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The Secret of Dickin Close

Big Tits

The story that Sandy told us, ended up with as many pairs of damp knickers as any of the other tales. It concerned a group of ladies who lived in Dickin Close, they all, well, with the exception of Josie, had daughters. All were within a year or so of each other, Josie, had a son, Derek, who was causing problems in his sixth form at secondary school.

The Secret of Dickin Close.

If you passed Dickin Close, you would probably not give it a second thought, a Close on an estate on the fringe of a small town in the southeast Gloucestershire here in the UK. Here as in many such places, chintz curtains, and nets twitch as the world is watched. As estates grow up, often similar ages are grouped, and Dickin Close was no different except possibly in one significant way, there was only one family, Josie’s, with a son, all the rest had daughters, all in their final year and at eighteen heading for their final exams.

Tea time, one Monday early summer afternoon, found the ladies of Dickin Close gathered for a cup of tea and a chin wag, well we have all been there haven’t we girls, and there’s nothing better than sorting out the world’s problems over tea is there girls?

Josie had been summoned to see the head master at the local secondary school…yet again. Derek was in trouble… yet again. A female was involved…yet again.

Josie was given an ultimatum, get him to behave or he was to be expelled, they didn’t exclude students in those days, they expelled them they were gone… permanently. No exams, No leaving certificate. That meant difficulty getting a job.

Well girls, we were all agog, what had he done this time, In the past she had tried almost any sort of discipline, and still there was problems.

“This time it was the stationery cupboard.” Sighed Josie

“The stationery cupboard.” We chorused

“What, pinching stuff?” Liz put into words our thoughts.

“No, not pinching, that’s not his style.” Josie was almost in tears.

“Well what then?”

“Same as last time, well nearly but it wasn’t the back of the gardening shed it was the stationery cupboard.”

“Which of the girls was it this time? That blond bit, what’s her name Gina wasn’t it?

“No, not Gina this time, much worse.”

“Surely not a fella?” Liz had a knack of being really tactful!

“No, course not… this time it was that new teacher, Miss Cornwallis.”

“And she caught him…?”

“No… It was her that was in the stationery cupboard with him. By all accounts the secretary went in for some envelopes and they were… you know… snogging behind the door.”

“And?” we all crowed

“The school have given me an ultimatum, he leaves the females in the school alone or he goes.”

“Bum deal.”

“I just don’t know what to do, he seems to be very popular with the girls, and he’s not really a bad lad, I am at my wits end about what to do.”

Josie sobbed, Liz, Brenda, Carol and I all gave her a big hug and told her not to worry we would have a think and see what we could come up with. It had all just about calmed down when the door burst open and the girls arrived home from school, Josie quietly excused herself to get Derek’s tea.

“Well girls, why is young Derek getting in trouble all the time?”

I just threw the question, not really expecting an answer, and certainly not the answers we got. They were all competing to see who could give the most lurid piece of information. Or who could deliver the greatest shock!

“Its his dick.” Said one.

“At least ten inches long.” Said another

“More like twelve.”

“And with a knob like a ping pong ball.”

“Tennis ball you mean.”

“Yeah and when you wank him off it goes a long way.”

“Yeah, lots of cum.”

“And it goes miles.”

“Real thick and sticky too.”

“So many of them want to have a go with it they keep him busy and he doesn’t know the teachers are about.”

Well I’ll tell you girls, my head was spinning it was like one conversation coming from several directions.

“Then he gets caught.”

“Mostly its behind the sheds, but last time…”

“…it was in the book cupboard with that new teacher.”

“Miss Cornwallis.”

“She thinks she’s ‘it’.”

“So which of you lot have been caught with him?”

“We don’t go near him at school, we don’t have to.”

“Why’s that.”

“Well he lives in the road, and we can do what we like when he comes round to our homes, and we all do our home work together.

I know I don’t have to tell you; just how stunned the mothers were when they heard that, you wouldn’t believe me anyway. A ten or twelve inch dick with a knob the size of tennis ball, it was enough to make your eyes water! Not to mention your nether regions run with juice, mine certainly did! Every one of us had hosted young Derek of an evening, usually all the girls and Derek up stairs doing their ‘homework’. We never gave it a thought.

“So what’s this Miss Cornwallis like then?”

“This is her first job, she’s just out of college…”

” Long legs, high heels, short skirts and ankara escort big tits…”

“Well, bigger than yours mum!”

