18 Mart 2023

The Meeting


She walks in with her bright sparkling green eyes, the wind blowing her long golden hair. She walks up and sees him with his curling brown hair and passionate eyes. With a welcoming smile, he looks up at her. “Can I help you miss?”

Looking at her shapely figure, her long legs, her slender waist, small and yet firm to the eyes, her breast just peeking out at the top of her sheer dusty rose blouse. With thoughts of passion on his mind and love in his heart a heat begins to start in the soul of his manhood. He feels that she is his very existence in life. With a look, she admires the spark of passion in his dark eyes that promise unbridled lust and passion for a lifetime. She asks him directions to the closest pay phone.

He offers her the use of the store phone just to keep her with him longer. He finds out that her car has broke down and the auto service will be as long as two hours before they can get to her car. He offers her a ride anywhere she wishes to go. She agrees just so she can be as close to this handsome gentleman for as long as she can.

They spend the next hour talking. He finds out that she is single and has a job in the next town. She was coming to town to see a friend in the hospital and is on her way home. She finds out that he is also single but looking for a lasting relationship with hope of a future. He was in a relationship about a year before that went sour and now he is beginning to come alive again.

Before they realize it, it’s closing time for the store. As they prepare to leave, he accidentally drops his keys trying to unlock the door to let them out. When he goes to stand up he eyes her legs and decides his need to taste her sweetness before the end of this dream night is too great. He drops to his knees and puts his hands on her legs, loving the feel of them as he slides his fingertips up toward the bottom of her short, skirt waiting for her to stop him. His eyes never leaving her legs as his hands slide her skirt up further. Soon his hands reach the end of her legs and find the meeting in the middle of her very being.

He looks and realizes that she is not wearing panties and her hose don’t go all the way to her waist. They stopped and were held up by a black lace garter. He thinks to himself, “She is a true blonde”. He smiles, thinking how sweet she is going to taste to his tongue. He slowly begins to lick her upper thighs and work his way towards her pleasure spot. He hears her moan softly and realizes that she is enjoying his treatment of her pleasure spot.

Taking heart with this thought, he lifts his head and moves her over to the counter. Lifting her easily, he places her on the counter. Laying her erotik hikaye back, he starts again. This time he starts with her blouse; unbuttoning it slowly as not to hurt or scare her. Fully aware of his growing need, his manhood rises. When he moves the wispy material aside, the most luscious breasts he has ever seen are looking straight at him; her rosy nipples already hard and wanting to be suckled. He places his mouth over one waiting nipple, feeling ashamed that he could only take one in his mouth. He begins to suckle slowly and softly at first, but as he feels her body lift to give him more of her, he starts nipping the tip and squeezing its twin with a gentle yet firm touch, bringing both to a full peak. He moves his mouth to her other breast and starts suckling on it, using his hand to continue tantalizing her breast.

She moans even more and lifts her back, enjoying the pleasure running through her body. Thinking to herself that she has never given of herself like this before, she runs her hands down his back, enjoying the feel of the rippling muscles. He decides that her breasts are a wonder to his mouth and hands but still this was not exactly what he is wanting. To taste her sweetness is what he most desired. So, softly kissing down her body, he raises her legs to his shoulders and spreads the soft lips of her pleasure zone to expose her most luscious flower.

He starts licking, suckling, and tasting the sweetness of her honey. She moans louder and moves her hands to his head guiding him on his way. She runs her fingers through his hair, pleasuring in the feel of his curls in her hands. He moves his hand up to her flower and slowly places a single finger inside her hot love box, stroking her with a firm pressure each time he strokes inward. She begins moving her hips to the motion of his hand and mouth. Her breathing begins to increase with each stroke of his finger. His need to taste all of her sweetness drives him to the point of trying anything just to get her to explode her sweet honey in his mouth.

He moves his finger from her luscious flower to find her small flower bud. Just behind it he slowly slips his finger inside. She moans and tightens up a little. As he begins to stroke her more with his finger, he moves his tongue faster and harder on her pussy, giving her the full treatment that only his mouth can. Soon she is screaming his name and shaking all over.

