12 Mayıs 2023

The Shower


Cassie and Kendra are twins,although they do not share a lot in common looks wise, they do think alike. Cassie takes more after her mother. A tall,lean, slender girl,blonde hair,blue eyes,with killer legs,smaller yet firm breasts. Kendra takes after her fathers side, more filled out,but not fat by no means.The shorter of the two by a couple inches,red hair,blue/green eyes, larger breasts and an ass to die for.One Friday afternoon after getting home from college, Cassie proclaimed, “I have a date tonight so don’t be hogging the shower,Kendra. I know how you like to take those long showers and use up all the hot water.’I Escort Acıbadem have one too. What time is Billy going to be here to pick you up?”At 8:30 and how did you find out about Billy?”Cassie asked in surprise not knowing Kendra knew about him.And don’t tell mom. She doesn’t like him to well. Actually I am meeting him at that new Italian restaurant downtown.”I have my ways” said Kendra.”the only problem is that I am meeting my new guy at the same time, at the same restaurant so I will need the shower first.””Ok, i’ll make you a deal. Lets use the shower together. There’s plenty Kaynarca Escort of room and then we can go there together,but you have to keep your hands to yourself this time. The last time we did this you know what happened”, Cassie exclaimed.”Yes I do, and it would have been fun.” Kendra recalled how when they were a couple years younger and were showering together, she tried to feel Cassie up,which was working until they were almost caught by their mother. That brought back some memories and Kendra felt a little twinge in her pussy as she and Cassie headed to the shower.As Cassie Aydınlı escort bayan and Kendra were undressing, Kendra reached over and gave Cassie’s bra strap a tug and let it go causing it to pop and Cassie to scream ” You bitch,that hurt!!!” Kendra just laughed and quickly jumped into the shower with Cassie right on her heals.They started lathering themselves up with the soap when “Cassie offered to do Kendra’s back. Shocked,Kendra said” alright ,sure you can.” Feeling Cassie’s hands rubbing all over her back was really beginning to turn her on. The closer that Cassie came to the sides she would lightly brush against her breasts. “You call me a bitch, “you know how that turns me on. And I thought you said to keep our hands to ourselves. “No I said for you to keep your hands to yourself. I never said I had to.” With that said, Cassie slid her hands around to the front of Kendra and started lathering up her breasts.

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