1 Ağustos 2021

The Plumbher


The PlumbherI arrived outside this big, beautiful, white detached house. I squinted my eyes to check the house number, “45” I said aloud to myself “perfect.” I put the handbrake on in my van and switched the engine off. My appointment was for 9:00 with a Mrs Abbott, poor drainage reported. I looked at my watch, 8:55. Still had five minutes to relax and enjoy the bitter sweet taste of my morning coffee. I savoured each sip, it was Monday and needed a lot of energy to get through this week. As I sat drinking my coffee I admired the house I was about to work in. It had two floors, two large bay windows on the ground floor and three windows on the upper level. There was a nice garden in the front which was split in half by a red brick path, with a nice line of flowers along the front of the house. The whole street was very much the same. All the houses where more or less the same but with different gardens, some had driveways others had floral displays. Between the pavement and road there was a long line of beautiful sycamore trees. I checked back at my watch 9:01, “right better get moving” I said to myself as I downed the last of my coffee. I jumped out of the van, grabbed my tool box from the back and headed up the path towards the house. I knocked three times on the big white door. A few moments later the door opened and I was struck dumb. In the doorway stood this drop dead gorgeous brunette. She was maybe only about 5ft5 but wore a large dressing gown so her body was hidden for me. Her face had a natural beauty about it, she didn’t have any make up on and she didn’t need any. She had a slim looking face with green emerald eyes resting above high cheek bones. Her hair tied up above her head.“Hello, can I help you” her sweet concerned voice broke my trance.”Eh yes, sorry. Good morning Mrs Abbot, I’m Scott Waters from ‘The Free Water Ways’. You phoned about poor drainage?” I spoke to her, trying not to come across as a creep since I just spent a few seconds admiring her beauty.”Oh yes, good you’re here” she smiled opening up her door wider. “Please come in” she offered as she took a step back and invited me in. I stepped into her house and there was a very sweet smell. I have been in a fair few houses and this was one of the best. It smelt of a summers evening and it just made you want to smile and be happy. As we continued down her hallway we passed the stairs and took a left and into the kitchen. It was huge. It was a very modern kitchen and opened up into a dining room on the left hand side. “You have a lovely home Mrs Abbot and an amazing kitchen!” I said to her.”Why thanks” she blushed, “its ok I suppose. Can get a little lonely all alone around a big house.” For a second I could swear she was checking me out now.”Well I would say more than ok and would love a big house like this” I teased as she led me over to the sink.”Ok here’s the problem.” She turned the tap on and the sink filled up without the plug in. “It does drain but takes forever. I’ve asked my husband to look at it but he’s always busy.” She continued “I’ve also poured drain cleaner down it but that didn’t seem to work.””Right ok, what I’ll do is have a look under the sink and check the pipes.” I said to her putting my tool box down. “Great” she said “will you need me for anything?” She asked.”Not just now Mrs Abbot. If I need you or finish, I’ll give you a shout.” I smiled to her.”Great” she said again as she began to walk out the kitchen “oh and please call me Emily!” With a quick wink she was gone.”Holy fucking shit” I said to myself “oh the things I would do to her!! Right come one Scott you have a job to do.” I turned my attention to under the sink. After a quick look around, there was a long down pipe from the sink hole and was fitted onto a bend. I opened my tool box and grabbed a thin flexible piece of metal. I stood over the sink and inserted the feeler down through the sink hole. It went down easily until it hit the blockage. I didn’t want to force the blockage in case it dislodged and moved further down the pipe. I pulled the metal feeler out and measured it. It went in about 8 inches. Checking under the sink the first down pipe was about 10 inches so the blockage could be there. I grabbed a pair of grips from my tool box and was about to unscrew the nut on the pipe when I realised “shit my bucket!” I quickly ran out to my van, grabbed the bucket out of the back and got myself back under the sink. I just managed to fit my bucket under the pipe so it would catch anything that was stuck in the pipe. ortaköy escort