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Subject: The Mack Daddy Adventures Chapter 8 WARNING: The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males and incest between an adult male and a teenage male. This content is for mature audiences. If sexual activities between consenting males is illegal where you are, you are under the legal age in your location, or you find such material offensive, please exit this story now. This is a work of fiction and does not represent any real person or place, and any such similarities to any real person, living or dead, are entirely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights to this story, and no duplication is permitted without consent, except publishing on this archive. While this story is fiction and features consenting sex with a teenage male, sex crimes against children are a very real danger. During a one-year period in the U.S., 16% of youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized; Over the course of their lifetime, 28% of U.S. youth ages 14 to 17 had been sexually victimized; Children are most vulnerable to CSA between the ages of 7 and 13. If you or someone you know may be a victim of a sex crime, report it to local law enforcement. If you enjoyed this story, consider making a donation to the archive here: fty/ . Nifty Archive is brought to you by the many wonderful donations by people like you. Thank you! Chapter 8 The next few days were rough. My lawyer called multiple times with various questions about the accident and who else may have witnessed it. I answered everything I could. He assured me that everything I gave him was solid and he would do what he could to move things along as quickly as possible. The events stretched on for weeks, during which time I was to keep my distance from Robert so that there could be no claims of witness tampering. Every contact had to go through my lawyer. My wife had also started to travel for work, meaning that she was gone more, leaving me home with my daughter. She was mostly an angel, but being young, she threw tantrums whenever my wife was not home. During one weekend trip, my daughter asked if she could stay with my mom, who had just moved into a new house in the town where we lived. My mother said that she was fine with it, so she came and picked my daughter up on Friday night with plans to bring her home on Sunday. With the house to myself for the weekend, I decided I would kick back and relax. Most of my wounds and bruises were well on their way to healing by now, and I was looking a lot better than I had the week before. I wanted to start my weekend off with a nice, hot shower. I went into my bedroom and stripped, dropping my clothes in the basket by the door on my way into the bathroom. I adjusted the water and waited briefly while it warmed, climbing in and feeling the water cascade across my skin. I washed my hair and rinsed, the soap washing down my body. I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered it as I dragged it across my abs. As I made my way across my body with the bar of soap, I imagined Robert’s naked body pressed against mine, his lips kissing gently along my skin, my own lips dancing across his torso. I was jolted from my daydream by the sound of the doorbell. I jumped, the soap slipping from my fingers and clattering to the bottom of the shower. I got out of the shower and reached to grab my towel, remembering that I didn’t have one. I walked out of the bathroom and through the bedroom, the doorbell ringing again as it went unanswered. I went into the kitchen, reaching for the door and opening it. On my porch stood Aaron, who smirked at me. “Is this a thing with you,” he asked, indicating my nude body. I chuckled as I stepped aside, indicating for him to come inside. “Sorry,” I answered. “I was in the shower and forgot to grab a towel.” I closed the door behind him and turned to face him. “What brings you over?” “I thought I would stop by and check on you.” He looked towards the living room. “I noticed your friend hasn’t been over in a few days.” I nodded. “Legal issues. He worked for the company of the truck that hit me, so I’m not allowed to have contact with him until after the court case is settled.” I heard him hum in interest. “How would you even know that he hasn’t been here?” Aaron stalked over to me, like a lion after a gazelle. “I’ve just been watching.” He knelt down in front of me, grabbing hold of my hard dick as he pointed it at his mouth, sucking it into the warm hole. He surprised me by taking it all the way down to the base, causing me to nearly cum at the sensation of him swallowing my cock into his throat. Aaron slurped along my rod for several minutes, his lips sliding up and down on the tool as he milked it, his throat squeezing the end of my dick. He massaged my balls as he worked my dick, tugging them gently. He pulled off of my