18 Mart 2023

The Lost Weekend

Ass Insertion

“I got my annual bonus and it was a little over twice what I thought it was going to be.” He told me.

“That is wonderful!” A little math told me that his bonus was now almost as much as I made the whole year, oh well I was the one who insisted on getting a liberal arts degree. I was honestly glad for him.

“Anyway,” he said, “I was thinking that we could celebrate, go out to dinner and I could rent a nice hotel room.”

I could hear the question there, I had met him on line a few weeks earlier and, even though he lived 50 miles away through the mountains, he had come to town twice to take me on dates, but we had agreed to get to know each other better before taking it farther. After talking everyday on the phone or on line and after spending an entire Saturday with him the week before I figured the time had come to take it farther. Lately we had been talking about our fantasies and had realized that we were very compatible that way.

It is hard enough when you are a supersize BBW to find a guy who likes you for who you are much less find one with an inventively kinky streak. Most of the guys in my medium sized city either just want to have sex and not date me or they see me as not even a real person much less a woman. I had not had a real boyfriend in four years and until I met him the closest I had gotten to a real date was meeting someone over coffee.

“I think that is a great idea.” I told him.

Friday night he picked me up at home and took me to a local restaurant and we kissed for a while before walking in, I love that he is taller then me, even though I am probably twice his weight, his height makes me feel protected and cherished. We ate and chatted and most of all flirted our way through dinner and dessert.

He walked me out to the car and opened the door for me then got in on his side, I figured that we would be heading for a local hotel but I was surprised as he drove to an upscale adult toy store. We had talked about how I had a wish list of new toys I wanted and about some of our fantasies and I was wondering what it was we were going to get.

We walked to the back room of the store and I was surprised when he picked up a shopping basket, surely we would not need one of those. I knew the one item I wanted more than anything but could never afford so I wandered over to the leather display to see what he would do when I started looking at wrist cuffs. I had always envied the pair of leather wrist manacles that a friend of mine had and hated that they were about $50 for the good pair. I tried them on and saw that he was smiling at me and holding the basket towards me, I was surprised but I decided to go along with it and see what he would choose after that.

“Do you still want a paddle like you said?” He asked me, looking over the display of expensive leather paddles hanging on the wall.

“Oh baby they cost too much.” I said.

“Don’t worry about it sweetie I have it covered, just lets try a couple out.” I couldn’t believe it at first but he intended to paddle my ass in the store. I pointed to one mid-priced mid-sized paddle and he took it down and waited for me to turn around.

Wack, the paddle landed on my ass, stinging a little.

“Nope not that one.” He said reaching for a larger, heavier, more well built paddle.

WHACK, it landed on my ass and I had to bite my tongue to keep from yelping there in the store, if I hadn’t been wet before, the paddle landing on my fat ass through the silky material of my dress and panties had me soaking.

Already he had over $125 worth of just leather in his basket, surely we would be leaving now.

He started walking around the store tossing things into the basket, all the things we had talked about on line and on the phone late at night. A roll of black bondage tape, nipple clamps, a 18 inch long flexible black dildo, a extra large Magic Bullet egg shaped vibrator on a long lead and then he stopped in front of the anal toys. I stood there watching as he checked them all out and finally picked a thankfully small waterproof vibrating butt plug in the shape of a bent t on a wire lead like the Magic Bullet.

I was astonished by the amount of money he was spending and ragingly turned on by the idea of him using these things on me. I still had barely said a word I was so shocked, so I followed him up to the front of the store and watched as he got a little pot of nipple nibblers, a large bottle of lube, and an even bigger bottle of massage oil.

I followed him out to the car and waited while he unlocked my door and helped me into the car.

“Ok,” he said getting in on his side, “are you absolutely sure you want to do what we talked about on the phone?”

“Oh god yes.” I sighed and began to squirm as he drove us to the hotel which was also a shock to me. The big beautiful, old fashion building housed a hotel aimed at honeymooners, I had looked at them on line and loved the fancy fantasy rooms. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled up and got my bag and the large bag from the store and lead the way.

