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The Nurse Who Turned His Life Around-Part I

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John really didn’t know how he got roped into all this work and travel. He wasn’t in a rut; he was in a deep dark cavern. John was quite frankly exhausted and wounded in more ways than one. His attempted reconciliation with his former wife Carol had failed miserably. John’s over-sexed seventeen-year-old teenage daughter Stacey had gained early admission to Princeton, left home for college and was probably fucking everything that moved and having more fun than John could even imagine. John’s life meanwhile was just going nowhere it seemed. John drove home in the pouring rain with large raindrops beating against his windscreen splattering into large spider webs before the wiper blades wiped them away in the rapidly growing darkness. In the sullen darkness of the car John thought about how as life moved on you lost things along the way. His parents were both gone (within one year of each other) from cancer: liver cancer for his mother and bone cancer a few months later for his father. John’s little brother who had died at less than a year of age also came to mind, his grave so far away John rarely got a chance to visit. John’s dazzling marriage to Carol, so envied by his contemporaries, was now fading into oblivion. Carol, still slim and attractive, has taken up with a young NASCAR mechanic with (so John has heard) a highly talented nine-inch cock. John’s beautiful young seventeen year-old daughter Stacey (a pretty racy number herself with a proclivity for tight tops and very short skirts) rarely called John since Facebook, friends and time in bed with random boys seemed to occupy most of her time when she wasn’t shopping with the credit cards John provided for her. Every living thing contains within it the seeds of its own demise, so how do we attain happiness in the face of such bleak prospects John wondered? As we move through our lives we leave so much behind and the weight of those memories can sink our souls. Today John felt the weight of those memories weighing him down and making him feel lost and adrift, a soul cut loose from its moorings. John has struggled through the last five years with nothing more satisfying than building his medical company. Sex? What sex? Oh you mean his left hand? His wife Carol had moved on long ago and John just seemed at loose ends. John had always been a bit of a conservative “nerdy” type of guy and this image prevented his getting much in the way of female attention if you know what I mean. John was also always a bit of a loner and into stuff his contemporaries didn’t necessarily appreciate. While everyone in high school was into rock and mindless pop John was into Van Morrison and jazz? While all his friends lusted for a Mustang he dreamed of an Aston Martin Vantage. It seems like smart “nerdy” guys with glasses and a briefcase just didn’t do it for most of the women John was attracted to. It didn’t help that John tended to be attracted to really smoking hot women. The phrase “out of your league” may come to mind when you saw the women John liked. Well John was also a little insecure around these smoking hot babes making him all the more hesitant to approach them. These kinds of women (commonly referred to as a “ten”) do not reward the hesitant and meek, no matter how high their IQ. Smoking hot women want “seize the day” kind of men who thrill them and make them wet you know where. John at forty-three was the CEO of his own cardiology device company, which he had spent the last few years starting and building up. John had now established leading centers for the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation at several of the top hospitals in the world necessitating tons of travel. Recently John had agreed to help set up an Atrial Fibrillation center at Ohio State University College of Medicine and now he had agreed to set up a similar program at St. Thomas Hospital in London, England. That meant he would need to do even more traveling. Fuck, just what he needed, more fucking traveling. Perhaps there is nothing lonelier in the world than an airport lounge or a hotel room with a queen sized bed and a single lonely traveler. In summary John was feeling rather demoralized, dejected and sorry for himself. At certain times in our lives we need a change. We need to be rejuvenated and reinvented; in short we need a fresh start. We have been beaten down by life and everything seems empty and vacuous. Is there anyone more qualified to bring a wounded person back to health and happiness than a nurse? Well John is about to meet the nurse who will turn his life around and perhaps upside down. As part of developing the Ohio program in Columbus John had rented an apartment. John was spending so much time in Columbus and he couldn’t stand another week, let alone a month, in a hotel. In addition to working with the cardiologists and electrophysiologists, John had been working with the