1 Ağustos 2021

The New Guy Part 2 (Chad & Marcie)


The New Guy Part 2 (Chad & Marcie)“There’s something different about you Marce; what gives?” Bianca my friend, colleague and the office gossip was sitting across from me chatting on our lunch break.“I don’t know what you’re talking about B; I’m no different than usual.” I was slightly on edge, there was no way I wanted Bianca finding out that I had been fucking the new IT guy for the last two months. Chad was like no other guy I’d ever been with. He knew what I wanted before I asked for it and once more seemed to know my darkest hidden desires and acted on them.I couldn’t help but feel my core bloom as I recalled our recent encounter at my place. He had tied me spread eagle and had kissed, nipped and licked every inch of my body except where I wanted him to. By the time he had gotten to pressing his very talented mouth to my core I was so on fire that I thought the orgasm that ripped through my body was going to tear me apart. “Did you meet someone?” Bianca pressed.“No, you know I would have told you about that.” I said quickly.“Then why are you being so defensive?”My desk phone rang then and I quickly answered it.“Thank you for calling Gibson, Rollins and Taft this is Maricella, how may I help you?”“Your given name is Maricella, so fucking sexy,” Chad’s deep rumble of a voice made me instantly wet, “how are you baby? Miss me?”“I’m sorry I’m actually not available to talk at the moment could I return your call?”“Who’s in there with you? Bianca? Does she suspect that we’re fucking? I’ll bet that she’s suspicious as hell.”“I’m terribly sorry, but like I said I can’t go into that right now,” my voice caught slightly, “I’ll have to call you back.”“Do you know what I’m doing right now? I’m lying in my bed, with a pair of your stockings that you left here stroking my cock, it’s getting so hard and thick for you baby girl. I can’t wait for you to come over tonight, do you want me to tell you what I’m going to do to you.” “Sir, as I said I’m in a meeting right now, otherwise I’d be glad to hear what you have to offer. I can return your call in ten or fifteen minutes.”Chad laughed then and simply hung up. That familiar twinge was back. He’d made phone calls like that before and he knew how wet it made me. “That was him wasn’t it?” Bianca said staring at me.“That was who?”“The guy you’re fucking. Come on Marce, I want details.”“I have absolutely no idea what you’re referring to.”“Then why are you all red girl? I think it’s great, you deserve to have some fun, I don’t need to know who it is; just all the nasty depraved things he’s doing to you. You know my sex life has been nil since Jeff and I broke up. I tried coming onto Chad at happy hour last week, but he said that he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. Come on, please?”I sighed softly.“So there is someone, come on girl spill!”“He’s different from anyone I’ve ever seen before,”“Different, different how,” Bianca interrupted“He’s very um, aggressive.”“COME ON Marce, I need to go back to work soon,”“B, you know I love dishing with you, but this whole, for lack of a better word thing is new for me. We haven’t been seeing each other long, but he’s made me feel more like a woman than any other guy I’ve ever been with.”“Wow, well I’m happy for you, we’ll have to have a girls night soon, I know you don’t like talking about personal stuff at work.”“Thanks B,”My phone rang again and I indicated that I had to take the call, Bianca left, closing the door behind her and I picked up.“Thank you for calling Gibson, Rollins and Taft this is Maricella, how may I help you?”“Still unavailable baby?” Chad’s voice rumbled in my ear.“You know that these calls are recorded, why don’t you call my cell?”“Because you and I both know how hot it makes you to take the risk that our compliance department could listen to one of these calls. I know for a fact that all you want to do right now is slide down your panties and work your clit over to relieve some tension before you see me tonight. Why don’t you tell me how wet you are right now Maricella,”“You know I can’t.”“Yes you can, come on tell me baby girl, I need to finish and knowing just how wet my phone call has made you will help.”“I can’t.”“Maricella, I won’t let you cum tonight if you don’t tell me how wet you are, I’ll bring you to the edge and then leave you hanging. Or maybe I’ll tie you up again and feast on you until you’re writhing and then make you watch while I jerk off.”I whimpered softly and he chuckled.“Come on princess, be a good girl tell Daddy how wet you are.”I moaned again, he was good, pulling out the big guns. He knew my kinks and when to bring them up.“I’m very wet right now,” I managed to whisper into the phone.