19 Mart 2023

The New Game Ch. 16


Chapter 16 — Game of Chaos

As I opened my eyes I saw that I was still in Penny’s bed. I was still holding my Penny and I was delighted. I was even more delighted when I looked past Penny and saw that she had her arm wrapped another lovely female body. I smiled widely, wondering when, exactly, Brooke had crawled into bed with us. I was extremely glad that she had.

I was not about to move. I laid there for what felt like hours, just staring at my sunshine and my angel. They moved me without even knowing it, without even being awake. I watched them sleep, watched them breath. It was so peaceful and perfect that I never wanted it to end, but it did when Brooke began to stir.

I watched her rub her eyes and the gently glide out from under Penny’s arm. She slowly slid off the bed, not knowing that I was watching her every movement. She placed her feet on the floor quietly and took a step towards the door.

“Leaving so soon,” I whispered playfully.

Brooke jumped back, crashing into the closet door and put her hand on her chest. She was completely startled and it woke Penny. I leaned over and kissed Penny gently on the cheek as she opened her eyes. Brooke had regained her composure and was staring at me.

“That’s not funny,” she chastised me.

“Neither is sneaking out,” I countered mockingly.

“Ok, well, I am going to get ready to go to Leslie’s,” Brooke announced as she left the room, still scowling at me.

Penny rolled over to face me.

“What’s going on at Leslie’s,” she inquired.

“Brunch,” I answered simply. “We should get ready as well.”

I sat up and exited her bed. I returned to my room and heard Penny head into Brooke’s room. They got ready together, giggling and traveling between their rooms for needed accessories. I threw on a pair of shorts and a decent enough looking shirt, presentable but very casual. I headed downstairs and waited on my women. The wait always seemed to pass quicker with a cup of coffee.

As I placed my mug in the sink, they made there way down to me. I took in the sight of them as they turned the corner from the stairs. They were always beautiful to me and today was no exception. Brooke had on a royal blue halter sundress and matching patent leather pumps. Penny was wearing a black tube style dress with lots of ruffles complimented by simple black flip flops. They were wonderfully perfect to me and I could not get enough of either of them, but together, they were magnificent.

I rode with Penny over to Leslie’s while Brooke followed us in her car. She loved having the top down on sunny days. I adored that she was the perfect California blond. We pulled up in front of Leslie’s house as Brooke sped into the driveway. We walked to the door together and waited as Brooke rang the bell.

Leslie answered the door, looking terrific herself. She was wearing a white tube top and denim short-shorts. Her feet were bare and she was totally charming. She went wild when she saw Penny, hugging her tightly and ushering us all into the house. We followed her out to the back patio, where Nikki and Monica were fussing over Brian. Mindy was also already there, sunning herself on a patio chair and unaffected by anything going on around her.

Everything stopped when we made our way out from the house. Nikki rushed to Penny and hugged her tightly. There was a lot of love as everyone appeared genuinely happy to see her home. We all found seats at the table on the patio, where we enjoyed the food and mimosas that were set before us. It was a great way to spend a Saturday and the mood was very upbeat. I was enjoying these moments as they past swiftly in front of me.

When Emma arrived late, the mood in the air seemed to change. She came through the glass doors and greeted everyone, including Penny very casually. I gave her my seat at the table so she could sit Avcılar Escort and eat, though I felt a tension or apprehension sweep over then entire group of people I was with. I moved to a patio chair next to Mindy, where I laid back and relaxed. I watched Emma just go through the motions of making small talk and I was somewhat confused.

I would have thought Emma would have been happier to see Penny, but her mood was rough and bitter. She drank several mimosas while they talked and she seemed to lighten up some, but as the conversation and the alcohol continued to flow, her bitterness returned. It was evident to me in her tone of voice and her body language. Maybe it was me.

Nikki was seated on the edge of the pool, holding Brian and dipping his toes in the water while Monica relaxed on a patio chair on the other side of the pool. The vibe stayed casual, but I still felt that something was not right. The women shifted from mimosas to wine and cosmos as they chatted away the mid-day. I watched and rather enjoyed seeing them being together without making me the center of attention. I lounged and relaxed, thinking briefly how lucky I was to be here, now. The booze continued to flow and Emma seemed to be getting more and more obstinate with every drink. Her cranky demeanor was being overlooked by everyone, except me, though I continued not to call her out on it. The day passed slowly and as we hit late afternoon, I thought the tension had passed. Monica had taken Brian inside for a nap and Nikki joined the ladies at the table. Mindy turned herself in her chair and was now leaning against me lazily.