I grabbed the grips again and started to loosen the nut. It was very loose and didn’t take much force to turn. I unscrewed the nut and swung the bottom bend pipe to the side. Only a slow trickle of water fell into my bucket. “Mmm right ok so the blockage is defiantly in the part” I said to myself as I reached my finger up the pipe to see what I could feel. My first impression was that it wasn’t food or a build-up of gunk. My honest impression was that it felt like wet clothing. I searched for a pair of plyers in my box and edged them up the pipe. I got a grip of whatever was up there and with a heavy tug pulled down. The blockage came free and all the water drained from the sink into the bucket. “What the hell” I whispered, the blockage was defiantly clothing and it was red. I squeezed out them water from it and climbed out of the cupboard. I unravelled the material to see what it was … “Holy shit” I gasped.”Oh good! You found my panties” Emily’s sexy voice came from the kitchen door, I was totally speechless. She was still only wearing her large dressing gown as she walked over to me. “Look Scott, let me be straight with you. There is nothing wrong with my sink, obviously. I put the panties there as a little joke. It’s not hard to look up how to fix a drain pipe on the internet.” I just stared at her, panties still in hand as she went on. “I’m almost 100% sure my husband is gay. I don’t want to call him out on it but I just know and the fact he never has sex with me and the way he acts. However for the sake of our young c***dren and my marriage I don’t want a divorce. So that’s where you come in!”I just dumbly nodded. She was now standing above me. “This goes two ways now Scott, one you finish up and leave. Or…” She untied and dropped her dressing gown. “Wow” I whispered. She was wearing red matching bra and panties. As I had hoped, her chest was massive, at least 36DD. She had a slim toned body and curved hips. “You fuck me right here, right now and then you leave!” She leaned on one hip and bit her finger.I paused for a moment, quickly going over it. “What was to go over” I thought “I’m single, her husband is gay so technically it’s fine and she most certainly is fine.” I stood up in front of her, holding up her panties. “You are a very bad girl Emily for stuffing these in the pipe” I dropped her panties and grabbed her and kissed her deeply on the lips. She was taken back at first but quickly relaxed and kiss me back. I reached round and squeezed her firm ass as she ran her hands up my back and held my head. I parted my lips and welcomed her tongue into my mouth. We were heavy French kissing now as our tongues invade each other’s mouth. Breathing heavy through our noses as we held each other tight, slowly grinding against each other. We broke the kiss and panted heavily. “Omg” she groaned “it has been so long since I’ve kissed a real man.” Before I could reply she latched back onto my lips. Pushing me back against the counter top as she trailed her nails down my back across my polo shirt. We moaned in each other’s mouth as my bulge grew in my jeans. I pressed against her as I squeezed her ass. After a few minutes of deep kissing and groping, we broke off for a quick breath. “I love your manly hands groping my ass” she purred in my ear. “I love how firm and big your ass feels in my hand.” I teased back. I grabbed her by the ass and spun her round, lifting her up onto the kitchen counter. She gave a light giggle as her ass plumped down. “A big strong man” she cooed as she pulled me forward by the collar, meeting me with her lips again. I kissed her a few times before I moved my attention to her tender neck. Emily moaned loudly as I sucked and kissed around her neck. Moving her head to the side to allow me more access and guiding me with her hand on my head. As I continued to suck on her neck I moved my hand down to her crotch. Emily’s panties were soaking already and my cock twitched in my jeans. “It feels so nice to have someone else’s hand down there” she moaned as I rubbed harder against her pussy. Emily began to grind her hips into my hand each time I rubbed against her. I was now lightly nibbling her neck and her moans were getting louder. “Put a finger inside me” she begged and I was not one to disappoint. I pulled my hand up and slid it inside of her panties, my hand instantly drenched by her juices. I pressed my middle finger up and eyüp escort down her slit before probing just the tips of two fingers inside of her. “Uuhhh fuck” she gave out a low groan as I pressed my fingers in deeper. I continued to push my