18 Mart 2023

The Office Ch. 03


As I came into the office, I said, “good morning ladies!” They all smiled and answered back the same…I walked into my office and pulled open the drawer of my desk. Inside was a package…small, wrapped in brown paper, with a note attached…

“My husband is going to be gone next weekend!” the note started…”I thought we might need this!” And was signed “Mrs. B.” I smiled and opened up the box to find two silk scarves and a tube of warming gel…I smiled again!

“Mrs. Barnes, would you come in here and bring that work I left for you yesterday!” My cock had already started to grow in my pants, anticipating, and remembering…a smile on my face.

“Such an interesting look on your face!” I heard. And as my eyes refocused, I saw her standing in front of me, a smile playing across her lips and eyes. “A penny for your thoughts,” she said…a slight blush on her face.

“These thoughts: rather memories, are worth way more than a penny!” I told her. And again: a blush. “Thank you for taking care of that extra work for me…” I told her.

“You are more than welcome,” she said. And as she stared into my eyes, she told me, “It was definitely my pleasure!” And with a smile and blush, she laid the paperwork on my desk. As she leaned forward I could see her erect nipples under her blouse. My cock again pushing against the material of my pants…trying to get to its prize…

I leaned forward slightly and whispered, “I got your message and will give you the time and place.” She smiled. “And I think we will get lots of use from your little presents!” Again: a blush.

“Oh, I hope so!” And she turned to leave.

“Stop!” I said…and she turned, wide eyed. Like a doe, caught in the headlights! “I want your panties again…” a blush. “Give them to me now!”

So she moved away from the door, where no one could see her…she hiked her skirt up and slowly peeled off her thong. Slowly she kissed them before handing them to me…”Thank you,” I said, as I smelled her scent, and licked them. Her eyes locked on mine, licking her lips, as she watched me, placing them in the drawer. I told her, “You may go now, and thank you again!” She smiled…

I picked up the paperwork and that is when I noticed…the dried remnants of our coupling, still there on the desk. Will have to clean it before the cleaning people erotik hikaye oku find it…but first. I leaned in…her scent was still there! So intoxicating…so wonderful. I licked the patch to get any flavor left…and then took her panties and wiped the area clean…smelling them again, before putting them away! So lovely! And a smile crossed my face, as I again spotted the gel and scarves.

It was lunchtime: and I walked thru the office heading out. All of the girls were eating their lunches and chatting with each other. Her eyes locked on mine and with a smile, she watched me walk through. Today was their early day and I knew they would be leaving soon, going shopping or whatever…

As I walked up to my car I noticed an envelope, tucked under my wipers. I pick it up and squeezed it…something inside…a key! I tore it open to see what was there. Inside a motel key, and a piece of paper…I opened it to read:

Go here! When you arrive enter room and
Do not turn on light…go into bathroom and
Close door! Put on what is laying there and
Then turn out light and go lay on the bed!

No signature, was typed so could not tell who it was from…but I did have my suspicions. So I left and followed the instructions as stated… Upon entering the bathroom I found a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold, and a condom. After removing my clothes and putting the items on, I turned the light out and entered the dark room!

“Get on the bed,” a voice said. So I did…a pair of hands took my handcuffed wrists and pulled them up and tied them to the headboard. I could smell her scent…not her perfume, her arousal…her time to dominate me. Take me: like I took her on my desk the first time…”Hold still,” the voice said. “Now you will enjoy this at some time during the afternoon! But not till I allow it!” My cock strained at the condom… “Be still!” I laid there motionless…

I could sense her movements, she tried to move softly, but my years in the jungle taught me to hear slight movements. It was necessary or I would not have survived. She was moving to my right, so I turned my head that way…I could hear a slight intake of breath, so I decided to play along…”Where are you,” I asked.

“Quiet she said,” but from the left… But who was on my right…A hand touched me, softly güncel sex hikayeleri oku stroking my arm…She straddled me, her mound pressing against me, sliding up my leg ever closer to my cock…She rubbed against it. “Mmmm,” I moaned.