“If you want a week or two to get back into the swing of things, I will continue running the game,” Emma offered to Penny casually as she polished off her sixth or seventh cosmopolitan.

Every woman’s eyes snapped and locked onto Emma. This was bomb I was waiting for, the one we could feel hanging in the air. It felt like something was coming and this was it. I hoped that Emma had passed by it but she had not. My stomach turned and I felt a large knot forming. She was pretty drunk and I feared that this was not going to end well.

“I think I am good to go,” Penny countered peacefully, not sure of where that had come from.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to continue running the game,” Emma said flatly, slightly slurring her words.

“Why wouldn’t it be a good idea,” Brooke asked patiently.

“I think I should stay in the lead for a while,” Emma admitted.

“Em, this isn’t funny,” Leslie chastised her.

“I’m not joking,” Emma scolded. “I think it’s time we take the game up a notch and I can do that. I started this thing after all. It’s mine anyway. It’s time I took it back. We need to right this ship and set some things straight.”

Tears began to fall rapidly from Penny’s eyes, though she said nothing. She was not prepared for this and she did not know how to respond. She sat silently and listened while she cried.

“You are saying hurtful things to people who care about you,” Nikki informed her. “That is not called for nor is it appreciated.”

Nikki reached out and grabbed Penny’s hand, holding it tightly in a show of solidarity.

“I am just stating facts, Nikki,” Emma said. “When I was in charge no one left the game and went to play with other people.”

Emma was on full attack against Penny now. I assumed her intention was to get to me. Mindy lifted her head off my chest and stood up off of her chair. She walked over to the table and threw her arms around Penny from behind, hugging her tightly.

“This is uncalled for, Emma,” Leslie snapped.

“Is it,” Emma questioned. “There were no fist fights under my watch either, Leslie.”

Leslie’s mouth dropped open in shock and disgust. Emma was just out to hurt people to ease Beylikdüzü Escort her own pain. I watched this all unfold and the knot in my stomach tightened.

“Anyone else want to challenge the queen,” Emma scoffed with a slight hiccup.

No one responded and the silence surrounded us. I watched all of them become engulfed in the venom Emma was spewing towards them. I could not take anymore.

“I do,” I said from my chair, still lounging and relaxed.

All eyes now focused on me.

“Excuse me,” Emma shouted at me.

“I want to challenge the queen,” I clarified.

“Oh really,” Emma laughed. “Go ahead, tough guy. Play the hero.”

I said nothing in response to that. She poured herself another drink from the pitcher.

“My sister left because of you,” she screamed at me after a big, sloppy sip.

“I know,” I responded calmly.

“You can’t challenge me,” she scowled.

“You’re right,” I agreed.

“Anyone else,” she snarled at the ladies. “If any of you-“

“Excuse me,” I interrupted her. “But if you cease control of this game from Penny, then I quit.”

I heard Nikki gasp and Penny’s tear-filled eyes widened.

“You can be replaced,” she quipped.

“I quit too,” Brooke said.

“Me too,” Mindy agreed.

“This isn’t about your hurt feelings or your fear or you,” I explained to Emma. “We are in this together because of you, not for you. So, you owe these ladies an apology.”

“The fuck I do,” she yelled as she stood up.

Emma staggered slightly and then fell. The glass in her hand shattered as Emma crashed to the ground. Leslie sprang from her chair to help her up. She turned and looked at me in a frightened manner. Tears began to pour out of Emma’s eyes as she got to her feet. We watched as Emma staggered slowly but lost her balance again, this time catching herself on the table the ladies were seated at. Blood poured from Emma’s hand.

“I am going to take her inside, clean her up and then drive her home,” Leslie announced.

We all watched Leslie escort Emma into the house and towards the bathroom. That was the beginning of the end of what had started out to be such a good day. Nikki and Monica packed up their little man and headed home with little discussion. Mindy cleaned up the shattered glass and then went upstairs to her room to change cloths so she could go out with friends. Penny came over and sat next to me on the lounge chair.

“I am gonna go home with Brooke,” she said to me softly. “I will leave you my car, but would you mind staying here tonight?”

“Not at all,” I assured her, knowing she needed something tonight that I couldn’t give her.