nursing program for the past six-months. If you want a top-notch clinical program you need specially trained nurses. John had to admit that working with the nursing students had been lots of fun. Nurses were not assholes like most of the famous cardiologists and some of them, given they were mostly female, were rather attractive and fun to teach. Now John needed to prepare for launching a similar program for the cardiologists and nurses in the UK and he knew it was going to be a lot of work. Frankly speaking too much work and John wanted to do something about it. John needed to cut his work load so he was going to speak to the head of nursing and perhaps cut the Ohio nursing student training program for two or three months, perhaps cut it altogether if necessary. John met that afternoon with Candice Palmer the head of nursing at the university teaching hospital. At thirty-nine with a trim fit body, tight ass and nice shoulder length blond hair John would love to fuck Candice silly if he could. John hadn’t been fucked well for years and it was driving him crazy. Besides which, quite frankly, John was desperately lonely. Unfortunately Candice was living with her vivacious young lover, a twenty-four year-old young brunette girl who John also wanted to fuck. This whole situation seemed crazy to John. Candice was a woman and she had a sexy young female lover with a smoking hot body. He was a successful man running his own company and yet he was exceedingly single with no one beside him at night in bed? John laid out his case to Candice and informed her he wanted to shut down the Ohio nurses training program for two or three months, perhaps altogether. Candice was a true professional and had not gotten where she was by blowing her cool. Candice remained calm and insisted that the training program could not be shut down as the students would fall behind and re-starting the program would be disruptive for their other studies. The discussion went back and forth, but ultimately they came to an impasse. Candice assessed the situation and looked john straight in the eyes with her piercing calm blue eyes. She told John what he really needed was some help. They talked and John agreed. That’s exactly what he needed, some help. But where in hell would he get help? The company could not afford to hire a permanent assistant for him and no one qualified would agree to a short-term assignment. Candice smiled a knowing smile. “I think I have the answer John. The answer to all of your problems is Sasha!” John looked confused. He looked back at Candice perplexed and responded, “What do you mean Sasha? I don’t Escort Yeşilköy understand.” When John had a chance to look back on this conversation he would chuckle at how prophetic Candice’s statement had been. “The answer to all of your problems is Sasha!” Candice explained her proposition. Sasha at twenty-one-years of age was her top-nursing student who was about to graduate in two weeks. Sasha was intensely interested in specializing in cardiology and ICU nursing. John thought for a moment and remembered Sasha as the extremely sexy “model like” girl who always showed up completely prepared for the lectures and workshops. Sasha was the student who seemingly had the right answer at her fingertips every single time. John knew from experience that having the right answer at your finger tips could only result from lots of brains and even more hard work. John guiltily also recalled that Sasha looked rather fetching in her nursing uniform with her flared hips and tight firm ass. Candice told John that she was prepared to give Sasha extra course credit and the highest recommendation if she was willing to help John prepare the UK nursing program materials. John and Candice discussed the issue, but John still saw an obstacle. He explained to Candice that if he relied on Sasha to prepare the course materials then what would happen when he went to London to launch the program. He would need to bring her along? Candice was not to be rebuffed and told John she had a discretionary budget for special programs and would pay for Sasha’s travel expenses. After a lot of back and forth argument John capitulated and agreed to keep the Ohio nurse training program going and to interview Sasha to see if she would act as his assistant to help prepare materials for the UK. Sasha was more than a little shocked when she got the message that the head of nursing Candice Palmer was asking her for a private meeting in her office. Sasha was worried that maybe she had screwed-up a drug dosage or something and was in big trouble. Every nursing student knew that you didn’t want to have Candice chewing your ass out and Sasha was a bit worried. At 5’7” and wearing her usual heels the slim and gorgeous Sasha nervously wends her way through the wide white brightly lit hospital halls to Candice’s office. Sasha’s smooth olive toned flawless skin and her lustrous thick and wavy dark brunette hair; her rich hazel eyes and pencil-arched eyebrows are all stunning and everything about