24 Ocak 2023

The Last of Them Ch. 06


Thank you for all the on-going feedback from the previous stories in this series. Hope you enjoy this next chapter. 5s and positive feedback are always appreciated. I also like the feedback that helps me improve my writing. I like to think I’ve improved as the series has progressed. Thank you those that have helped in that regard.

The taxi ride back to our place was fairly… eventful. Beth and Anna were all over each, at least as much as decency and their dresses would allow. Rach was all over me as well meaning the back of the cab reeked of sex by the time we arrived home. God knows what the taxi driver thought. Lord knows I caught him watching him enough times. We stopped outside our place and I paid the guy and I could see the envy in his eyes. I just shrugged, told him to keep the change and got out, eager to see where this night was going to end. Was kinda hoping it wouldn’t.

The alcohol the girls had downed on the way out the venue was clearly having an effect. Beth and Anna were giggling mischievously and swaying slightly whereas myself and Rach appeared unaffected.

“It’s the nanites love. They’re filtering the alcohol out of your blood to keep your head clear.” Rach whispered in my mind.

“You mean I can’t get drunk ever again?”

“You can. They can be disabled temporarily if you wish?”

I thought about that for a second. Remembered the consequences of getting drunk. The hangover. The pounding headache. The dry mouth. The following day lost in a cloud of nauseousness and regret. “You know what? Never mind.” I replied, drawing an eye roll from Rach.

“Wise choice.” Rach replied, grinning. “Besides, think of the fun you’re going to have tomorrow morning. You won’t be able to have that fun if you’re feeling like shit.”

“I chuckled. You’re not wrong there.” I snapped out of our private dialogue when I realised the girls were looking at me expectantly. “Oh right I’ve got the keys.” I said out loud as I hurriedly unlocked the front door and ushered them all in.

Rach quickly stuck the heating on as the temperature had dropped outside while we were in transit. Not for our benefit, more for our guests.

Rach started ushering the girls upstairs, which drew a questioning glance from me. “We’re all going upstairs to change into something more comfortable. Why don’t you get us some drinks James?”

“What are Beth and Anna going to change into exactly?” I asked, suspiciously.

“Clothes from the bags of theirs I snuck into the house after work in the middle of the week.” She stated as if it was blatantly obvious. I opened mouth to ask what bags and it all clicked. Rach had planned all of this. Had planned on us seducing Beth and Anna tonight and bringing them back here.

She watched on as the cogs whirred putting everything into place. “You planned all this didn’t you?” I asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Now that James…” she paused to kiss me on the lips “…would be telling.” She turned and followed the other two upstairs. God I loved this woman.

I headed into the kitchen to raid the drinks cabinet to find brand new bottles of whisky and vodka in the there. “Whisky and coke for Beth. Vodka and coke for Anna.” I visibly jumped and span around as Rach spoke to me from upstairs.

“Jesus woman would you knock on my skull before you do that.” I joked. “You scared the life out of me.”

“Sorry. I keep thinking you’re used to this method of communication. Guess it’s going to take you longer to adjust than I thought.”

“I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually. How’s everything upstairs?” I asked, trying to pry open a wider connection to her mind so I could see through her eyes.

“Ah ah ah. No you don’t mister. No spoiling the surprise.”


I heard a thump at the bottom of the stairs. “I threw some comfy clothes down for you so you can change too.”

I reached the bottom of the stairs and found an Aquaman t-shirt and some pyjama bottoms. “Oh ha bloody ha” I whispered to her, remembering how she described me getting out the shower to her friends. “Why don’t I just go topless?”

“Two reasons, one they want to play strip poker so you’ll need the clothes and two it’ll spoil their surprise and believe me, you don’t want that.”

I quickly changed as instructed and left my suit from tonight hanging on the banister then returned to my bartender duties.

I brought all of our drinks through to the lounge and set them down on the coffee table before grabbing a seat one of the couches and started to wonder what was taking the girls so long.

I sometimes forgot I lived with a girl, after Rach moved her stuff in we ended up with a strange amalgamation of furniture which, somehow all went quite well together. Two couches sat either side of the lounge with the coffee table in the middle, both angled towards the TV mounted on the wall. It was my TV that stayed in the lounge, hers went upstairs to the bedroom so we could watch movies and porn in bed.

