1 Mayıs 2023

The Let’s Fuck Our Daddies Club Ch. 02


By Darius Thornhill

Authors note: This is the second episode in the “Let’s Fuck Our Daddies Club” series. If you enjoy this one the other chapters are available by clicking my username. Whilst they all work as stand-alone stories I think it more fun if you read them in sequence. Please rate the stories and comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Enjoy!

Chapter 2 — Daddy Dreams – Flic’s Story

How does one seduce one’s father? I had to have a plan, but fate had dealt me a fortunate hand. Shortly after I got home daddy said he had to go on a work trip to Manchester. I asked him if I could tag along. I told him I’d always want to see Manchester and explore its music and art vibes.

“Sure Felicity,” he said. “I’d love the company – if you don’t mind spending the days amusing yourself.” Apparently he’d have to do the odd evening out entertaining clients, but the rest of the evenings we’d spend together.

That sounded ideal to me. He told me he’d book a two-bedroom suite in a central hotel for us. One of the benefits of having a rich Daddy who runs his own business!

A week or so later we set of to drive in the Range Rover to Manchester.

For the journey I wore my very shortest skirt, the one daddy said, ‘looked like a wide belt’, and under it I pulled on my purple satin panties with the white lace trim. Then I added a loose cotton top with wide armholes so my boobs would be visible. No bra — I didn’t need one for my perky tits.

As I walked towards the car carrying my small overnight bag, I saw daddy do a double take. He’d obviously clocked my skimpy outfit and my firm nipples poking through the top, which was just what I wanted, but he quickly looked away.

I stowed my bag in the boot and settled into the wide, comfortable passenger seat. It was a warm day and as we headed out to the motorway we chatted about the trip and what we might do. Eventually I told him I felt a little tired and said I’d probably fall asleep.

“That’s OK,” he said. “It’ll take a few hours. Get some rest. You’ll need it with all the activities you’ve got planned.”

He little knew how true that was!

I arranged myself on the front seat where I was apparently going to fall asleep. Of course, I had no intention of actually sleeping. I laid the seat backrest back so I could stretch out with my head on one side. Like this I could see what daddy was doing but he didn’t know he was being watched.

I pulled my legs into a yoga-like crossed legs position showing the full length of my legs and inner thighs. My knickers were almost visible to him. I noticed my father looking over for a few seconds and then quickly back to the road. I smiled to myself. He was checking out my body again. This was going to work!

After a few minutes of feigned sleep I started whispering, apparently dreaming.

“Oh yes,” I mumbled. “Don’t stop… mmm… yes just there…ooo!” I saw daddy look over at me again, a longer look this time. I was glad the car had all the modern safety devices like lane control fitted as he definitely wasn’t concentrating fully on driving.

I wriggled a little in the seat so he could see my panties clearly. He kept glancing at me and then back to the road. I moaned some more.

“Mmm that’s nice daddy,” I whispered just loud enough for him to hear. Just in case he wasn’t sure what I meant I added “Yes just there. I know its naughty but I want you to!” All the time I was gently moving my hips so he could have any doubts about what I was supposedly dreaming about.

The thought of my body exciting my own father turned me on. It wasn’t long before a small dark patch appeared in my panties as I became more aroused. The aroma of my excitement pervaded the car and my father started to look more and more uncomfortable.

With a final whispered “Oh yes daddy, yes! I want you!” I turned onto my side facing away from him so the cheeks of my bum with the skimpy purple panties pulled tight between my cheeks were clearly visible to him.

I heard a cough and a splutter. ‘Poor daddy’ I thought. Then I felt his hand on my skirt trying to pull it down to cover me up. His touch felt warm and manly, which turned me on even more. The damp patch grew larger. The atmosphere in the car became more electric. Suddenly there was aloud beeping.

“Damn!” swore my father. I feigned a sudden wake up.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Just the satnav darling. I was going too fast through the roadworks. I lost concentration there for a moment. We’ll pull into the next service station and get a coffee.”

That was OK with me as by now I needed to change my panties anyway.