He had already checked in and lead me up to the second floor sex hikayeleri where he opened the third door along the hallway. I stood there in awe at the beautiful room, pinkish marble was everywhere, and in the middle of the room was a king size canopy bed. To one side was a beautiful over stuffed couch facing a large TV and on the other side of the room on a raised dais with marble columns was a large jetted tub big enough for both of us, which is saying something.

I felt his hand on my arm as he lead me towards the over stuffed couch, I knew what was coming from my fantasy and couldn’t wait. As he bent me over the arm of the couch and pulled up my dress up and off over my head and yanked down my satin undies he began to talk. “You were a very bad girl this evening, you flirted and teased and tried to get me hot and bothered. I think such a bad girl deserves a spanking. Take off your bra, I want those big sweet tits hanging down while you play with your swollen nipples like the bad girl you are.”

I pulled my bra off and my huge breasts came loose, as I reached to pinch the puffy nipples I felt his hand on my ass stroking it, caressing it, he worked his hand down my thighs and back up again stopping for just a second to tease my exposed pussy lips. “Open your legs wide babe.” He told me so I spread them as wide as they would go and waited to see what would happen.

I felt his fingers playing with my pussy, opening me up.

“My, my someone is a very wet girl.” he taunted as I felt the metallic chill of something pushing its way into my hole. Once it was in and he told me to close my legs to keep it there I realized that he had put the Magic Bullet into me and the oddest tingling on my clit. That is when I figured out what he had really bought the nipple nibblers for. Again I felt his hands teasing my fat round ass then he took them away and I braced myself for what was coming.

Instead of the expected slap on the ass I felt the vibe in my pussy start to hum, slowly at first, it just teased me, but then he started to amp up the power on it. I tried to stay braced, tried to prepare myself for the on coming blows but it was impossible with the vibe humming away inside me so I was no where near ready when I felt the paddle land on my ass the first time.


It drove me forward and I had to brace myself better against the couch while keeping my hands on my breasts.


The blows got harder and harder.


“You are such a naughty girl you love being paddled don’t you?” He taunted.


He turned up the vibe and I got closer and closer to cumming.


I twisted away at my nipples, pulling them and squeezing them as hard as I could.


My ass was flaming red and so hot I could feel the heat and I was sure he could too.


I began to shake and tremble.


I could barely stand and I had started crying out in pain and pleasure



I started to cum and would have fallen down if it wasn’t for his hand on the middle of my back pressing me into the arm of the couch.

Just as my orgasm subsided he pulled me up and turned me around and made me sit with my burning ass against the velvety material on the arm of the couch.

“Open your legs wide.” He said as he dropped to his knees before me and pushed my legs open. He reached between my soft thighs and began to spread my dripping wet pussy lips, I thought he was going to take the vibe out of me so I was shocked when he put his face there and started to lick and nibble. He had the vibe control and was turning it up and down while he sucked hard on my clit then licked my hole and back again.

I clamped my legs shut around his head and shoulders and began to shake and moan, again barely managing to not fall as I had one more violent orgasm. Waves of pleasure shook me, making me cry out and grab his hair, pulling his face closer still. He sucked harder on my clit and turned the Magic Bullet up to 11 and I started to cum a third time in less than five minutes something that had never happened before.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to pull his greedy mouth away from my swollen clitty. He stood up and kissed me and I started to lick my juices off of his face, I had heard men talk about women tasting funny but I don’t think I taste like much at all to be honest, just a little salty. He held me close and helped me down off the arm of the couch and lead me to the bed where we laid on top of the bedding and cuddled for a while until my shaking had stopped.

I lay there for a few minutes while he got up and started moving things around, I heard him start to add water to the tub so I got up and wandered over to test the water. There was a little bottle of bath oil on the side of the tub so I added it in.

He got in the bigger end of the tub where there was a small seat and motioned for me to sit on his lap, because I was about twice his size I was a bit scared to put my weight down on him but he pulled me down on to him. I could feel his raging hard-on against sex hikayeleri my back as he started to rub my shoulders and neck and I sighed in ecstasy at the way it felt.

