18 Mart 2023

The Lighthouse


We have decided to walk on the beach near the surf. It is evening and the sun has just dropped behind the sea. The breeze is warm and it blows through my hair, caressing as it goes. We are walking hand in hand and not saying much, just listening to the water strike the sand. You look down at me, and, of course, I smile, as always. We laugh. It has been such a long time since we were one. We fall into sync, as if we had just parted yesterday. We laughed the day away, remembering old times and old friends, lost love and glory not found.

Now, here we are in the darkness. With the moon rising slowly, the sparkle in your eyes shines brightly. I remember that mischievous look. I start to run, but you catch me in short order and we fall to the sand, laughing and gasping for air, I pretend you are holding me against my will and softly yell “rape!” Of course, no one could hear me but you, grabbing me with your strong arms, you pin my hands above my head. You tell me that being out in the dark on the beach with a man I haven’t spoken with for over thirteen years is a good enough reason to be attacked.

We laugh and your body melts towards mine. We come together in a long soft kiss. As you pull away, we both smile.

“I have been waiting for that all day.” We say in unison, and laugh again.

Thinking alike, as we always do, we head back to the hotel. Roughly you brush the sand from my ass, and I jump away as if you had smacked me.

“Wait until I get alone, THEN you’ll be jumping!” and I just smile wider.

We hurry hand and hand into the elevator and you quickly press the button to our floor. The door closes and I slowly run my hand up the back of your leg, squeezing momentarily at your rear, and then sliding it on up to your shoulder. In one swift motion you turn towards me, slipping your hand around çekmeköy escort the small of my back and draw me closer. As you bend your neck, you reach up with the remaining hand and lift my chin, pulling me into a long hard kiss.

The doors open and we get off, walking to your room, and the damn card won’t slide through.

I Say. “Just give it to me!” It goes through and the green light comes on, I tell you, “See you’re in such a hurry!” You tell me, ” You have NO idea!” We laugh and enter the dark room. You try to turn on the lights and I ask you not to. I can just make out your outline in the darkness, and you shrug your shoulders and start unbuttoning your shirt.

I stop your hands, and ask you to let me do it. You never did mind being undressed, and lift your hands to my shoulders. I remove your shirt from your shoulders and start kissing your chest. Your breathing immediately slows and deepens. You start removing my clothes. Before I can get your pants down, I am not wearing a thing. You always were pretty fast with those hands. We are kissing and smiling as we move towards the bed. We throw the covers off and jump in. Your hands immediately start massaging every part they touch. My tits point upward to meet your waiting lips. You hold my nipple in your teeth and I moan with anticipation of your next move. You force my knees apart with your strong legs and rest your body between them. I can feel your cock rising to meet my thighs, as you press your body closer to mine.

You release my nipple and plunge your tongue into my mouth. Filling my mouth and making me want you more. You start to push your hips towards me and I can feel your dick near my waiting pussy and I spread my legs to allow you to enter.

You want to tease me, cevizli escort and move your face to my neck, raising your ass into the air, so I can no longer feel your cock on my skin. I groan in impatience. You bite and kiss my neck, stopping at my ear to growl long and slow. I respond by arching my back to meet your body. Wrapping my arms around your neck, I try to pull you closer, but you hold fast, and move your head further down my body. Stopping at all the right places, nibbling and licking as you go.

I do not resist, and you slide your strong hands under my ass, lifting me towards you. With my knees resting on your shoulders you breathe me in. Looking up at me with that lusty look in your eyes, you hold my gaze and begin to lick. With every touch of your mouth on my wet snatch, I begin to moan, deep in the back of my throat. I can barely stand it and you love having this power. After only a few minutes, I cannot take anymore and wriggle away from you. You are a little disappointed, until I show you what I have in reserve for you.

I push you onto your back and your cock rises to greet me. I smile and move my body between your legs with my face in front of your one-eyed monster. Taking hold of him, I start to stroke him slowly. You push some pillows under your shoulders and prop your self up for a better view of the action.

I kiss the head of your cock… softly, my lips part and my tongue slips from my mouth to lick you. I glance up and you and your grinning. Which is always ONE of my goals.

I slide my mouth down on your cock as I swish my tongue back and forth, enveloping you. You lift your hips to probe deeper into my throat. You smile when I gag on you. If it is possible you actually get harder as I suck you. I cup your balls in erenköy escort my hand as I lick your dick. Your excitement grows and you place your large hands on the back of my head, forcing me take even more of your enormous cock. I love slurping you up, my head is bobbing up and down on you very smoothly. I can hear you beathing heavily, you are enjoying my face betweeen your thighs.

I feel your balls tighten and you begin to cum in my mouth. Long thick streams flood onto my tongue, filling my mouth, before flowing down my throat. As the last of your semen spills from my lips, you fall back against the bed, momentarily spent. I continue to ‘clean’ you up with my tongue. Not wanting to miss out on a drop of you.

I finish licking your balls, and you have already started to harden again. With out hesitation, you turn me onto my back and push the head of your cock into my dripping pussy.

I gasp, and you press your lips to my neck. Biting just enough to get me wild.

We begin a nice easy rhythm; slowly you pull your cock to the rim of my pussy and then drive it in. Making me tremble from the inside out. I love the feel of your rod filling me.

You are so amazingly stiff, and I have missed you.

More than you can imagine. For you it feels like you are coming home, after being separated for far too long. We are both caught up in the emotion of the moment, like a lost ship, finding her lighthouse on the stormy wake. We are so good together, and we should have figured it out long ago.

Our cadence quickens and you can feel my body tensing, and you cannot hold on much longer. Working your magic fingers, you fondle my tit and hoarsely whisper naughty things in my ear. I am losing the battle, and I resolve to give in. I don’t really want to win this time anyway; I want to surrender to you.

Our bodies are hot and steamy, I cum in violent spasms. Gripping your shoulders with all of my strength, I want you, ALL of you inside me. You slam into me one more time, and your are buried deep inside of me. You’re cum fills my cavern and spills onto my thighs.

We lay together, still laboriously breathing, and smiling… always smiling.

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