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Subject: The men and the mountains, Chapter 2 If you’re on Nifty you know what to expect. This story is totally fictional. Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories. Please consider a donation to Nifty so we can all keep fty/donate.html) If you haven’t read Chapter One, go back, or a lot of this won’t make sense. *** Willkommen in Das Alpenhaus. Welcome to my hostel. It’s the last weekend in November. Downhill skiing usually starts in early December, but cross-country becomes good a little earlier. There are eight men staying tonight. We’re all naked in the hot tub drinking beer. Why naked, house rule, my house. There is no real reason why we have to be naked other than I like naked men, especially young but mature adult athletic types. That’s why I run this place. We’re having fun, getting acquainted, and waiting for dinner. The cook always make’s an American-style Thanksgiving dinner the last weekend in November, though there aren’t any Yanks with us this year. They are all Bavarian dishes, but it looks and tastes Yankee. Let me introduce you. There are four Germans: Friedrick (Fred), Gustav (Gus), Heinrich (Ricky). and Everett (just that.) There are two Brits, Henry (Hank) and William (Will.) The other two are Italian, Angelo (Angel, but I seriously doubt it.) and Mario. I speak English, German, French and Italian but my brochure and cyber presence is all English. This place is intended to be a social club, so a common language helps. It’s prudent to ski with a partner. The sport is quite safe, but accidents happen. Ski alone and it could be fatal. In the spring and summer, I’ll book a lone hiker/biker, in winter I require partners. I don’t rent double rooms, each man has his own, at least to start. What happens after that is their business (and mine!) We go for dinner, four guys put undies on, including Hank the Brit, he’s shy, haven’t really seen all of him yet, he covers. The rest of the guys are regular guys, nothing monumental in the basket, all different but pretty much normal men, the cocks are all nice (though Gus is on the small side, but you really can’t tell what a man getting out of a hot tub will look like when his guys get happy,) but the bodies are all very nice. We’ll get back to that. We have dessert in the great room by the fire. I have a brandy with apfelkuchen (the word means apple cake, but right now it’s a deep-dish apple pie) with a slice of cheese. Not going to go around the room, but Hank has about a thousand calories on his dessert plate. No doubt he’ll eat it all and you’d never notice it. Hank is about six foot three, I’d guess a 46 inch chest, and firm defined abs; his arms and legs are just the same; a mammoth man. Despite his huge body, he has a sweet baby face. His hair and body are the same light brown, a golden boy, and the hair covers his body lightly. Don’t know if I’ll know anything else about Hank tonight, but not for lack of trying. Okay, Heinrich and Everett are getting cozy, and it shows, like you need details! Ricky is a small man, except in one way. He’s maybe five foot eight, totally fit but not hunky. His hair is black, some on his chest and a nice treasure trail. Of all these men he seems to be the best endowed; as Everett played with it, it got pretty happy. “Think I’ll turn in,” said Everett. “Me too,” said Ricky. Like no one knew. I gave them a few minutes and then said, “Guys, I’m going to bed too. You’re going to want breakfast and hit the trail in the morning. I checked Everett’s room, then Ricky’s. Not there. I found them in the shower room, Everett was giving Ricky a blow job, but why in the shower? I checked the great room, the lights were out (my cameras don’t need them,) and only Angel and Mario were there, making out naked in front of the dying fire. This is going to be a good night! I checked Hank’s room. Finally, he’s naked. He’s lying on his bed reading, but playing in his chest and belly fur. He is totally golden, no tan line, even his cock and balls are the same golden bown. He’s uncut and is sporting a nice semi, but he’s not touching it. He does seem to enjoy currying himself, his nipples are obviously happy. There’s a knock on his door. He slips on his boxers, which don’t conceal much right now. “Will, what’s up?” “I’m lonely and a bit afraid.” “The lonely I can take care of quickly. The afraid, we’re going to have to talk. Come on in.” Will was wearing a t-shirt and briefs. They sat on the bed. “Why are you lonely, we’ve spent the last forty hours together?” “I don’t know. The other guys seem to be better friends than we are.” “Fuck that, Will! We are very good friends. You wouldn’t be here if we weren’t. We’ve known each other less than half a year, but it gets better and better every week, at least for me.” “You’re my best friend, Hank, I only have a few. Am I yours?” “Do you want