“Stop!” Another voice said… “You may not utter a sound till the mistress commands!” And I was silent…I felt the velvety softness of her lips, gliding up and across my body…her moisture leaving trails upon my skin… I wanted to hold her, caress her. But she just humped against me: her moans and whimpers, giving away who she was.

But who was the other one… No one I recognize, which is good. I want no one but her. And I felt her slide her mound closer to my lips…they brushed her anus and my tongue flick out…”Ohhh,” she uttered. And then she smashed herself into my face as I snaked my tongue into her anus… Then I heard it, the buzz, a vibrator! I moved to cross my legs!

“Do not worry, dear!” “You are not that lucky,” the other voice said…”this is for her!” And I could feel the vibrator penetrate her: as my tongue was in her little rosebud…”Unnnnnggggghhhh!” She screamed, and my face was awash with her juices…

The vibrator was relentless…probing her, carrying her over the edge and beyond…she orgasmed over and over. Her juices now flowing down my face and chest…and then it stopped! Silence…

She slowly slid down my body…her tongue snaking out and licking the pre cum from my cock. I started to hump up, but she moved away. I frowned. “Stop!” The voice said…”You are here for the Mistress’s satisfaction only.” And then silence again.

I felt her straddle me and take my, now rock hard cock in her hand, and slowly slide it into her…Yes! A familiar feeling…so tight, so wonderfully soft and moist! “Oh,” she said as I humped up towards her.

And I heard it again. The sound…the hum of the vibrator…and then I jumped…a set of lips was licking up my balls, towards her anus and I could feel her clamp her muscles on me. “Unnnghh!” She screamed. “Yes!” “That feels so good!” I could feel the tongue probing her, sliding against me inside her. The thin membrane of flesh between me, and the tongue…

“Ohhhhhh!” She squealed. The tongue pulled back…I felt something start to slide down my cock and across my balls…slick sikiş hikayeleri it started warming me…and I felt the slight vibration as the vibrator was placed against her little rosebud. “UMMMM,” she moaned as I could feel a slight pressure against her, and she was backing up against the vibrator. The feeling was getting intense. I was close to cumming, when I felt a hand wrap around me and squeezed…

“Not yet,” the voice said. “The Mistress has a special place she wants that!” The voice getting louder as the hand squeezed tighter…holding back my orgasm…I could feel the vibrator moving in and out of her now. Stretching her…getting her ready…slowly she slipped off me, and I heard the vibrator get louder, and the hand slid up my cock taking me and aiming it towards the goal…

“Ohhh goddd!” I heard her say; as my cock head slipped into her anus…she stopped. I held still not wanting to hurt her. “Mmmm,” she moaned as she slid further down me, impaling herself on me. Pushing deep, trying to take me all but she stopped….”Ohhhhhhh, Wonderfullll!” She said. And she started a slow rocking motion. She was so tight, and she was pushing me close to the brink…again the hand: squeezing…keeping me from crossing over.

“Remember,” the voice said. “Only when the Mistress commands!” She reminded me…She was relentless, riding me like she was trying to swallow me up. She was bucking and panting and I could tell she was close…she leaned over and whispered in my ear…

“Now, I want you’re cum in me Nowww!” And the hand let me go and then I felt the vibrator slide between us. Hitting her clit about the time I started to unload jet after jet of hot cum into her…”Oh, Oh, God, Unnnggghhggg!” She screamed and fell against me as her orgasm took her. The vibrator stopped and the hands untied me…so I could slip my arms around her. Holding her there we fell asleep.

Not knowing how much time elapsed, I heard the door close…she was still nestled in my arms…the handcuffs were gone and the blindfold too. So sweet: the look on her face. I woke her gently and she smiled…we got up together and took a shower, this time I made love to her under the water…”I’m sorry,” she said as she looked down. “I wanted you, to control you. I needed the control to take it to that level…it was wonderful…” and I just hugged her and gave her a deep kiss.

We parted ways that afternoon, her back home to husband and kids. Me back to my apartment wondering what is in store for the future. I never did find out who the helper was. But maybe someday…

To be continued?

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