To be honest, that wouldn’t have been too difficult.

“Any way…story is, she had his cock…”

“… in her hand…”

“When the secretary walked in…”

“And she is soo square…”

It was quite difficult keeping up with just who was saying what, most of the time the person had only said part of a sentence before someone else cut in and finished it. The giggling was almost deafening, any of you that had heard a bunch of schoolgirls chattering and giggling will know what I mean.

“…if it had been Mrs Jones, they might have got away with a bollocking…”

“Mrs Jones is alright but no chance with ‘iron pants’ Anderson.”

“I don’t reckon she’s ever seen a real dick….”

“…well not one as big as that anyway.”

They clattered away up the stairs to Clare’s bedroom to do their homework and to listen to music. Clare’s parting shot was …

“When Derek comes round just send him up mum.”

After the conversation that had just taken place you can just imaging the stunned silence as the girls disappeared upstairs, the door slamming behind them.

We all just sat and looked at each other, not really sure what to do, anyway, we didn’t have much chance as about a quarter of an hour later the door was knocked then Derek came crashing through.

“Hello Mrs Benson, Mrs Smith, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Rodman. Are the girls in yet? Can I go up please…homework?”

“You can. The girls are up there, mind you all behave.”

We knew that we were taking a chance, but at least we knew where they were. We sipped tea, and sat, mostly in silence, while we pondered the situation. It was about ten minutes later that the silence was broken…

“Hang on!” exclaimed Brenda, “If he is suspended what this “home work” business”

The four of us jammed in the door way as we intended racing up the stairs to see what the heck was going on. We broke free and fought our way up the stairs as a series of shrieks and whoops of delight rent the air, bursting through the door, an unimaginable scene confronted the four of us crammed together.

Jane, Liz’s daughter, was kneeling on the bed along side of young Derek, two hands wrapped around his not, I must say, not insignificant cock, while the other three were wiping his copious eruption from the dressing table mirror several feet away. They froze as we entered.

“Jane, get yourself home this instant.” Liz was hopping mad.

“Meg, Jackie, you too…now.” Brenda and Carol followed suit.

They flew through the door, dodging the swipes half aimed at their rear ends.

“I think you should dress yourself and do the same Derek, I shall have words with your mother now get out. What the heck are we going to do with you, can’t you keep it in your trousers?”

Derek didn’t answer but left the house, leaving us to collect our daughter’s knickers from the floor. We sat, drank more tea, and sat some more and drank yet more tea.

“You know, that was some cock that lad’s got wasn’t it” Liz broke the silence.

“Sure was, did you see, Jane had both hands round it.”

“I don’t know about 12 inches, but it was certainly long enough”

“And a decent size knob too.”

“Jeez, I wouldn’t mind giving him a hand to stay out of trouble.” Says Brenda

“Hermmm” says Carol ” Me too!”

“That could be the answer to Josie’s problem”

“What could be?” the others chorused.

“Well we all, I think, liked what we saw, and, we wouldn’t mind a share.”

There was much head nodding going on.

“We could all take turns and try and keep him on the straight and narrow…what do you think.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Says Brenda

“Count me in.,” says Liz

“And me,” joined Carol

“That’s settled then, we’ll have a chat with Josie in the morning and see what she thinks.”

I have to admit the sight I had seen in that room, the size of his cock, and his knob had left me with very, and I mean very, damp knickers and a deep ache in a place I couldn’t reach. As soon as the girls left I nipped into the loo and sorted myself out if you get my drift.

Clare was sitting in the kitchen when I had recovered myself. It was clear she was expecting the row she got… well I mean, one of the pairs of knickers recovered from the bedroom floor was hers. What would you have done?

I went into the usual, ‘I trusted you’ routine.

“What were you doing in that situation and with no knickers on?”

“We do it for fun.” was the feeble answer.

“If we take our knickers off and show our pussies, when one of us is rubbing him off it makes him shoot further.”

“Oh does it?”

“Some times we keep our knickers on and show him our titties.”


“That’s nearly as good, but he doesn’t shoot quite so far.”

“Is that right?”

“It’s good fun and we enjoy it.”

“Well young lady, fun or not, you were all supposed to be doing your home work.”


“Now, go to ankara escort bayan your room, get some knickers on, get your room tidied up and do your home work.”