Sasha gives the impression of a runway model rather than a nurse. Sasha’s dark and sultry Mediterranean appearance belies her Russian roots where her family had been a part of minor royalty in the beautiful cosmopolitan city of St. Petersburg. Unfortunately all the “royal” money was long gone along with the summer chateau in Burgundy so Sasha’s parents like hundreds of thousands of Russians had immigrated to America. To her close friends who knew her royal past Sasha was referred to as “Princess”, but she herself insisted on being crowned and made them call her “Queen” instead. The nickname had stuck and most of her friends refer to her with the nickname “Queen”. While Sasha’s parents had unfortunately struggled to adapt to America the young Sasha had thrived like a weed in the freedom of her new country. Sasha had adopted all the freedom and wildness of her new home while her incredibly high IQ had allowed her to breeze through high school with straight A’s with little effort. At sixteen years of age Sasha had discovered sex and like any great explorer in history she had reveled in her discovery. None of the students or instructors in the nursing college had any idea that Sasha had a “past” and that she might be what you referred to as a “racy girl” or in high school terms “a slut”. How many girls and boys had Sasha bedded in high school? Well she had long since lost count. Sasha had also stopped writing down in her diary how many orgasms she had experienced after the number went well past three hundred. None of Sasha’s nursing student colleagues or professors knew Sasha as anything more than the hardest working, most ambitious, most confident, most beautiful and smartest student in the class. If you had told them that Sasha loved fucking two cocks at the same time, liked tying girls to the bed and licking their pussy until they begged to be set free, that she browsed erotic bondage web sites for kinky ideas and had done threesomes with both two girls and two boys more times than she could remember; well frankly they would not have believed a word of it. In short there was a time when Sasha was “too hot to handle”. Sasha had managed, in the interests of her ambition and her career, to sublimate all of her wildness while at nursing college. Not to say that Sasha had become a complete nun. Sometimes on summer vacation or Easter break Sasha would head to Florida and let’s just say, “what happens in Florida stays in Florida”. But these little sex getaways while thrilling and fun had increasingly left Sasha with an empty feeling. Like a fast food concoction of sex these fleeting heat driven encounters filled an immediate appetite, but left no lasting impression on this smart young woman. Sasha’s had experienced a change internally as she had moved towards the end of her carefree university days. While Sasha still liked the wild sex and random hook-ups of these secret getaways, it just wasn’t enough. As Sasha got older she wanted something more than just the filling of her pussy or licking of her clit, she wanted something fulfilling. Sasha wanted a man who could sweep her off her feet and connect with her brain and her soul, not just her pussy. Sasha knew it was easy to find a big hard cock if you were prepared to ignore the fact that the guy was as dumb as a post and about as charismatic and romantic as well. It seemed the most romantic thing guys of Sasha’s generation could come up with was a “sext message”. Flowers, chocolates, hand written notes? These male seduction strategies seemed to have gone the way of the horse and buggy. Sometimes Sasha felt she was born in the wrong era as she longed for something more than an SMS saying, “let’s hook up”. Yes, Sasha still wanted the wild thrills, the variety, the threesomes, fucking girls and fucking men (hopefully at the same time), she wanted it all. Most of all, however, Sasha wanted to experience it with a man she felt connected to, a man she could respect and who would respect her. When the random hook-ups had long departed Sasha wanted someone to cuddle with who would hold her gently in his arms. Someone who would make her pancakes in the morning. Sasha wanted someone who could make panna cotta at home and watch a movie with her while spooning the sweet cream into her mouth while simultaneously teasing her with intelligent and flirty conversation, the sexy banter leading to a sexy one-on-one lover’s fuckathon. Sasha wanted that special man she could wear lingerie for and just fuck him whenever she wanted just because it made her feel close and gave them a feeling of togetherness. Perhaps Sasha was looking for the impossible, a man with a talented cock and tongue, a man incredibly adventurous in bed and yet a man who would write her love notes and sometimes treats her like a princess? Flowers? Perfume? Love notes? Sasha dismissed the idea as fantasy since such guys certainly didn’t exist anymore except in romance novels. Guys today “honked”, “hooked up” Yeşilyurt escort and played computer games and the only poetry they