19 Mart 2023

The Perfect Girl Pt. 01


I lay in my bed watching porn and jerking off for the third time today. It’s about 8 pm and I’m laying naked watching anal porn on my laptop. In the video, a red haired girl with perky tits and a tight ass is anally riding some guys cock. Watching the cock go in and out of her ass was having me leak precum all over my hand as I jerk my cock in my fist. Her asshole was expanding around his dick, and she was moaning as loud as could be.

I had my volume turned all the way up, as my roommate was gone for the night and I figured I could go all out. He pulls out of her ass and she begins to put his cock in her mouth and sucks the tip. Suddenly she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue while furiously jerking the guy off. Soon he begins to cum inside her mouth and all over the rest of her face.

I grab a tissue for myself and place it the head of my dick so I don’t make a mess. I jerk my cock harder than ever, I was so lost in the moment I couldn’t hear my roommate open my door. All I heard was a loud “WOAH!” before I could see him enter.

I scramble to cover myself with my bed sheets and he covers his eyes with his hands. I quickly pause the video. We both take a few seconds to calm down before I ask,

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry man,” He nervously replies. “I was just letting you know I brought Annie home.”

“Oh.” I sigh.

Annie walks up behind George (my roommate) completely oblivious to what just happened. She plants a soft kiss on his cheek and says in a seductive tone,

“I’ll be waiting in the bedroom babe.”

With that she visibly began unzipping her dress from the back and walked over to George’s bedroom door.

“Sorry about all that.” He said sympathetically.

“No worries man, just please knock next time.” I said.

“I thought you said you were going out tonight, it kind of surprised me to see your car outside.”

“Yeah, I decided to stay in.”

“You alright man?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” I say with a hint of hesitation.

From George’s bedroom we both hear his girlfriend Annie call out.

“It’s rude to keep a girl waiting babe, I might just have to get started without you.”

“Yeah, I’ll let you get back to it.” George rushed to say.

Before I could answer, he practically ran to his bedroom and shut the door.

I spent the next five minutes trying to read some comics before their moaning and dirty talk became too loud to ignore.


Hearing them fuck made me feel sorry for myself. George had this amazing girlfriend who fucked him every which way and I had no one. I hadn’t had sex in forever and it was beginning to hurt just how plain and how unfulfilled I was. I hadn’t even gotten nudes for a year.

I began to fantasize about what it would be like to meet the perfect girl. I imagined going on romantic dates with her in fancy restaurants. I thought about taking her to my favorite used video game store and we’d shop for games together. I imagined her fucking my brains out and she’d make all my sexual fantasies come to life. I imagined a curvy girl with thick thighs, the fatest ass, and even stomach roles. I was actually really into bigger girls, and I had no idea why their appeal isn’t more widespread.

Suddenly I hear Annie shout out,


I became a little jealous of George, I’d always wanted to fuck a girl in her ass, but never have.

“Fuck I love your big dick taking my ass.” She continued.

I decided it was too depressing to listen to them so I just put on my headphones and started listening to some Saint Asonia. I cranked up the volume and tried my best not to pay attention to them and fall asleep.

The next morning I walk into the kitchen to see Annie making scrambled eggs in the kitchen wearing one of George’s “Doom” T-Shirt.

“Good Morning Tim.” She said to me.

“Good morning, Have fun last night?” I responded.

“Oh yeah, we had a good time, I hope you didn’t hear us?”

“Oh no, I didn’t hear a thing.”

As I said this she turned around to reach for a plate and I could see some of her naked ass as the shirt lifted up. She turned back around and I quickly averted my eyes.

“George still asleep?” I ask.

“Oh yes, I thought I’d surprise him with a little breakfast in bed.”

“Oh that’s nice.”

“These scrambled eggs won’t be the only thing he eats.” She said giving me a wink. She took the plate of food and took into George’s bedroom.

I quickly ate my cereal then went and got dressed. I was gonna go to my favorite store, where they sell used Blu Rays, CD’s and Vinyl records. I drove down and walked into the store. I was then greeted by the clerk.

“How are you doing Tim.” The clerk asks.

“Not so bad man, you guys get any good movies yet.”

“Yeah I think I saw the steel case for Reservoir Dogs somewhere.”

“Oh thanks man.”

I walk over to the used section and begin browsing for any good Blu Rays.