leaking member and licked down the sides, his tongue swirling around my balls, lapping at the sack as his hand replaced his mouth on my pole, jerking my erection. I moaned as he worked on my cock, sucking and licking my balls as he moved towards my taint. I raised one leg, placing it on his shoulder, wrapping my leg around his head as I pulled him closer into my crack. His tongue swiped up and down my crack, teasing my hole. He swirled his tongue over my quivering entrance as he pulled his hand back and forth along my cock. In a moment his mouth was gone, encompassing the head of my dick once more. At my winking hole I felt him press a finger, my sphincter giving way and allowing the digit to enter. He pushed in slowly, his mouth moving down my dick at the same speed. When the head of my dick hit the back of his throat, I felt his hand on my ass, indicating the entire length was now resting inside of me. He pulled back on my cock, his finger leaving my ass as well. I felt a second finger enter me as he moved down my cock again, then a third. Soon he was increasing the speed at which he was fucking my ass with his fingers and sucking my aching erection. As he sucked me harder and faster, his fingers pounded into me with equal force, escort bayan curving just enough to pound against my prostate. I cried out in pleasure as my hands found Aaron’s head, pulling him as far onto my dick as I could, releasing a flood of cum down his throat. Aaron expertly swallowed my load as it gushed into his waiting mouth. He pulled back on my dick, tonguing the head, licking the remnants of cum from the tip. His fingers left my ass as my leg fell from his shoulder. Aaron stood swiftly and pushed me towards the island, bending me over the counter’s surface as he reached down to undo his shorts, letting them fall to the floor. I felt his dick line up with my puckered entrance, taking a breath as he put both hands on my shoulders and pushed his hips forward, sliding into my hole. I groaned in pleasure as Aaron’s dick broke past my sphincter, penetrating me. He pushed in until I felt him bottom out against me, his dick buried to the hilt inside of me. In a moment he was moving, his dick sliding out of me then pushing back in, pounding against my prostate as he worked in and out of my ass. He pulled me back, urging his cock to go as far into me as it could, trying to bury himself deep inside my hole. My own dick had hardened again as he battered my prostate with his throbbing rod. Aaron’s grip on my shoulders loosened as one hand moved to my hips, holding me steady as he fucked me forcefully. I reached down and took my own leaking erection in my hand, jerking it with each of Aaron’s hard thrusts. Aaron’s pace began to quicken as he fucked me faster and harder, panting as he moved in and out of my ass. I had abandoned my own dick and braced myself on the counter, holding on tight as I moaned with each one of Aaron’s powerful thrusts. His hand moved from my shoulder to encircle my neck, pulling me back into a kiss as he stilled, buried deep inside my ass, his dick erupting in a powerful spray of cum. He held me as he filled me with his seed, the flood leaking out of my abused hole. As his orgasm subsided, Aaron pulled his spent cock from my battered opening, turning me to face him. I spun us around, shoving him against the counter, pushing him backwards to lay across the surface, pulling his legs up and pushing his knees towards his chest. In one swift movement, I placed my throbbing erection at his puckered entrance and pushed in, forcing myself into him, my lips still locked with Aaron’s. He moaned into the kiss, the pain evident as I pushed past his opening, feeling his tight ass grip my hard member. I pushed until I felt my balls press against the cheeks of his ass, buried to the hilt inside of Aaron. I pulled my lips away from Aaron’s and kissed my way along his jaw, making my way down his neck. Aaron pulled the hem of his shirt, forcing my face away from his warm skin as he pulled the fabric off over his head. My tongue attacked his exposed nipple as I licked, sucked, and bit the hardened nub. “Go,” Aaron moaned hoarsely. “Move, God, please move.” That was all the permission I needed as I drew my dick back, pulling out of his painfully tight hole to the undignified whimper of Aaron. Without hesitating, I pushed back in to the hilt, causing the other man to moan loudly as I stuffed him again. Aaron’s ass clamped down on my dick as I pulled back again, quickly developing a rhythm as I slid in and out of the tight hole. I knew I would not last long, and before I was ready, I could feel my orgasm building. My cum boiled from within my balls as it raced through my aching dick, spraying out of the tip and coating the walls of Aaron’s ass with my seed. As I filled him, Aaron moaned loudly and exploded, spraying his own seed all over his chest and