me to answer kocaeli escort that, Will?” “You already did.” “Okay, Will, you kind of asked for it. I’ve lived in Brighton for eight years with a man a few years older than me. We used to ski together, but he can’t anymore.” “Lived with? Is he gay, are you?” “The simple answer is yes, but it’s not that simple. Our relationship is much broader and deeper than sex. Billy is my best friend, and always will be. Are you okay with this? He knows about you, Will; and now that you know about him, you’ll get to meet him.” “I’m okay with it, Hank, all of it, just totally surprised.” “Climb in here with me, there’s not a lot of room, but you won’t be lonely.” Will removed his shirt and crawled in with hank. “Ain’t this cozy?” Hank said. Will put his hand on Hank’s chest, then pulled it away. Hank grabbed his hand and put it back on his round, firm pectoral. “You can touch me, Will, I don’t bite unless you want me to.” “You feel and look like a teddy bear. I never saw you naked before.” “Won’t be the last time. Have fun, Will, I am.” Will slipped a couple of fingers under the waist band of Hanks boxers. “Is what we’re doing gay, Hank? “Not so far, just a couple of guys messing around. Slip that hand down any further and it will be gay, and it would just be a start of something you may not be ready for, Will.” “Can I, Hank?” “I’m not going to stop you, but I think we should talk about this first, William.” “Why William?” “Because this would be a big, serious step forward in our relationship. If it’s what you want, I’m totally okay with It, but I really need to know if you are.” Will put his hand on Hank’s abs and played in the fur. “We can’t talk about it now?” he said. “No, Will; but we do have to talk about what you’re afraid of?” “I’m not sure, Hank. I’ve only been skiing in Aberdeen shire three times, now I’m in the fucking Alps!” “Snow is snow, Will, regardless of where it falls, and I know what I’m doing, you have nothing to worry about. You’ll be with me all the way.” “It’s time to get to bed, Will.” “Can I stay with you?” “Yes, I guess, but it’s crowded.” “Not when you hold me.” Hank spooned Will, no way it would have worked the other way. Hank, kissed Will on the cheek. “Good night dear friend,” he said. “Thank you, Hank, for both.” Albrecht again, that was sweet, they love each other, or will, but don’t know it yet. I checked out the rest of the rooms. Fred and Gus are in their own rooms, as are Ricky and Everett. Angel and Mario are sleeping together. Except for Angel and Mario, who had a big fuck fest in my great room (sorry, can’t tell it all to you), I don’t know if anything else went on tonight. Morning comes early. Waking up to beautiful young men soaping their bodies and sometimes each other’s is special. I use the camera, an older guy in there sometimes is intimidating, I’ve got my own shower. In the summer these young men are fed and out of here by 6:00 AM, in winter they don’t hit the ski trails until 8:00 AM. They pile on the calories for breakfast and will be back by 6:00 PM hungry as wolves. I don’t make any money during ski season, actually lose a lot, but the scenery in the hostel in winter is better. Cross country skiers have incredible bodies. Everyone gears up and leaves me their itinerary, there is air lift available if needed. The Germans go together and take the challenging trail. It truly is, did it once, ten years, ago, never again! The Italians take the moderate. Hank and Will take the light trail. “Doing the bunny slope?” said Gus. Hank answered in a way I’ll loosely interpret, “Stuff it!” but what Hank said made it clear what “it” was and where he intended to put it. Everyone but Gus laughed and they took off. We got two inches of light powder last night and more forecasted for today. Perfect for skiing. I was out with Pieter, one of my house boys, but not a boy. We were bringing in wood for the fire, we consume a lot, a whole lot of wood, but also beer. I saw Hank and Will coming toward the hostel. Hank was carrying four skis and poles, and Will. “He’s hurt, Al,” said Hank. Pieter carried the ski equipment and I offered to help with Will. “I’m got him, Al,” Hank said, in a tone that made it clear he didn’t want any help. Hank brought him into the inn and we got his snow clothes off. It hurt, he wasn’t happy. “Before I touch him, Hank, what happened?” “We were shushing down a slope in the trail, a heavily snow coated small spruce fell across the trail, Will hit it and I hit him.” Mein Gott, I said to myself, Hank must have carried him four kilometers or more. “Do we need to get him to a hospital?” “Yes, Hank, and no. I’m competent to handle this. He has a bad sprain in his right ankle and a serious strain in his right calf. When are you going back to England?” “N-O-W!” said Hank. “Not a good idea, Hank. Try to take him kocaeli escort bayan home now and the damage will just get worse, and he’ll be in