19 Mart 2023

The Nature of the Human Animal


Nature is great – it’s even wonderful. Without nature, there wouldn’t anything to look at in the world. But this: white water rafting in a kayak – not my idea of a good time. I repeat, not my idea of a good time! But even now, as I swallowed gallons of water because the damn kayak had tipped over, I couldn’t help but think of Melanie. She expertly navigated the jagged rocks, each of her paddle strokes bending the water and the boat to her will. Even underwater and her ass in the boat, she looked hot.

And she even looked better after she helped me back to the surface of the water by flipping my kayak to an upright position. After that, I had to play catch-up while she slipped and slid between the rocks while the rapids seemed to take a mad pleasure bouncing me around like a rag doll in a blender. But I did manage to catch up with her – she as waiting for me – and we relaxed our progress as the water calmed down. The river flowed into a vast and still expanse: a lake.

“Wasn’t that great?” Mel asked as she paddled up to my kayak. I felt my brow furrow as I glared at her. She’d removed her helmet and her short blond hair was floating in the wind. The cool breeze caused goosebumps to ripple across her arms. I could only imagine the other parts of her body that were being likewise stimulated.

“You’re kidding, right?” I managed to say as I fought to keep my boat steady and close to hers. “I felt like I was a lonely left sock stuck in an endless spin cycle.”

“Come on! You were handling those rapids like a pro.”

“Please don’t insult my intelligence,” I stated. I decided to let the breeze push the waves that carried me away from her and towards the shore. “My body’s going to ache for the rest of the millennium.”

Melanie followed me and even overtook me. I saw her hop out of her kayak when the water became shallow enough; she pulled the boat ashore. By the time I reached the shoreline, she’d removed her lifejacket and was sitting on the sand wearing a blue bikini top and cut-off jeans. I was always startled by how pale her skin was – she must have been a chromosome away form being an albino. But her hair was sunny blond and her eyes were as blue as the water. I could spend hours staring at her delicate features. She was broad shouldered, but her waist was slim while her hips were curved and inviting, yet thick and muscular. And her tits: lovely, pale, and firm 34c cups. Being only an inch shorter than my 5’9 frame, she looked like a cross between an elf and a warrior.

“Need a hand,” she said as I pulled my kayak aground. She was lying down, looking up at the sky.

“Ha. Very funny. Hilarious even. No.” I heaved the boat and I let out a groan. My back was a mess. I walked towards her while undoing my lifejacket. When it fell to the ground, I noticed her watching me over the bridge of her fine nose. I was wearing spandex swim trunks, but I was shirtless. She smiled.

I sat down next to her and she started to play with my bicep. I heard her smack her lips.

“What’re we doing here?” I asked finally. “I mean, there’s nothing here. And what there is… it’ll probably give me an allergic reaction or something.”

“What’s a matter, city boy? Afraid of the big bad woods?” She’d turned on her side and was looking at me, her head resting in her palm. One of her tits was about to fall out of her bikini.

“You know nature makes me… nervous.”

“God, you are so not a guy!” she said, exasperation carrying her words. “Your the first man I’ve dated who wasn’t in love with the outdoors.”

What she didn’t say was that I was the oldest guy she ever dated – I was only 31 to her 25, but I’d spent all my life in a big city while she’d been raised on a ranch. The expression “sweet smelling country air” had Escort Beylikdüzü different meanings for the both of us.

“Hey, you’re the one who gave me your phone number,” I pointed out. We’d met at a get-together organized by a mutual friend.

“Well, I knew you were smart, witty and cute,” she replied in her defense. “I just thought you were woodsy. The crooked nose and gruffly look… I though you’d be a natural running around in the forest, naked.”

“You realize this is our first date?”

“Oh yeah,” she giggled.

I looked down at her and she smacked my thigh. Then she touched it, rubbed it, squeezed it. I wasn’t a woodsman, but I was a runner. And if it weren’t for the fact I possessed good upper body strength from weight training and swimming, I’d likely still be trapped in the rapids.

“Now what do we do?” I asked, my eyes floating over her curves and peaks and canyons, thinking about what it would be like to touch them all with my lips.

“Good god man, look around you,” she snickered. “Sometimes all you have to do is look around.”

I stared at her blankly.

“Look,” she ordered before lying back down and closing her eyes.