With that he puts his finger inside her more and begins stroking harder with each stroke. She explodes, calling his name and begging for him not to stop as she explodes again in his mouth. She starts to quiet down after awhile and starts breathing more normally. After she adult sikiş hikaye is calmed down again, he lifts her gently off the counter and prepares to dress her again, but she seems to have other plans . He had given her something no one else had. He had done something no one else had. She decided turn about was fair play, and it was definitely needed. So, as he was beginning to dress her again, she begins to slowly undress him, her hands wandering over his body.

As she runs her hands down to his manhood she finds a great surprise waiting for her. She slowly unzips his jeans and slides them down his muscled thighs and legs dropping them to his ankles. Slowly she begins to kiss her way down his chest and stomach. As she gets closer to his cock, she realizes how big he is and how fully aroused he has become. She slowly wraps her mouth around the tip of his cock, teasing him ever so slightly at first. Then as he starts to enjoy the teasing, she begins to suck at him, stroking her head in slow, up and down motions.

She gently cups his balls in her hand and begins to rub them softly, ever so lightly running her nails carefully over them. He groans with pleasure, grabs her hair and starts stroking her mouth with his cock – being careful not to go overboard with this erotic need swelling in the depth of his cock. Her mouth being so hot and inviting suckling his balls and cock. She takes and places one of her hands between her legs and starts playing with her pussy; knowing he is watching her do this.

As she makes love to herself with her fingers while suckling his cock, she begins to moan again and suck harder and faster which drives him beyond all reason. He starts shoving his cock into her mouth harder and faster as he is watching her play with her luscious pussy. Soon she is breathing hard again. As she explodes, she sucks harder and strokes faster with her mouth. She slides her finger into his love button and strokes upward. That was all he could stand and, with a final groan, he shoves into her mouth and explodes, filling her with all his jism. She sucks down everything he can give.

Slowly she lifts her head and smiles at him. Her lips are very swollen from all the exertion. He takes her into his arms and kisses her very softly on her lips. As he is kissing her, his passion begins to build again and he notices that her passion seems to be building also. Her hands start moving over his body again, reaching down to start stroking on his cock. The life begins to return to his cock, which surprises him as well as her.

They look into each others’ eyes and smile slowly as they lay down on the floor and begin to explore each other’s most inner erotik hikaye pleasures. She takes her time to explore this man in full, pleasuring him all the time and finding new things to experience with her hands and mouth. He begins to groan with the passion that is building as she explores his body. After awhile he decides to explore her most erotic parts, slowly building her passion to a fevered pitch along with his own. She slowly moves over him and gently lowers her body on his, straddling his cock with her hot pussy.

At first putting just the tip of him inside of her steaming pussy, and then slowly beginning to move in a rhythmic motion up and down, sitting up so that she can allow him the full pleasure of her. She then slowly moves upward again, riding just the tip and tightening her love box with each downward stroke. She stops just before allowing him to penetrate her at her inner most core. With each downward stroke, he moans with extreme pleasure, and shivers in delight from all the new sensations running through his body. She builds him to a feverish pitch and drives her body down hard on him. She begins to move faster and harder with each of his rocking motions.

Rolling her over on her back, keeping his cock inside her pussy, he begins to move faster and harder inside of her loveliness. Stroking and grinding this way and that until her breathing comes faster and shorter to match his. She then pulls him out of her. He feels very lost and confused with out her there. She then takes the tip of his cock and starts to rub the button of her most sensuous pleasure spot. This is a new feeling to him and, as she rubs, his hunger grows to an unbearable extreme.

Finally he pulls his cock out of her hands and shoves in with one stroke, filling her full of him. Within a few sure strokes, he explodes in a rush and feels her muscles quiver with her orgasm. She pushes harder into him with an even tighter grip of muscles.

They both hit the edge again within a few seconds of each other and the world stops spinning. They slowly fall into each other’s arms, resting in comfortable silence, each thinking how this magical evening has changed their lives forever: in their thoughts and in their dreams. After awhile he slowly drives her to her house in the next town. Wishing her a good night and kissing her softly, he asks if he can take her out sometime. She smiles a loving smile and answers yes. She gives him her number with a promise to call. She smiles and starts walking up the steps to her house.

He calls after her and asks if he shall ever see her again. She smiles and says yes that he will be in her dreams and thoughts until he calls for their date. With that she is gone. He slowly moves the car away from the house, smiling to himself and thinking he will call her as soon as he gets home to ask her out soon, with his cock already hard and waiting for the next meeting.

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