26 Mart 2022

The postman delivering parcels


The postman delivering parcelsAll my stories are true but have happened over a 30 year period me and my wife have been together.We were expecting a parcel of some new sex toys, the email said they’d been despatched and would arrive on this particular day. Around 11:30am there was a knock on the door, there stood a man around 35 years old clutching quite a large parcel, ‘fucking hell’ I thought, we didn’t order that much. Anyway Donna answered and needed to sign, she said to the guy “Step inside while I find a pen”.As he stepped inside our house I took the parcel off him and he stood there, “Shut the door” Donna said, as he did she came towards him, he handed her the slip and she said trying to write “I need something HARD to rest on”, he smiled as she looked at him. She was wearing a nightgown that didn’t leave much to the imagination.After she’d signed she said “Do you want a drink” he replied that he didn’t, as she walked past him she brushed herself om him as she squeezed past, he sighed. Turning around she said “Sorry” and he just looked at her. She approached him face on and said “I’m glad you’ve brought my parcel I’ve ordered some new toys”, with türbanlı bartın escort that he looked embarrassed.Donna moved closer to him and touched his cheek, he looked her square in the eye and smiled, she leaned towards him and kissed him, he kissed her back and moved his hands onto her tits, as he fondled her she touched the front of his pants, stroking him, he moved down and nuzzled her neck. She moved towards the sofa and with her hand lead him also.As they sat down he carried on feeling her tits as she was stroking his bulge in his pants, as she let him kiss her neck she laid back and his hand moved from her tits down her stomach up her nightie and up the inside of her thigh, moving slowly and straight on to the front of her panties. “God your wet” he said, “I know” she purred.I could see him rubbing up and down the front of her panties as she moaned, he pulled her tits out and sucked her nipples as he stroked her. She had her hand on the back of his neck as her breathing became heavier. He put his hand into her knickers and was rubbing her clit and fingering her wet pussy when she moaned louder, türbanlı bartın escort bayan I knew she was coming.As she screamed out his finger movements inside her panties bacame faster, I was so turned on watching from the door, then suddenly she squirted, her juices flooded the gusset of her knickers and pissed through his hand as she roared out in extacsy. Sitting up she moved forward and put her hand on to his bulge, he looked at her and smiled.She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to reveal a good 7″ hard rock tool, she bent down and immediately put it in her mouth. I walked in and opened her legs and licked her sodden cunt. As she gave him good head he had his head back when he saw me he looked terrified. I took off my pants and with my 6″ in my hand opened my wife’s legs.Entering her from behind it was easy she was so pissed through, I slotted straight in and started to shag her. She gasped as she continued to give this guy some good oral. After a few minutes she moaned real loud and I pulled out and she turned to face me, I pulled her onto the floor on her back and re-entered türbanlı escort bartın her, the guy knelt at her side and she carried on sucking him.As he felt her tits she was moaning all the more. Pulling out I spread her legs wider, slotting my cock into her ass she groaned louder. “Rub her clit and finger fuck her” I ordered, the guy did just that he had three fingers in her wet cunt and was rubbing her cliorius as I fucked her ass. She screamed “I’m COMING” as we both brought her off quickly.I pulled out and she sucked the guy faster “I’m coming” he said, as my wife wanked him off to a full load down her throat, the look on his face was unusually contorted. I dangled my cock in her face and she said “Fuck him”, he looked horrified. I pulled him round so he was facing Donna’s cunt and spreading his thighs I teased his ass.”No don’t please don’t” he said, Donna looked him in the face and said “You know you want him to” and said to me “***** fuck him”, with that I pushed my cock deep into his ass, as I fucked him he was hanging on the side of the sofa and Donna was now sat on the sofa rubbing her clit herself as she watched me. “Fuck him harder I’m coming” she said.After a few seconds she let out another half scream half groan as another climax ripped through her body and juices ran down her leg, I pulled out and wanked myself off over his back groaning. Donna went straight upstairs, and he and I mumbled to each other. We got dressed and he left I went upstairs and after a shower shagged my horny wife again.

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