knew came from the Hallmark cards their fathers made them buy occasionally for their mothers. Of course Sasha knew that Candice, the head of nursing, was living with a hot young woman and as she walked towards her office Sasha got certain tingles. Candice was a very sexy looking woman for her age and Sasha had to admit that thought of spending a wild night with the head of nursing and her girlfriend had crossed Sasha’s mind more than once. The fantasy image of the three of them gyrating on a bed had lubricated Sasha’s masturbation fantasies several times allowing her a huge release from her big pink silicon sheathed vibrator as she imagined Candice licking her pussy while the younger girl rode her tongue. The other thing you need to know about Sasha was that she was a nurturing person. A good trait for a nurse one would think. Sasha was like an amateur psychologist and all her friends knew if they had a problem they could talk to Sasha and every last ounce of pain would eventually drain from their soul and they’d invariably feel better. Once Sasha got you talking the raindrops of pain would become a deluge, a tropical downpour, until a veritable ocean of pain had poured out of you and you just felt like a huge weight had been lifted off your chest. There was some mysterious power of renewal that Sasha possessed, like a cool spring rain stirring new sprouts and although Sasha was unaware of her powers, she knew that people liked to unload their troubles on her and she was happy to oblige. Well the meeting with Candice didn’t take long. Sasha couldn’t help feeling, however, that Candice was staring at her breasts. Was Sasha imagining sexual interest in those looks or did Candice have the same naughty thoughts about her that she had about Candice? Sasha’s pussy started to tingle at the prospects, but then realizing the importance of the meeting Sasha pulled herself back to reality. Sasha was almost shocked with the offer, but the chance to work in the most advanced A-Fib program in the world and to travel to the UK and work with St. Thomas Hospital was not something to even consider turning down. My god, Sasha thought to herself, St. Thomas Hospital is where Florence Nightingale, the woman who laid the foundation stone of modern nursing worked. Sasha was over the moon and thrilled by the prospects of this opportunity. Also, the chance to go to London, one of the truly great cities in the world was exciting and unexpected. Sasha broke into a broad smile and almost completely forgot about how Candice’s provocative looks had wet her pussy. Sasha of course recalled the rather nerdy John, who had lectured on A-Fib. Nerdy but fucking smart as a whip she recalled and not a bad body for his age. Hmm Sasha thought to herself John did have a certain style and it could be fun working with someone who had built his own company. Sasha was sure John could teach her a lot and she was ambitious and wanted to learn. Another stellar opportunity Sasha thought, life was throwing colorful jellybeans in her direction and she intended to pick them up and gobble them down. Candice called John immediately on the phone and arranged for Sasha to meet with him that day at the end of lectures. Sasha was tingling with excitement as she left the office. As Sasha glanced back she could swear Candice was looking at her ass? Slightly flustered Sasha blushed a little and hurried along. My god she thought, my career is really taking off. This is the chance of a lifetime. A chance to shine and make your mark, a chance to travel, a chance to be noticed; Sasha couldn’t wait to meet up with John and get started. John had no idea why, but for some reason meeting with this young woman set him on edge. He felt foolish at his age, but he was nervous. When Sasha confidently entered the meeting room John understood why. Sasha was a simply stunning woman with a gorgeous face, legs that wouldn’t stop and her body? My god, her body! Yes, he’d noticed her before, but now, alone with Sasha in a confined room; her effect on him was intoxicating and made John very nervous. Somehow, John had no idea how; Sasha was able to quickly melt his nervousness away and within minutes John felt like they had known each other for ages. How did Sasha get him to talk like this? John was amazed. Something about Sasha made him feel lighter and happier. John could tell Sasha was clearly excited by the opportunity he was sending her way, her eyes sparkled, she smiled continuously and her vivacious enthusiasm was infectious. Where John was viewing this as just another tedious business task, for Sasha this was something new, exciting, thrilling even. For Sasha the meeting had an equally unsettling effect. She had gone in a little reserved about meeting this older man. Somehow her excitement had overtaken her and her reserve had evaporated. As the meeting progressed Sasha couldn’t help it but she started to survey John and map his “potential” like a female sexual cartographer. Hmmm lose the glasses, a new haircut, perhaps a nice soft cotton