26 Mart 2022

The Meeting (MF, cons, rom)


The Meeting (MF, cons, rom)The MeetingBy SpectreOfHellThe soft knock at the door came sooner than expected. Jake rose quickly from his chair, fighting an urge to peek through the curtains. There was no need. He knew who it would be. There could be no one else. He rushed to the door, his excitement flooding his body with an adrenaline high. He forced himself to slow, to take his time. He paused in front of the door to smooth his clothes, to brush his hair from his forehead with his fingers, then reached for the knob.The door swung open, and he felt his pulse race as he saw her standing there. “Hi,” he said, almost breathless.”Hi,” she returned, smiling broadly. He started to reach for her. Her arms came up to ward him off, her eyes looking to the side with sudden apprehension. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” she asked.He caught himself. “Right,” he said, remembering the need for discretion. He stepped aside and gestured expansively. “It’s not much,” he apologized, “but I’ve been trying to spruce up a bit.”She stepped through the door and he shut it quickly behind her, closing away the outside world. He took a moment to examine her from the rear, pleased with what he saw. Looking over her shoulder, he could see what she did, and wondered if it pleased her.There wasn’t much he could do to make the drab motel room romantic. He had candles burning, their flickering light dim enough to see by while obscuring the cheapness of the décor. Soft music was playing from small speakers attached to the CD player he had brought with him. He had thought about lighting some incense, but didn’t know how she’d feel about that. And there wasn’t enough time here for them to indulge in champagne. Each of them had to be able to drive when they left.”Terry,” he said, speaking her name for the first time. She turned, and he would swear her smile was even brighter. He reached for her, and she came willingly into his arms.”I’ve been looking forward to this so much,” she said, her breath hot against his ear. He enfolded his arms around her, thrilling at the sensation of her soft body against him. He kissed her forehead, then her cheek as she turned her face up to his. She pressed her lips to his mouth, and for a moment they lost themselves in the kiss. From the first, he had realized she was the perfect kisser, always in tune with him. Her lips were soft, and he loved the taste of her tongue as it dipped into his mouth. He chased it with his own, rubbing them together inside her mouth as he pressed his body against her more tightly.Already, he was rock hard, and she could feel it pressing against her, a sensation which fired her own lust. She had started getting wet on the drive here, thinking about what they were going to do together, how wonderful it would be, and it was all she could do to not reach down and play with herself. She was glad she had saved it. He loved playing with her pussy, and he was good at it.The pulled back after a few minutes of heavy kissing and stared into each other’s eyes. “Wow,” he breathed, breaking into a wide smile. She giggled at him, pleased that she still had that effect on him.”I’ve really been looking forward to today,” she told him. She let her hands caress his back slowly.”Me too,” he replied. He dropped his own hands to her ass and pulled her against him forcefully, driving his hard bulge into the top of her crotch. She gasped in surprise, pleased that he was so eager.He leaned in and kissed her again, with more urgency, the depth of his desire welling up and flowing into her. His hand ran up her side slowly to cover her breast. He squeezed it gently, and rubbed his thumb over her hard nipple, poking through the material of her blouse.She hadn’t known what she should wear today, but had decided it didn’t really matter. She had brought something to change into for him, and all she wanted was to see him naked. As gently as she could, she disengaged herself from him, giving him a last kiss as a promise. “I’m going to get a quick shower,” she told him. He nodded, his eyes glazed as he watched her back away from him. It was her ritual, and though he was used to it he still chaffed at the delay. This was not the first time they had met together like this, but he still felt all the same emotions, the rush of excitement at being with her again, the eagerness to explore her body, to use his mouth on her and make her cry out in pleasure, to feel himself moving inside her. And, over time, there had come something else, something he could only hope she shared, because he thought he was falling in love with her.Terry gathered up the bag she had brought in with her and moved to the bathroom, casting quick, nervous glances back at Jake over her shoulder. There was a strange look in his eyes, one that wasn’t entirely the lust she was used to seeing in him. It pleased her to excite him. It was a shame they had not met sooner, so that the circumstances of their lives would have allowed them to be together more freely. But this was not the time to dwell on regrets. They each had separate lives they did not