14 Mayıs 2023

The Madame


Karissa never thought that it would be their boss, Steven Tabb, who would get her back into Amy’s pants. It had been her desire for months–ever since her first time doing the real work, that first time with her and Maxwell–to be with her again and Tabb had been nothing but an obstacle. He had forced their business deeper into secrecy, limited their schedules and quieted the sex that had been earning Karissa bigger cars and better apartments. But unlike Amy, Karissa wasn’t in it for the money, she was working for the thrill and she was working to please her boss.Being with Amy the first time had changed everything for Karissa. She wasn’t interested in her boyfriend anymore. She was hardly interested in men. Seeing Amy naked, blushing from sex, had awakened a feeling in Karissa that she hadn’t felt since that brief feeling in high school–the one she’d had for her friend Brittany tht passed briefly enough to be discounted as friendship. It was a curiosity that, this time, was not going away, a curiosity that could only be burned off, Karissa thought, if she tried it again.But Karissa had almost given up experiencing it again with Amy until the order came. She’d been briefly cheered by the knowledge that Amy occassionally saw female clients, but discouraged again when she found out that Maxwell was practically her Escort Beşevler boyfriend now. That had come up in the closest conversation Karissa had ever had with Amy about her desires. They began talking about their sex lives while on a break. Tabb was there, but he shuffled carefully away. But even if she coulnd’t have Amy again, Karissa wanted to try a woman again. Still, no matter how much she hinted at this too, Amy seemed either oblivious or unwilling to give them up. So Karissa let her desire fade into quiet resentment. She satiated herself with the men at the parlor and the knowledge that it was Amy who wanted this. Karissa imagined Amy doing her work while she did her own. She became Amy when she sucked a dick, felt as Amy did when the man’s wallet came out, came the way Amy came when he entered her. Every new client Amy assigned Karissa was like a sexual gift to her. She came to feel as though she was taking orders from her Madame, her Mistress. This is what Karissa began to call Amy in secret.When Amy finally wanted her again, Karissa was fucking Jake, one of her regulars. Jake had Karissa on her back, legs in the air and in dangerous view of the window. All Karissa could see was the ceiling and Jake’s face as he rocked into her again and again. Jake was one of Karissa’s Çankaya escort better lays. He reminded her of her boyfriend but he was new and his dick was bigger. Plus he paid well. Karissa could finish a session with him and find Amy too hand over her share. It was always upwards of two-hundred. Karissa could almost see her Madame getting wet. But it never went any further than that.Karissa was looking forward to bringer her that stack again today to try her luck, but Jake wasn’t finished with her yet. He turned her over and she could feel his hands gripping her ass. Karissa’s face sunk deeper into the bench. She could feel him getting ready to come. Suddenly, she heard a door slam and the muffled yells of Jean next door. Karissa couldn’t make out the words out above the squaking of the furniture and Jake’s breathing in her ear, but her tone announced doom.Karissa shifted her weight to keep the bench from sticking at her nipples. She reached an arm around to smack Jake.”Stop,” she said. “Stop, stop.””What?” he gasped.”I hear something,” Karissa panted. “Wait.”Jake’s thrusting accelerated. The metal legs scrapped once more on the floor, he pulled out, and Karissa felt his warm spray across her back. He pulled away from her.”Sorry,” he said. “What?””Fine,” said Karissa. “Wipe Cebeci escort bayan me off.”At first, Karissa had been worried about this part of the job–the secrecy. She knew that one slip up and it would all be over. Her income gone, her chances with Amy scuttled. And now, with the mix of raised voices swarming outside her door, she was worried that she had ruined it.She stood up after Jake had taken a towel to her back. She threw on her robe and peered through the window. Sure enough, it was Tabb, Amy, and Maxwell. Maxwell was pulling a towel around his waist but Amy was naked. Tabb was red, flustered, and angry. He’d caught them together, Karissa knew it. But that could be explained. They were together after all. Still, Kariss’s heart sunk with dread. Karissa wondered if she should hide. Jake was suiting up quietly in the corner, oblivious to the trouble. The conversation outside was only getting louder. Soon, it would be suspicious for her not to be out there. Karissa rearranged her hair, tightened her robe.”Jake, I need you to stay here for a minute.””I need to go,” he said. “I’m expected home.””Just wait,” she said, and openned the door.Kariss had to be in the hallway to realize that Tabb was underdressed. His shirt had been messily tucked in. His fly was open. Something else had happened here. She looked over at her naked Madame.”What’s the problem?” Karissa said.Karissa wasn’t sure how to act. Should she pretend everything was normal? Should she feign shock and surprise? With no direction from her Madame, Karissa decided that it was best to remain neutral, wait for the situation to reveal itself.

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