Rach walked in like butter wouldn’t escort izmir melt dressed in a very small silk dressing gown. No wonder she wanted the heating on. The gown barely covered her arse. No complaints sprang to mind.

“Hello lover boy.” She said, casually looking round the lounge, pretending to look for somewhere to sit before lowering herself onto my lap.

“Hmmm. Perfect.” She said, grinding her crotch into my lap which inevitably caused something to begin lengthening. “He’s in for a long night you know.”

“Oh I know. We don’t have to do this though. You’re more than enough for me. I don’t need anyone else.”

“Like I said at the start of the night, I know you feel like that. This is fun though. Those poor girls won’t be able to walk tomorrow bless them. They don’t believe you’re as amazing as I say. I can’t wait to see their faces when they realise I’ve really been downplaying how good you are. But don’t let that go to your head. The one with the ears that is. If the one between your legs got anymore swollen you’d split me in two.”

At this point my hands had started to explore her body, sliding up and under and into every gap in the material of her tiny dressing gown. She half turned her head, pulling me into a passionate kiss.

“Are we interrupting something Rach?” Beth asked, clearly not minding the show.

I looked up and saw that Beth and Anna were both also wearing tiny silk dressing gowns.

“Not at all Beth. I was just warming him up for you and Anna.” She replied, rising from my lap.

“So I see.” She replied in kind, eyeing the large bulge in the front of my pyjama bottoms and licking her lips. Anna was also very interested in the contents of my pyjamas from what I could see.

“Here are your drinks girls.” I said, mainly to snap them out their trance.

They each grabbed their own and sat down on the couch opposite.

“So… strip poker was it?” Rach asked the girls, grinning.

“I don’t know Rach. I’m not sure I’ll last much longer without jumping your boyfriend over there. It’s taking a lot of self-control to stay sat where I am.” Beth said, her eyes burning into mine, drinking in everything inch of my flesh she could see and another 10 inches or so she couldn’t.

I gulped. “I’ll get the cards and chips then.” I hurriedly grabbed a deck from a cabinet drawer in the kitchen and then the chips from the cabinet full of board games we had in the dining room.

I set the cards down on the table and handed out the chips into four even stacks of 30 and then I offered refills on the drinks to which no one wanted one so I sat back down.

“What are the rules then?” Rachel asked, looking at Anna, suggesting it was her idea initially.

“Normal Texas Hold em Poker. If you lose a hand, you lose an item of clothing. You lose everything, you start doing dares, which will be chosen by the winner of that hand. Everyone that runs out of chips becomes the sex slave of the winner.”

I knew where I wanted to come in the standings. 3 beautiful sex slaves for the night? Yes please. Everyone agreed that was fine. We then totted up clothing items. As we all had 3 items on (gown, bra and panties for the girls, t-shirt, bottoms and boxers for me) no one needed a handicap.

Rach quickly went about shuffling the deck and started dealing.

Now I’m an okay poker player and I knew Rach hadn’t played it much. The other girls were unknown quantities though so I knew I had to be careful. Although, I knew I was already getting laid tonight no matter what happened… I just wanted to be the one in control.

I was sat to the left of Rach who was first dealer so I put 2 chips down for the big blind, followed by Beth’s single chip for the small blind. First pair of cards was okay. 8 of diamonds and Jack of spades. Nobody was going all in on the first hand though so everyone just called the big blind and out came the flop. Flop didn’t give me much. 8 of spades gave me a pair but the two of hearts and 6 of clubs got me shit all. The girls, even in their inebriated state were pretty unreadable. I raised one chip (all the chips we had were the same value and we each had 30 chips each) Beth and Anna called pretty quickly.

“Do we consider folding, losing a hand?” Rach asked. After some back and forth everyone agreed that the first to fold wouldn’t take a loss but everyone after that would. So Rach folded, much to the consternation of Beth and Anna who I could tell weren’t as confident in their cards as initially presumed.

With Rach now out, she put the fourth card down which was the 8 of clubs which meant I was now sat on a three of a kind, potentially a full house. I put 5 chips down. Beth took a good minute or two before calling. Anna however, folded. She sighed and stood up and without taking her eyes off me, slowly undid the gown she was wearing before sliding it off her shoulders and then letting it fall to the floor. Underneath she was wearing a lacey set of maroon lingerie, the bra barely containing a pair of very firm looking B izmir escort bayan cup tits with matching French knickers, accentuating her tight firm ass.