mine. I started to pull out of Aaron’s freshly used ass, but he wrapped his legs around my waist and held me tightly to him. He pulled himself up and brought his lips to meet mine, kissing me tenderly as he drew his fingers through the cum splattered across my chest, bringing the fingers to our mouths, taking one finger and sucking it into his mouth. I took the other and sucked Aaron’s seed from his finger, licking around the digit to make sure that I had gotten all of it. Aaron released me from his grasp and I withdrew my spent dick from his ass. He moaned at the emptiness as my cock left him. I grabbed the shirt that he had discarded and handed it to Aaron, who put it on, the cum splattered across his chest quickly soaking through the fabric. He grabbed the shorts that he had dropped earlier and pulled them on before turning to look at me. “Thanks for another great adventure,” he said with a wink. “You have no idea how badly I needed that.” “Come back if you need more,” I said as I leaned in to kiss him. As we parted, Aaron shuffled out the door and went down the driveway, a noticeable limp in his step. I chuckled to myself as I watched him go. I went into the bedroom and wiped the cum off before putting on a tshirt and some basketball shorts. I heard the distinct rumble of a diesel truck pull into the drive. Knowing it shouldn’t be Robert, my heart still leaped when I heard it, thinking he had come over. I went out and saw Richard’s truck in the driveway. The doorbell rang and my heart sank. I went and opened the door to reveal Richard and Wyatt. I motioned them inside. “Wyatt told me what happened with you and Robert,” Richard started as soon as the door was closed. “I have to say, I don’t like that you fucked my son, but he says he enjoyed it.” “Is that right,” I questioned, turning to look at my nephew. “He said you told him he can still love girls and fuck men.” Richard’s face showed something between a scowl and surprise. “He says guys know how to treat you like you want. Said maybe I was too quick to judge the other day.” I was stunned. I looked back and forth between my nephew and my brother-in-law. Here was this redneck stud saying that he may have been wrong for his judgement. I took advantage of the situation. “So is that why you’re here,” I asked. “To see just how good it can be?” Wyatt shuffled tuzla genç escort a little, looking down at his feet. “Or have you already done that?: Richard sighed heavily. “Almost,” he said. “Wyatt tried when he told me about his experience with you and Robert. He got as far as to start sucking my dick before I stopped him.” He looked at me, unsure. “I couldn’t do that to my son. And truth be told I was pissed at you for doing it.” “I wanted to,” Wyatt said defiantly. “I liked how it felt.” “So you’ve said,” Richard replied, turning to face his son. “But you’re still a child, and it’s wrong for an adult to do that with a child.” “You’re right,” I said, approaching Richard. “I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry.” Richard turned his attention back to me as I knelt slowly in front of him, reaching up to undo his jeans. “Can you ever forgive me?” I pulled his jeans open and fished his large dick from inside his tight briefs, bringing it to my mouth, closing my lips around it and sliding down to take as much of the organ into my mouth as I could. Richard let out a grunt of surprise as his dick swelled in my mouth.I pulled back and felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me, gently urging me back down on his engorged member. I complied and allowed my lips to slowly slide down his shaft, the head of his dick hitting the back of my throat. I took a deep breath and swallowed, working Richard’s dick into my throat, the muscles squeezing the large cock as he slid further inside of me. Wyatt was moaning and pulling at his small cock through his jeans. I reached around his leg, pulling him over to me as I reached one hand up to feel his hard member, Wyatt undoing his pants and shoving them down along with his underwear. I jerked Wyatt as I moved back and forth on Richard’s dick, causing both of them to moan as I worked their dicks in tandem. Wyatt tensed in my hand and his legs began to jerk as he moaned wildly, riding out his orgasm as my hand continued to move back and forth on his pulsing member. When he had subsided, I pulled him down onto his knees with me, bringing his face to his father’s monster erection. We shared Richard’s dick between us, working together as our mouths moved up and down the shaft, Wyatt taking the head into his mouth and sucking as much as he could as I worked my way down to Richard’s balls. Richard began moaning and grunting in pleasure as he approached his orgasm. I began gently tugging on his balls as I moved back to sucking along the shaft, Wyatt working the head with his young mouth, swirling the tip with his tongue. Richard