want to surrender, even for each other, and these few hours they shared together had to be enough.She blew him a kiss as she stepped into the bathroom, then closed the door firmly. Alone, she surrendered to a shuddering sigh, all the pent up excitement flooding through her body. The first time they had been together, she had leaned against the door like this and asked herself whether or not she wanted to go through with it. This time, all she wondered about was why it was still so exciting after all this time. She wanted to fuck him as much today as that first time, and she knew it was going to be special today.Quickly, Terry laid out the things from her bag, arranging them around the small sink before turning on the shower. The water heated quickly as she stripped, placing her clothes neatly into the bag. She would have to put those on again later. The shower was a ritual, not really necessary since she had bathed before leaving her home that morning, but she had to be sure she was clean, totally clean, as though the water had the power to wash away her self-doubt, her apprehension that she felt even now.She stepped out and grabbed a towel. Then had to grab another, cursing the cheap motel for not providing larger towels. Feeling clean and refreshed, Terry reached for the things at the sink.Out in the room, Jake had settled into the room’s only chair by the window. He had stripped down to his shorts, leaving his shirt on but unbuttoned down the front. His hardness was making a tent out of his shorts, a fact that he knew was not a normal reaction. It was time he admitted it, he told himself. There was something special about Terry. He didn’t feel this excitement about anyone else. It was possible, he conceded, that it was the clandestine meetings that gave such an edge to the sex, to the physical attraction. But he would rather not question it. It was enough that he and Terry had found something so special in each other, something that gave each of them what they needed.Besides, he reasoned with himself, it wasn’t like they were cheating on anyone.Jake reached down and gave his cock a rub through the thin material of his shorts. He could still smell Terry’s perfume on the air. When she came out, she would only have her own, natural smells, and that excited him far more than any artificial scent could. He loved the taste of her skin, the smell of her hair, the texture of her body beneath his wandering lips.The bathroom door opened, and Jake sat up. Still a bit shy, even after all this time, Terry stepped out slowly, keeping her head slightly downturned çankaya escort but watching his reaction carefully. Jake rose to his feet, unable to stop the smile which took over his face. “Oh, my god,” he breathed softly.Terry blushed. “Does that mean you like it?” she asked. Jake could only nod mutely in reply. She was wearing what she knew he would like, what she had learned would really turn him on. The white teddy was sheer, revealing her pale belly and sides, but had lace patterns inlaid over her large breasts, obscuring them just enough to be tantalizing. The top split into a vee at her waist, parting to reveal a pair of sheer panties, her dark pubic hair just visible through the fabric. Below that, she had put on a pair of thigh-high, sheer white stockings. Jake was practically drooling as he looked her up and down.She had never been very confident about her body, never had that slender shape that men seemed to desire so much. But Jake had never shown any negative reaction to her plumpness. In fact, it seemed to turn him on even more. Not that he had a lean, hard body either, but he was handsome and she knew for a fact that he had known his share of women in the past. Looking him over, she found she still experienced the same rush of desire, the same longing to use her mouth on his body, to feel him on top of her.She sauntered over to him, swaying her hips seductively. He stepped forward to meet her. They embraced, and she would have sworn his cock had gotten even harder. His hands stroked down her back to her ass again, but this time swept back up, under her teddy to stroke the smooth skin of her back. She felt a shiver run through her. Or maybe it came from him?”You are so beautiful,” he told her, whispering it into her ear. She smiled and grabbed his ass, kneading his cheeks a bit roughly before pulling his hips to her, grinding their crotches together. This time, there were only two thin layers of fabric separating them.He kissed her, more passionately this time, his strong arms enveloping her. His handscontained a heat that came from the fires of his soul, and she felt it burning into her, igniting her own passion. She pushed her hands into his shirt, touching his bare skin beneath. Her fingernails lightly raked over his back, and she sucked on his lower lip.”You look incredible,” he said as they paused in their kissing. “You are so sexy.””Thank you,” she said. She leaned into him and licked his neck, causing him to shiver. Her hands ran over his shoulder and pushed his shirt back. He dropped his arms, allowing the garment to slide down his arms and fall to the