It was said that the testicle on that side was dead, or at the every least, lame. That is why he had failed to impregnate either his wife or Phyllis.

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