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The Snow Maid 3


The Snow Maid 3″Rice,” he said, “It is a grain gown far to the south of here.””And this?” she said, prodding another part.”That is shrimp. It lives in the ocean.””Ah!” she said triumphantly, “This I know!” She waved a bit of meat on her fork. “This is pork!” She bit down and chewed happily, then her eyes widened. She took a quick sip of wine. “Spicy!”Bill grinned. “It is a meal called jambalaya. People in the south of my country make it. I learned how from a friend of mine who I went to school with. Do you like it?”Polina took another small bite and nodded. “It is very nice. It just takes a bit of getting used to.””Sounds a lot like my life right now,” Bill grinned, and Polina laughed.Bill relaxed more and more as the meal went on. He was relieved to see that the astonishing changes in Polina’s appearance were not reflected in her personality. She was the same person who had saved him from death and who had soothed his fears when he woke, lonely and terrified. Although she appeared to be only a year or two younger than himself, at times he caught glimpses of the deep wisdom and sadness of a being who had lived for centuries.%%%The meal was finished, the wine drunk. Bill carried the dishes to the sink to wash up later. When he returned to the dining room Polina was standing. Her eyes were bright and eager, her lips parted.”Bill, can we go to bed? I would like to make love to you,” she said.Well, at least she is trying to do it right, he thought, over the scream of terror and joy that sounded in his brain.”Polina, are you sure?” his foolish mouth asked.She stepped into his arms. She was trembling. With fear or desire, he couldn’t tell. He put his arms around her for comfort and held her, astonished as always to find how small she was. Her breasts were firm against his chest. She spoke softly, cool breath raising goosebumps on his chest.”I forgot what it was like. My creators, bless and damn them, couldn’t imagine a young woman who wasn’t also governed by lust. So the Snow Maid is like a mare who is perpetually in heat. The maid who is also a wanton. Do you understand?” she asked, pulling away to look up at his face. For the first time in his memory, her pale face was flushed.”I have no choice in the matter. Damn them all, I don’t really want a choice. Not when she is upon me and you are here. The Snow Maid wants a man. I want a man. I need a man. I want you. I need you, Bill Carter. Thank the High One he brought you to me.” She raised herself on her toes, cold lips brushing his.”Make love to me, please?”Without words, Bill took her hands in his and brought them to his lips. Hand in hand, they walked out of the kitchen, and Polina led him to the one place in the house he had never gone.Her bedroom.As soon as they were across the threshold she leaped into his arms. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and the firm globes of her breasts pressed against his chest as her hungry mouth descended on his.And her mouth was hot. So hot. The cold flesh of her body was matched only by the exquisite heat of her passion. Her tongue darted into his mouth, the narrow tip seeking out his, wrapping around it with almost frightening strength. Her hands plunged into his hair as they kissed furiously, the dams of their unwilling chastity breaking before the onslaught of their love. His hands were busy at the hem of her dress, pulling it up, the garment bunching around her waist. Finally. Finally. Finally he had what he sought and his hands cupped the sweet curves of her buttocks, strong fingers squeezing her firm flesh as she ground her groin into his.Supported now by his hands, she relaxed her grip, hands free to run over the strong muscles of his back, delighting in their lean strength through the thick cloth of his shirt and vest.Too thick. It had to come off. It all has to come off, she thought through the fog of lust which had descended upon her. Drawing back the merest amount, her quick, clever fingers undid the buttons of his vest and shirt. She tried to pull them off, but was defeated when she discovered that he could not hold her up and take them off at the same time.Mewling softly in frustration, she wiggled in his hands impatiently until he set her down on the floor, her dress falling in ragged folds below her waist. He shrugged off the vest and shirt, now wearing only his breeches and soft leather boots.Her eyes drank him in. He was as splendid as a hunter in his prime, his arms ropy with muscle. His brown hair was long and fell in deep waves to the line of his strong shoulders. His chest, by contrast, was all but hairless, clean pale skin drawing the eye downward to the dimple of his navel, which was surrounded by a thick patch of down, narrowing as it disappeared under the band of his trousers.He has no idea how beautiful he is to me, she thought. No idea at all.This time, he came to her, his hands gentle on her waist as he bent down to taste her mouth. The