As I’m going through the horror section I look up gerçek sex hikayeleri and see the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. She has long dark brown hair, and pretty blue eyes. Her lipstick is nice shade of red with some dark eyeshadow on as well. Her body is on the chubby side which really turned me on. Her jeans can barely fit around her thick gorgeous ass and thighs. Her tits were also fairly big, definitely 36DDD. She was wearing a Blade Runner t-shirt and browsing the Action/Adventure section. The thought of her kind of made me sad, I knew a girl like that wouldn’t even think twice about a guy like me.

I was about 6″1 and a tad chubby myself. I my dick is a solid 6 inches and I am very happy with it’s length and girth. My hair is long and brown and I have a clean shaven face.

I knew I shouldn’t waste my time on a girl like her so I just continued looking through the different Blu Rays. As I keep going I hear a sweet voice ask me something.

“Hey, have you seen any John Carpenter movies over here.”

I look over and see it’s the same beautiful girl as before. All the thoughts ran from my mind as I tried to answer.

“Um yeah, I grabbed the last copy of In The Mouth Of Madness.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen that one, is it good?”

“Oh yeah, It’s one of John Carpenter’s most underrated movies.”

“Oh yeah, The Thing was always my favorite movie of his, just a great concept and execution you know.”

I could not believe I was talking about movies with a girl who might as well have walked out of my wettest dreams.

“I know what you mean.”

I glanced at her hand, she was holding The Graduate, Annie Hall, Inception, and Blue Is The Warmest color. I thought the last choice was a little odd, but hey, maybe she was into super artsy movies.

“Oh I’m Roxanne by the way, but my friends just call me Roxy.” She reached out her hand.

“Mine’s Tim, friends call me Tim.” I said trying to joke.

She gave a little chuckle, which I didn’t expect.

“I like your shirt.” I blurted out.

“Thanks I like your hair.” She said.

Now I was really confused, since when did I get compliments. I couldn’t help but look her up and down, something I had hoped she wouldn’t notice.

“I was gonna take this one, but here you can have it.” I say as I hand her In The Mouth Of Madness.

“Awe thanks.”

“Yeah, anytime.”

I see her walk towards the counter and think there goes the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I grab my remaining Blu Rays and decide to check out and go home. I thought I could at least masturbate to the thought of Roxy. Before Roxy makes it to the counter she turns around and walks towards me. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen and I got really nervous.

“Hey look, I realize this might be forward, but would you wanna maybe go on a date sometime.”

It was absolutely surreal to hear those words come out of her mouth, or anyone’s mouth for that matter. I stand there and shock and don’t say anything.

“I mean we don’t ha-“

Before she can finish her sentence I cut her off.

“No no, just making sure I wasn’t dreaming.”

She laughed a little bit.

“I’d love to hang out with you.” I finally responded.

“Well I have a ton of movies at my place, so you want to come over either tonight or tomorrow night, we can watch a movie.”

“Yeah I’d love that.” I eagerly said.

“Awesome, hey how about I give you my number and I’ll text you my address.”

I got her address and we agreed to meet the next day at her place. I spent all day in anticipation and a nervous state. She wanted to date me but what would she do when she got to know me, would she hate me, would she find me boring? Anxiety coursed all through my body, but of course, I went anyway.

I went to her town house and knocked on the door. After a few seconds someone answered the door, but it wasn’t Roxy. Another girl almost as thick as Roxy but she had dyed blue hair and was wearing a tight black crop top and some tight yoga pants on her hour glass figure.

“Hi, I’m here for Roxy.” I said nervously.

Before the girl could answer Roxy came running to the door wearing a plain baggy black t shirt and some jeans. These clothes didn’t show off her thickness like the ones she wore at the store. I was slightly disappointed by this but I was okay with it, I was here looking for more than just sex. Her hair was put up into semi loose buns on both side of her head. She didn’t have on much makeup, and she didn’t need it.

I walked inside wearing my jeans and wearing my The Thing t-shirt with a flannel over it.

“Oh my god you remembered I liked The Thing.” She said excitedly.

“You know it’s rare for me to meet someone who’s as interested in movies as I am.” I said.

“Ha I love movies, I do nothing but watch them.”

“Well I leave you lovebirds to it.” Her Roommate said.

“Bye Nikki!” Roxy said.