He began to nibble on my neck and lightly bite my shoulders as he reached around and played with my huge breast. The bath oil made everything slick and smooth and I had to squirm to stay on his lap, finally he asked if I was trying to make him cum.

“No I am just so oily I keep sliding off but if you want to cum you can.” I laughed.

“How many is the most orgasms you have ever had in one night?” he asked against my ear as nibbled the lobe.

I thought for a second, which was hard with the feel of his hands groping my oiled breasts, and answered, “Five, one night I had five.”

“Then tonight you are going to have 10 before we are done.” Just the idea of what he had said blew my mind but then I had already had 3.

He had me stand up and lean over the edge of the tub and he slipped the Magic bullet back into my pussy, I was now glad he had spent the extra money to buy the waterproof one. I expected him to turn it on at any moment but he just left me there holding it inside of me, waiting for it to start.

I felt him start to play with my ass again, he stroked my tender ass cheeks and started to tease my ass crack. Finally I felt him slip a finger down to my asshole and began to tease the edge of the hole, I had told him before they I loved having my asshole teased and he remembered. After a minute or so of teasing the outside of my asshole I felt something cool and wet on against the heat of it.

He was putting the lube on my asshole and working it in with a finger and just as he got it in all the way he turned the vibe in my pussy to its lowest setting. I could just feel a slight hum and I was concentrating on that sensation when he quickly slipped a second finger into my ass. I caught my breath and relaxed against him as he began to stroke two long fingers into me, I had my arms braced on the marble beside the tub and my belly resting on the edge of the tub but I was trying to not slip on the oily bottom under my feet.

The entire time he was murmuring to me about how good I was and how hot my ass made him, about how he could not wait to fuck me in the ass. I was starting to enjoy the feel of his fingers so much and then he added another and turned up the magic bullet. Three fingers spread me wide, working their way in and out of my lubed up ass and with his other hand he reached under me and started to play with my clit.

Between the feel of the vibe in my pussy silently humming away and the fingers spreading my asshole wide open, the fingers on my clit were enough to push me over the edge of another orgasm. I fell forward on the marble surrounding the tub and lay there, half in and half out of the tub, and gasped for air. I could hear him behind me quietly laughing and telling me what a good girl I was to get off so easily for him.

I felt him pull his fingers out of my ass and I wanted to protest but then I felt the hard plastic of the vibrating butt plug we had bought at the store start to push its way into my ass and I sighed wishing it was longer and thicker. He washed his hand in the water and then told me to turn around and sit on the edge of the tub.

I sat there on the edge with my legs spread wide along the curve of the tub and he got down in the water and started to tease my cunt lips with his long, strong fingers. Just as I thought I would go crazy if he did not open me up and suck on my clit I felt the vibe in my ass start to hum at a low speed. He reached my clit with his finger and started teasing it as he turned up both of the vibes in me to about half way. The sensation of having both my ass and my pussy vibrating while a finger teased my clit was getting me so close to the edge it wasn’t funny but I wanted his mouth on me.

I reached out and grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into my spread open pussy, he didn’t resist at all and I was thrilled at the feel of the 5 o’clock shadow on his face against my tender skin. I let go of his head and lay back on the cool marble around the tub dais, spreading my legs as wide as they would go. He began to suck on my clit as if he would pull it off and I could barely keep my legs open. I was shaking so hard as he turned both vibes to the highest speed and started to moan and scream as I came.

“YES oh fuck yes! Make me cum! Oh my god, oh my god, OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH”

I lay there shaking like a leaf as he reached for me and helped me back into the tub and told me he had a surprise for me and to stay there. I had never been so sexually sated and well cared for in my life. After a bit he came over and helped me from the tub and into a huge fuzzy towel. I stood there like a little kid as he rubbed my entire body down carefully with the towel.

We walked over and I saw that he had stripped the bed and had put a vinyl sheet on it and had the bottle of oil sitting on the stand next to it. We had talked about how he wanted to massage every inch of my body and how I loved the idea of rolling sikiş hikayeleri around with him covered in oil, slipping and sliding against each other.