“Such a slut Anna.” Beth said, laughing.

Anna turned to Rach. “Can I add a new rule that the first person in each hand to lose clothing gets a preview of what’s coming later?”

It took me a second to register what she said, by which point Rach had nodded. Anna strode over to where I was sat, turned to stick her tongue out at Beth before straddling me. I quickly looked at Rach before Anna was pulling my face to hers and kissing me hungrily. I was momentarily taken aback before my hands found her back and her ass and started exploring.

In a heartbeat I was rock hard and Anna could feel it because I could feel her breath catch everytime it poked into her.

“Good lord Rachel. How the hell do you walk after a single night with this let alone every night?” Anna asked my girlfriend, while reaching down to slide her hand down my cock.

Rach just smiled and shrugged. “You get used to it.”

“I’ll bet you fucking do. Lucky bitch. If you were mine James, we’d never get out of bed.”

“Sounds pretty exhausting.”

“I’m sure you’d cope.”

“I was talking about you.” I replied, winking lecherously.

“Fuck the game and the foreplay. I want you now. I’m going to ride you till both of your heads explode.” Anna said desperately, lust and desperation animating her voice as she pulled my face to hers and began kissing me ravenously.

“What do you want me to do?” I somehow asked Rach telepathically.

“I want to see you fuck her brains out of her skull. Sod the game. I was getting bored anyway. Let’s take this upstairs.”

I agreed and without missing a beat, lifted myself and Anna off the couch, drawing a squeal of surprise from Anna. As she put her legs down I whispered in her ear “That’s not the last squealing noise you’ll be making tonight.” She gave my cock a quick squeeze before picking up her robe and following Rach upstairs.

Beth stepped in front of me at the door of the living room. “And where’s my preview?” She asked, hands on her hips and eyebrow raised.

I smiled. “Right here beautiful.” I stepped into her personal space, my hands wrapping her in my embrace as I pulled her in for a sultry, passionate kiss. I broke contact after a minute or so and she staggered back a little. “How was your preview?”

“Pretty good. But this will be even better.” She stepped towards me, dropped to her knees and pulled my bottoms and boxers down in one smooth motion, causing my still hard cock to spring free and nearly smack her in the face. She looked me right in the eyes as her mouth enveloped my cock in one go.

My head fell back and I groaned in the back of my throat. My hands found the back of her head as her mouth started moving up and down on my length, her tongue swirling around the end of my dick. I could feel her moaning and as I looked down I spotted her right hand was in the front of her underwear, strumming her clit.

“Naughty boy.” I felt Rach’s presence slide into my mind, could feel what she was doing upstairs. Could feel that she could feel Anna’s mouth on my cock. “I know what you want to do to her. You want to pin her against that wall and fuck her till she can’t stand anymore.” I felt Rach switch with Beth. Felt her clamber up her body and lower her dripping wet cunt onto Beth’s face. Felt Beth’s tongue start lapping at her pussy. “Do it. Anna loves the rough stuff. Force your cock down her throat first. Show her who’s in charge.”

I grabbed the back of Anna’s head and did as Rach suggested, forced every inch of my cock down her throat. Felt a low guttural moan as her eyes rolled into her head as she came from her own ministrations, the forced deepthroat sending her over the edge.

I released her head and she gasped for air as her mouth released my cock from its embrace before I grabbed her bodily, lifting her small frame with ease before again following Rach’s suggestion, spinning her around and hooking my left arm through her arms between them and over her shoulder blades, pinning her arms behind her back. My right arm wrapped itself around her throat, her feet now dangling in front of mine. I lined her pussy up with my rock hard length before sliding it into her. I walked a short distance to a section of the living room wall not covered by pictures or furniture.

“I hear you like it rough.” I whispered in her ear. Nod.

“You enjoy feeling helpless?” Nod.

“You want to be fucked till you scream don’t you?” Nod.

“I want to hear you say it.” I growled, feeling her body quiver in my arms.

“Please James…. Fuck me till I scream. Fuck me till I cannot stand up straight anymore. I’m yours to do with as you wish.” She mewled.

I slowly started lifting her and then forcing her back down, each rise and fall thrusting my cock in and out of her dripping hole, each movement eliciting a groan or a squeal depending on the direction.

“Please…..fuck……me…….harder…..” izmir escortlar Anna begged, inbetween thrusts.