polo shirt, nice Italian loafers, and some nice expensive sunglasses? Yes, she thinks to herself, John might clean up just fine. I wonder what he’s like in bed? Sasha couldn’t help her mind wandering in a very naughty direction as she sized up John. Big cock? Small cock? Good pussy licker? Hmmmm Sasha mulls John as a potential prospect? Sasha’s mind wanders teasingly and in provocative directions and her pussy gets increasingly tingly and wet. Over the coming days Sasha and John spend more and more time together developing training materials for the UK and putting together instructional power points on specific A-fib issues. Each time Sasha comes to appreciate more of John’s sense of humor, his intelligence and his focus and dedication. John’s clear goal is to build the world’s leading A-fib treatment programs to help save people’s lives and keep them from having debilitating strokes and becoming vegetables in extended-care homes. Sasha is day by day becoming more and more attracted to John and finds she is doing all sorts of little things she had never expected to flirt with him. Sasha compliments John on his hair and flirtatiously suggests he would look “even more handsome” if he got a nice cut from her stylist and gives him her stylist’s number. Sasha is shocked when two days later John shows up with a cool new shorter haircut that makes him look much younger and more handsome. On another occasion Sasha mentions she likes guys with strong chests who dress casually in nice soft cotton polo shirts. Well low and behold who should drop the suit and tie and show up a few days later in a nice pair of black slacks, crocodile belt and black polo shirt looking very “George Clooneyish”? Sasha smiles inside realizing that John is listening to her comments and doing things to please her. John for his part finds that meeting with Sasha is the main excitement of his day and he looks forward to it more and more the way a little boy looks forward to his warm milk and chocolate chip cookie before going to bed. Seeing Sasha was John’s treat. Each time he wonders what she will wear? He can’t stop thinking about the black pleated skirt and white blouse she wore on Tuesday. God she looked amazing, her legs, her fucking legs he thinks to himself. Her long toned legs Zeytinburnu escort bayan in those black stockings and heels had more than turned him on making his cock hard for the whole time they were together. That night he’d had no choice and had masturbated to the image of Sasha in that pleated mini skirt outfit. Of course he couldn’t acknowledge any of this sexual obsession to that gorgeous young girl since he knew they needed to keep the relationship professional. Sasha’s half my age John thought to himself and tries to dismiss his sexual attraction as outlandish and impossible. She’d never be interested in me he thinks as he adds two more sets of push ups each night to further tone his arms and chest. These efforts to sublimate his sexual desires don’t stop him from childishly rushing off and getting his haircut and feverishly searching for the softest and most elegant polo shirt he can find. He doesn’t know why, but he will do anything to please Sasha. While in his mind John logically knows he will never be with Sasha as anything more than a business colleague, in his fantasy world at night he imagines doing all sorts of things to her body and bringing her to huge orgasms. Finally the materials are all coming together. Sasha has done an amazing job assembling the relevant scientific papers on A-Fib MAZE procedures and the statistical data on success rates. John is very impressed with Sasha’s focus, her intelligence and her ability to work extremely hard, but still maintain a bubbly and infectious mood. A nursing program is tough, really tough. In the practical part of the program the nursing students often need to work twelve-hour shifts and deal with doctors who think the nursing students are their personal servants. Even after such a tiring day Sasha would often need to meet with John and do even more work. John couldn’t help but respect and admire how Sasha was able to deal with all the pressure and yet still show up in a good mood and produce focused and effective materials. For her part Sasha finds the more time she spends with John the more she can’t resist flirting with him and leading him on with a little feminine teasing. Sasha starts to pick clothes that are just a little sexier for school. She’s never worn the pleated black mini skirt to school before, but Sasha knows its effect on men and wants to see how John reacts. Sasha pairs the pleated mini with a tailored white blouse and is more than pleased when she detects the large bulge in John’s pants that day. Another day Sasha tries her leather mini skirt and again is gratified to see John has a hard time tearing his eyes off her body. Sasha feels guilty, but not guilty enough to stop her seductive behavior around John. Sasha can’t help it, but she’s getting tingles in her pussy every time they get together and it is