I managed to pry my eyes from her exquisite body, and for the first time on this trip, I paid attention to our surroundings. Breath caught in my throat as I realized the sheer vastness of it all. We were sitting on the shore of a large lake surrounded by a deep and lush evergreen forest. The water was crystal blue and the mid-afternoon sun sparkled off the crest of the waves stirred by the wind. In the distance, I could hear the roar of the rapids we followed to find this corner of paradise. I noticed a flock of loons flying across the sky, their cries echoing off the mountains that loomed over the forest. Despite the fact the peaks were miles from where we rested, they filled the sky. Their snowcapped flanks were partially hidden by clouds.

I listened to the water brushing the shore; farther down the beach, a fox was bouncing playfully while it chased a field mouse. Ducks waddled as they dived for fish. Songbirds filled the air with a joyous chorus celebrating life. Trees swayed in unison as the wind caressed them from left to right. Cloud formations coalesced and quickly dissipated as high altitude air currents crashed them together.

I felt suddenly very small and insignificant – but at the same time, I knew I had a crucial role to play in this grand plan. If it was nothing more than my remains someday supplying bacteria with the nutrients necessary to produce oxygen, or my sidestepping and ant to make sure it brought food to its queen, my life would help the Green survive.

“Hey,” Melanie said as she poked my side. “D’you think you can give me some of those admiring and awestruck glances?”

“Sweetheart, what do you think I’ve been doing since I first saw you today?”

Before I said anything else, Melanie grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to the ground. She planted her lips on mine – so warm and silky – and our tongues decided to make love before we could do anything about it. We rolled around on the sand, our hands moving up and down the other’s body while our lips read our faces like the blind discovering Braille. We tumbled until she was on her back and I was firmly planted between her legs. We kissed roughly as I humped her through her shorts. When she let out a little moan, I thought I’d went to far, but she firmly gripped my ass and held me close as she rubbed my cock – the spandex of my trunks did little to hold my erection in place.

“Well,” I stammered, “this is a lot more than I hoped for on our first date.”

Mel giggled and licked my cheek. “Kayaking always gets me hot. Trees do too. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan And from the size of the branch in your shorts, I’m getting even hotter.”

“Hmmm… Since I’m getting, shall I say, stimulated, I wonder if I could have a peek?”

Melanie raised an inquisitive eyebrow at me.

“This,” I indicated as I slid a hand in her bikini top and kneaded her firm breast. I pulled the material aside and marveled at her long, pink nipple. I waited before putting my tongue to it, savoring the way Melanie quivered in anticipation. When I finally put it in my mouth, twirling it between my lips, Mel let out a loud sigh and pushed my mouth to her tit. It was too large to fit completely in so I attacked it from each side, enjoying her raspy breaths as I massaged her silken flesh with my tongue and pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“Just pull it of completely, why don’t you,” she ordered. And when I did, I rested on my knees and watched her as I continued to play with her tits. Mel tossed her head from side to side and moaned as I covered one nipple and the next with my mouth, making sure to bite each nub of flesh gently.

Mel was trembling as I rested on her and kissed her neck. She dug her nails into my back as I undid her shorts – she’d cut a pair of Levi’s so I had to undo a five button fly. Once they were completely undone, I moved out from between her legs and slid my hand in her jeans at the same moment I started to suckle a nipple. My eyes grew wide as I happily discovered her lack of pubic hair – I also smiled as I felt her wetness spread through her jeans.

“Oh,” she sighed. “You just know where to put those magic fingers of yours, don’t you…”

Her words stuck in her mouth when her clit found its way beneath my finger. I started to make small circular motions around her cherry, causing Mel to spasm as erotic electricity charged her nerves.

“Shit! Fuck this,” she griped as she rolled me over and pulled at my swim trunks. She paused as my cock stood proudly – the foreskin had fallen back and the head was pointing totem-like towards the sky.

“Oh boy, that is a tree, isn’t it,” she whispered. Her mischievous smile was back and she was stroking the shaft slowly. I reached down and caressed her shoulders – and wouldn’t you know it, she’d flipped around and I had her ass in my face. I tugged at her jeans and Mel rewarded me by helping slide them off and granting me a beautiful view of her round and muscular ass.

“Like what you see, Cole?” she asked as I felt her fingers graze my ball sack.

“Nature’s best from my point of view, Mel,” I answered. She placed a knee on each side of my head and wiggled her ass. The sight of her pink and moist pussy bouncing left and right was to much for me to bear – I grabbed her ass and pressed my mouth on her cunt.