She needed her best friend.

“Thank you for standing up for me,” she said as she stood.

“You do not need to thank me for that,” I assured her. “That’s like thanking me for loving you. Unnecessary.”

“Then thank you for loving me,” she said.

Penny leaned over and kissed me gently on the cheek. She stood and walked over to where Brooke was standing. They headed around the side of the house and I was alone. This was quite an interesting mess we were now involved in. What would the fallout be? As I thought about it, I felt my eye lids get heavy and I thought I would rest them for a moment or two.

When I opened my eyes again, it was very dark. The sun was gone and the stars filled the peaceful California sky. The backyard was well lit and the light in the pool was on. It seemed peaceful. Leslie was sitting at the table, wearing a fluffy, white bathrobe. She was writing something on a notebook, though I had no idea what it was at this point.

“Your memoir,” I asked her playfully.

“Not quite,” she laughed, having already realized that I was awake. “More like strategic planning.”

“Can I read it,” I questioned.

“In Esenyurt Escort a minute,” she answered as she continued writing.

I watched her intently, taking in the sight of her breathing in and out as her pen scratched across the page. Leslie put the pen down and stood from her chair. She walked casually to the edge of the in-ground pool and untied her robe. As she let it fall off of her shoulders and to the ground, I took in the vision of her gorgeous, naked body from behind. She was tan and had perfect feminine curves. I felt blood rush to my crotch quickly.

As Leslie descended the stone steps into the warm water, I got up off of my patio chair and moved to the table where she had been sitting. I looked down at the notebook she had been writing on and I read: It’s been way too long since I have had you inside of me. What are you waiting for?

I turned towards the pool where Leslie was now waiting with a lusty look in her eyes. She dove under the water and swam the length of the pool as I watched her amazing figure move. I stepped over to her discarded robe and dropped my shirt beside it. I pulled down my shorts and left them where I stood, setting my now very swollen rod free. I stepped to the edge of the pool and hopped into the tepid water, moving quickly through the water to the far side of the pool where Leslie was now stationed.

I reached for her as I got close but she floated away playfully. I caught her foot as she moved and pulled her to me. Leslie crashed into me with great force, wrapping her legs around my and kissing me enthusiastically. I held her in my arms as our mouths devoured one another.

As we kissed, I lowered my hands on her back and groped her tight ass aggressively. I loved her body and desire overwhelmed me. Leslie wasted no time reaching under the water and guiding my throbbing member to her waiting hole. I entered her slowly, feeling the pressure from the water around us. As I filled her completely and then withdrew, she winced and bit me lightly on the shoulder.

I injected myself inside her again, feeling both the pleasure from her body and the force of the water. My scrotum tightened as I pumped in and out of her gash under the water. I groaned at the delight of the union of our bodies in the pool. Leslie scratched my back intensely as I fucked her faster. I exhaled heavily as I penetrated her again, feeling like we were in slow motion in the water.

Leslie lightly kissed my neck as I continued to pound my prick in and out of slot. I pulled her to me violently as I finally burst inside of her. I shot a small, thick load into her under the water. I held her tightly to me as I finished and then released her. Without a word she pushed away from me and floated to the stairs. I watched as her body came into full view as she exited the pool.

She moved around and collected her robe. She put her robe on as she made her way into the house, still without saying anything. I watched as she slid the glass door closed behind her and I was confused. I exited the pool and reached for a leftover towel that was still on the back of one of the chairs. I dried myself and put my shorts back on before heading into the house.

There was no sign of Leslie on the main level, so I headed upstairs. I found her lying in her bed, half curled up with her robe still on. I approached her slowly as I entered the room.

“Are you ok,” I asked softly.

“Yes, it was just a very intense day,” she admitted. “From the mental to the physical to the emotional. It’s taken a bit of toll on me.”

“I understand,” I conceded.

“Stay with me,” she requested as I turned to go.

I turned back towards her and finished walking to the bed. I laid on the bed next to her and pulled her to me. I felt her exhale heavily.

“I’m worried about Emma,” she said.

“I know,” I informed her. “I will take care of it.”

“How,” she asked softly, very much not convinced.

“I’ll just do exactly as Emma suggested and play the hero,” I laughed.

“I like it when you do that,” she acknowledged. “Even if none of the other women will admit, we all like it when you do that. We need that. We need you.”

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