“Why don’t you slide your panties down and touch yourself for me, slide your fingers into that dripping cunt for Daddy,”“I can’t,” I protested, “someone may walk in,”“It’s up to you, but remember I ataşehir escort may decide to not let you cum tonight,” the teasing tone in his voice was my undoing.I slowly hitched up my skirt and slid my fingers in between the lips of my kitty and slowly stroked while Chad whispered instructions into my ear. I bit my lip as I started to gasp from the attention that I was paying to my pussy.“Such a dirty little girl, finger fucking yourself in your office, what would you do if Roger walked in on you. I’ve seen him looking at you in the office, he wants you badly. I’ll just bet that if he were to walk in on you he’d take all of three seconds before he had you on your back on your desk,”I groaned softly making him laugh.“Do you want him too? I could arrange that, Roger and I have become pretty close friends; I could invite him over tonight. Watch while he fucks you; slide my cock into your pretty mouth.”“No,” I managed to gasp.“You sure?”“Yes,”“Maybe someone else, I have a couple friends who would love to get their hands on you and that gorgeous ass of yours.”“I don’t know, I mean I’m not so sure I can.”“Alright baby, I’ll let you get back to work now, don’t you dare cum until I let you tonight, do you understand?”“Yes,”“Yes what?”“Yes Daddy,”“Good girl,” he chuckled softly and hung up.The rest of the day went fast, and before I knew it, five o’clock came and I could go home.I got into my car and made the quick drive to Chad’s place his car wasn’t in the driveway and the lights were all off. I checked my phone to be sure he wanted to meet up at his place and saw a new message.“Baby, I had to run an errand, there’s a key under the front mat, let yourself in and I’ll be home soon.”I found the key and let myself in. I tried finding a lamp; or a switch but it was so dark in the house I wasn’t able to. “Damnit,” I hissed as my shin hit an end table.“Language princess,” an arm snaked around my waist drawing me against a warm firm body, “you have such a filthy mouth, it’s a pretty mouth, but filthy. How are you baby? did you miss me?”I whimpered as his hand slid my hair from my neck and he kissed me just below my ear.“Are you still wet? Did you cum yet today?”“Yes I’m still wet, and no, not yet.”“Good,” he purred into my ear, “I can’t wait for you to cum for me. Now, I want to see you,” he flipped on a switch bathing the room with a soft yellow glow, “take off your clothes for me.”I took a step back from him and slowly unbuttoned my blouse, my eyes never leaving his. I let my blouse fall to the floor and slowly unclasped my bra, allowing it to follow the blouse.“Fuck I keep forgetting how incredibly perfect your tits are,” he reached forward and gently rolled one nipple between his thumb and forefinger making me hiss, “please continue.” My fingers went to the zipper of my skirt and I allowed it to fall pooling at my feet. “Leave the panties on. No garter belt today? I very much like the thigh highs,” he rotated his finger in the air indicating I should spin, so I complied. He hissed loudly when he saw the back seam that ran from my ankle up my calf and to the top of my thigh. “fuck; I can’t wait to get my hands on you.”I turned to face him desperate for his touch.“So tell me about your day,” he murmured as he kissed me on the mouth gently.“Nothing too crazy,” I moaned as his lips left mine and traveled down to the hollow of my neck, “I got a couple strange phone calls today.”“Oh really, tell me about them,” his hands slid to my hips squeezing my ass gently.“Just a very dirty pervy guy, who probably has a massive cock trying to get me wet at work.”Chad laughed out loud.“Did it work,” he asked softly.“Why don’t you tell me,” I murmur as I gently grab his hand and guide it between my legs.He hisses softly as he finds my panties soaking wet.“Still wet for me, I like that.”He knelt in front of me and pressed a kiss to my mound, his tongue and teeth tugging at the fabric of my panties making me gasp as it rubbed against the crease of my ass.“How do you want me to fuck you tonight Maricella? I have a few ideas, but I want to know what you want,”“I just want you,” I managed to whisper.“Do you trust me? I have a surprise for you,” he said standing.For the first time since entering the house I noticed a tall male figure standing by the window.“Who is that?” I managed to gasp.“Maricella I’d like for you to meet Ian, Ian this is Maricella,”The man stepped forward and I gasped; he was built like a football player. At least six feet four inches tall, his shoulders broad, he had a head of thick auburn hair and bright green eyes. The smile etched on his face ever so slightly menacing.“She’s lovely Chad,” Ian’s thick Irish accent sent a jolt to my system, “and you say I can do anything,”“Chad,” I managed to whisper, “what on earth?”“This is Ian, we went to college together, kartal escort I told him about you and he said he wanted to meet you. I’d very much like to watch him take you.” “Chad,” I protested as Ian walked in a slow circle around me, like a shark circling its prey, “I’m not sure about this.”