maddening to her not to be able to act on her desires. Sasha has now completed her nursing program work and John is also getting ready for them to depart to London to begin the UK training. John invites Sasha for dinner on the pretext that they deserve a “reward” for all of their hard work in preparing the UK materials and to celebrate Sasha’s upcoming graduation. In reality John just wants an excuse to spend more time with Sasha in a more personal and romantic setting. John decides to take Sasha to Handke’s Cuisine, a very innovative restaurant where master chef Hartmut Handke has been feted for his eclectic American dishes. Located in a former Bavarian brewery building the restaurant has a dramatic interior with huge vaulted ceilings, a candle lit ambience and enough quiet corners to offer the privacy John secretly desires. Sasha knows John is attracted to her by his lingering lustful looks and the bulge he often develops in his pants. Sasha for her part certainly has become increasingly attracted to John, the more they have worked together, as attested to by the non-stop tingles and aching in her wet pussy. This evening for dinner, however, Sasha plans to test just how attracted to her John really is. Sasha has a long bubble bath and allows her body to relax and soak as she plays some soft music off her laptop. Later Sasha dries her supple young body and applies a moisturizing cream all over herself to soften and lightly scent her flawless olive skin. As Sasha rubs the cream on her ass and along her inner thighs she feels her pussy begin to tingle and can’t resist slipping a finger inside and stroking herself a little. Seeing there is not enough time to masturbate properly Sasha sighs and rushes to get ready. Sasha curls her hair and then looks through her lingerie drawer and picks a nice ivory lace set with a delicate push-up bra and tiny panties with lace trim. Sasha has no idea where the evening might end, but she wants to be prepared for a torrid conclusion should it go as she plans. Looking at her dresses Sasha holds up the classic tight little black dress and considers its potential, but then decides on the short wrap coral/salmon colored dress as more unique and complimentary to her skin and hair tone. This beautiful dress hugs her body in layers of wraps and shows all her curves, her trim waist, her flared hips and taught ass. The dress is short enough to show off Sasha’s toned legs yet looks sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Sasha is young with ultra-soft smooth legs and does not need any stockings. Sasha looks through her shoes and pairs the dress with some sexy black spaghetti strap heels. Sasha brushes out her large bouncing curls and admires her shining lustrous hair as she applies lip-gloss and does her eyes. Sasha decides to enlarge her eyes with a double lid on the bottom and adds a little length to her lashes before using a liquid eyebrow pen to perfect her slim arched brows. For the final touch Sasha dabs some Miss Dior perfume behind her ears, on her neck and a little between her thighs “just in case” and then slips in her diamond stud earrings. John picks Sasha up and it doesn’t take long before they are in the Brewery District and John parks on Liberty Street, just a short walk to the restaurant on Front Street. John opens the car door for Sasha and again needs to take in her stunning beauty as he holds out his hand to help her from the car. This young woman is perhaps the most beautiful woman he has ever been with and John is dazzled by her uniquely colored coral dress, her stunning figure, her lustrous rich dark brunette hair with the bouncing large curls and her large sparkling eyes. When the sparkle of Sasha’s diamond studs catches John’s eye he is drawn to Sasha’s sexy neckline and shoulders and he can’t help thinking of nuzzling and nibbling on Sasha’s slender neck and sucking on her earlobe. John’s mind spins as it slips into sexy fantasy scenes and he does his best to push them away and return to reality. Somehow during the whole drive to the restaurant they have been laughing and having an easy conversation and John hasn’t felt this comfortable with a woman for years. John knows it is wrong, but he can’t help feeling so sexually attracted to Sasha and his cock is so damn hard. I’m old enough to be her father he keeps telling himself as he does his best to resist flirting and making Sasha mad. The last thing John wants is to have a rift with Sasha just before they need to head out to London. I’m sure she would never be attracted to a man as old as me and yet, John thinks to himself, we do seem so well matched? For her part Sasha takes in John’s strong and mature handsome profile and admires his broad chest in a plain white cotton open neck shirt paired with an ultra-soft black Italian sports jacket and matching slacks. With his new haircut and the contacts John looks years younger than when Sasha first met him and could certainly pass for a man in his thirties.

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