first desperate rush of passion canlı bahis gone, she lifted her face to his and met his lips, smiling as her tongue caused him utter a low moan of need. He stroked her sides, rumpled cloth under his fingers, until his hands found the swells of her breasts. He cupped them in his palms lovingly, testing their firm weight in his hands.”Take it off. Take my dress off, my love,” she breathed.He tried. Honestly, he did. But his searching fingers found no zipper or tie or anything else that made any sense to him. Finally, with an irritated huff of breath, she turned around and held her hair away from her back. “Do you see it now?””Yes,” he said ruefully. A line of tiny buttons ran from the small of her back to just below her shoulder blades. Quickly he worked to undo them. Soon the wings of the garment gaped wide, and he planted delicate kisses on the line of her spine, his tongue tracing loving patterns on her skin.Oh, he is skilled! She shuddered with longing under his touch. The front of the dress fell away from her chest, and her breasts were finally exposed, firm round globes with the nipples gloriously erect, thrusting proudly into the chill air.The last button was loosened and the dress puddled around her feet. She crouched quickly and stepped out of her shoes, then turned around to face him, blessing him with the sight of her nudity.Everything which he had known unwillingly was now exposed to him as a wonder and a delight. Her calves were more slender than he had imagined; her thighs, more deftly carved. The gold hair of her pubis drew the eye to the glory of her sex. Her stomach was flat and firm with muscle, and he could just see the outlines of her ribs under her pale skin. Her breasts were a revelation, challenging his gaze, demanding that he worship them. They stood almost straight out from the wall of her chest, pale globes capped with areolae that began as the palest shade of blue and deepened until they were almost purple where her nipples, thick and long, jutted towards him.”Oh, God. You are so beautiful,” he breathed, love and longing in his voice.”So are you,” she smiled, and came to him, her hands soon busy at his waist. She undid the buttons of his flies with alarming skill and pushed his trousers down to the floor. She hissed as they met the resistance of his boots, and pulled them off urgently until he was as naked as she was.Finally then, they embraced, his skin warm against her cold flesh. She pushed him backwards until he fell back onto the bed, his happy eyes laughing up at her. Smiling in turn, she d****d her body over his and plundered his mouth with hers, delighting in the feel of his lean length against her body, especially the part of him which she most wished to embrace within her. It pulsed against her belly in time to his heartbeat, thick and hard. Moaning softly, she ground herself against it, the rise of her mons pushing against its base, hair scr****g roughly against the sensitive glans.Bill’s breath caught in pleasure, and he had to restrain himself from returning her motions. No. Too soon. “Gently, Snow Maid,” he said, kissing her cheek, “or I’ll be finished before we’ve begun.”Puzzled, she looked into his eyes for a moment, then smiled as she caught his meeting. He pushed her up slightly and moved his lips to her breasts, kissing first one, then the other. She sighed under his touch, then caught her breath as his lips embraced her aching nipple. He kissed it, licked it, stroked it with his tongue, drew on it like a nursing c***d. At the same time, his fingers performed the same tasks on her other breast, mimicking his motions exactly.”By the High One, you are wonderful!” she whispered, as his hands kneaded her globes, setting a fire in her flesh. They left her mounds and stroked her back, raising goosebumps, then darted daringly into the cleft of her buttocks, long, clever fingers probing at her slick nether-lips. Keening, she thrust back into his touch, then dropped down to kiss him once more, her groin on fire with need.She rose up and straddled him, her knees on either side of his waist. He moved his hands back to her breasts and raised his head until he could trace the delicate skin over her breastbone with his lips. With a slight nudge, she positioned his phallus properly, then stroked him with her cleft, her lips opening to coat his cock with her dew.Bill fell back onto the pillows with a strangled moan. Nothing could have prepared him for the exquisite sensations she was arousing him. And I thought Cassidy was good in bed, he thought with a smile. Her motions were slow and gentle, teasing him until he wanted to throw her on her back and rut with her, mindless as a stallion and his mare.Even as the thought crossed his mind, he heard her breath catch. Looking up at her he could see her face bright with excitement and feel her fingers tremble on his chest.”Would you do that, Bill? Take me like an a****l, thrusting hard bahis siteleri into me, make me scream like a wanton?” Her strokes sped