floor. She returned her hands to his chest, stroking him with a light touch. It was wrong to feel this way about him, she knew, but sometimes the emotions threatened to overwhelm her.She looked up into his eyes, pleased to see her own ardent desires mirrored there. “I want you,” she breathed heavily. “I want you to fuck me.”His broad grin was response enough. She knew he liked to hear her talk dirty, at least as much as she enjoyed using those words. He turned their bodies without loosing touch and backed her to the edge of the bed. She felt the mattress press against the backs of her legs. His strong arms held her, kept her from falling, and he eased her down slowly, following her until she was sitting and he was kneeling between her legs. His hands moved to her legs, stroking the silky nylon from her thighs down to her feet, then slowly traveling back up.He didn’t stop at her waist. His hands made their way up her sides, stroking her soft skin, moving up to cup her breasts beneath the fabric. She could not stop the gasp that escaped her, the sudden rush of warmth that spread from her breasts where his hands touched her. He was gentle, caressing her globes in slow circles, supporting their weight in his palms, his fingers lightly pinching her stiff nipples. He kissed her mouth again as he used his forearms to leverage up her teddy, exposing her breasts to the cool air of the room. His kisses traveled to her neck and down to her shoulders, then quickly farther down to her chest.Terry moaned softly when Jake’s lips closed around her left nipple. She ran her fingers through his thick, dark hair, resisting the urge to pull him closer, to force more of her breast into his mouth. His hot tongue swirled around her nipple and aureole. He moved his head to her other breast quickly, sucking that nipple into his mouth and covering her left nipple with his thumb, rubbing his saliva into her skin. His wet kisses made their way down, to the sensitive skin beneath her breast, then around the curving side as his hands continued to massage her. Now she couldn’t resist pulling his head to her, guiding her nipple back into his hot, wet mouth, and he suckled eagerly, his moan of pleasure matching her own.Then he was moving down. She knew what was coming next, what he wanted to do, and she was eager for it. His mouth was a hot coal on her pale tummy as he descended. His hands pushed on her, easing her back. He didn’t have to touch her legs, she spread them of her own accord. Despite her shower, the aroma of her excitement wafted up from her crotch, beckoning him down to his feast. His mouth arrived at her panties, and she moaned as she felt his probing tongue through the thin material. She wanted to feel it on her flesh.His fingers crept around the hem of her panties, coming at her pussy through the leg opening. He stroked her lips lightly, then delved between them. She was spreading open in her excitement, giving him easy access. His fingers found her clit, making her jump. He pulled her panties to the side, and she felt his hot breath on her then, blowing against her treasure. He moved forward slowly until his lips touched hers. His tongue crept out, and she moaned as it pressed into her, passing into her body before he drew it upward, licking her pussy like a sweet dessert. He swirled it around her clit, then his lips closed over it and he sucked gently. His finger found her opening and probed delicately, wanting to enter her.He licked through her pussy lips again, making a wet sound and moaning as he tasted her juices. She arched her back, lifting her hips off the bed in an attempt to get farther into his mouth. His hands moved instantly to her waist and grabbed her panties, pulling them down. She kept herself raised, allowing him to slip her undies over her ass, down her legs. As she sat back down, she lifted her legs so he could remove the panties. She spread her legs for him, eager to have his mouth return to her crotch. He smiled at her, lifted her panties to his face and inhaled deeply. Still smiling, he tossed the garment aside and moved back toward her body.As his mouth covered her pussy again, he thrust his tongue into her opening. It was like he was french kissing her pussy. She was trembling, and let herself fall back onto the bed, surrendering to the ecstasy he was producing. His hands grasped her ankles, lifting her legs high. She was totally exposed now, and he was able to cover her entire crotch with his mouth. She couldn’t believe how deep his tongue was thrusting into her, and she loved the way it wiggled, it curved, it pulsed inside her. He moved up to suck her clit, and suddenly she felt her first orgasm approaching.No one could ever make her cum as fast as Jake. It started in the pit of her stomach, spreading out in waves, setting her nerves on fire. She lifted her hips, thrusting her pussy against his mouth. His hot tongue was everywhere, sliding through her, swirling, thrusting, probing. He was drinking her in, and she wanted to flow into his balgat escort mouth. Her orgasm crashed through her. Her pussy was throbbing, her hips thrusting, riding the wave of her