a lot of pain.” “But my roommate’s a doctor.” “What about `not a good idea’ didn’t you understand, Hank?” “Why the fuck doesn’t someone ask me?” said Will. “We’re not going anywhere, Hank, until this stops hurting, at least I’m not.” “Not going anywhere without you, I’m so sorry, Will,” Hank said almost crying. “Wasn’t your fault, it was the tree’s.” “If you trust me, and I hope you do,” I said, ” this is what we have to do. Get him in the hot tub, for thirty minutes or so, and then get him in bed with ice on his ankle. I’ll make you both some lunch. I’ll get you a beer Hank, but Will will feel better with something stronger.” Generally, food isn’t allowed in the tub, but this wasn’t generally. Hank was in with him. I left them alone. “Is this a good time to talk, Hank?” “Never better.” “What is gay sex like, Hank.” “It’s just sex between men instead of men and women, but pretty much the same. The equipment isn’t the same, but not that much different.” “Never had sex with anyone, Hank.” “Didn’t think so.” “You said no last night, but I want to,” said Will. “You’re sure?” “Absolutely.” “We’ll see how you feel tonight, talk about it, and, yes, if you still want to, we’ll have man sex. It can get complicated, but I’ll start you on the bunny slope.” “Fuck you, Hank!” “That’s the whole idea, Will, but not at first.” He gave Will a kiss. I came back, “Time to get him in bed with ice for a while on that ankle.” “I’ll take him to my room; I don’t want to leave him alone.” “I’ll do you one better, Hank, I’ve got two rooms that are bigger, no extra charge.” Hank picked him up like he was wet sponge and carried him. I showed him how to ice the ankle and left, Hank was naked, but now unashamed. The other guys trickled in, stripped in the snow room, and hit the showers and spa, and beer. “Where’s Hank and Will?” said Mario. “Will got hurt a bit, but Hank’s taking care of him.” No sooner had I said that than Hank carried Will back to the spa. “So sorry,” said Gus, “I was such an ass hole.” “No grudge,” said Will. Two Frenchmen came in this evening, Francois (Frank) and Louis (Louie), they are identical twins. They were reluctant to get in the spa, but once having done it, boy did I have a lot of double vision eye candy set up for tonight. They were identical all the way down, nice bodies and nicer cocks, certainly as big a Ricky, but absolutely identical, both uncut. I’m sure there are ways to tell them apart, but all I detect is a small scar over Frank’s right eye. Never saw brothers getting friendly here, and didn’t expect it tonight, but flipping back and forth could be fun, but I’ve got so many men tonight! Dinner was Italian. For most people that’s a plate of spaghetti and maybe a salad. Not here. Pasta e fagioli soup, linguini carbonara, lasagna, pizza, focaccia and two salads. Hank wanted to eat in the great room with Will, so we all did (What’s a little extra cleaning?) Desserts: spumoni ice cream, Sicilian cassata cake, tira misu with zabaglione sauce. Everyone was getting friendly tonight, not erotic, but intimately friendly. Not altogether, but in pairs. Frank and Louie didn’t quite understand. Frank said, “I think its bed time, coming Louie?” “Yeah, I think we’re kind of in the way here,” said Louie. Things were cuddly, as men went off to bed. Except for Frank and Louie, I didn’t expect any of these guys to be sleeping alone. I also didn’t expect to get much sleep myself. Checked in on Frank’s room, he had just removed his blue slip briefs when there was knock on the door. He didn’t ask who it was, he knew. “Come in, Louie. I’ve been waiting for you.” Louie walked up to Frank, began caressing his chest and said, “Is everybody here gay?” “At least two of us, probably more, but I doubt all. This is the kind a place where men who like men come. That’s why we’re here.” “Do they know about us, Frank?” “Does it make any difference?” Both men were now rubbing each other’s chest and abs. “Can we …” “I assumed that was why you came in.” Frank dropped to his knees slowly kissing his way down Louie’s body, pulling his white slip down to his ankles. He was nuzzling in Louie’s pubes and kissing them. “Shall we get in bed?” “Thought you’d never ask little brother.” What I witnessed for the next couple of hours you wouldn’t believe if I showed you the video. I’m going to jump back and forth, but I’ll knit it neatly back together for you. There was a knock on Fred’s door. “It’s open.” “Was going down for a sandwich, want to come?” “Yeah, sure,” said Gus. All guests have leftover privileges, we have so much., they just have to clean up. They were is boxers. They had turkey on a pretzel roll which they ate in the great room with a stein of beer. Sitting in the izmit escort red glow of dying embers, “Is everyone here gay, Fred?” “Are you?” “No.” “Then no.” “That’s only half an answer, Fred.” “I’ve had sex with men, Gus.” “Fred, you’re