“No wonder I don’t count higher than 69,” she chuckled before gasping because I was kissing the hell out of pussy lips. But I stopped and stiffened and listened – she was sucking my cock with a hunger I’d rarely felt. Animals must have frozen in their tracks at the sound of her sloppy slurps. I managed to lick her pussy and tease her clit despite the involuntary thrusting of my hips, but she was taking each jerk in stride. I don’t know what the head of my prick was hitting, but the moisture of her mouth and the endless dance of her tongue and the squeezing of my balls was taking me nearer and nearer the edge.

In response, I pulled her ass cheeks apart and dug my tongue into her cunt as deeply as I could. My lower lip was resting on Mel’s clit and it was her turn to arch her back and buck wild against my face. My cock slid from her mouth and her love juices flowed freely down Beylikdüzü Escort my throat.

“Ohhh… Ahhh…” she moaned as she continued to jerk my cock – while I licked her pussy, I’d managed to wet a finger and I’d started to caress her anus. I felt one of my balls pop into her mouth as my tongue slid across all the moist walls of her cunt.

“Yes! You fucker eat my pussy!” she screamed as I finally took her clit between my teeth and gave a gentle nibble. Melanie was hugging my cock to her cheek as a tremendous orgasm shook her body. I listened to her breath slow down as the aftershocks of ecstasy subdued.

“Hum… Cole that was so good,” she said as she slid off of me. “Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“Would you believe I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body?”

“Not really,” she said as she managed to sit in front of me. She looked at my lap and saw I was still rock hard. “From where I’m sitting, you’re all man.”

“Thanks, I think.”

“It’s a compliment.” She got up and went to her shorts. She came back with a condom.

“It’s our first date, and I do want you,” she said as I watched her tear the condom’s wrapper and slip it over my responsive cock. “So lets do it like they do on the Discovery channel.”

“I think I love that song…” I snickered. Melanie was positioning herself on all fours.

“We’re in the middle of nature, lover. Fuck me doggy style!”

“Are you still wet?”

“Wet and waiting, Cole. I’ve already come. This is all for you.” She patted her ass and shook it invitingly.

Sexual gravity pulled me to her cunt; she was tight, wet, warm… hell, she was in heat! It took a few minutes and my balls were slapping against her round ass. I held on to her hips as she started to move in response to my thrusts.

“Here I go again!” she shouted as we fucked like the animals we secretly were.

“Fuck Yeah! You’re so tight! It’s so good!” I yelled. No one was around, there were no societal conventions to respect – I let loose all the sexual energies I had.

“Do Me! Do me like a beast, you bastard!”

Mel was even wilder than I was. I flipped her around and she was on her back. I held her ankles wide apart and fucked her hard enough that her tits were flapping up and down despite her youth and their firmness. Her head was digging into the ground while we were becoming drenched in sweet sexual sweat. I was sure animals were circling, attracted to the smell of our fuck.

“Ahhh!!!” Mel cried as she wrapped her legs around me. My cock was buried deep in her cunt and I could only move a little bit while she gyrated her hips. She reached up and hugged my neck, forcing me to pull her up – she was sitting on my cock and riding me like there was no tomorrow. It was to much for me to bear for much longer.

“I’m gonna come Mel!” I screamed. She kissed my deeply, driving her tongue all the way to the back of my throat; I fell back onto my hands while my cock jerked and I shot a load I was sure would break the condom. She rode me as I came and came – her breathing told me she was coming as well.

We were spent! After that onslaught of pleasure, Melanie climbed off me before I cramped up in a semi kneeling position. I stretched out my legs and basically fell onto my back. My cock was placid and rested against my left thigh. Mel reached over and pulled the condom off; she emptied the spent sperm onto the ground and put the rubber back in its wrapper.

“That ought to mark our territory,” she said about the sperm while she laid down next to me. “The critters’ll know it’s our spot.”

“We were so loud, I think half the forest knows.”

“Bah… they’re just jealous.”

“Suuure,” I replied. “So, this was our first date.”

“Yep,” she said, stroking my stomach.

“We’ve got to get back to civilization.”


“We’re going to walk, aren’t we?”

“Yep,” she answered. “About 2 miles, uphill. We’ll be carrying the kayaks.”


“Consider it our second date,” she said and then, she kissed me.

Oh yeah, nature’s great – even wonderful.

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