A few hours later we arrived at the hotel. After settling in we went out to a local restaurant where we ate a good meal and chatted about everything and anything. I’d made Kıbrıs Escort sure I wore skimpy clothing that showed off my tits and nipples as much as possible. Daddy was good at not looking too much but when I wasn’t looking he’d grab a quick peek.

When we got back to the hotel I kissed him good night on the cheek making sure he felt my young breasts pressing against him. I wanted to keep reminding him of how his daughter had become a very sexy young lady.

The next few days went by as I enjoyed vibrant Manchester City during the day while he was at meetings. The evening pattern was usually the same — a long chatty meal and then a hug good night. I noticed that his hugs were becoming longer and longer while I pressed my body against his. When we’d had a couple of drinks the hugs were almost too long for a father / daughter good night hug. I made sure he felt my warm lips on his neck. Sometimes I thought I’d felt the brief pressure of a hardening cock pressing against my tummy, quickly withdrawn.

Then the night came when he had to go out with his clients. He said he’d be back late and apologised.

“That’s’ OK Dad,” I said. “Just make sure you come and kiss me goodnight when you do come in.”

“Sure thing darling. I’ll be back around eleven o’clock,” he said, giving me a brief hug before leaving me alone.

Later that night I got ready for bed.

I left the door to my bedroom open and arranged the mirrored cupboard door so that I could see myself and hopefully daddy too when he came in. I took off all my clothes and lay naked on the bed on my side with one leg drawn up so he couldn’t help noticing my pert bottom and the dark crevice that held my (and hopefully his) secret delights. I half covered my legs with a sheet to make it look like I’d kicked it off in my sleep. Then I waited.

The thought of what might happen tonight when daddy came back from his meeting excited me. I felt the beautiful dampness of anticipation between my legs and the subtle aroma of my arousal pervaded the air. I had to stop myself rubbing my pussy and making myself come. I wanted to save it for my father.

I didn’t have to wait too long. At around 11pm or so I heard the main suite door open. I tracked the rustles of his clothing being removed. I imagined him naked now, his cock hanging and swaying, walking towards the bathroom. Then imagination turned into reality; light from his room leaked into mine via the bathroom and I heard a quite gasp as he obviously saw me lying on my bed.

I started to whimper and moan, apparently in my sleep, to attract his attention. I heard a soft step on the carpet and knew he was coming into my bedroom. Peeking under half-closed eyelids I saw his shadow advance and then in the mirror I saw my father almost stark naked, just wearing his boxers, with a look of both confusion and lust on his face. A slight smell of whisky joined the aromas in the room.

“Good,” I thought to myself. “He will be less inhibited with a little alcohol in him!”

In the half-light I could see his body. He was quite trim, broad shouldered, strong arms and with a small middle-aged belly. But below that — wow! — tight in his shorts his cock and balls were substantial to say the least. I moaned involuntarily now at the thought that if I played this right, I could be feeling that cock between my thighs and sliding into my willing cunt.

“Oh yes!” I sighed. “Yes daddy. Touch me, stroke me! Mmm that tickles! Nice tickle daddy. Oh… just there… Oh!”

In the mirror I could see his cock was already growing bigger and beginning to stand proud of his balls. His face was a picture of confusion. He was obviously excited but scared to touch me in case I awoke.

More play acting was needed.

“Oh yes daddy!” I whispered again, still feigning sleep and dreams. “Touch me there daddy. I want you to. I promise not to tell. I love you, daddy. I want to feel you, touch you too.” I wriggled my body as I said this, jiggling my bum cheeks as provocatively as I could without arousing his suspicion. The sheet fell away from me leaving everything exposed to his gaze. In the mirror I saw him take a step towards my bed, then another until he was standing right next to me. His cock was now in his hand, and he was stroking himself and moaning quietly.

He was whispering to himself. “Oh shit. I can’t. She’s my daughter. I shouldn’t be doing this. Fuck, she’s so sexy.” All the time I could see his cock was growing larger and larger.

Time to up the ante: I moaned loudly and rolled over onto my back, separated my thighs so my shaven cunt was clearly visible to him. As I slipped my hand between my legs I started dream talking again.

