18 Mart 2023

The List Ch. 06


The reason was simple that the third girl I was going to fuck was Megan, the popular redheaded senior. When I sat down and made my list I thought of her as “low-hanging fruit.” What I mean is that she had a well-earned reputation for being easy; especially if you got a couple of drinks into her. It’s hard to know what’s true and what’s just a rumor, but supposedly she’d sucked half the dicks on the football team.

When I first sat down and made my list of girls that I was determined to fuck I put her towards the beginning and pushed back some ladies that I thought would be more of a challenge. Naturally when I made my list I wasn’t thinking of her as a “sure thing”, but now that people didn’t think I was a nerd anymore it didn’t sound that hard.

Megan was a very attractive girl who had curly red hair, bright green eyes, and the freckly white skin you would expect to go along with them. She usually wore tight t-shirts to school, sometimes with a skirt and sometimes with jeans, and her breasts were small enough that she usually didn’t wear a bra.

Megan had grabbed my dick once in the cafeteria to see how big it was, and she was in the bathroom watching the first time I fucked Amy. At the least, I was sure that she was curious about my appendage.

I was curious about her body, too. Another reason she made my list is that she was probably the tiniest girl that I knew. Megan was only about five feet tall, and I’m sure she weighed less than a hundred pounds. My dick was one-fifth the size of her whole body! I really wanted to find out if a girl that small could handle the whole thing. If not, I really wanted to watch her try.

She was a cheerleader with Amy, so I already knew my best route to get to her.

I never got her phone number, so late one night I showed up at Amy’s house unannounced. It was a huge place, like a mansion. Her parents were divorced, and I guess her mom, who she lived with, got the house.

I had that in common with Amy. My parents were divorced, but I lived with my mom in a dump.

I rang the front bell and her mom answered.

“Is Amy home, ma’am?”

She didn’t say anything to me. She just yelled, “Amy, one of your little friends is here!”

I could easily smell on her breath she’d been drinking.

“She’ll be right down.”

The mom looked a lot like I would have expected: an older version of Amy. Blonde, busty, and she still had a nice body. She was dressed nicely for late on a weeknight.

We stood there for a moment in awkward silence. I thought it was awkward, anyway. She picked a drink up off of the table and sipped it.

“So, I’ve heard a lot about you young man.” She was probably just making small talk, but she said it in sort of a pointed way.


Just then, Amy walked into the room. “Mom, leave him alone. Let’s talk outside.”

Amy led me to a big garden area with a fountain. It was well lit. She must have been heading to bed; all she was wearing was a huge t-shirt that must have passed for pajamas.

She leaned into sex hikaye me for a kiss and I gave it to her.

“How about a quick handjob?” I asked.

Without hesitation she got on her knees in the grass and started undoing my zipper.

“Okay, but it’s already been over a week since you fucked me. I mean, I’m not going to nag you but are you going to do me some more, right?”

“Of course, baby, I’m just not in the mood for pussy right now. I want you to jerk me off.”

She pulled my dick out of my pants. “God, I always forget how big it is. It really is like a horse cock.”

Using both of her hands she started working my shaft up and down.

She cautioned, “Remember not to come on me, or my mom will see it.”

I didn’t say anything for a minute, I just watched the cute blonde work my package.

“So, I’m ready to fuck the third girl on my list,” I told her, while reaching down to feel one of her big breasts.

“Really? Who’s that?”

“I’m going to do Megan, and I figured you could help me.”

Amy was on her knees in front of me, jerking my cock and she started rubbing my shaft on her face and licking it up and down.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Not much. I need you to get her to hang out with us this weekend, and you’re going to have to be designated driver. We’re just going to hang out, play some miniature golf, and things will take care of themselves.”

She was really picking up pace now working my meat. Humping her hands felt great.

“Oh,” I added, “and don’t tell her that I’m going to try to fuck her. That would ruin the surprise.”

“Okay, but there’s got to be something in it for me. If I get you Megan, you’ll fuck me again, right?”

“You know I’d love to fuck you again, kitten.”

“On my terms too, right? I pick when and where?”

“Of course. I’ll give it to you however you want. Now tell me how much you love it.”

I closed my eyes and listened to her talk as she performed the handjob.

“I love your dick so much. I love playing with it, I love touching it, I love sucking on it. You’re the only guy that I ever want to fuck me. It’s so huge—”

She was cut off because I was ready to start coming. I pushed the cockhead into her mouth and started jacking off fast as I lost it.

Just as my first burst of seamen shot into her mouth her mom called in the distance, “Amy, you’ve been out there too long. Get back in here right now!”

I was holding her head tight while she worked to swallow shot after shot of my load. She was a trooper and swallowed almost all of it, though she did end up with a little on her face.

“Good girl,” I told her and patted her on the head. “I’d better go. Remember, this Friday night; me, you, and Megan.”

I pulled my log back into my pants and walked back towards the house. On my way out Amy’s mom gave me a knowing wink.

Amy walked back to the house right behind me, doing her best to wipe her face clean before her mom saw her.


The next day after porno hikayeleri school I was exactly where you’d expect me to be: in my friend Mindy’s mouth.

