2 Ağustos 2021

The Morning After


The Morning AfterThe night before was my annual Christmas Party. My neighbor Lisa and her friend dashed away to my spare bedroom for some fun and ended up borrowing my cock (The Christmas After Party). As the night of fun ended I was told I had to make breakfast in the morning. My morning started earlier than I would of liked. I heard door slam about 6am, I looked into the spare room and found Ashley sound asleep in bed. Lisa was no where to be seen.I headed down to the kitchen and began to make breakfast. As I was looking through the fridge for something to make the front door opened up.”Good Morning” said Lisa as she rushed back upstairs with a box in her hands.I found some eggs and fruit and began to cook. After a few minutes Lisa came back down to the kitchen. I was whisking the eggs when she came over and laid a big kiss on my cheek.”I have to say this has been the greatest Christmas Party ever!” she said.”It was a great party!” I replied.”Has been? It’s not over is it?” Lisa asked.”Uh, no?” I curiously said unsure what she may have in mind.Lisa then got on her knees and crawled over to me. Her blue eyes looked like glass and she stared me down. Slowly she pulled my pants down and pulled out my cock. She held it in her hand and gazed at it from several angles, slowly beginning to stroke it.”I just love your cock. If I knew it was this good I would of been a better neighbor.” she said with a smile.She then leaned in and took my cock into her mouth and sucked it deep. She twirled her tongue around the head. I could feel my cock growing inside her mouth. She continued to pull my cock in and out of her mouth just by sucking, her hands gripped my legs. Within a minute I was rock hard.Lisa stood up and lifted her skirt, she was not wearing any panties. She bent over, grabbed my cock and began to rub it on her pussy. I could feel the heat coming off her beautiful mound. I could feel her begin to get wet.”Oh your cock feels so good rubbing on my cunt. Just rubbing my pussy like this makes me want to cum. I can feel your pulse throbbing. I bet you want it in me. I can tell you want to just thrust that meat right into my hot hole.” teased Lisa.”Oh ya, I want to fuck you. I want to put it in you so bad!” I said while starting to thrust forward. The tip of my cock began to spread her lips and the enter her, but she held me back with her hand and continued to just rub her swollen lips with the head of my cock. She continued this punishment kocaeli escort for a few minutes, then finally she lined my cock up and she leaned back full force and I was deep inside her. Lisa just held me there balls deep, Then she pulled me out her her, pulled her skirt down.”Thanks hun, I got to run home for a bit. I’ll be back. I got a gift for you upstairs.” Lisa said, kissing me and then she was gone. She just left me there with a rock hard cock soaked in her nectar.Suddenly I was hungry, but not for breakfast. I decided I needed a cold shower. I went upstairs and headed to me bedroom, but right before I entered my room I remembered that Lisa said that she had a gift for me upstairs. I peeked in my room but saw nothing, maybe it’s in the spare room.The door was still closed. I opened it very slowly as to not wake Ashley. The door creaked slightly as it opened, I could see more and more of the room the bed cam into view. There on the bed was Ashley, completely nude, bent over with her ass facing me. “Hi, Ashley?” I said but I got no answer. I walked into the room and noticed a rope tied to the headboard. As I approached I noticed her hands were tied, she was blindfolded and was gagged. There was a note on the bed “Merry Christmas, Have Fun!”.There on the bed was a box filled with toys. There was a Hitachi Wand, butt plugs, dildos, and a bottle of lube. I could not believe my eyes. I had never had any woman, let alone one as gorgeous as Ashley, tied up for me to do as I please. Where to start. I walked around the bed while getting undressed. All these thoughts and desires going thru my head, but each time I saw her bent over ass high, perfect view of that sweet pussy and asshole, I had to have a taste. I got on the bed and began to caress her pale white ass. It was so soft and smooth. I kissed each cheek and began licking them all over. I worked my way down to her asshole. It was like a sweet pink flower. I licked all around the rim and its started to glisten. Ashley began to moan and her breathing increased. I spread her cheeks apart opening her asshole. I took my tongue and began to stick the tip into her ass causing Ashley to squirm each time.I worked my way down to her pussy, it was dripping wet, her juices dripping out and leaving strings of wetness down to the bed. I reached down and got it on the tip of my finger and licked it, pure sunshine! I leaned in and kissed her wet lips. Her izmit escort taste was indescribably, her aroma was addictive. I took my tongue and gave her pussy one long slow lap from her clit