Nikki grabbed her coat and left the town house, leaving us alone. I was sex hikayeleri actually shocked I got to come to her home on the first date, but knowing my luck, it probably didn’t mean anything.

“So did you pick out a movie?” I asked.

“Yes, but before we watch it, I got us some food.” Roxy said as she pointed over to the dining table which was next to the kitchen. On the table was a pizza from some place I had been to once before and rather enjoyed.

“I know it’s nothing fancy, but I want you to know I’m not that classy of a girl. Who needs fine dining when this is just as good right?” She said rhetorically.

“Fine by me, I love a good pizza.”

We sat down and each grabbed us a slice and began eating it. As I finished my slice I felt compelled to ask a question that had been on my mind all day.

“So why did you ask me out?” I asked with a bit of fear.

“Well, I thought you were really cute, and to be honest, not a lot of people looked at me the way you did in the store.” Roxy confessed

I was embarrassed that she noticed but I was more shocked and in disbelief. Roxy was so beautiful, to think not everyone could see that just seemed impossible to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

She looked at me almost like I was being sarcastic, but she could tell I wasn’t, then she gave an innocent smile.

“I’m certainly a little bigger than most girls.” She said.

“That doesn’t matter” I said “I hope I can say this without sounding creepy but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Just cause you’re a little thicker than the average girl doesn’t make you any less beautiful. In fact I love your curves.” I said all this with sincerity.

I was worried that maybe I had said to much. She looked at me and bit her lip in the sexiest way possible. With that lip bite I knew she was happy to hear what I said.

“Thank you Tim, that means a lot.” She said with a sweet tone.

Her tone then shifted to be more seductive and sensual.

“You aren’t so bad looking yourself.” Roxy complimented.

I began to blush like a school boy. I hadn’t really been complimented like this before.

After we finished our food we moved over to the couch, and she sat me down.

“Alright, I know it’s a strange first date movie but I was wondering if you’d wanna watch Basic Instinct.” Roxy said.

“Yeah sure, I like that movie.” I responded,

“Me too, I think it’s pretty hot.” She said.

We began watching the movie, and has the movie played she moved closer to me, inch by inch. Eventually she laid her head on my shoulder as we watched the movie. The sex scenes might be old fashioned but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting a little hard, especially during the lesbian sections.

The credits had rolled and spoilers Sharon Stone might have been the killer, or not, I’m still really not sure.

I didn’t want this night to end, and I definitely didn’t want Roxy to take her head off of my shoulder.

She lifted her head up and her eyes might mine in a sensual and romantic gaze.

“I really good time tonight Tim.” She said in a soft manner.

“So did I. I just wish it didn’t have to end.” I said back.

Her face moved closer to mine and I was hoping she would do what I thought she was gonna do. She continued in an even softer tone, almost whispering,

“It doesn’t have to…”

With those words she kissed me. Our lips met in a soft kiss, I hadn’t been kissed like that in forever, it was so intimate. We kept kissing and her hands start to explore my body. I took that as queue to do the same.

Her hand moved across my thigh and mine across her cheek. She suddenly opened her mouth and poked her tough at mine. Suddenly, our kiss grew slightly more intense. She massaged my tongue with hers and my hand moved down, making its way to her breast.

My cock was getting really hard, as we transitioned from kissing to full on making out. Her hand moved over to my cock and started to gently rub it through my jeans. She took a break from making it to softly say,

“Someone’s getting really hard, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were enjoying this.”

I put my tongue right back into her mouth and took control. both my hands were on her face and pushing it towards mine. One of her hands was on my left cheek, and the other was rubbing my erect cock still in my pants.

She stopped kissing to say something else.

“Why don’t you come upstairs to the bedroom.” She said with determination in her tone.

She pulled me up from the couch and led me upstairs to her bedroom. Her queen sized bed was surrounded with neon blue lights. the sheets were grey, but no doubt were about to have white stains on them.

She sat me down on the foot of the bed and told me to close my eyes. I did as instructed and waited for her to do whatever she was doing. She finally told me to open my eyes and as I did I saw her beautiful figure in nothing but a Calvin Klein thong and Calvin Klein sports bra. Her tits jiggled in her sex hikayeleri bra and I was loving the sight of it. She had let her hair down too, which in my opinion, looked better.