“I won’t let him hurt you baby, I promise you that.”I finally nodded my head and Chad stepped back allowing Ian to take his place.“You’re lovely Maricella,” Ian murmured sliding his hands along my shoulders before moving them down to cup my breasts, “your tits are quite fantastic,” he whispered as he rolled my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, “tell me love, how wet are you right now, knowing that another man is touching you while your man is watching.” I whimpered softly as he knelt in front of me his lips kissing down the side of my neck and down the valley between my breasts. His work worn fingers slid my panties down and he gathered them in his hands bringing them to his nose inhaling deeply.“Fuck me,” he groaned, “oy Chad, I need to move her somewhere that I can restrain her slightly, once I start feasting on that gorgeous cunt of hers she’s going to be thrashing all over the place, I’d hate for her to get hurt.” Chad stood and came over to where we stood; he gently grasped my hand in his and guided me down the hall while Ian followed. I trembled slightly as we entered Chad’s bedroom and I saw the bed, already stripped, just the fitted sheet in place. He had attached restraints to the bedposts and I couldn’t help but notice several new toys on the bedside table. “Remember baby I won’t let him hurt you,” Chad gently picked me up and laid me in the center of the mattress. He secured my hands up over my head as well as my feet, allowing my hips to lift slightly, presenting my sex to both he and Ian.“Perfectly pink, and soft,” Ian murmured taking Chad’s place a moment later, “tell me love, how do you like to have your pussy eaten?”I can only moan as his work worn fingers slide along the lips of my kitty. He slowly eases his middle and ring finger in and starts to stroke, making me gasp in the process.“Not going to give up your secrets eh? Then I’ll just have to guess,” he grabs a pillow and eases it under me relieving some pressure on my lower back and puts his mouth a breath away from my snatch, a cool breath of air hits the lips of my cunt and my hips jerk making both he and Chad chuckle.“She doesn’t like to be teased Ian, at least not all that much.”“Oh is that so, well then I guess I’ll have to tease her a lot.”I groan softly as his tongue lightly slides between the lips of my kitty seeking my clit; as it finds that small bud and flicks lazily against it my hips jerk. Slowly and torturously he continues to stroke my kitty with his two fingers while lightly sucking on my clit.“Please,” I manage to whimper as his teeth nibble lightly on my sex.“Please what love?” he murmurs against me, “Don’t tell me you already want to cum, you aren’t there yet, not by a long shot.”I whimper again as he adds a third finger to my pussy and increases the tempo as he strokes. “Does she likes her ass played with too mate,” Ian turns to Chad who has disrobed and is lightly stroking his shaft.“Yeah, she likes her ass played with, eaten and fucked.” Chad laughs softly.“Good, nothing I like better than a nice tight ass gripping my cock. Would you like to see it darlin?” Ian backs off the attention he’s paying to my snatch and slowly slides out of his clothes, I can’t help but gasp when I see his length.“Impressive isn’t it baby?” Chad murmurs softlyI can only nod as Ian goes back to giving my snatch attention.“Chad could you hand me the wand please?”“Wand?” I murmur.“Yes love a hitachi wand, much better than your average vibrator.”He flicks it on and it hums loudly. A tremble goes through my body as he runs it down the back of my thighs and along the top of my butt cheeks.“You ready?”“For what,” I manage to gasp.“This,” he slides the wand along the lips of my kitty and I can’t help but thrash the exquisite pleasure that is coursing through my body from the light touch of the wand is almost too much to bear, “does she squirt Chad?” “Not sure, she hasn’t yet.”“Well let’s just see about that.”He presses a button on the wand and the tempo increases dramatically. My mouth falls open in a silent scream and my hips jerk wildly.“I’d say she likes the wand, look at her cunt, it’s dripping with cream.”I whimper softly as Ian’s mouth moves to lap up my essence, the wand still pressing against my clit. “Fuck me she’s exquisite,” he murmurs as his teeth bite my lips“Told you so,” Chad murmurs his cock now rock hard and throbbing.“Please,” I gasp.“Do you want Ian to fuck you baby? He’s much more savage than I am, though I’m not sure he’s ready for you yet.”Chad moves to untie my pendik escort legs and they fall lightly to the bed, Ian’s mouth is still latched firmly on my sex, his bright green eyes dark with desire. He sucks hard on my clit while his tongue fucks my snatch; the wand is pressed firmly against my asshole. “She does twitch an awful lot,” Ian murmurs, “is she a good cocksucker?”