I began to increase the pace of my thrusting, driving my cock into her faster and faster until all she could do was draw breath, she was no longer capable of the coherent thought that her making noise required.

I could feel her shaking increase as her climax approached. I suddenly stopped thrusting causing her to mewl in surprise as my left hand quickly extricated itself from where it was pinning her arms and quickly reached around and found her clit, strumming it like there was no tomorrow.

Her mewl quickly turned to groaning and before I knew it her hips started bucking against my pelvis and she came hard, squealing as I struggled to keep her pinned against the wall.

Her mewl quickly turned to groaning and before I knew it her hips started bucking against my pelvis and she came hard, squealing as I struggled to keep her pinned against the wall.

Still in a shaky post orgasmic state, she squealed again as I reached down and lifted her over my shoulder like she weighed nothing. I strode towards the stairs, my strength allowing me to take the steps two at a time despite carrying Anna on my shoulder.

I knocked our bedroom door open from its ajar state with my foot and found Rach still riding Beth’s face like a rodeo champion. Rach locked eyes with me as I walked in the door and almost immediately, she tensed up and scrunched her eyes suggesting she’d just cum again. I felt her in my mind again almost straight away.

“Bring her over here. I want to watch you fuck her brains out of her head.”

I dropped Anna face first on the end of the bed in front of Rachel, still panting. I dragged her up onto all fours. I grabbed her hip with my left hand, my swollen cock with my right and thrusted my throbbing member back inside her causing her to cry out in passion.

I reached forward and grabbed her wrists, pulling them behind her back before crossing them so my right hand had her left wrist and vice versa. I pulled her wrists back and thrust at the same time to make sure it was going to have the required effect. Hearing Anna squeal was all the confirmation I needed.

I went from stationery to piston in 5 seconds flat, my enhanced strength and stamina from Rach’s nanites meaning I wasn’t going to tire anytime soon.

I looked up and watched Rach and Beth change positions. Rach laid back against the headboard of the bed, her hungry eyes drinking in the sight of my drilling into Anna from behind, her helpless form shuddering from the ecstatic bliss pouring into her brain from the pounding she was taking. Beth, equally fascinated with the show I was putting on, moved into a position in front of Rach between her splayed legs, Rach’s hands quickly finding ways to enhance Beth’s enjoyment of the show.

I suddenly felt Rach connect to me mind. “Last one to make their playmate cum loses.”

I watched as the speed of Rach’s fingers increased, forcing Beth’s eyes open wide in surprise. By this time I’d already felt Anna cum twice and she was already close to a third. I thought quickly as I could see Beth was about to tip into an orgasm of her own. I took both of Anna’s wrists in one hand, sucked a couple of times on the thumb of my free hand and, without any warning slid it into Anna’s little asshole. A combination of surprise and my thrusting which still hadn’t slowed sent Anna careening over the edge and she wailed through her latest orgasm of the night. I released my grip on her wrists just before every muscle in her lower half began quivering before she collapsing forward onto the bed exhausted.

“Okay you win. Claim your prize.” Glancing down at Beth who was still on the cusp, of her own orgasm, Rach’s ministrations having slowed enough to keep her on the edge but never quite doing enough to send her over the edge.

I moved around the semi-conscious form of Anna who was still on the come down and looked to be drifting off to sleep. Beth, lost in her attempts to persuade Rach to get her off didn’t realise I was approaching until I grabbed her ankles and dragged her in front of me, my mouth quickly nestling into the junction between her thighs, my tongue quickly finding her clit, eliciting a series of expletives as I quickly drove her to the orgasm and the release she’d been desperate for. I heard her climax gutturally, her breath coming in short sharp rasps. I took a minute to compose myself before raising myself onto my knees before positioning my cock at her dripping wet entrance, I slid into her easily, causing Beth to groan in pleasure.

While still inside her, I hooked her right leg and rolled her onto her left side. My right hand hooked behind her right knee and my left took hold of her right elbow. I used my grip to keep her in place as I began powerfully pumping into her, every thrust causing her to moan louder and louder. I picked up my speed a little but eased up on the power. I didn’t want to break her. Not literally anyway.

I felt Rach climb off the bed and saw her move behind me out of the corner of my eye. There was some movement behind me from where Anna was laid prone, half conscious and then Rach was behind me whispering in my ear.

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