shoved both of our faces off of his dick and grabbed the hard shaft, jerking along the length as he got closer to his orgasm. “God fucking DAMN!” Richard roared as pleasure took over his body. “FUCK! YES! GOD FUCK HERE IT CU–” The rest of his words were cut off as his dick pulsed violently and began erupting all over mine and Wyatt’s faces, splattering us both with his hefty load. Wyatt had opened his mouth and caught some of his father’s jizz on his tongue, swallowing it eagerly, savoring the taste of the seed that made him. The sight of my pre-teen nephew covered in his own father’s sperm was too much for me and I closed the space between us and began to make out with Wyatt, tasting Richard’s cum on his skin. We all went into the living room and finished undressing as Richard sprawled across the couch. I pulled Wyatt down onto his hands and knees on the floor, lying down behind him and diving into his ass, preparing his hole for my aching erection. As I licked and prodded his tight sphincter with my tongue, Wyatt moaned, pushing his shoulders down into the floor and thrusting his ass back towards me, attempting to take more of my tongue inside of him. I got onto my knees behind him and lined my dick up with his hole, pushing in slowly, gently breaking past his opening. Wyatt moaned loudly in a mix of pain and pleasure as he was penetrated. I pushed in slowly, allowing him to adjust to my dick in his ass as I moved. Soon Wyatt was moaning in pleasure and lust, so I withdrew my dick before pushing back in again, fucking the boy hungrily, knowing I would not last long. As I fucked his son, Richard lay on the couch, watching us. I decided that he needed some involvement as well and I reached down, grabbing a fistful of Wyatt’s short hair, pulling back in order to raise him up, whispering in his ear. “Rim your father’s ass while I fuck you,” I commanded, shoving his face towards his father. We adjusted slightly so that he could reach the couch, where Wyatt grabbed his dad’s legs, placing them on his shoulders, parting his ass and diving in, his young tongue probing gently at Richard’s hole. Richard was visibly surprised when Wyatt’s tongue touched his ass. He tensed at first, but as his son licked and probed away at his sphincter, he relaxed, enjoying the sensations he felt. Richard’s dick was beginning to come back to life and he started stroking it as his son lapped at his ass. As I watched the events unfolding in front of me, I felt my orgasm bubbling up from inside of me. I began to pound into Wyatt’s ass harder and faster, causing him to stop his actions to moan in overwhelming pleasure. His father was obviously not pleased that his son had stopped what he was doing and looked back at me, only to find me railing in and out of his son. My grip tightened on Wyatt’s hips as I pulled him as close to me as humanly possible, my seed spraying out and coating the walls of his tight, young ass. Wyatt’s whole body shook as he rode out another dry orgasm. I pulled out of my nephew and pulled him up into a kiss, tasting his father’s ass on his lips. As we made out, I reached over to jerk Richard’s engorged phallus, the large meat pulsing violently in my hand. I unwillingly broke the kiss with my nephew and looked over at Richard. “Looks like someone wants to play again,” I purred, stroking the rock-hard cock. “Would you like to fuck some ass?” Richard looked at me, then glanced briefly at his son. I knew he probably wasn’t ready tuzla kendi evi olan escort to fuck Wyatt just yet, so I stood up and lay across the arm of the couch opposite him. “Come get me ready first,” I instructed. Richard looked at me hesitantly. “Haven’t you ever eaten a woman out? Same idea.” At that, Richard moved behind me, bringing his bearded face level with my ass, parting my cheeks as much as he could to expose my hole before extending his tongue, tentatively licking the hole in front of him. Richard may not have been too sure of the request at first, and he may not have known what to expect ass to taste like, but after a few moments, he was licking and probing my sphincter with gusto, slicking it with his saliva in order to prepare me for the penetration that was to follow. I remembered how large his dick was, so I prayed he would get me well-prepared. I was moaning like a bitch in heat as my brother-in-law ate my ass out. I loved the experience, and I could honestly say that I probably could have gotten off with his mouth alone. His beard scratched against my ass in a way that I wasn’t expecting, and while it wasn’t horrible, I didn’t really care for it. But his tongue was heavenly, and I could have let him eat me out all day and been perfectly happy. But the prize I really wanted was his dick. I reached back, grabbing his beard to stop him. “Now, Richard,” I said, letting go. He seemed to take the hint as he moved behind me, shifting on the couch in