We were in her parent’s back yard, which was sort of small but very nice. They’d dug in a well-lit, heated pool a few years ago. It was the kind of pool that had a hot tub built into the corner of it. They had a small patio to go with it, and had even planted a couple of palm trees. We were on that deck, sitting in lawn chairs.

Let me rephrase that. I was in a lawn chair, laying back and enjoying the day. Mindy was on her knees in front of me, bobbing her head hard.

I’d told Mindy the other day that her mom was on the list I’d made of women I wanted to sleep with. Mindy hadn’t mentioned it at all since then, and I didn’t want to force the issue. I wasn’t sure if she was mad at me, or if maybe she didn’t mind.

Unlike Megan, I was looking at Mindy’s mom as a challenge. She was happily married, for one thing. On top of that, she just knew me as some teenager that her daughter was friends with, and probably looked at me as a little boy. I was determined to show her that there wasn’t much about me which was little.

Mindy’s mom looked a lot like her, though she put more effort into her appearance. She had a fuller body than her ultra-slender daughter, and usually wore nice cocktail dresses, even though she worked in real estate sales. She was into jewelry, and used a lot of hairspray and makeup. She reminded me of a woman from black and white movies who dressed up every day whether they were leaving the house or not.

Mindy had been sucking my dick for a while, and I think she sensed I was at a point where I could start to feel my orgasm coming in the distance.

She kept working me with her hands, but she slid my erection out of her mouth. “So, were you serious about fucking my mom?”

“I’m going to try, yes.”

Mindy said in a snotty voice, “Well, I don’t think she’ll do it.”

“Well, then, you don’t have anything to worry about,” I said.

She licked my head a little while she worked up and down my shaft. I could feel my balls start to tighten. “But you’re still going to try, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said. I was trying to pay attention to the conversation, but I really wanted to get my cock back down her throat.

“What do you like about her?”

I sighed. “I don’t know. She’s like the hottest grownup on the block. She always wears dresses and bright red lipstick. She’s sexy, like her daughter.”

Mindy didn’t say anything. She was still working on my cock while we talked, and I was really getting close to coming.

“Listen,” I said to her, “you don’t have to help me with this. But you can’t ruin it, either. If you think I’m going to get lucky, just excuse yourself.”

“Okay, but I’m telling you that she’s not going to do it behind my dad’s back. Even for this,” she said, indicating the big dick that she had in her hands.

“I’ll let you know if she can suck dick as good as her daughter,” I said. I thought erotik hikaye it was a comment that might annoy her, but I was getting annoyed at Mindy not finishing me off.

“Who could?” she bragged in a sassy manner and finally moved back between her lips.

“No hands, all head,” I commanded. She took her hands off of my shaft and put them behind her back, then started to bob her head as hard as she could.

“Baby, you’re going to make me come. You’re right, nobody else could suck dick this good.”

I was on the very edge orgasm and I grabbed her head and started thrusting into the back of her throat.

“Fuck yes!” I shouted as I unloaded a huge amount of cum into her mouth. Mindy was moaning a lot, too. I knew how much she loved this.

After swallowing every drop and licking me clean like a hungry kitten, she collapsed into the lawn chair next to me.

I slid my cock back into my pants with, it turned out, only seconds to spare. Just as I finished pulling up my zipper, Mindy’s mom walked around the corner.

She was wearing a black dress with white polka dots. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but the top was tight and the skirt half was knee-length and sort of “poofy”.

“Hey, kids, I’m home,” she announced.

We looked like a couple of well-behaved children enjoying the sun. Of course, sixty seconds before I was pumping cum down her daughter’s throat, so looks can be deceiving.

“Hello, ma’am,” I said.

“What are you kids up to?” she asked as she moved toward the back door to go in the house.

“Just enjoying the day,” I answered. “Before you go in, I’m supposed to ask you something.”


“My mom was wondering if I could come over here Saturday afternoon. She’ll be out of town until late that night, and she won’t let me stay by myself on Saturday nights.”

“Well, of course you can, we’ll make a night out of it! Right, Mindy?”

“Yes, mom,” Mindy said, but she shot me a dirty look. She knew I was making the whole thing up.

“Anything else?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Don’t call me ‘ma’am’, Nick, it makes me sound old! Call me Dee.” Dee was short for Delores.

“Sorry, Dee.”

“Do you kids want anything to drink.”

“I’m fine, Dee, and I know your daughter just had something to drink.”

“Okay, then.” She walked in the house, and I left quickly after so I didn’t have to listen to it if Mindy was mad at me.

I worried that I was setting myself up for disaster. I suppose at the end of the day it really wasn’t that big of a deal, but I wanted to have sex with the girls on my list in order. Now I’d set things up for Megan on Friday, then I was going to try for Dee on Saturday? Not scoring with Megan on Friday would ruin everything.

Even before I showed up for the date on Friday, I feared that things might not keep going my way. As we planned, I met Amy and Megan in the school parking lot at 7pm.

They weren’t alone, though.

Amy had a fat girl with her who I didn’t know and who apparently was going to hang out with us all night. On top of that, Megan’s parents said she could only go out if she let her sister tag along.

The plan was to do Amy and Megan at the same time, and the plan looked like it was unraveling fast.

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