14 Mayıs 2023

The Sleepover


My name is Brianna and I am sixteen years old. I have dark blond hair and baby blue eyes. I have been told that I have a baby face and am very cute. I have 32a breast that are obviously still growing, a flat belly and a shaven crotch. I am a lesbian, well sort of. It started about a month after my sweet sixteen, my best friend, Kelly, invited me over for a sleepover. There was nothing unusual about that, we had sleepovers all the time, have been for years. When I arrived at Kelly’s house we hung out, played video games and watched a movie. Her parents are great and always make me feel very welcome. We ate a light dinner and then were told it was time for bed. Kelly and I headed upstairs to her bedroom where we both stripped off naked to change into our night clothes. Kelly had a wonderful body. She was six months older than me. She has short dark hair and dark eyes that I seem to stare at too much. Her small nose sits atop beautiful full lips. Her body is amazing, 36c breasts that, like mine, are still growing. Her flat, toned belly has great definition as she works out twice a week at a local gym. Her crotch is also shaven except Escort Çukurambar for a small landing strip, that I love to pull at. Anyway, back to my story before I get carried away. As usual, our night clothes consisted of a T-shirt and panties. I wore one of my favourite Star Wars slogan T-shirt and plain cotton panties. Kelly went for a plain green T-shirt and a green thong. We climbed into bed and got comfortable. We liked to cuddle up, and this time was no different. We spooned, her breasts pressed tight against my back, her arm wrapped around my waist. Her mother walked in and said goodnight to us, switching off the light as she walked back out. “Brianna, it’s really warm tonight, do you mind if I take off my top?” I told her I didn’t, and felt movement behind me. I decided I would take mine off too, and turned around to face her. I could feel her breath on my face as her arm wrapped around me once more. I could feel our breasts touching, her nipples hard against mine. I’m not sure what came over me, but I moved my head forward, kissing her softly on the lips. She didn’t seem to mind, demetevler escort in fact, she pulled me closer so that our bodies were pressed hard against each other. Her lips brushed mine, and I felt her tongue slide over my lips. I suddenly got very wet and pushed my lips hard against hers. We kissed slowly, licking each other’s lips and exploring each other’s mouths. Kelly broke away, her hand reaching up and cupping one of my breasts. I felt her move and soon found out why. I felt her breath on my nipple and gasped as her mouth clamped over my breast. I had never done anything like this before and the sensation was new to me. It felt good. Her mouth sucked on one, then the other breast, all the time gently squeezing and caressing them. Like I said, I am only sixteen and have never had any sexual experiences before. Kelly would be my first, and only. She was older and had been with a few boys. She had always told me all the sworded details, then I would go home and masturbate. I felt Kelly leave my breast, then her hand was on my head. I felt her push my head down. I knew what she wanted, dikmen escort bayan it was what I wanted too. I wrapped my lips around one of her erect nipples and it felt so good in my mouth. I was only too pleased to suck on my friend, knowing how much pleasure it would give her. I decided to lightly bite her nipple. It seemed to do the trick as she groaned loudly. My hand slid over her belly and slipped into her panties. I could hear her breath quicken. Her box was really warm and already soaking wet. I slid my hand over her fur strip and felt her push her crotch forward. I knew what she wanted. I wanted it too, but I was going to make her wait. I went back up to her face, bumping her nose slightly in the dark. We giggled slightly as our lips met once more. This time, we kissed passionately, our love coming to the forefront. I could feel Kelly’s hand sliding into my panties, but instead of teasing like I was doing to her, she slid her hand right over my crotch. I could feel her fingers gently probe me, making me whimper into her mouth. I decided it was time to repay the favour and slid my fingers over her hole. It was already really wet and my fingers slipped inside her really easily. She groaned, and not to be outdone, slid a finger inside me. I slowly started to finger her, much how I liked to masturbate. We lay there in silence gently fingering each other in the darkness, both whimpering quietly, our breath on each other’s face.

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