order to place his dick at my tight entrance. He pushed in, much slower than the last time, his large head pushing past the ring as it began its journey into my waiting ass. He moved incredibly slow, a break from the rough fuck last time, but right now, I wanted a little rough. “Get in there,” I told him. Richard complied, pushing more of his dick into my ass. It was a tight squeeze, and he had a hard time pushing into me. “Wyatt, there’s a bottle under the table there,” I told my nephew, pointing to the appropriate spot. He went and got on the floor, fishing the bottle out, bringing it back to me. “Give it to your dad.” Richard took the lube from his son, pulling most of his cock back out, squeezing the liquid onto his throbbing member and spreading it around. He pushed back in, finding it much easier this time, although even with the lube, my ass offered plenty of resistance to his dick. Richard pushed and pulled, fucking my ass in a slow and steady rhythm, obviously enjoying himself and not wanting to go too quickly. I was becoming annoyed with his pace and wanted him to fuck me like the last time. “Harder,” I said. Richard only increased his speed slightly, fucking me in slightly shorter movements. He was panting and moaning as he moved inside of me. “Are you ready to switch?” Richard looked at me before pulling out. I got up and moved Wyatt into position, placing him over the arm of the couch in the other direction so that he could see his father’s face as they fucked. Richard got off of the couch and moved to stand behind his son. I took the lube and applied a generous amount to Wyatt’s ass and added some more to Richard’s dick, taking advantage of the moment and jerking him a few times. Richard lined himself up with his son’s winking hole. Staring Wyatt in the face, Richard pushed in. Wyatt’s mouth fell open as he roared out in pain as the large dick entered him for the first time. Wyatt’s face screwed up and Richard made to pull out, but Wyatt wrapped his legs around his dad’s waist, holding him there. “Just give him a minute,” I said encouragingly. Wyatt relaxed and Richard noticed. Richard pushed in slowly, going in all the way to the hilt. Wyatt was noticeably more relaxed now, and was moaning in pleasure, his small cock hard as a rock as his father moved inside of him. He reached down and began stroking it in time to his father’s movements. As his young body approached another orgasm, his pace quickened and his hand flew up and down his small member. I lubed my dick up and on one of Richard’s movements back, I placed my dick at his hole, pushing inside. Richard roared in pain as he was penetrated for the first time. Richard stilled with his dick buried in his son’s ass as I moved in Richard, small and slow motions that would allow him to get used to the feeling. Soon enough, Richard was moving again, his orgasm still building in his loins. Wyatt jerked feverishly on his little nub, working it harder and faster in order to bring himself over the edge. As his orgasm took over his body, his hand stilled and his whole body shook violently, his ass clamping down even more on his dad’s dick inside of his ass, pushing Richard over the edge too. As Richard’s hole squeezed my dick tightly, I was taken into bliss with them, flooding Richard’s devirginized ass with my warm seed. Richard pulled out of Wyatt, who shifted off of the arm of the couch. Richard and I fell to the floor, my dick falling from his ass as we landed in a heap. My head was next to his, our faces inches away from each other, his eyes locked on mine. As he stared at me, I couldn’t help but to tilt my head closer to his and kiss him gently, my hand running up and down his body. Soon he was kissing me back as we began to make out. I rolled over slightly so that our bodies could press against each other, letting my hands wander wherever they could reach. Richard pulled away from the kiss. “Maybe I was wrong before,” he said softly. “Wyatt was right: you can enjoy both.” He chuckled slightly. “I might even admit that this was more fun.” I smiled wickedly at him. “You have no idea how much fun it can be.” Giving his deflated dick one more soft tug, I leaned in and whispered in his ear. “You come back and we can do it again sometime.” “I’d like that,” Richard said. I rolled off of him and stood up, looking down at Richard, making a mental note of how much I liked seeing him like this. I reached down and helped pull him to his feet before turning my attention to his son. Wyatt was laying on the couch, a blank look in his eyes and a noticeably relaxed expression. I chuckled as I helped Richard get him to his feet. We all dressed and they bid good-bye before going back home, promising to come over again soon. I went back in the house to take another shower. After everything that had happened, I felt so dirty!

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