2 Ağustos 2021

The New Cuckold


The New CuckoldMy wife is turning 34 and I had a big surprise for her. She loves Broadway and there was a showing that she has always wanted to see. I booked a hotel for 3 nights and bought admission for the show. It is about a 12 hour drive to the hotel and when we arrive we shower and go right to sleep. The next day we walk around the city seeing the attractions, killing time until the show. Back at the hotel we started getting ready for our night out. I put my suit on and waited for my wife to finish getting ready. When she was ready, she came out of the bathroom wearing a red dress and heels. It fit tightly showing her curves, and low cut in the front. She looked fantastic.Waiting in line to get in to the show, we start chatting to a man in front of us. He was about 6 feet tall, slender and dark-skinned. He was telling us that he had seen this show before and loved it. He offered us tickets for the show the following night if we were interested. I kept catching him glancing at my wife’s chest throughout our conversation. To be honest it was flattering knowing he liked what he saw. She was mine and he obviously liked what he saw. When we went inside to find our seats, we discovered we were actually sitting right next to the gentleman we were speaking with outside. My wife sat between he and I and we all chit-chatted until the show started.Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the gentleman continually looking at my wife. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “our friend keeps looking at you. He likes what he is seeing.””I know. It is kind of a turn on”, she whispered back. “I like being admired. I would kinda of like to be admired by a spectator during sex.”That surprised me, her wanting samsun escort to have someone watch us have sex. I wasn’t closed to the idea. After some brief thought I wouldn’t care, even though I don’t think it would do anything for me, personally. “We can talk about it later”, I replied.After the show, we got his information and took him up on his offer for the show the next night, and then went to dinner. As we finished dinner, I told her I was open to her idea she mentioned in the theater, and we can try it if she really wants. After returning to the hotel, she started kissing me. I kissed her back. On the lips. Neck. And ear. She told me to lay down on the bed. She took my belt off and used it to tie my hands to the headboard. She told me to wait, as if I had a choice at that point. She went into the bathroom. I heard a text come through on her iPhone through the bathroom door, then ticks of her typing as though she were responding. A few minutes later she came out wearing lingerie. A black thong, and black lace bra. She came over to the bed, unbutton my pants and pulled them off. Then my underwear. My dick was already hard. She started licking it and slowly took the whole thing into her mouth. After about 10 minutes, there was a knock on the door.She went to the door and asked who it was. I couldn’t clearly hear the response through the door from my place on the bed. But the door opened and around the corner walked the gentleman from the theater.”You said you were open to having a spectator. You’ll be the spectator tonight” she stated. She was talking to me. She turned to the gentleman, her back facing me, put her hands around the back of his neck antalya escort to pull herself up some to reach his mouth and started kissing him. He reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands. At first I was shocked, but I oddly found it hot. We had never done anything too kinky and then suddenly this was happening. He kept squeezing her ass as they made out in front of me at the foot of the bed. She undid his pants and took out his cock. It was huge. Thick and long. She jerked it off until it was hard. She turned around and faced me with back against his chest and stomach. He started grabbing her chest while kissing her neck and ear. All I could do was watch this stranger grope and fondle my wife. It was so hot.She laid down on the bed right next to me, on her back. He got on top of her and started kissing her and she watched me watch them. Her eyes locked on mine as he started to have his way. He took her thong off and positioned his cock. She continued to look right at me and then he entered her. My wife moaned in what appeared to be a cross of pleasure and pain. His dick was huge, stretching her pussy to the point that it hurt.He was slow at first. Until she started to get acclimated to his massive dick. Then he started going faster. And harder. And she moaned like I have never heard her moan before. Her arms and legs were wrapped tightly around his body which was starting to sweat.They fucked for about 5 minutes. Then he sat up and told her to turn over. She rolled over to her belly like he said. He grabbed her hips and lifted her ass up next to his dick and pushed in. I had never wanted my wife as badly as I did at this time.I was squirming ankara escort with anticipation. I wanted a turn with my wife. She could seem my desire for her on my face and it made her smile as she was getting railed by his big cock. His hands all over her squeezing her ass and chest. Flipping her around to whatever position he wanted her in. She could see I was struggling and told him to stop for a moment. She told me not to move, and untied the belt. She kept one of my hands pressed against the head board. Leaving one hand free for me to jerk myself off. Then fastened the other hand back to the headboard.She went back to the gentleman who was standing beside the bed at this point. They made out some more while he groped and fondled her more in front of me. Then, turned her around, bent her over the bed and fucked her more. She started to lick and suck my cock. Then the gentleman must have gotten jealous because he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and off my dick.He started slamming her really hard, like he was about to cum. And he did. He pulled his huge cock out and covered her ass in his load.He quietly put his clothes on and then left. My wife looked over and asked if I was ok. I said I was perfect and that I was ready for my turn. She giggled, got on top of me and sat down on my cock. Her pussy was not as tight as normal. The massive dick that had just used her pussy stretched it out really well. She rode me but I was having trouble finishing. She was too loose. He was significantly bigger than me.My wife got off and I told her I would finish myself off. I had her stand next to the edge of the bed, slightly leaning forward so I could see the gap he left in her pussy, and the load which had begun running down her ass onto her legs. It took only a few moments before instated to cum while seeing that. My wife told me that she had never been so turned on. She loved seeing me wanting her so badly. And I agreed. Maybe it is something that will happen again. Maybe not.

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