I am sure you will know just what I mean when I tell you that I heard every noisy step on those stairs as Clare stumped her way sullenly to her room. If you don’t know what I mean, you don’t know how lucky you have been…Teenagers!

I knew that he was more than shall , we say ‘friendly’ with my Clare, and Liz’s Jane as I had seen him snogging with them at the back of our shed, sometime both at the same time. I had watched from the back bedroom window the girls had groped him and he had returned the compliment but I for one never ever dreamt that I would witness the sort of performance that we had just witnessed.

Tuesday, of course, Josie made her usual visit for elevenses and I am sure you can imagine I was really on edge at having to broach the subject of the previous evening aaaaand of our proposal of a possible solution to her problem with Derek.

“You know the business of Derek and the girls doing their home work together?”


“Well, there was a lot of noise yesterday evening, we were all here, dashed up to the room, and you would not believe….”

“Would not believe what?”

“Liz’s Jane, was wanking your Derek off, and Clare, Meg, and Jackie were wiping his spunk off the dressing table mirror.”


“Yep, none of them had knickers on, apparently, if they show their pussies, he shoots further than if they flash their tits. We were absolutely stunned of course, it’s not what you expect when they are supposed to be doing their home work is it?”

“I suppose not.”

“From what they told us, it’s what causes all the bother at the school, other little tarts wanting to get their hands on his cock. Let’s face it the little tarts are not all students from what I hear.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Never mind about that, We, that is, Liz, Brenda, Carol and me, what we thought…was…well…what we thought was, maybe, maybe we could solve his… and of course your problem.”

“And how could you do that?”

“If we kept him so occupied that he had no interest in the girls at school, and no energy to show his attributes so to speak, it might stop the problem.”

“Yes, but how?”

“We…we…we could make sure we shagged… we shagged him so much that he wouldn’t cope with the women at the school…”


“We all saw what we saw when we opened Clare’s room door, and we all decided that we could give him a more, what shall I say, a more adult experience.”

“All of you?”

“Only one of us each day, not all of us every day, heck even we couldn’t cope with that, you know, taking turns.”

“Couldn’t cope?”

“We might fancy that sort of a cock every day, but no, you can have too much of a good thing.”

“And you wouldn’t mind?”

“Mind? Its going to be a real hardship, but lets face it, we would be helping you, and of course your Derek and I expect we would get use to it! Have you seen his cock recently? Trust me…we have, we wouldn’t like our girls to get a taste for riding it, but…well, we are older, and know that we would be able to manage it. What do you say?”

“Ooooooooooh…I don’t know, do you really think?”

“We don’t mind him staying friends with our girls, heck we don’t even mind if last night’s wanking games continue, but we don’t want them to get into shagging, particularly with that cock. They’d never be satisfied again!”

“It might work, he isn’t at school again now until Monday…”

“Would you like to send him round, and we, us mums, can have a little chat with him and see if we can guide him into appreciating the right way to cope with his, erm, ‘attribute’ rather than messing up his last year at school.”

“You girls are sooo supportive, thank you so much. If you think its Ok, I’ll send him round.”

“Tell you what, send him round about one o’clock, give me a chance to confirm things with the others, probably best if you don’t come with him, he might feel awkward.”

“Yes, yes, you are probably right, I’ll see you tomorrow and you can tell me about it.”

As soon as Josie left, I called Liz, Brenda and Carol, inviting them round at a quarter to one, I fended off their questions; we could come up with a plan when we met.

The girls were of course early and were as excited as the schoolgirls we were trying to deprive of Derek’s services. The giggling chattering was almost a din.

“Order, order!” it sounded very formal.

“Well girls, based on what we saw last night, how should we go about this, what shall we call it…. an audition?”

“I think,” says Liz “That the first thing is to get a good look at that gorgeous cock.”

“Yes, a good look. At least I want a good look at it, it was too quick a look last night.” Carol shook as she spoke.

“A start would be to get him to show us.” Brenda looked at each of us in turn as we all nodded in agreement.

“Clare said he gets more excited when they escort ankara show their pussies…who thinks we should show him what really nice mature pussies are like.”

“What about tits…did she say he likes tits? I like my tits being attended to.” Liz hefted her 38 Cs.

“Yes, he does like tits, but he gets more excited, when he sees pussies.”