She got on her knees in front of me and began undoing my pants. She pulled them down slightly allowing my fully erect 6 inch cock to come free. She licked her lips at the sight of it and seductively said,

“Oh, is this for me?”

She then stuck out her tongue and began to lick just the tip of my dick. She teased me with her tongue and I was loving every second of it, once she was finished teasing she gave one long lick from my balls up from the shaft to the tip. She then began jerking me off, using her own saliva as lube.

“I’m gonna enjoy sucking on your cock.”

She then put about half of my cock into her mouth. I let out a soft moan, as her mouth felt like heaven. As she sucked me off, I took the initiative to begin taking my flannel and my t shirt off. As I did this, she released my cock from her mouth just so that she could completely take off my jeans and boxers. Once I was fully nude she went right back to licking and sucking me off. I wanted so bad to cum in her mouth, but I didn’t want this to end so quickly.

“I’m gonna cum if you keep it up.” I said.

With that she pulled her mouth from my dick and I took a few seconds to re collect myself.

“So…You like how I give blowjobs?” She said with a coy tone.

“Roxy I loved that, I haven’t been sucked like that in so long?”

“You haven’t?” She said.

“Look this will sound pathetic but I’ve only had sex once and that was my senior prom almost 3 years ago.” I confessed.

I was expecting her to laugh or just look at me with judgment, but instead she planted a soft kiss on my lips and said,

“We better make up for lost time then.” She said with smile she had from ear to ear.

I kissed her back and our tongues massaged each other. She pushed me onto back and I watched as she slowly took off her bra. As she did her big 36DDD tits fell down and jiggled. She began playing with them, I was so in love with how big and jiggly they were.

“You like my big tits?” She said.

“I love them.” I responded.

She the straddled me as I was on the bed. She turned around and then slowly took off her thong. I loved seeing her drenched panties come off of her pussy. Now we were both completely nude.

She straddled me I was on the bed, her wet pussy rubbing against my shaft. I took the opportunity to massage her massive tits. I squeezed them and kneaded them, and then I put my mouth on them. I started to suck on her nipples, and she let out a faint moan. I moved my tongue from one nipple to the next, and finally I motor boated her.

We rolled over and now it was me on top of her. I felt my clock slide against her wet pussy. I kissed her lips again and slowly started to kiss down from her mouth, to her beck, her nipples, her stomach, and finally her pussy. I lifts her legs and got a good handful of soft thick thighs and I buried my face between them.

I glided my tongue all over her pussy, tasting her juices and savoring the flavor. Her pussy juice tastes amazing, It makes me more than happy to lick and suck on her clit which sends her crazy. I feel her thighs tighten, and she places her hand on the back of my head. She pushes my face onto her delicious pussy and keeps it there.

I stay like this until she really starts to moan like crazy.

“Oh yes, eat my pussy, fuck yes, taste my cum.” As she says this as I lick her clit just right, causing her to cum. I can taste her all over and i’m intoxicated by it. She starts to catch her breath as I lick up her pussy juice.

She pulls me up and makes out with me, massaging each others tongues and me feeling up her tits.

“I love tasting myself on you.” She moans.

My cock again grazes her pussy, which is now very sensitive from her orgasm.

“I can’t take it anymore, I need your cock inside me!” she practically yells at me.

I grab my cock with one hand and her hip with the other. I guide my cock into her glistening pussy and she quivers at the feeling.

“FUCK! Your cock feels so good inside of me, oh fuck.” She moans.

I began to hump her more quickly and began to build up a rhythm. As I do this, I put my head down and kiss her. I can hear moan into my mouth as I push and pull my hard cock in and out of her hungry pussy.

I began to kiss her neck and she digs her nails into my back as I fuck her as hard and as deep and as fast as I can. She moans louder now.


She wraps her legs around me and for a few more times my cock, now bathed in her pussy juice, simply goes in and out of her pussy. Finally her legs tighten their grip and I simply keep my thick cock inside her as she rides out her orgasm.

She kisses me harder than she has before, with my cock still inside her. She then grabs my ass, and says to me,

“I wanna ride you baby.”

“Oh yes,” I respond. “I Wanna watch those amazing tits bounce.

Without me pulling out, she flips us over, now with her on top and me on my back. She rubs fingers around her pussy then bring them up to suck on them. I watch her suck her own cum from her own fingers and my dick gets twitches inside her.

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