pleasure, riding his tongue and his hot mouth. His hands were beneath her, cupping the cheeks of her ass, pulling her to his face. Her hands clawed the bedspread, clenching as her moans filled the air. She lost breath momentarily as she peaked. She was gasping as he lowered her back onto the bed, her toes curling and uncurling, her muscles quivering.His tongue pulled out of her and swirled one last time around her clit, then his head left her. He lowered her legs slowly. His hands stroked her legs soothingly as he delivered kisses to her tummy. He moved up slowly, covering her body with his own, holding his weight off her on his arms. He paused to suck at her breasts, then his face was over hers. She could smell herself on him, but she hesitated only a moment before kissing him.They were all smiles and giggles for the next few minutes. She pulled him up onto the bed beside her, and they managed to get higher, to lay full length alongside one another. There was no need for her to tell him how good he made her feel. She would show him.He let her push him onto his back. She trailed kisses over his chest, delighted as always that he was not a hairy man. Her hands arrived at his waist ahead of her mouth. She stroked his hardness, gripping him through the thin material of his shorts. She ran one hand in through the leg opening as he had done her. His balls were hot and heavy, and she stroked them lightly, using her fingernails. As her hand closed around his hardness, he lifted his hips, eager for her touch. She was not about to tease him. She withdrew her hand and quickly tugged down his shorts.Jake’s cock sprang up, almost hitting her in her face. She laughed with delight and reached for him again. She loved the feel of his manhood in her hand. He wasn’t the longest she had ever seen, but he was thick, and she loved the way he could fill her up. She stroked him, pumping his cock as though priming it. She bent forward, allowing their motions to guide his cock into her mouth. Just the head at first, and she relished her first taste of him. He was musky, and there was a salty tang at the tip, where his pre-cum was oozing from him.She allowed another inch into her mouth, stroking his cock with her fist, feeding herself. He moaned loudly as his cock slid into her mouth. She took half his length, almost the limit of what she could handle of him, and pulled back with a slurping sound. Back down again, this time to swirl her tongue on the sensitive underside. Pulling back, she applied suction, stopping when only his swollen head remained past her lips. She pressed the tip of her tongue against the small opening at the end of his cock, then swirled hit around the entire head before plunging back down. She felt the end of his cock brush her tonsils, and he shuddered. His hands were running through her hair as he thrust into her mouth.”Stop,” he begged hoarsely. He wasn’t pushing her away, though.”Why?” she asked, pulling her mouth away from his meat. A tendril of her saliva stretched out, keeping them connected, and she fisted him in a slowly pumping action, made easier by the wetness she had placed on him. “Don’t you like it?””Yes,” he moaned, nodding vigorously, “but I don’t want to cum in your mouth.”She smiled and gave his cock a lick. “I thought you liked cumming in my mouth,” she said.”I do. But I’d rather cum in your pussy.”Terry put her mouth back on the head of his cock and took him back in, slurping as much as she could. She sucked hard as she pulled back, pulled away from his crotch, releasing him. “Okay,” she said simply.He was reaching for her as she rose to her knees beside him. She swung one leg out and moved it over his body, crossing his hips. She settled down, putting her hot cunt onto his balls. She rose up again and moved forward. His hard cock raked across her hot lips and nestled next to her opening. She reached between them, lifting herself as much as she could. His hands were on her waist, steadying her as she grasped his cock and guided it to where it belonged. His cockhead nudged into her fuck hole, and she settled her weight down, allowing his cock to push inside her.As hard as he was, and as wet as she had become, they had no problem joining together. His cock slid into her smoothly, filling her with its hardness. He moaned as he was enveloped by her hot wetness. She didn’t stop until he was fully inside her, until their pubes were mashed together. She leaned forward, placing her hands on his chest. His hands reached up for her breasts.Terry ground her hips against him, feeling his cock churn inside her. There was moaning in the air, and she couldn’t tell which of them it was coming from. She lifted herself, letting him slide partially out of her, then pushed back down, engulfing him again. The sensation of his thick cock spreading her, filling her, was doing strange things to her. She lifted herself again, moving forward over his body until less than an inch remained inside her pussy, then pushed back down again.His hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs playing over her nipples as she began to fuck him, to fuck herself on his