married, you’ve got two kids!” “And …” Hank and Will came in, both naked, Hank carrying Will. “We’re going to get some dessert, want some?” “Just finishing a sandwich, no thanks.” Hank sat Will on the sofa, churned the fire, and went to the kitchen. “We’ll clean up, guys. Good night.” said Hank. “I think we’re not done talking, Fred,” Gus said as they walked back to their rooms. “We’re not, but it’s a long way back to Kiel on Tuesday, let’s leave it for the train.” “Give me a hug, Gus, like we always do.” They hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. “Nothing’s changed,” said Fred, “Nothing.” Back to the twins. These men know what to do with a man’s body and apparently have been doing it with each other for years. What is amazing is they both do exactly, I mean exactly (it could be in a mirror,) the same thing to/with each other at the same time. Cecil B. DeMille couldn’t have choreographed it better. It’s male sex in art. Once in bed they took each other’s cocks, stroked them slowly while sucking on their foreskins. They’d suck the skin in their mouth and then roll their tongue under the skin and around the glans. Once they were hard it became a regular sixty-nine, but totally syncopated. Then it changed, like on cue, when Frank went down, Louie pulled up, still in rhythm. It was a gay sex symphony. They switched to ball sucking, one nut in the mouth and then the other, then they rimmed each other. Then it started all over again. Louie flipped over and grabbed both cocks and jacked them hard. They came together, no surprise. They kissed each other. “Nice as ever,” said Louie. “Like I didn’t know,” said Frank. Hank cleaned up the great room then carried Will back to bed. “Bunny slope?” Will said. “You’re sure?” “Just do it , Hank, before I change my mind.” “Just do to me what I do to you. Your leg may be an issue, but I’ll work around it. “Where do we start?” “Right here,” said Hank, touching Will on the lips. They kissed, and then Hank sucked on Will’s lower lip, he caught on quickly. Lip sucking became tongue touching. A long, deep French kiss had Will panting. “We’ve only just started, are you going to survive this?” “I hope not,” said Will. Hank moved down to Wills nipples. “Geeze, Hank, I didn’t know those could feel that good. Can I play with yours?” Hank moved and put a nipple in Will’s mouth. He sucked it until Hank said, “Bite it, Will, bite it hard.” “I’ll hurt you, Hank” “That’s what I want, Will.” “Oh yes, Will, don’t stop.” “Give me the other one, Hank.” “Do it for me,” said Will. “Not sure I’ll like it, but try.” Hank chewed on his nipples a bit, but not very hard. “Sweet,” said Will. Hank moved down Will’s body and put his cock next to Wills face. “Wish I had one of these,” said Will. “You do, and it’s in my mouth.” “I mean the foreskin.” “You do, it’s just attached to my cock. They feel good, but they’re more fun to play with when they’re on somebody else’s cock. Have fun!” I didn’t exactly know what to do, but I got creative. Hank had a semi, but his cock head was still fully covered. I put my lips around his shaft then pulled back, catching the foreskin with my lips and pulling on it. I sucked on it, then stuck my tongue in the chute and licked his dome. Hank seemed to like what I was doing so I kept doing it. He liked the teeth on his nipple so I tried it on the foreskin. Instead of grabbing it with my lips I grabbed it with my teeth and pulled hard chewing lightly on it. Hank, moaned, buckled at the waist and put his hand on my head. “Sweet, Will, don’t stop.” Fully erect, Hanks’s helmet was barely touching my tongue, and I could still pull over an inch of foreskin in my teeth. “I’m getting close, Hank,” Will said. “One more thing to show you.” Hank flipped up and said, “I’m going to show you what it feels like to have a foreskin.” He pulled his foreskin out and stuck my cock in it. “This is called docking, give me your hand.” He used my hand to finish jacking us off. “Gonna blow, Hank.” “Do it, then I will.” I let loose,, and could feel my hot semen fill his foreskin. Then he let loose and the foreskin bulged with our mixed man juice. Hank and Will kissed, then Hank said, “When we let go, things are going to get a little messy.” My belly was sticky, but Hank got up to get a towel and washcloth to clean us up. “That was so good, Hank.” “You done good, Will. There’s a lot more to this adventure.” “Can we start now?” “Tomorrow, Will. We have all day. Just roll over and let me hold you.” Only Fred and Gus are in their own rooms. Hank and Will are falling asleep in each other’s arms. Angel and Mario are asleep, they look like they fell asleep sucking each other’s cock, but that’s over now. The twins, Frank and Louie are in each other’s arms, asleep, as are Ricky and Everett. Another wonderful day at Das Alpenhaus! Gute nacht, und aufwiedersehn.

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