up to her ass. Ashley shuttered with each lap. Her clit was swollen, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked it in and flicked my tongue on it’s tip. She began to moan louder. I continued to lick and suck her clit. Suddenly I remembered the Hitachi Wand in the box. I reached over and grabbed it. I turned it on and Ashley almost fell over. I moved the Hitachi all around her pussy, every time I hit her clit she through her head down and let out loud moans. After going back and forth I decided it was time to hold it there and make her cum. I held the Hitachi over her clit, her lips were visibly vibrating. She buried her head into the bed and was almost crying. I took a finger and slowly entered her pussy. It was so wet, I tilted my finger down to her upperwall and began to flick it back and forth. I could feel the vibrated shaking and then her pussy began to quiver. I could feel it closing tight and opening, back and forth, gripping my finger tight then releasing. Ashley struggled to keep her breathe and was in an almost consistent moan. Her legs began to shake, her pussy now gripped the finger tight, I could barely move it, suddenly she let out a muffled scream and her pussy squirted all over. I pulled my finger out, her pussy was wide open it was gushing her love juice. The bed was soaked, my hand and arm were soaked. It was running down her legs. I pulled the Hitachi away, her body convulsed. I reached over and touched her pussy, her body jumped, it was obvious she was extremely sensitive.I decided to give her pussy an break as Ashley seemed to struggle to breathe. I removed the gag to help her. I leaned to kiss her. It was a one sided kiss as her lips trembled. Her face was blush and sweaty. After a moment or two she began to kiss me back. Her kissing became very passionate, her tongue exploring my mouth, her lips never releasing from mine to even breathe. “I had never had used one of those before, it was the most intense orgasm ever. My pussy is still shaking!” Ashley whispered. I need a quick break, bring your cock over here.”I untied her hands and sat on the bed in front of her. She bobbed down and took my rock hard dick into her mouth and began to suck me off. She cupped my balls and gently bodrum escort messaged them. Her lips were her hugging my cock so tight, her saliva dripping down my shaft. She pulled my cock out so she could catch her breath and she began to stroke my cock. “Do you like that? Like when I stroke it?” she asked in a rather naughty way.”Oh my god yes! It feels so good!” I said.She then took my cock almost balls deep, slightly gagged and pulled back out. My cock was drenched in her thick gooey spit. She gripped it again and began to stroke it, twisting her hand as it passed the head each time up and down.”What is this that I’m tasting on your cock?” Ashley asked.”What? I don’t know, what do you mean?” I replied.”Mmmmm, it taste familiar. Where was your cock today?” she asked again.”It was in Lisa’s pussy. She put it in and just held it there for a minute and pulled it out and left.” I said.”Oh she marked her territory? Well I’m claiming it back.” she said. “Go stick it in my hot cunt!”I moved over behind her as she stuck her ass back up. Her pussy was still dripping wet and my cock slid right in. Her pussy was burning hot. I slowly slid my cock back and forth, my cock covered in her juice. She began to thrust her self back and forth hinting she wanted it faster and harder. I picked up the pace and began to fuck her hard. My balls were slapping her clit. She was so wet you could hear my cock sloshing inside her. “Oh ya, just like that, fuck me. Fuck me good. It feels so big!” she encouraged me.I continued to fuck her and I started to think about blowing that load that had built up inside of me since early this morning. Suddenly the door opened, in walked Lisa.”What is going on in here?” she asked.”I’m using my Christmas present.” I proudly exclaimed.”Well we were promised breakfast and I had no breakfast. Ashley did you eat?” Lisa asked.”Not any food.” Ashley answered.Lisa reached in and grabbed my cock and pulled me out of Ashley.”Go make us some breakfast. I brought over some pancake mix and juice. Call us when it’s ready.” she ordered.”What? But I was about to,,,, I need to c….” I said.Lisa quickly interrupted me “We need breakfast. The deal last night was to make breakfast in the morning.” Lisa said.She pushed me out the door and slammed it. There I stood in the hallway with a rock hard cream covered cock that just wanted to explode.”Oh ya, by the way, don’t go finish on your own, we will know if you did that.” Ashley yelled.I went in my room to get some clothes. It took several minutes to lose the erection. It wasn’t easy that I could smell Ashley on my and I could hear them having fun without me.Down I went to whip up some pancakes. This morning so very fun, yet frustrating. What will the rest of the day be like.Stay tuned!!!

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