hardness. She loved being joined to him, having a part of him become a part of her. His face was screwed up in pleasure. His eyes were shining. He smiled as he moved one hand to her face, caressing her cheek. His lips moved, but no sound emerged, as though what he was trying to say was somehow lost to the power of the moment, to the strength of the emotions he felt. She understood, because she knew she couldn’t speak anything coherent at that moment either.He thrust up into her, driving his hard cock deep into her body. His strong hands gripped her waist, pulling her down to him.”Oh, god,” she cried out. “You’re so deep!””Terry,” he moaned. “I love…” he hesitated. “I love doing this with you.”She felt her heart jump a beat. He had been about to say something else, something she felt which matched the strange emotion in her own heart. But it was best left unsaid. Neither of them could do anything about it, anyway. Terry rotated her hips, squeezing his cock with her pussy before rising up, letting it slip from her, out of her body. He moaned in frustration as she rolled off him.He turned to her, pursuing. She held her arms out to him, welcoming him back into her embrace as his body moved over hers. He settled his weight between her legs. She brought her feet up, bending her knees and letting them fall apart with her feet planted firmly on the bed, opening herself totally to him. He put himself on his own knees, hovering over her. She felt his cock bobbing, brushing her wet pussy lips. He bent forward to suckle at her breasts, and she could take it no longer.Reaching between their bodies, Terry grasped Jake’s cock and guided it into her opening. He thrust forward, entering her fully in one, long stroke. His hips pressed against the backs of her thighs, forcing her legs up and back. His lips found hers as he thrust into her again, another slow stroke that buried his hard pole deep within her. She sucked eagerly on his tongue and braced her feet against his hips. They were making wet sounds between them, and she could feel every inch of him entering her, pulling back again, lingering at her opening before plunging back in.He moaned into her mouth and increased the pace of their lovemaking. Their bodies were moving together seamlessly. For a moment, Terry was unable to determine where she ended and where he began. elvankent escort It felt as though he was touching her very soul with every thrust, and waves of pleasure were washing through her like a runaway tide. She crossed her ankles behind his back, locking him in her embrace. He drove his hard cock even deeper into her, making her cry out.She wanted him every way she could. She wanted to be on her hands and knees and feel him behind her, thrusting into her as he held her hips tightly. She wanted to squat over his face and plant her pussy right on his mouth, or to turn the other way and suck him at the same time he was eating her. She wanted him to spoon her as they lay on their sides, one of her legs d****d over his as he fucked her from behind. But there wasn’t time for it now. She wanted release, and she wanted him to go off with her.Terry trembled as her orgasm began. Jake could sense it. “Yes,” he hissed, reaching with his hands for her hips. He slammed his cock into her, pistoning in and out of her tight wetness. She clawed his back, not lightly this time. She wanted as much of him inside her as possible, and it seemed he felt the same. He was thrusting hard, his balls slapping against her asshole, adding to her pleasure. He covered her mouth with his as she began to cum, squealing as electric shocks ran along her nerves, as the world faded away and her entire universe became Jake, and only Jake.Dimly, she heard his voice again. “I’m cumming!” he was crying out, and she felt it. His cock pulsed inside her as he pushed in as deep as he could. His hot sperm splashed into her, jetting through her own orgasm. Her leg muscles tightened spasmodically, locking him to her. His own strong arms had found their way around her body, and he hugged her fiercely. They kissed, their tongues wrestling as their pleasure mingled, combined, and consumed them.Slowly, he relaxed on top of her. She, too, let the tightness of her muscles ease. He made no move to leave her, not that he could. She still had her legs locked around him. She felt his cock twitch inside her, delivering one last spurt of his semen into her. He was looking down at her, smiling. He reached up to stroke her hair as she returned his smile. