18 Mart 2023

The Maid


The sun shone in through the gap in the curtain, casting a ray of sunshine upon the mantlepiece Fran was busy dusting. It was 9.30 in the morning. The kids were off to school and Ian was due home from work. She smiled at the thought. They had hours to play before the children were due home and Fran was in a really playful mood.

She moved along the mantle and the sun was now shining on her bare buttocks warming them. The string of the frilly apron was tied in a bow at her back. Her long hair hung shining in waves on her shoulders. Stockings covered her long legs, held up by a black lacy suspender belt. This was all she wore besides a smile as she cleaned.

The mantlepiece was gleaming and certainly didn’t need more cleaning but Fran had worked out that this would be the first thing Ian would see as he walked through the door. The music was filling the room softly as she daydreamed about the love of her life and their life together. Her body quivered as she recalled the thousands of times they had made love. Always satisfying sex hikayeleri each other but then recovering to go again. Ian knew exactly where and how to touch her to drive her wild and make her cum so hard that her juices would pour from her.

Her free hand had involuntarily moved to her nipple and she gently rubbed it through the material of the apron. It was hardening nicely when a different pair of hands found her nipples and started to tease them. She felt warm breath at her shoulder before hearing her husband whisper in her ear.

“Hi love. Mmmmmm is this how you clean house every day? I hope the milkman doesn’t get to see this.”

She giggled and turned on her high heels into his arms. Their mouths met in a long passionate kiss. Her hands coming to the front of his overalls, Fran started to unbutton them. She could feel his hardness through the material. Ian’s fingers had found her nipples again and what he was doing to them caused Fran to go weak at the knees. She finally had all his buttons undone and was sikiş hikayeleri pushing the overalls off his shoulders for them to fall at his feet. Ian held Fran at bay for a minute.

“Let me do this love or I will end up tripping over them and falling with you in my arms.” He said as he bent to untie his boots and remove them.

He stepped out of his overalls and Fran moved forward to help him take off his tshirt. Within minutes he was down to his shorts which were threatening to give way at the seams with his hard-on pressing against them. Fran tucked her fingers in the sides and was sliding them down as she went to a kneeling position herself. Her mouth greedily found his hard throbbing cock and she started to lick and suck at it. Ian stood there and enjoyed but was finding himself closer and closer to filling her mouth. So he gently lifted her up to a standing position. Kissing her deeply, he pushed her against the wall. His hands were all over her body under the apron. He felt the bare skin above her stockings erotik hikaye and followed it to her wet little pussy. His fingers touch, teased and tantalized her clit and her pussy till she begged him to fuck her, to fill her.

Then guiding his cock to her entrance, he impaled her against the wall. She grunted as she felt the tip hit her cervix deep inside her, filling her. They began to fuck wildly. Their need making their love making hard and fast. His hands were under the apron, pinching at her nipples, just how he knew she loved it when she was close to cumming. He felt her body respond and fucked and pinched harder causing the pictures to rattle against the wall. The air was rent with her scream as she called out his name. Her body erupting into an orgasm that rocked her.

Feeling her pussy tighten in the throes of its orgasm, caused Ian to let himself go. His hot seed spilled into her, filling her, mingling with her own juices before seeping out to run down her legs. He collapsed against her, pinning her to the wall as he held her. Finally they regained their composure and Ian picked Fran up to carry her to the lounge. Falling back into the seat, he pulled her into his lap. Cradling her and kissing her softly, he whispered his love to her.

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