finger in until I was right in, I looked up at her with desire in her eyes and slowly started to finger fuck her. She gave out quiet gasps as her eyes began to roll. Emily was now forcing her hips forward as I fucked her faster and faster with my fingers. “That feel good?” I asked her”Oh so fucking good don’t stop!” She demanded. “Don’t plan to” I said as I leant forward and kissed her bursting bosom. “Hold on” she said and in the blinking of an eye her bra was off and on the floor. Her erect nipples were calling my name and I latched onto them. Sucking hard and biting them as I forced my fingers deep inside of her. Her pussy walls were tight around my fingers but the amount of juice she was producing my fingers slid easily in and out. Each time I reached as far as my finger would go I would curl my finger up and wiggle it on its way out. I also made sure to pay attention to both of her large lovely breasts and her gorgeous perky nipples. “Oh fuck baby, I’m close… Keep going” she moaned loudly as her pussy tightened more around my fingers. I held her right against me with my free hand and forced my fingers in deep, rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand. As I sucked hard on her left nipple, her orgasm came crashing over her. “UUUHHHHHH FFFUCCKKK” she screamed as her body spasmed and wriggled in my arms. Her hips jerked forward a few times as her body tingled. “Uuhhh, mmmmmm that was needed.” She cooed as she relaxed back against the kitchen wall.I pulled my finger out of her dripping pussy and put them to my mouth. Wow, she tasted great, like a sweet fruit. I sucked all her juice of my finger and she watched me with pure lust as I did so. “Taste good do I?” Like she actually had to ask.”Yes, very much so!” I replied, sucking the last of it off. “Well we aren’t finished so loose the top!” She demanded and I was happy to oblige. I pulled off my polo shirt and tossed it to the side. By the time I looked back at her, she had released her hair bun and let I flow down her right side to just above her tits. She pulled her panties to the side and beckoned me forward. As I got within reach she reached out and grabbed me by the belt buckle. Landing another kiss on my lips as she fumbled with my belt. She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and reached her hand into my boxers. “Oh yes, just like I had hoped” she purred “a nice big cock all for me.” She started stroking my throbbing member in my boxers as I shook down my jeans to my ankle. She continued to stroke my cock, her soft hand felt amazing. I gently squeezed and tugged on her nipples, pulling on her perky pink nipples. “Ok stud fuck me!!”I had my boxers down at my ankles in a flash. Emily, took her panties and pulled them to the side. I stepped forward, my hard cock posed at her entrance. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, pressing against her clit. She wriggled with pleasure and begged me to slip it in. I probed the tip of cock as it popped into her tight pussy. “Oooohhh yeah” she moaned as I slid myself all the way into her. “Just hold him there baby, let me adjust!” She groaned as her tight pussy loosened a little around me. Emily lifted her legs and wrapped them around my hips. Placing her arms over my shoulders she pulled me closer. “Ok sexy, fuck me good and hard!!” she whispered. I steady myself, my cock still balls deep in her. I grabbed her by the hips and starting pumping in and out of her. “Holy shit” I gasped as I pumped her tight pussy. “Mmmm your cock is so big in me” Emily moaned loudly as she dug her fingernails into my back. “Your pussy feels sooo good” I groaned picking up the pace. Pounding into her harder and harder. My balls slapping of her little asshole. I have had sex with a fair few girls, not boasting! But Emily’s pussy has got to be one of the best I have ever had. I think only Charlotte, whom I lost my virginity too, was tighter than Emily.I pounded hard into Emily, squeezing tight on her hips when I bottomed out in her. Leaning forward I sucked her nipple into my mouth. Each time I bit down on her perky nipple, her pussy tightened more around my cock. It felt incredible. “Uuuhhh my stud, fuck me hard” Emily moaned as she groped her free breast and reached her other hand down to rub her clit. I could feel maslak escort her finger tips furiously rubbing against the base of my shaft. It was a weird feeling but all the same amazing. We must have fucked like for a good 15 minutes and I loved every minute of it. My hands gripping her beautiful bouncing breasts. Pinching at her nipples while giving