“God that feels good daddy. No, you’re not too heavy. I can feel your cock! It’s so big. Will you Lefkoşa Escort fuck me daddy? Please? It’s not wrong if I love you and you love me. Please… please… I won’t tell… I promise daddy…”

I started to writhe and grind my hips against the bed, all the time moaning and asking for him to fuck me. And then — yes! – I felt the bed shift as he knelt next to me. I could see him, cock in one hand and with the other he was reaching forward to touch my thigh. He was almost there… almost… but he hesitated, his conscience fighting back against his arousal. The incest taboo bending and stretching until finally I forced the issue: I lifted my knees and parted my thighs so he could see all my damp delights in the half-light and in doing so I brought his hand into contact with my smooth inner thigh.

At last! Tremors went through me at his touch, and I almost cried out loud giving the game away. Still pretending to be asleep I cooed and moaned as he started stroking my leg gently; slowly getting nearer and nearer to my perfectly smooth cunt. I was shivering with anticipation as his fingertips brushed against my pussy lips. He must have felt the moistness of my arousal because he whispered “Oh fuck… fuck… fuck!” to himself.

In the mirror I could see him kneeling between my invitingly open thighs, his cock now at full attention as he stroked it. He lifted his hand to inhale and then taste my nectar and at that point he was slightly off-balance. I moaned aloud again, whispered “Yes daddy. Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me,” as I circled his waist with my legs and pulled him towards me.

Heaven! I felt his weight on top of me pressing me into the bed. I felt his strong shoulders pinning me down. Best of all I felt his cock press between my cunt lips, the tip almost penetrating my vagina. He froze, afraid I suppose that he woken me up, so I sighed in my pretend sleep, whispering encouragement to him. “Oh daddy! I can feel you down there. Your cock is so big. I want to feel it in me. Fuck me daddy, fuck me!”

At the same time I wriggled my hips and squeezed him towards me with my legs, which opened my lips and cunt to him and suddenly — bliss! The bulbous tip of his cock slipped easily into my willing body.

“Ah!” He groaned aloud. As his lust overtook his inhibition, he slid the full length of his cock into his daughter’s cunt. “I can’t do this,” he whispered to himself. “What if I put a baby in her belly? Her mother will kill me!”

“I’m on the pill daddy,” I said out loud dropping the pretence of sleep at last. “And nobody will know.”

“Shit!” he exclaimed. “You’re awake!”

“Yes daddy. I’ve been awake all the time. You don’t think I want to snooze through my first daddy fuck do you?” All the time I was rocking my hips to keep him in me, get him deeper in me – and to make sure the shock didn’t make him loose his magnificent erection.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have come in here and, well, you’re my daughter! This shouldn’t be happening.”

“But it is happening daddy. Your cock is deep in my cunt and I want you to fuck me!” I squeezed my father’s cock with my vagina eliciting a deep lusty groan from him. “See? You want to don’t you?”

“I don’t know…” he hesitated. “What if..?”

“What if nothing!” I interrupted. “I love you. I want you. I’m on the pill so as much as the thought turns me on you can’t knock me up and it will be our secret! So just fuck me — please, now!”

“You really want this?”

“Of course! Why do you think I’ve been flashing my panties at you ever since we left home? Don’t you think I’m sexy daddy?”

“God yes! You are incredibly beautiful and sexy… but still… you are my daughter.” As he said this he began to gently rock his hips, pushing himself in and out of me, the first proper fucking! I knew then that I’d won the argument. My daddy was going to fuck me and I’d become a full member of the Let’s Fuck Our Daddies Club.

“I know. Doesn’t that make it even naughtier… even more exciting? It does for me.”

“Yes it does. I’ve always wondered..”


“Well what it would be like to.. erm.. you know…”

“Fuck me? Is that what you mean?”

“Oh shit! I’m in trouble here. Yes, you’re right. I have thought about you like that.” As he admitted that he’d had incestuous thoughts about me he started moving his meaty cock more purposefully inside me.

“Mmm, yes,” I whispered. “Let’s just fuck then!” I started pushing back to meet his thrusts. My pussy was so wet I could feel my juices mixing with his pre-cum and trickling down between my thighs over my anus. For the first time he kissed me as we fucked and strangely that felt even more exciting than being fucked by the man who’d helped bring me into this world. Our tongues danced as we Girne Escort encouraged each other to fuck harder and faster.