He had me lay down in the middle of the bed and climbed on after me, I told him the best way would be to straddle my thigh, I mean they are thicker around than the average woman’s waist anyway and a lot softer. I lay there as he poured a bit of the oil on my thigh and rubbed it in before straddling it, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my oiled skin as he poured oil on my back and let it run down my sides so that it began to pool under my belly and tits. Then he poured more of it on my ass and I felt it slide between my legs and down my ass crack to my pussy.

His hands on my back felt so strong and in control and soon my back and shoulders were slick with the unscented oil, he lay his body on mine and started to stroke oil onto my arms and down my sides. Finally he got off of me and sat to one side and told me to turn over. He moved and sat between my legs and began to lift one leg at a time and put my ankle on his shoulder as he stroked oil into the soft skin on my legs. He stroked my thigh all the way to the edge of my pussy and then started on the other leg driving me insane.

Finally he put my legs on each side of him and began to pour oil into my deep belly button and over my breasts. His touch was driving me crazy as he stroked my big soft belly, digging his fingers into my tummy and lifting it up to get oil under it. He leaned way over me so that I could feel his cock pressing into my tummy and began to oil up my tits. I was squirming in a small puddle of oil that had collected under my ass and trying to get him to pinch my nipples even though his fingers kept slipping off.

I asked if he wanted me to put oil on him and he said yes that was the plan. I moved so he could lay in the middle of the bed and when he was in place he pulled me on top of him.

“Just rub yourself on me baby, I want to feel your oily body slip and slide against me.” He moaned.

I straddled his legs and began to slide my body against him, he had to wrap his arms around me to keep me from slipping off of him but it felt amazing.

I moved myself up to his hips and lifted myself up and lowered my pussy onto his wonderfully large cock. I felt it slide into me and I began to moan and bounce up and down on him as he filled me up. I reached over and grabbed the oil and trickled some down over my boobs and it dripped off of both nipples on to his chest and my belly as I bounced faster on his hard cock. I felt it run down to where my soft full tummy lay on his firm belly and then worked its way to between our legs. As I bounced on his cock the oil made my tummy slip against his and as he lifted his hands to my breasts they slid around and all over them.

I began to thrash harder and harder as I felt another orgasm building. I had never cum from just intercourse before without playing with my clitty but I had already had so many I could not have stopped it if I tried.

I finally fell forward on top of him and was shocked to realize that he had not cum yet.

He rolled me over onto my belly and began to stroke and rub my well oiled ass. I felt him spread my ass cheeks and work one of his fingers into my ass then quickly another and another until he had 3 fingers in my ass. My ass was so oily and still lubed up from before that I barely felt any pain as he lay on top of me and slid his long hard cock into my asshole.

I moaned and after he was all the way in I began to clench and relax my ass around his cock as he lay there not moving at first, until finally he began to push in and out of me, slowly at first and then faster and faster. He plunged his cock into my tight asshole and reached up and wrapped his hand into my hair and pulled my head back so he could bite my neck and lick my ears. I was moaning and crying out as I felt as if I was being ripped apart by his cock and loving every moment of it.

All I could do was slip and slide against the oily vinyl and cry out for him to “Fuck me, fuck my ass. Fuck me harder”

After what seemed like 20 minutes he pulled out of me and I felt the heat of his cum landing on my ass and then his hands rubbing it into my ass cheeks.

We were both covered in oil and decided to go share a shower, this is when we found out how hard it was to walk on a marble floor with oil on your feet. After a little slipping and sliding we made it to the shower stall and squeezed ourselves into it, it was a tight fit since it was pretty much made for one person or two average sized people but we had fun soaping up each others bodies and washing each others hair. His hands kept straying to my pussy and I could not seem to leave his hardening cock alone.

We got out of the shower and laughed as we rubbed each other with the fluffy towels. I told him I wanted to use the blow dryer on the wall and he told me it was a good idea and headed into the other room. After my hair was mostly dried I walked into the room and found that he had used one of the hotels towels to wipe up the extra oil on the vinyl and had even thought to bring a plastic garbage bag to put it in. He had put the sheets back on the bed and tossed the blankets and pillows on, all except one that was on the floor in front of him.

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