18 Mart 2023

The Newl Post


Perhaps I should explain. The Kiss is a sculpture by the Frenchman Rodin, completed in the 1880s, when England was suppressing all things erotic. It depicts a naked couple kissing, she sitting on his lap. Because of the way her leg disguises his groin, how his arm droops over her hip, the only erogenous zone that is obvious are her breasts. For a sensual sculpture it is surprisingly subdued, only a prude would take offense.

My wife enjoys sleeping with other people. I have no objection – in fact I applaud her immorality, we enjoy her flings. Many times she’ll go to a hotel or their house, just as often she’ll bring them to our bedroom. Perhaps I’ll know about her activity beforehand, other times she’ll report the fornication later.

Simply to surprise me, she’ll occasionally bring a lover to our home without my knowledge, allowing me to discover them. The first time this happened I opened the door to see a burly man unexpectedly screwing the shit out of my wife; needless to say I was stunned. After he left I relayed my shock to my wife, she understood my dismay, devised a method to forewarn me.

We own a replica of The Kiss. It normally rests in a niche in the foyer, but when my wife is entertaining a guest in an earthy fashion she’ll place the statue on the post of the sex hikayeleri staircase; when it’s there I’m aware I’ll find something interesting on the second floor. And today when I arrived home the Kiss was on the newl post! I climbed the stairs anxious to discover just what my wife was up to.

One time her lover of the moment was DeShawn. He was in his late twenties, had been a football player in his college days, was still quite athletic. On that occasion I opened the door to see him standing upright in the middle of the room, her arms were around his neck, her legs enveloped his waist. He was grasping her ass, using his muscles and then the force of gravity to lift her up and down like a piston. I watched his thick obsidian cock sliding inside her alabaster passage. She smiled to me, her eyes stormy in her lust.

Another time the man was her friend Benny, a graduate student in Grecian history, not the most manly of men. He was handcuffed to the bed, my wife was standing over him in a black bodice forcing him to kiss her feet. As I remember his prick was soft and never gained confidence. He groaned as my wife removed her thong, presented her tunnel to me. I fucked her forcefully, made her come again and again as Benny was compelled to observe. During the act my wife verbally adult hikayeler humiliated the weakling, explaining how I was a real man who knew how to please a woman, and that Benny had no prospect of ever having his cock where mine was. After we were both spent, she laid on the bed facing him, he watched my spunk drip from her pussy, she forced him to masturbate ineffectively in front of us. He begged to see her again.

Once my wife was on the bed in a soft teal babydoll, her lover was beside her. Soft music filled the air, candles supplied muted lighting. She introduced me to Kurt, explained that Kurt had confessed he’d secretly desired her for well over a year. Tonight, Jade had decided, was the night she’d allow him to satisfy his appetite. She made it clear I was welcome to observe, but his was a special night for them alone. I watched him tenderly undress her, revealing her alluring breasts for his kisses, unveiling her hairless pubes for his touches. I watched the prolonged foreplay, finally she rose above and inserted his generous penis into her opening. They were slow, even methodical in their mating, often discussing what position they would engage in next. At some point my observation became tedious, I left the valentines to their own devices. An hour later I spied sex hikayelerin on the couple again, Jade was lying on her back, he was below her, gently pressing his groin into hers, feeling her nipples as she groaned in pleasure. Jade later told me he’d come three times, Kurt remained her occasional lover for well over a year.

There was a time when I found her in the arms of a graceful woman, kissing and touching each other. My wife brought Anna to orgasm with her tongue and finger, Anna paid similar attention to Jade. After forty minutes I was invited to the bed, Anna attacked me with all the enthusiasm she’d shown my wife. After I’d had my fill of tasting Anna’s sweet lips and the juice of her vagina, my wife inserted my raging cock into Anna’s sweet pussy. While we screwed Jade kissed, licked and fondled both of us.

And yet another time I was treated to a vision of my wife with three men, each of them good looking, each firm and desirous of her. As I entered the room Jade was on her hands and knees, one of her lovers kneeled behind her, a second reclined on the bed with her lips surrounding his cock, the third was stroking her nipples and back. They invited me into the fray, between her boisterous orgasms Jade directed the liveliness, insuring that all four of us had as much of her as we desired. That night she slept as if she were dead in the crumpled bed where she fell.

This day I climbed the steps impatiently, eager to discover the circumstances of my wife’s latest liaison. I opened the door . . .

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