“You could find out,”Ian hands the wand off to Chad and slides up my chest stopping briefly to suck and nibble on my tits.“What do you say love, will you get me ready?”He presents his cock to me and I can’t help but lick my lips as he eases it into my mouth. His hands go to the back of my head as he pumps it to the back of my throat making me gag, as beads of precum hit my tongue I get more into it, saliva drips from my mouth and down the side of my face. I moan against him as Chad continues the attention to my cunt.Ian backs his massive length out of my mouth panting slightly. “You sure you want me to fuck her in front of you mate?” Ian pushes Chad out of the way roughly, and rubs his thick member against my clit.“I’m sure,” Chad moves to stand in a position where he can watch as Ian slides on and out of my snatch.“You ready love?” Ian slowly eases the head of his thick cock into my snatch and my back arches.He backs out completely and slowly eases in again allowing a little more in. I whimper as he again backs out completely. Without warning he slams into my snatch a scream rips from my throat as he fucks me hard and fast, his fingers untie both of my wrists and my nails rake down his back leaving a dark trail of red. “That’s it mark me up,” he hisses into my ear before biting my neck.I curse over and over again as he mercilessly fucks my dripping snatch. I look over at Chad and he’s panting softly while he feverishly strokes his erection.“Please,” I whimper.“What do you want baby girl,” Chad murmurs softly, “do you want to cum?”“Yes, please.”“Not yet,”I whimper softly and as if it was planned Ian rolls me so I’m on my side. I sense movement behind me and can feel Chad press gently against my ass.“I’ll be gentle princess I promise.”He presses his hips forward slowly and it isn’t long before there are two thick pieces of man meat fucking my body.I quake all over as the two of them work in tandem, Ian pressing forward, Chad backing off; as they keep this rhythm up I can feel my entire body shake between the two of them.“Such a gloriously wet cunt tightly wrapped around my cock,” Ian hisses into my ear before biting me hard, I know I’m going to have a mark there.“I love your tight ass Maricella,” Chad whispers into my other ear before biting my shoulder.“PLEASE,” I sob unable to hold back much longer, my nails are firmly dug into Ian’s shoulder’s if I looked closely I’m sure I’d see that I’ve drawn blood.“Not yet princess,” Chad coos softly into my ear, “I want a chance at your pussy and Ian here needs to sample your wonderfully tight ass.The two of them back off and Ian lies back dragging me over to straddle his hips. I’m not completely prepared for his massive cock as it slips into my ass. I bite back another scream as Chad dips his head and bites my clit hard his fingers stroking me finding my spongy center he strokes feverishly until my hips arch up into his mouth. He chuckles as I spray down his throat. “Hell yeah Ian she can squirt, just needs to be fucked the right way,” Chad murmurs as he positions himself at my dripping center.Ian continues thrusting in and out of my ass as Chad slowly eases himself in. Smiling at me wickedly he arches his back slightly, changing the angle just enough so it hits my gspot again. “Fucking hell,” I curse loudly as the two men mercilessly fuck both of my holes at once, “goddamn it you bastard, let me cum,”The two men chuckle softly.“No, not yet,” Ian says groaning softly and I can feel his spunk spray into my tight ass. He withdraws and eases out from under me allowing Chad to take over. Chad’s hands grip mine and he pulls them high up over my head.“Did you like my surprise princess?” he kisses me gently his blue eyes staring down into mine.“Yes,” I manage to gasp as he thrusts harder and faster, the head of his thick member rocking against my gspot in exquisite torture.“Yes what?”“Yes Daddy,” I manage to gasp“Shall we have Ian over more often?”I can only nod as he continues to fuck my cunt.“Do you want to cum?”“Please,” I whimper softly.“How badly do you want to cum?” he teases as he kisses my forehead.“Horribly so, please Daddy may I?”He groans as my lips find the sensitive skin on his neck and I bite him hard, a tremble passes through his body and I bite him again even harder.“You’re a terribly naughty girl, knowing what spots make me weak.”“Yes Daddy I am,” I bite the other side of his neck and he mutters an expletive.“Cum for me baby, I want you to scream.”I’m oblivious to the fact that Ian is still present watching the two of us fuck as an orgasm like I’ve never had crashes hard over my body. The windows rattle and the bed shakes violently as I match Chad’s thrusts with my own, the scream that rips from my throat is primal, and he chuckles softly into my ear.“Good girl,” he murmurs, “that’s my princess.”

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