“We could all take our knickers off, then at an appropriate time we could show him, that should make it possible to get a good look at his cock.” Brenda suggested.

“I’d rather show him my tits.” Liz had a ‘thing’ about her tits.

“If we are all going to have him in turns, how are we going to decide who and when?” Carol wanted to know.

“I think seeing it was Sandy’s idea she should have first pick. Then names out of the hat for the rest of us.” Brenda was good at these ideas.

They all nodded.

“Right then, knickers off, he will be here in a minute.”

“I’m going to show my tits too!”

“Oh shut up Liz and get your knickers off.”

Hands went under skirts and knickers came down. We had just stuffed them under the cushions of the chair when there was a knock at the door. I braced myself the others giggled.

“Mum sent me round Mrs Benson. Am I in trouble about last night?”

“Go through Derek, we need to talk.” I didn’t Answer his question.

The colour started to drain from his face as he politely greeted

“Hello Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Rodman.”

“Take a seat Derek.”

“If its about last night , it wasn’t all my fault, I love the girls, I think they are like sisters to me, I wouldn’t hurt them, they don’t like me getting in trouble at school, and we have fun.”

“Derek, hush.”

“They like doing sex things, so do I, but I don’t do serious stuff. You know, I don’t want to give them babies or anything…”

“Derek, I said Hush, you are here to listen for now.”

Derek shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“I am Sandy, this is Liz, Brenda and Carol.”

“Yes Mrs. Benson.”

“When we are alone, its Sandy, Liz, Brenda and Carol, When the girls are around, then its Mrs etc… Alright?”

“Yes Mrs…Er… yes ok…. Sandy.”

“We want to know about the problem you have at school.”

” I am going to be expelled, because they won’t leave me alone, and I don’t want to hurt anyone by pushing them away, and they all want to play with my cock. Then I get caught. Then I get into trouble.”

“You like girls don’t you?”


“Do you like women?”

“I suppose.”

“Women like us?”

“I suppose.”

“Will you show us this cock that they all like to play with.”

“Will I get in trouble?”

“No! We just want to see what all the fuss is about, we did sort of see it last night but not properly, and if our girls are doing things we want to see what they are playing with, now be a good lad just get it out and show us.”

“What now…just get my cock out.”

“Yes, that’s just what we want. You weren’t tooo shy last night in Clare’s room.”

“I…I…you…all of you?”

“Yes… you don’t mind do you?”

Derek stood and unbuttoned his trousers.

“…and I am not going to be in trouble?”

All our heads shook, ‘no’, we were all drooling… I don’t mean from our mouths girls…you know what I mean, and it was lovely.

As his trousers slipped to the floor, his hand dipped nervously into his underpants and produced his small wrinkled flaccid cock, not a shade on the rigid cock we had seen last night. No sign at all of the ‘Tennis Ball’ knob. Our expectation of thrill evaporated almost instantly.

“Ooowwee.” It was a collective groan of disappointment

“Its not like… it was last night.”

“It was the girls, they were showing their pussies, and I like seeing pussies.”

“And tits?” Liz was off again.

“Well… yes…and tits.”

“So if we show you…”

“Cor…what…your… your pus…pussies…all of you ooh, yes pleeease”

“Right ladies…skirts up, let’s show Derek what real grown up pussies look like. See if it gets the same result that the girls get”

“Wow…Wow…thank… you…fan…tah ….stic…wow…thank… you.”

We were rewarded, yes, rewarded by a tremendous rising outside his underpants. Including the tennis ball knob!

“Would you like to see my tits too?”

Liz couldn’t contain herself and had them out in a jiffy without waiting for an answer. Thank goodness we had removed our knickers, they would have been soaked we were so excited by this display of youthful virility.

“Jeeeeneey, Oooh Myyy God” Brenda voiced the thoughts of all.

The rest of us just took an intake of breath. This cock was exactly as we thought we had seen in Clare’s room, the only difference, this hard young cock was within touching distance.

Our daughters may have exaggerated…just a little… when they spoke of this beautiful appendage. But it was just a little and we forgave them.

“Derek, do you like our pussies.”

“Ooooooh yes, they were, they are, lovely, and so much more hairy, well, except yours Mrs. Rod…Carol and the girls have more hair than you on their pussies.”

Carol blushed, she was a regular shaver.

“How about my tits, did you like my tits?” Liz was determined her 38 Cs would be noticed.

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