on his cock and she bent over him, kissing him roughly, sharp teeth nibbling on his lips.Catching her mood, he gripped the firm curves of her ass in his hands, nails scoring the pale flesh. She moaned into his mouth as he clutched her, and the motion of her hips stopped, the head of his cock poised at her gateway.”Tell me,” she said, her eyes intent on his.Somehow, without asking, he knew what she wanted. He spoke with all the love in his heart.”I love you, Snow Maid. I have loved you since I first met you. I am yours.”With a sigh, she kissed him. Slowly, how slowly, she opened her innermost self to him. Her nether lips parted and his cock slowly slipped into her tight silky depths, their heated flesh finally joining. She paused for a moment, then knelt up on the bed, splendid in her beauty. Her hips rose, and he marveled at the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her folds.Polina drove toward her orgasm, as confident in her journey as a migrating bird. Below her, Bill’s hands and tongue and lips danced on her skin, awakening sensations in her flesh she had thought gone and lost forever. He was back at her breasts, now, and she smiled as he nursed at her nipple. His free hand squeezed the other nipple, and she gasped as her inner muscles clamped down on him.Eyes wide, she looked down on him. “Do that again,” she asked.His fingers tightened on her nipple, and she groaned ecstatically as a surge of delicious pleasure lanced from her breast to her innermost core. She fell across his chest, kissing his face frantically as his hands continued to pleasure her heaving orbs. Polina rose and fell on his shaft, hips pumping lewdly, as the feeling in her belly tightened and tightened and tightened andHigh One!Her climax hit her like a wave, thunderous and prolonged. Her inner muscles rippled with release and her breasts heaved as she screamed her ecstasy to the heavens. Tears of joy streaming down her face, she watched as Bill’s face changed, looking inward toward where his own pleasure lay. Slowly she picked up the rhythm of their lovemaking again, rejoicing as she felt the muscles of his cock twitch and spasm, pumping into her, flooding the walls of her womb with his seed.%%%”You gave me my life back,” she said softly, as they lay entwined in the aftermath of their coupling. Her head was on his shoulder, and his hand was stroking her hair and back, making her shudder in sensual pleasure.”You gave me mine,” he replied. He kissed the top of her head. “You can read minds?” he asked.”What? Oh, that,” she said, dimpling as she remembered her reaction to his passion. “Sometimes, yes. If I wish. Not usually. Only if the emotions are very strong and the mind was open. Which yours was,” she said, kissing his nipple, tongue stroking the sensitive bud. She rolled onto her side and placed a cold hand on his thigh.”Snow Maid,” he said, laughing softly. “You act like no maid I have ever heard of.””The term doesn’t quite translate properly into your language,” she said, hand rising to cuddle his cock. “Are you familiar with the legend of the Triple Goddess?”Bill nodded. “Maid, Mother, and Crone,” he said. “I studied it in a folklore class when I was in school.””Well, my creators had their own interpretation of that legend. Mother and Grandmother are obviously the Mother and the Crone. But the Maid,” she said with a twinkle in her eye, “is not quite the virginal maiden other peoples tell of. The Maid could be better described as an unmarried, sexually active young woman of c***d-bearing years. But that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? When they made me with their faith, they imagined a young woman like many they knew in their own tribes; blond-haired and blue eyed, small but strong, merry and serious by turns, and with a lusty capacity for sex that would make any man who was lucky enough to win her the envy of his fellows.”Of course, they idealized me as well. More beautiful than any woman they had seen; more power than they had, poor, simple things; and with a sex drive that was almost frightening in its intensity.””So that is why you ran from me last night,” Bill said, understanding now.Polina nodded. “When the Snow Maid rose up inside me, after so many years…” she trailed off and shifted languidly, nipples peaking with arousal, blatantly sensual. “By the High One! It was like having lived in a dark room for decades, and then being brought into the light. If I hadn’t run, I would have ****d you then and there.””I might have enjoyed that,” Bill said with a smirk.”I would not have,” replied Polina firmly. “We were friends then, but our relationship was not between equals. How could it be, when I am so much more powerful than you? To take what I wanted, without asking, without respecting your wishes? That would be a terrible betrayal.”And there is self-preservation bahis şirketleri at stake. If I had hurt you, or frightened you, or caused you to turn away from me in anger and hate? How long would I last as the Snow