them little flicks with my finger. Her arms now around my shoulders as she pulled me into her.”I’m getting close gorgeous!” she groaned as she held me closer. “Right there, right tthhheerereeee….UUUHHHHH” her orgasm seemed to shake the whole house as her body shuddered. “Ooooohhhh fuck” she panted as her nails dug into the top of my back. Emily’s pussy contracted around cock and convulsed each time a wave of her orgasm hit her. “That was so fucking good” she said as her body relaxed.I held myself in her for a few seconds while she recovered and then started to slowly slide in and out of her again. Emily began to moan in pleasure again while she still relaxed back against the kitchen wall. “This is the best job I have ever been on” I couldn’t help myself saying. “Oh I’ll bet” she grinned. “I have a friend that needs her sink serviced too.” She winked. But before I could speak she cut in again. “However just now I want that hot sticky cum in my mouth.” Pushing me away she jumped down off the counter. Turning round to pull off her panties she bent back over the kitchen counter again. I just stood there admiring her huge amazing ass.”Waiting for an invite?” She asked turning round, biting her lip.”Hell no” I said as I stepped forward, the head of my cock at her entrance. “Good boy” she said “now fuck me like never before and give me that hot cum.” I wasn’t about to hang about as I plunged my cock straight into her. She gasped in surprised pleasure. I forced my cock in as deep as I could before fucking her hard. I grabbed her by her curvy hips and ploughed into her. Her ass felt great as I bottomed out in her. My balls slapping off her pussy as I picked up the pace. I was in control and was guiding her backwards and forwards by her hips. Pushing her forward before pulling her back and drilling my cock deep inside her. Emily was standing up by her hands on the counter but the pleasure was too much for her and she had to lie across her arms on the counter. If she tried to speak she couldn’t form words. All she managed was loud groans and moans and what I made out as “yes” repeated over and over. “You like me fucking you over the counter you naughty housewife?” I grunted as I slowed my pace but forced my cock into harder.”Yes… I’m such a … Naughty Housewife…. Please don’t ….stop.” She moaned loudly as I picked up the pace again. I could feel my balls begin to tighten and the tell-tale signs that I was going to cum. “I’m ready to cum!! Is the naughty housewife ready for my hot cum?” I groaned as my orgasm was building.”Yes give me that hot stud cum.” She groaned as I let her go and she fell to the floor turning to face me. Almost in one movement she went from bent over the counter to on her knees my cock in her mouth. She sucked hard on my cock and stroked it with her hands at the same time. I was holding out any longer. “Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh” my orgasm rushed over me and shot after shot of my cum sprayed into her mouth. “Holy shit” I panted, she kept sucking my cock and was sucking the cum right out of my cock. A few more strands of cum fired into her mouth and she drank every bit of it. She only worked her mouth now as she sucked deeper on my cock she almost took my whole length before she gaged and let go. Working her tongue all over my cock licking up the mixture if juices. As my cock started to soften she slowly sucked the head and with a pop it fell out.”Mmmmm delicious” she said licking her lips. “That was amazing, thank you Scott. However my sink does need put back together.” With a slap on my bare ass she disappeared out of the kitchen. “Cheeky bitch” I laughed as I pulled my jeans up and went back to work. After about 5 minutes Emily’s sink was back to normal and my tools box was all packed. “All done?” Emily asked as she re-entered the kitchen. She now had normal clothes on, jeans and a cute top. Her hair was now in a loose ponytail behind her head. “Yeah” I said “good as new” I joked.Emily stepped forward and kissed me slowly on the lips. Her mouth tasted fresh, thank god she must have brushed her teeth. We held each other close as we kissed slow and passionately.”Thank you” she whispered.”No, thank you” I replied. “I’m looking forward to you meeting my friend” she said as she gave me one last kiss. “Me too” I said as I handed her my card. “Here’s my private number. Call me anytime you need a plumber or a service” with a wink on service.I left the house and got back in the van. I hope I can unblock more pipes I said with a chuckle.

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