His cock grew even bigger stretching me and making me gasp as he forced his way ever deeper into me. Our fucking became more and more urgent. More and more frantic as my father’s smooth length invaded my tight, wet and cunt. The feeling of the substantial head and the thickness of his him drew shivers of excitement that started in my very centre and flashed out to make my whole body vibrate with pleasure.

Looking sideways in the mirror I could see my father’s strong body pounding into me. His buttocks squeezing and relaxing as he drove his erection into his daughter. On his face the mixture of pleasure, lust and love reflected how I felt. I wanted this moment to last forever.

Of course, it couldn’t. We were both too turned on – helpless slaves to the incestuous moment. His strength as he forced his cock into my tight cunt. My legs round his back urging him deeper, faster. His balls slapping my anus. My clitoris almost too sensitive to bear. The sense of time slowing and awareness concentrating to just our bodies as we moaned and thrashed in pleasure. We were both on the verge of cumming. There was no talk. Just his delicious cock ramming home his lust and love. My pussy responding in kind, matching thrust for thrust until I felt his balls begin to tighten as they readied themselves to shoot his daddy sperm into me.

From the very centre of my cunt where the tip of his cock began to release its first load, I felt the irresistible rise of my orgasm as waves of ecstasy crashed through me. He fucked me even harder and I pulled him ever deeper into me, feeling his massive cock erupting inside me, matching my spasms, my body was helpless to resist.

For what felt like ages I could feel him pumping his fluid into my horny centre. In that moment I had an overwhelming desire for his sperm to find its mark. For him to impregnate me. I wanted to feel his babies growing inside me.

Slowly the pace of fucking died down as his balls emptied themselves into me and my orgasm exhausted itself. He lay gently on top of me. I loved the weight of my father pinning me to the bed, my legs still wrapped around his back as his breathing slowed. Gently, lovingly he kissed my neck and shoulders.

“Oh fuck Felicity,” he exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief.

“We just did… daddy!” I whispered in response. My use of the word ‘Daddy’ made his cock jump and that sent another little wave of pleasure through me.

“Are you OK? I mean with this and, well, whatever comes next?” he asked.

“I am if you are, “I replied. “I love you; I trust you… and you’re the best fuck in the world! What more could a loving daughter want?”

“Well, OK. As long as you’re happy, then I am too. And in answer to your last question — a daughter could want to be fucked again by her daddy couldn’t she?”

“She could! She might want to suck his huge cock, have him lick her cunt, ride him like a stallion… and have him cum in every possible place in her body.. if she was a very naughty daughter that is…!”

After we’d laid like that for some time talking, kissing and cuddling we fucked again. Slowly, gently at first then with the same rampant lust we had the first time. The third time we fucked he turned me over put a pillow under my hips and rammed into me from behind. The fourth time we fucked that night I sat astride him, lowered myself onto his cock and just rocked gently back and forwards to give by abused cunt some rest. He played with my tits and we talked about how we’d be together in future.

We also talked about how Mum would react if she ever found out.

“Well…” he said, looking a bit sheepish. “I’ll let you into a little family secret. When she was younger she and her brother, before he got married, used fool around a bit.”

“What! You mean they fucked?”

“I think so, yes. I never asked for the details. But she felt I ought to know in case I ever found out from someone else.”

“Does that mean she’ll be OK with us fucking each other’s brains out?”

“Possibly… maybe. We’ll have to see won’t we?”

That was the end of Flic’s story. The sun was low in the sky and we sat in our chairs. Each of us had had our hands in our knickers gently masturbating while she spoke.

I stood up, crossed the room and knelt between Flic’s legs.

“That was fucking amazing,” I said. “You’re definitely a full member of the Let’s Fuck Our Daddies Club now!”

With that I pulled her knickers aside and started to lick her pussy, sucking her clitoris into my mouth. I felt Crissy behind me pulling my knickers off, then laying on her back between my thighs and pulling my cunt down onto her probing tongue.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying more wine, talking and alternately pleasuring each other as the lusty mood took us.

The inaugural meeting of the Let’s Fuck Our Daddies Club had been a raging success.

Continued in Chapter 3…

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