Maid if the power of your faith was stripped from me? So in that way, my love, you have a dreadful power over me as well.”Truth be told, Mother Snegurochka enjoys sex as much as any woman alive. How not, when she has born so many c***dren? But the feeling when she was…subsumed was indescribable. Frightening. What had happened in a week as I transitioned from Grandmother to Mother was accomplished in an instant. The Mother was gone and the Snow Maid was in her place.””What was it like?” Bill asked. “You told me earlier that you are not three separate personalities, but one. But that as you grew younger different parts of your personality grew stronger or weaker.”Polina wrinkled her brow, searching for the right term. “It was like…like finding a book you thought had been long lost, but as soon as you saw it, you remembered every word within. Like a prisoner being released from a cell in my mind, rampaging through my brain, and taking up the reins of my will.” She slid her hand from his groin to his shoulder, a long lingering caress which made him shudder with pleasure. “I was no longer Mother Snegurochka. I was the Snow Maid.”But she is not gone, Bill,” she said, noticing his look of dismay. “She is merely subsumed. She did not die. When we need her, she will give me her strength. And when we need Grandmother’s wisdom, it will be there for us.”If it makes you easier, think of us as three women sharing one body, two of whom are in deep slumber, but who may be roused if need demands it.””And what should I call you?” Bill said, laying his hand over hers. “Snow Maid seems a little awkward.””I am Polina,” she said firmly, raising her face to his and kissing him deeply. “Always and forever Polina. And you are my love.”Their kiss deepened, and by some magic Bill found himself on top of Polina as her hands stroked his sides and flanks. His cock, which had been hanging limp only moments before, stiffened in an instant as Polina rubbed it with the soft firm flesh of her thigh.He propped himself above her on his elbows, smiling down at her beloved face. A thought struck him, and he withdrew for an instant. Before she could voice her protest, he had turned her over on her back and his mouth was dropping kisses on the sensitive flesh of her buttocks. She squealed with glee and canted her hips higher to allow him easier access as he spread her thighs and licked at her delicate folds. Finding the angle awkward, he turned her over yet again, and heard a hiss of exasperation.”Choose a side, c***d. I am not a rug, to be tossed to and fro!””Really, love? You may change your mind when you see what I have to offer.” He bent his head to the junction of her thighs and dove into the sweet flesh of her vulva.He shuddered as he tasted her nectar for the first time, the warm, salty tang of her innermost fluid contrasting strangely with the cold flesh of her lips. Above him she gasped, hips rolling, yearning towards him as his tongue dove down into her depths, then licked up wickedly, sweeping the full length of her slit in one long stroke. Her petals opened under his questing mouth, shyly unfurling in answer to an unspoken question, and his tongue aimed itself unerringly at her bud.His tongue circled it hesitantly, teasing her, until her hips thrust up into his face and she voiced hoarse commands, demanding that he pleasure her. Smiling broadly, he bid his tongue dance upon her sensitive clit, lips pulling and suckling at her button until her hands were locked on his scalp, her heels beating a frantic tattoo on his back.Suddenly she arched upward, her panting voice lost in a keening wail as she thrashed beneath him, trembling with the force with her release.Quick as a flash he had turned her back over onto her chest. His hands slid under her belly, reaching up to cup her breasts, fondling her as he split her sheath with one sure plunge.If she thought that she had known pleasure before, it was nothing compared to this. He spread her thighs wide, the hard muscles of his belly slapping into the firm flesh of her ass as he thrust into her. Still trembling with the aftermath of her first orgasm, she was stunned to find herself approaching a second within moments.”Oh, by the High One,” she moaned. “What are you doing to me?””Exactly what you want,” he said, hands busy on her magnificent breasts, fingers pulling her nipples until they were rigid. “I am taking you like a stallion takes a mare.”Even in the throes of her passion, she giggled like the young woman she so resembled. “Stallions don’t have hands, and you…oh!…do.”Dipping his head, he plunged into her, hips bucking as his restraint gave way at last and he drove toward his own climax. His lips, gentler than the rest of him, caressed her shoulders and neck, and then her cheek and lips as she turned her head to meet his. Overcome by passion, love, and desire, he lost control and thrust mindlessly, the thick length of his cock plunging into her innermost core.

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