12 Mayıs 2023

The Missing Toy part 1

Bikini Babes

It was early Friday afternoon, I had a pretty stressful week and I was feeling a bit horny and looking to unwind. My parents had gone away for the weekend and my sisters had not come home yet. I locked my door turned on a DVD, to mask any noise and to help with the mood, then turned off the lights. I undid my jeans slipped them off my hips let them fall to the floor and walked out of them. Pulled my shirt over my head and threw it on my chair and then undid my bra and left it next to my bed as I got under the covers. I began to rub my body relaxing and allowing my blanket to slip around my waist as my fingers lightly roamed my body giving me a nice tickling sensation. I lightly traced circles around my nipples perking them right up and getting me a bit moist. My hands then began their natural progression down to my panties. I spread my legs and rubbed outside my panties. I then went into my panties and found I was quite wet already. I decided that the horniness was more overpowering then the idea of unwinding and that I may just try and get myself off a quick few times before anyone came home. So I lifted up my hips and rolled my panties down to my knees and then slipped them all the way off. I rubbed my clit sending chills up my spine. I stuck a finger inside myself and knew that would not be enough so I rolled over and opened the drawer of my night stand moved aside the couple of books that covered my “pencil case” that contained my secret little toy. I took the box out, it felt a little light. Then I went to open it to find that it was empty. I was shocked, had I left it somewhere. There had been a time or two I had just slid it under my bed of put it in my closet after using it. So I tore through my room Erenköy escort bayan looking all over, it was nowhere to be found. Had I forgotten it somewhere? The only place I have ever used it besides my room was the upstairs bathroom. I threw on my jeans and slipped back into a t-shirt. I went into the bathroom and looked under the sink and through the closet. It wasn’t there and I specifically remembered the last time I used it was in my room. Someone must have taken it. Just about that time both my sisters came home. Rachel was 2 years younger than me a couple inches taller than me a bit more tan with the slightly the smallest breasts of the sisters but the nicest ass. Sarah was 4 years younger than me and had just turned 16 but had developed the most out of all of us having quite perky breast and she had the most freckles of all the sisters. I walked into Rachel’s room, figuring she was the older one so probably had taken it. After some light sister chat I awkwardly approached the topic. “Um, so… have you been in my room recently,” I said “What?” Rachel replied “I am missing something, just wondering if you took it.” “What the fuck are you accusing me of taking?” “It was in my nightstand, it’s a private thing.” “Um what?” “Rachel!” “Oh you mean something like this,” she said as she reached into the pile of stuffed animals she had on a shelf. She pulled out to my shock a large purple veiny toy about 2 inches longer than mine and a bit wider. “Well, yeah. Um….I didn’t know you had one. Um but if you didn’t take it then…” As I trailed off we both ran to Sarah’s room. She had gone to the bathroom so we went in and started to rummage through looking for it. I was Escort içerenköy going through her dresser and Rachel went through her dirty laundry. Then I started to hear Rachel giggle. “Did you find it?” I asked “Aw, Sis this is cute.” She giggled as she fiddled with my 7” glow in the dark vibrator. “Sorry I am not ramming myself with a 9” wonder cock like you, slut,” I quipped back. “Easy, I was just kidding,” she said as she turned it on, “Okay, now I see why you use it, it has some power.” “Shut up, give that to me,” I said as I took it from her. “So are you going to yell at her?” Rachel asked. “Um…no, I’m going to wash it though,” I giggled. “Then let’s get out of here before she gets back,” Rachel said. We both left then, I went right to my room and put it away. The next morning I was the first one up, I went down to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Rachel got up while I was making myself some eggs and helped herself to a piece of my toast. “So did you have fun last night?” Rachel asked “What? … Oh, no I did not. Geez!” I blurted out. “Oh well I did.” “Oh and how was the big boy?” “She was great; actually it got me thinking about Sarah.” “Ew, you think about Sarah when you do that.” “Amanda, shut up, I was just thinking that Sarah should have her own. I mean stealing yours just won’t do.” “Well what do you think we should just tell her we caught her stealing my toy and tell her where the store is?” “Um… NO, one I am pretty sure she realized it was gone and she got caught, two I think we should take her to the store.” “What?” “Well I mean your toy kind of got me thinking what a little more power might feel like down there, and I saw how you looked Tuzla escort at the size of mine. So I mean she could take some advice from the both of us and make an informed decision. And didn’t you just run in grab the first one you saw and left. This way she could be more comfortable.” “That’s very true, also I mean she borrowed mine so it’s only fair that I borrow hers right? And I don’t want to borrow a bad one.” “Okay skank, that is a selfish way to think about it,” Rachel said as Sarah walked into the room “What’s selfish?” Sarah asked “Nothing, we are just going to go shopping later today. There has been too unasked for borrowing going on.” I told her “I already apologized for ruining your shirt.” Sarah replied “Oh, she isn’t talking about shirts sweetie, just be ready to go shopping at noon,” Rachel told her. Noon rolled around and we all got into my car. “So which mall are we going to?” Sarah asked. “Hehe, not a mall, it’s a specialty shop.” Rachel let her know. “Okay weirdo, where are we going?” Sarah said uncomfortably. “A sex shop!” Rachel laughed “Amanda, where are we really going?” Sarah pleaded “To get you a dildo, no more borrowing mine,” I said calmly “Oh shit, I am so sorry, Amanda, I was just looking for a sharpie in your room last week and I saw it. I am so sorry; I was going to return it. I barely used it, I just wanted to wash it off before putting it back but you were always in your room.” Sarah blushed. “Don’t worry, that’s why we are going,” I reassured her. “I am here, to lend you the expertise of the joys of a large dildo.” Rachel laughed. “Yeah, she does have a big one,” I added “You already know about a high powered vibrator, but I can tell you a nice large toy can do wonders even with just a little vibration.” Rachel informed Sarah. “What do you freaks share toys?” Sarah said confused “No, but I accused her of taking my toy first and she showed me hers.” I let her know. We got to the store and for the first time we all looked through the wide selection of toys.

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