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again, unable to get the words out. There was something in his eyes, though. They were shining, and the way he looked at her made her feel whole, complete, more like a woman than any other man ever had.She knew in that moment that she felt more for him than mere affection, more than she should feel about a casual lover. And she knew what he felt must be the same. Yet if he was unready to admit it, then she didn’t have the strength either. It was alright. There was plenty of time for that. Neither of them was going to be able to give up the other.They kissed softly, avoiding a real conversation. His hands explored her body, finding ways to extend the pleasure of lovemaking, to enhance the afterglow. All too soon, his cock had shrunk, and it slipped out of her amidst a flow of their combined juices. She dropped her legs to the bed, letting them slide off the backs of his thighs where they had been resting. Reluctantly, he pulled himself from atop her, moving to lay beside her.In a way, this was her favorite time. They lay together, putting as much of their bodies in contact as possible, and they would gently stroke each other. They shared soft kisses as he massaged her breasts. She reached down to fondle his semi-erect penis, delighted that it was gooey with the evidence of their pleasure. When his hand made its way to her crotch, she wasn’t sure she wanted any more, but she allowed him to spread her thighs anyway. His kiss became more ardent as his fingers probed into her.He covered her clit with his thumb as his finger pushed deep inside her. “No more,” she tried to say. Then his finer curled inside her, pressed against the cluster of nerves at the top of her love canal. Her g-spot, he had told her. The effect was the same every time. Her back arched, and an orgasm appeared almost instantly, hovering at the edge of completion. His hot tongue wrapped around hers as he increased the pressure from his fingers, and suddenly she was over the edge. Not as strong as the orgasm she’d had from the fucking, but still intense.Finally, he pulled his hand away from her, and they relaxed, drifting along nearly asleep for awhile.Real conversation came at last, and the next hour was spent talking about anything and everything. Jake was always happy for this moment. As much as he loved her body and the way she could make him feel, he loved the way he could tell her anything. There was no one else on earth he could be this open and honest with, knowing she would never judge him harshly. In fact, most often he found she shared his opinions.Eventually, their time together was over. They went into the bathroom together this time and squeezed into the shower. They washed each other, paying special attention to all the little places they had learned pleased each other most. She was delighted when his cock grew hard in her hands again. But there was no time for them to do anything about it. It was just encouragement for them to get together again.She loved having him towel her off. He used his mouth as much as the towel. It always felt exactly right being naked in his arms, seeing her pale skin next to his tan. His mouth found her nipples, and when she could she bent to suck him into her mouth again. She toyed with the idea of sucking him to completion, of tasting his cum right from the source. But they were pressed for time. He knew and understood. He lifted her head from his crotch and drew her face to his for a long, deep kiss.They dressed, keeping an eye on each other. He let her leave first, as he usually did.”When can I see you again?” he asked.”Soon, I hope,” she replied. She glanced around the parking lot to be sure it was empty, then moved into his embrace. They kissed feverishly, then she pulled away, holding onto his hand until distance pulled them apart. He watched her from the doorway until she was in her car, then he went back inside.Jake began to gather up the candles, the music, all the things he had brought with him. To hell with cleaning up anything else. He’d go check out, then drive back home. Alone. Still, he knew there would hardly be an hour that passed when Terry wasn’t on his mind.He found what she had left for him. Her silky panties, laid neatly on the pillow, waiting for him. He lifted it to his nose without hesitation, inhaling the musky aroma of her excited pussy.Next time, he mused, he would have to give her something special in return.It was difficult leaving, knowing he could not count on seeing her again. He was lucky to be off work during the week, she had to take half a day off every time they met up. It was harder still to go back to his life without her. One day, maybe, things would change, and they could find their way into each other’s arms permanently. Then again, maybe he loved her so much because they only got these few hours a month together.That would have to be enough for now.A few miles away, Terry could still smell Jake’s cologne on her blouse. She’d have to go by her house and clean up before going back to work. Nothing, though, was going to remove the mark he had left on her heart.Love could take many forms, and none of them were bad. The best anyone could hope for was to enjoy what fate delivered, to not ask too many questions. To love and be loved was the greatest thing about being alive. And right now, Terry felt so very alive. Every place Jake had touched her still tingled, and would for days.Especially inside, where no one would see.As Jake climbed into his truck, he felt it too. He tucked Terry’s panties into his glovebox, and he smiled to himself. One day he would tell her he loved her, and maybe things would change then. Until then…Only time would tell.

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